"It Is Known in New York City and Other Places Where I Am Represented
Crime Is Curbed By My Presence among the People

"We Have Come to the City of Brotherly Love to Personify as Well as Reincarnate
That Spirit of Brotherly Love"



Our FATHER'S Message Given Whilst at The Ball Park, Lehigh Avenue and Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pa.,
Sunday evening, September 3, 1939 A.D.F.D. Time: 7:40 P.M.







The great Mass Meeting which has been held each and every Sunday during the summer in New York City at the Rockland Palace (the old Manhattan Casino) converted itself to the open air Meeting in the Ball Park in Philadelphia, Pa., on Sunday, September 3rd. Thousands and thousands of persons were present with us, just as they are here in the "Big City," but the only noticeable difference was that hundreds of faces were new and unfamiliar to us. The enthusiasm ran high, and all were eager to greet the LORD when HE arrived at the Park after the Parade which started from the Broad Street Station of the Pennsylvania Railroad, where both FATHER and hundreds of the followers had entered the City.

This three-day trip to the "City of Brotherly Love," was one of the finest experiences ever witnessed by any people. It left something and stamped something unexplainably sweet in the whole being of the individual. There were many souls won to GOD; in other words, many bodies won to GOD, for GOD does not especially want the soul without the body, in the language of the Religions, for that reason HE breathed in man in the beginning, the "Breath of Life" and man became a LIVING SOUL. There were no open long prayers; there was no crying and pleading with people to shun "the other place;" there was no mourner's bench; there was nothing but joy, thanksgiving and Praises to GOD for HIS Goodness to all. There were beautiful Messages of Truth presented to the people, and an appeal to the nation at large to accept of "the Righteous Government" which is upon the Shoulder of the LORD, according to the prediction of the Scripture, Isaiah 9:6.

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace."

There was the abundance of the fullness of all good things expressed and best of all, there was GOD in HIS OWN TABERNACLE present to claim HIS OWN; and HIS OWN were won unto HIM through Love and Tender Compassion and Mercy.

Many prominent citizens of Philadelphia, were present at the meetings, and the majority of them expressed their high appreciation of FATHER DIVINE'S Presence on earth among men. Some of them proclaimed FATHER as the CHRIST returned to earth again, and all counted FATHER as the MOST VALUABLE CITIZEN of the land.

On this occasion, the first day of our three-day trip, FATHER was welcomed to "the City of Brotherly Love," by the Honorable Mr. Weglein, Director of Public Safety, to represent the Mayor of Philadelphia. Mr. Ray Fabiani, Judge Rainey and others of the official class, cooperated splendidly in making this one of the finest visits to the City of Philadelphia. The citizens were well in attendance. Many asked FATHER to consider a near-future return to their city. Thank YOU, FATHER Dear!


Judge Rainey presided over the Meeting at this time and introduced several speakers;
first speaker, the Honorable Richard Weglein.

Judge Rainey's introduction:


PEACE, FATHER: PEACE, Everyone: Ladies and gentlemen:

For a few moments I am going to act as toast-master. Being a little more familiar with some of the faces seen frequently in and about the streets of Philadelphia, I believe I, therefore, am in position to present a couple of people to speak to you more than some of our honored guests from the City of New York; consequently, when the time comes, I will have what I have to say about FATHER DIVINE before FATHER is presented to you. But at this particular time, I think the first to be presented--this person who comes here, shall I say, particularly one man in the City of Philadelphia, he is a man who has been an important factor in our political and civic life for a number of years. He has held a number of important positions, and at the present time, is Assistant Director of Public Safety, in this great City of ours. He comes here tonight to present the Acting Mayor of Philadelphia, the Acting Mayor Connell; and it is with a great deal of pleasure that I take this opportunity to present to you, the man who represents the City to welcome FATHER DIVINE here: the Honorable Richard Weglein.


The Honorable Richard Weglein speaks.


I also will say, "PEACE, FATHER DIVINE, MOTHER DIVINE, and all of the followers of this great Man," on behalf of the Mayor of the City of Philadelphia, His Honor George H. Connell. We sincerely hope that those who have come to stay the three days here, will enjoy the hospitality of this "City of Brotherly Love."

We are proud of our City. It is called "the city of homes," and is likewise known as "the workshop of the world," but I am particularly proud to welcome you strangers to Philadelphia, because, as GOD said to Moses,

'Put thy shoes off of thy feet, because the ground that thou standest on is holy ground.'

Philadelphia is holy ground, because it is here that the Declaration of Independence was written, and while many of its provisions have not yet been carried out, time is a great healer and mender...It has given us the right to assemble here as now in this peaceful assembly. It has given us a free press; that is, the liberty to print facts as they view them; and above all, it has given us the right to worship ALMIGHTY GOD according to the dictates of our own conscience.

Today, while the newspapers are carrying the dreadful news of Europe, where nations for centuries have held a grudge against each other, where man is against man, where state is against state, the dreadful cannons of war are now belching out. Let us be glad that we live in this country, and let us be very thankful that for many years past, you have a Leader Who has preached the slogan and made familiar `PEACE,' and let there be PEACE throughout the world. If HIS Teachings would spread, nations now at war, or about to go to war, will get a second thought, and then we will again have that real adage achieved: "the FATHERHOOD of GOD and the BROTHERHOOD of man."

FATHER DIVINE, again in behalf of the City of Philadelphia, I am glad that YOU are coming here, and I hope that your cry of "PEACE" will surpass all understanding. I thank you.


(Judge Rainey introduces the Honorable Charles A. McBride, candidate for mayor of the City of Philadelphia.)


I feel certain that FATHER DIVINE and followers, after hearing YOU, believe we do welcome YOU in "the City of Brotherly Love." The next gentleman who is going to address you, is a gentleman who aspires towards the position of Mayor of the City of Philadelphia for the next four years. He is a gentleman who has a general interest in the civic affairs of Philadelphia, and who is one of our business men here, being a real estate broker.

You have heard it said a few moments ago, by brother Lamb, that "Free Speech" is among the many things that FATHER DIVINE stands for, and it is because "Free Speech" is one of those standards, that I say I am happy and FATHER DIVINE is happy to have Mr. Charles A. McBride, of the Mayoralty Campaign say "howdy-do" to you.


(Honorable Charles A. McBride, candidate for mayor, speaks:)


FATHER DIVINE and YOUR staff: I welcome you to our City of Philadelphia. Ladies and gentlemen, I am very pleased to be here today, to see such a wonderful crowd favoring FATHER DIVINE, to our City. If I become Mayor of Philadelphia, in the next four years I will have HIM here many times, I think HE is doing a wonderful lot of Work--a wonderful lot of Work.

You heard me say in the press, if I become Mayor of Philadelphia, that I will see that the unemployed are employed. A lot of people thought that was a crazy remark, but some time ago before the Interstate Commerce Commission, I made the statement that we would cut a channel through from Scarsborough to the Atlantic Ocean, and bring ships up that creek as large as "the Queen Mary," and in the first place, I would have to go to the Federal Government and ask the Federal Government for finances to build a forty-foot channel which will at least put six hundred and forty thousand men to work immediately.

Now ladies and gentlemen, I will first say--there are many things I wish to say; but if I become Mayor of Philadelphia, especially you people here, when you come before a judge like Judge Rainey, you will get a square deal, and I will see to that as Mayor of Philadelphia.

I want to say in closing, as there are many speakers, if I happen to become Mayor of Philadelphia in the next four years, you will see the Police and the Fire Departments "Class One," barring none, not even Chicago and New York City, and when FATHER DIVINE comes to our City, HE will have at least four thousand more policemen to protect HIM all through our City. I thank you.

(The Band played several selections and then Judge Rainey arose for the purpose of introducing the One for whom the crowd had gathered and waited in the spacious park. After the introduction and presentation of FATHER to the audience by the Judge, this beautiful Message as was delivered by the LORD on this great occasion, is now the free gift to all men, and it is their privilege to enjoy it and benefit by it, even as did we, the thousands who met on this great field. Thank YOU, FATHER!)


(Judge Rainey introduces FATHER DIVINE to the great open air audience in the Ball Park, Philadelphia.)


Ladies and gentlemen: I am about to give you what you might class as a dessert to your meal. I am about to present to you, the One whom you came here to listen to. Your next Speaker before this microphone will be FATHER DIVINE. But before presenting HIM, I feel that in presenting HIM, I should say a few words. We heard Mr. Weglein, a moment or two ago, speak of the distressing conditions that exist in Europe today. They are distressing, and isn't it wonderful that those of us who live in this great Country do have Peace? And isn't it wonderful that we have the likes of FATHER DIVINE to preach PEACE and not warfare?

It is unfortunate that in the land that Hitler rules in the form of a monarch and a bully, that FATHER DIVINE has not been able to let some of HIS Principles speed into the channels of Germany so that they too might know that to live on earth, Peace is best.

I want to say, sisters and brothers, that every man and every woman in this great country of ours is entitled to his, or entitled to her Spiritual and Religious belief. It makes no difference what the color of your skin may be. It makes no difference what race you may be a member of, you as an individual, as an American citizen, with the right of free speech and free doing, have the right to believe, and the right to do, so far as right is concerned, as you see fit.

People are unfair in many instances in judging a man according to, shall I say, for instance, his appearance? His physical appearance, his physique alone, in my opinion, ladies and gentlemen, has little to do with the principle of anyone. It does not make any difference what a man or what a woman may look like, the principle thing is, what do they stand for!

Ages ago, it was not said what JESUS looked like, it was said what He stood for, and I point out to you, the thing that we, those of you who are interested in FATHER DIVINE, should look at, are the things that HE stands for. It would be fool-hardy for me to stand here and say that FATHER DIVINE has not been an asset to the communities in which HE has been a part of. It would be foolish for me to say that FATHER DIVINE has not done good. Why? Because I believe, and I know better. I think that HE has done a world of good, and if I did not think so, I would not be standing here on this platform today, nor would I have been the first one to go over to New York and invite FATHER to come here.

Some people may say that the Police Department of any city is being paid to curtail crime. That is very true, but wouldn't it be much finer if the people were taught in this great City of ours as FATHER has taught many of HIS followers in New York, to steer clear of the crooked path, to steer clear of crime, so that the Police Department does not have to interfere in certain instances, because they believe, not in doing wrong, but in doing right?

In my opinion that one fine thing, regardless to what any who may see fit to criticize, may say that FATHER DIVINE has done, HE has cut crime and one of the finest things that anybody can do, is to feed the hungry, and heal the sick; and when you feed the physical body with food, you heal a heart that is sick. That is another thing, ladies and gentlemen, that FATHER DIVINE has done.

I could tell you a number of things that I believe are fine things that have been done by FATHER, but you are going to hear other people speak, and above all, you are going to hear FATHER speak HIMSELF. I know that you prefer that; and consequently I am not going to insist upon your listening to my humble remarks any longer. I am simply going to say that I am glad that FATHER is here. I feel that when HE leaves Philadelphia three days from now, HE will leave it a better Philadelphia than if was before HE came, and I feel that many people will understand FATHER DIVINE much better than they do now; so without further ado, I want to say "FATHER, we are happy to have YOU here." YOU are very welcome, and may this be only one of YOUR many visits to this City of ours, that is known down through the ages from the days of signing of the Declaration of Independence, as `the City of Brotherly Love.'


PEACE, Everyone: At this time, let me present to you, FATHER DIVINE.


(After a great welcome from the masses present, FATHER spoke as follows:)




PEACE, EVERYONE: Here we all are again! In the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose to you I Come. By the Spirit of this of which we are trusting, we are bringing mankind in fellowship one with the other that they might learn to know each other better by the spirit of this great phenomenon of which we are daily stressing.

I would just like to say at this instance, it may seem a little strange, that wheresoever I AM, there the masses are gathered; over and above all accusations, the spirit of harmony and above all criticism, over and above all accusations, the spirit of harmony and unity exists, and the spirit of brotherly love is actually manifested. By this we know we shall have a Righteous Government.

The Government of which I AM daily stressing, is to be inculcated and reincarnated in the hearts and lives of this people; no longer to be preached Religiously alone, but that men might inculcate and reincarnate the very spirit and the nature of this democracy, that they might be real American citizens.

What a privilege it is to live in such a recognition, where the very Spirit of GOD through HIS Condescension had become to be an American citizen. Your citizenry as brought to fruition by these MY followers, is but the reincarnation of the Spirit of the law, of the Spirit of Life that was in CHRIST JESUS being developed in you politically, nationally and legally, that you might be self-respecting, law-making and law-abiding citizens.

MY friends, I rejoice to be here today and I expect to continue to rejoice until I return in Person, to New York City, from whence I came, for it is distinctly known in New York City and in other places wheresoever I AM represented, crime is curbed by MY PRESENCE among the people. I lift the children of men from vice and from crime, from sin and debauchery of every kind. Even those who have been of the underworld, they are self-respecting and law-abiding citizens under this Jurisdiction, because they recognize MY PRESENCE as the SUPREME ONE.

If their Religious belief can and will stop millions and millions from committing vice and crime and debauchery and sin of every kind, why not seek more of a Religious democracy that will lift up and convert this legal or political democracy and curb vice and crime and corruption inculcated in it? This is exactly what we are doing, and we shall not be discouraged, neither shall we be disturbed until we shall have universalized this of which we are stressing, transmitting, reincarnating and reinculcating in the hearts and lives and in the business and affairs of these, MY Followers.

I would just like to say to "the City of Brotherly Love," we have stressed "the City of Brotherly Love" nationally, socially and otherwise, but we have come to personify as well as reincarnate that Spirit of "Brotherly Love" until man will join hand in hand and walk circumspectly in this great City of yours, without prejudice without debauchery, dishonesty and incompetence such has been in this City, and in all other great cities.

There are many things I could say at this instance, but I will be here for a while; no doubt you will hear from ME later, as there are many other speakers who desire to speak. We are pleased to hear from the honor of each and every public official. We are pleased to know that they are making us welcome to this great City, for we desire to be not seekers through graft and greed for filthy lucre; I did not Come to your city for filthy lucre, but I Came to give you the Spirit of Truth as millions of MY followers the universe over, have it, and to inspire you with the Spirit of Honesty, with the Spirit of Competence, and with the Spirit of Truth, that you as American citizens might be American citizens accurately and nature-ly, American citizens theoretically, no longer American citizens documentally, but by inculcating and reincarnating the very spirit and meaning of the Constitution and its Amendments, by each and every American citizen becoming to be American citizens accurately, and nature-ly, by taking on the nature of our democracy according to the Constitution.

MY friends, some may consider this merely to be a Religious meeting. It is true, it is Religious, for this is a Religious country. If this is a Religious country under this democracy, we are obliged to express the spirit of this democracy, through and by the teaching of Religion, for when those men sought Religious liberty, they came to this country. Through and by the seeking of Religious liberty, they found themselves embarked on a voyage that was making for a great democracy that would be the light to all of the world; that would be the manifester and the converter and the Redeemer and the Savior of all humanity. For this cause I say. "Uncle Sam is on an Evangelistic trip." Although war has been declared in other countries, still the message of PEACE from this democracy is going forth conquering and to conquer. Aren't you glad?

We shall not be discouraged until we shall have "contagionized" all Europe and all Asia and all Africa and all of Australia with the spirit of this democracy, the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD as you MY Followers have it. When this shall have been established universally, Americanism will no longer be Americanism as I have been telling you, but Americanism will be true Evangelism going forth into all lands and countries Evangelizing all democracies and all countries wheresoever they are.

Can you not see the significance of the Constitution and its Amendments granting to the American citizens the privilege to serve GOD to the dictates of their own conscience? By this, Beloved Ones, when you as American citizens live exactly according to the Life and the Teaching of JESUS and recognize your citizenry by serving GOD to the dictates of your own conscience, you will not only be fulfilling the portion as an American citizen, the requirements of this democracy, but you will be bringing the CHRIST within you to fruition.

When you are governed by your highest intuition, why you move volitionally, when you are taught to serve GOD to the dictates of your own conscience and when you do these things according to your own Religious conviction, if you are conscientious in your own Religious conviction and concentrate on the Life and Teaching of JESUS your Savior, you will bring forth CHRIST within you to fruition, the One Who will give you your real emancipation from every barrier and from every undesirable condition.

Why live in lacks and wants and limitations? Why not accept of the Message of JESUS and believe the message of the Psalmic prediction of David, when he said "The LORD is My Shepherd and I shall not want"? Not one of MY Followers ever goes up and down your City streets begging and soliciting, for I teach them the truth of this democracy, that they might be independent individually, even as the country declared her independence as a nation.

What a glorious privilege to live in such a recognition, knowing definitely you are, as American citizens, being emancipated from even soliciting, begging and borrowing, much less than being thieves and robbers and trying to get something dishonestly! For this cause MY Followers the universe over are becoming to be American citizens characteristically, although they might be subjects of Great Britain, a good many of them. A good many of them may be subjects of other parts of Europe and of Asia and of Africa, but they are becoming to be American citizens characteristically, for I AM teaching them and stressing, the Constitution and its Amendments and the Declaration of Independence. These two great documents they are being converted unto both it and them, with the spirit and the meaning of them.

For this cause MY followers are returning all stolen goods such as they may have stolen before they knew ME, as far back as seventy-five years ago. Some are repaying old bills that had been outlawed fifty, sixty and seventy-five years ago, because I AM teaching the Spirit of Honesty, the Spirit of Competence, the Spirit of Truth that these MY people, as believers in ME, might be independent and independent indeed individually, even as this country declared her independence as a nation.

Then I would like to say to the Honorable Judge Rainey and other representatives who have invited ME here to speak to you all, I AM not representing that which is termed "Religion" alone, for I have as much right in politics as I have in the church. I have as much right in the civic and the social affairs of life as I have in Religion, for by those things you are living, and without those things being purged of all corruption, of all vice and of all crime and of all sin and debauchery of every kind, those who are called representatives of society, those who are representing economics, those who are representing politics and other phases of our social and civic life will continue in corruption, debauchery, in vice and in crime until civilization be completely destroyed from the face of the earth.

I would like to say to MY friends, to MY hearers and to the representatives of every field of endeavor, if you are with ME, and if you receive ME, I AM with you, for every good and perfect endeavor, that I might help you, that I might lift you, that I might inspire you and encourage you by MY fanatical belief of GOD'S ACTUAL PRESENCE among you.

What a glorious privilege to live in such a recognition, knowing once and forever you are representing something that transcends the limitations of men, something that transcends the ideas and the opinions of men, where you can rely on something far beyond your power to think, for it is GOD your LORD and your SAVIOR, your Great CREATOR through HIS Condescension, is present with you as a Company Keeper, as an endorser for you, as a Protection for you, One who will help you in the time of need wheresoever you may be. I thank you.

The New Day: September 14, 1939 A.D.F.D., Pg. 5-10.








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