FATHER DIVINE Said: 'I Am as Fanatical and Enthusiastic in Preaching The
Constitution and its Amendments as I Am in Preaching the Books of Jesus Christ.

"I AM Reinculcating and Reincarnating The Spirit and Nature Of Democracy
That Has Been Lying Dormant, in the Name of the Constitution and its Amendments"

"Those Who Filibuster Against Any Just Bill That Is According to the
Constitution and Its Amendments are Desiring That Crime Be Continued"





FATHER DIVINE'S MESSAGE" From the Speaker's Platform
The Ball Park Lehigh Avenue and Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Monday evening, September 4, 1939 A.D.F.D. Time: 9:10 P.M.






The great afternoon Banquet on the lawn had just about terminated, and the crowds continued to swell in the park. The announcement of the Broadcast the night before drew the multitude to the scene, to be present for the occasion; and it was plain to see that the people of this city, the "City of Brotherly love," are hungry and starving in many instances, for the Truth.

The broadcast took place at 9:20 P.M. sharp, but it was now only 9:10, after the band had led the audience in the enthusiastic singing of the


Much could be accomplished in those remaining ten minutes, and much was accomplished, for as a result, we have this beautiful Message, about which many expressed their regret, that it too, was not heard over the network. It is a beautiful patriotic Message, and all can be privileged to read it, or hear it at a later date, even though they may not have personally heard it when it was delivered first by the LORD.

We count it a great Blessing that these beautiful and dynamic Messages of Truth are available to the public, absolutely gratis, being published in the commercial magazine known as "The New Day," and donated to the public without cost. "The New Day" carries many ads for the benefit of advertisers and the readers; many items of current events, together with world news, a "lost and found" list; a "Peace Dial Log," automobile route to the Promised Land, and many other features of interest to the general public, but the Messages are a Gift to the world by the LORD, FATHER DIVINE. For THY Great and Matchless Love, Dear LORD, we thank THEE.

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, after which FATHER Speaks as follows:)




PEACE, EVERYONE: Good health! Good will! Good appetite, with good manners, good behavior, life, liberty and the reality of happiness to you I bring.

In that little composition quite often sung by the followers of MINE, I stress it once again for the purpose of conveying to you the significance of a real good government, as it may be termed by a good many of the politicians. We do not mean to stress the governmental affairs, merely by talking and speaking of them, but we mean to lift up this standard mentally and Spiritually and bring about an international revival--a good government in the hearts and lives of the children of men.

Of course it is true, I AM an advocator and emphasizer and also a demonstrator of the Life and Teachings of Jesus CHRIST, your Savior, even though I AM still stressing the significance of recognizing the Constitution and its Amendments and the Declaration of Independence as the most important pieces of legislation to be considered throughout the universe, for the Constitution of this great democracy guarantees life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It grants to every person, the privilege to serve GOD to the dictates of his own conscience. By this, I AM constitutionally minded, and I have made millions of others constitutionally minded, and have caused them to walk in the Light of this great democracy, according to the Constitution and its Amendments by becoming to be self-respecting, law-making and law-abiding citizens.

I do not believe that we can be real American citizens unless we live exactly according to the Constitution and its Amendments, and produce the very spirit and the meaning of it, and manifest it to the world.

The Constitution of this great country and its Amendments, with the Declaration of Independence, according to MY Conviction, are the "two-edged sword" that goes out of MY Mouth, as a protection for you all. Aren't you glad? We are as much consecrated and converted into Americanism, according to the Constitution and its Amendments and according to the Declaration of Independence, as we are converted to religion under Christendom. Aren't you glad? For we realize this country paved out the way for this great democracy to become to be a real Utopia, and it will be, for every American citizen will endeavor to be an American citizen characteristically, by living exactly according to these two great documents.

MY followers live according to these two great documents to the extent that not one of MY followers is on the Welfare. Not one of MY followers is on the Relief, I say. They are endeavoring to express their independence, even as I express it and stress it by telling them they all should be independent, by living Evangelically whole-heartedly, and by trusting whole-heartedly in the ALMIGHTY. By this, these of MY following throughout the universe, have been converted in a state of being, where they recognize as David declared as a committee of one, "The LORD is my SHEPHERD, and I shall not want."

They do not believe in begging. They do not believe in soliciting. They do not believe in stealing, but to the extreme reverse to such a degradation, they believe in repaying all of their old bills, such as they never intended to pay before I Came. They believe in restoring to the debtor his goods, such as may be due him and also restoring to the creditor that which is due him. Aren't you glad? By this, we shall have a Righteous Government, for I AM Reinculcating and Reincarnating the Spirit and the Nature of this Democracy, that has been lying dormant in the name of the Constitution and its Amendments.

It has been lying dormant because men failed to live exactly according to the Constitution and its Amendments, and become to be American citizens. They think that they can be American citizens by merely taking out their citizenship papers. They think they can be American citizens by merely being born in and under this democracy. It does not make you a real American citizen because you are born in America. You are an American citizen when you take on the nature and the characteristics and the spirit of America, and say with the spirit of sincerity, " GOD BLESS AMERICA!"

I appeal to MY patriotic friends of this city of "Brotherly Love," to join in heart and mind with ME, and I will lift you politically, socially and economically, and will save your city millions of dollars, from that which has been an injustice to society. Aren't you glad? It has been said by one of the former aldermen and noted statesman of New York City, that by MY followers being taken off of the Relief, I AM saving the city government alone, at least around two million dollars yearly. Do you not think this is worth considering, when you can save the city government alone two million dollars annually, by stopping people from seeking "the dole," by stopping them from living in a begging state of consciousness?

When GOD spoke through the mouth of David as an individual, he said:

"I once was young, but now I am old; I have never seen the righteous forsaken, neither his seed begging bread."

How can you be real American citizens of a righteous democracy, how can you be real American citizens and children of the ALMIGHTY, when you are going around begging, stealing and borrowing and will not be honest, competent and true, and stand up for your integrity in all you say and in all you do? MY followers have lifted up a standard, through the Spirit of MY PRESENCE, that cannot be criticized. Not one of MY real followers would smoke a cigarette. They have lifted a standard of morale that mankind must recognize as the standard of perfection, next to the Virginity of Mary.

Oh, how glorious it is to observe the mystery! Through the Virginity of Mary, CHRIST your SAVIOR came. HE could and HE would not have come saving through some virginity, through the Virtue of GOD transmitted to humanity. CHRIST came as a REDEEMER and as a SAVIOR of men, from undesirable conditions, from vice and crime and from all immodesty and immorality. That is the way HE was to come; and that is the way HE came. By this MY followers have stressed it vividly, and they have reincarnated it. They have brought to fruition the very Spirit and the Nature of the Virginity of Mary, and they are also bringing to fruition, the very Holiness of JESUS according to His Teaching. That is the mystery of getting the victory over all undesirable conditions. Then I say, it is a privilege to live in such a recognition, and build upon such a Foundation that cannot be shaken; then, and only then, can you rightfully say, and truthfully say,

"I am not ashamed of the gospel of CHRIST, for it is the Power of GOD unto salvation, to everyone that believeth."

You may say it, but unless you know it definitely, you are not saying it within you, you are merely saying it externally; but when it is spoken from the within with the spirit of sincerity,


when you live it and express it, you will be blessed abundantly, and will become to be real American citizens. When this is established, and all corruption shall have been rooted out of politics, when our government shall put a ban on every law-violator and those who filibuster against that which is just and right, there and then GOD WILL BLESS AMERICA!

I would like to say, it is a privilege to know you cannot tell ME you are not an endorser of lynch mob violence, if you are filibustering against the Anti-lynching Bill. This is a broad statement, but I have made it, and I AM making it again: those who filibuster against the Anti-lynching Bill, and any other just bill that has been introduced in Congress according to the Constitution and its Amendments, if they filibuster against those bills, they are desiring that such a crime should be continued. They do not wish to make laws to prohibit it, yet they say they are self-respecting, law-making and law-abiding citizens. GOD forbid!

Oh, what a privilege to live in such a recognition, where GOD HIMSELF in Love and Mercy, Came as the REDEEMER and the SAVIOR of men, and HIS Light is turned on. Men can no longer hide behind vice and crime, for GOD HIMSELF is on the line and can reach your thoughts and can reach your minds, even before you think them. Aren't you glad? Then I say, let us build upon this Foundation in the applicacy of true Americanism, in the applicacy of our real citizenry, and be real American citizens, by living according to the Constitution and its Amendments, and by living independently, according to the Declaration of Independence.

What a privilege to realize, and to be in and under this democracy, where you are privileged to serve GOD to the dictates of your own conscience! If you are constitutionally minded to the Constitution and its Amendments, you will be converted: you will be as much enthusiastically and fanatically converted into true Americanism as any American, fanatical, Religious convert had ever been converted into his respective Christian experience.

A good many of you realize and know, years ago they used to have great revivalists in this country, in all parts of this country, and they would get men to pray to get converted. When they would get the inspiration of the Spirit and would arise enthusiastically in that conviction, and would declare that they had been truly converted, they had Religion, why, there and then, you would say, they were fit subjects and eligible for the registering in the church, to become to be a church member, because they had been converted.

So it is in MY Opinion concerning the Declaration of Independence and concerning the Constitution and its Amendments. MY followers are enthusiastically converted mentally and Spiritually into true Americanism under the Constitution and its Amendments, and in and according to the Declaration of Independence. That is the way they become to be American citizens. They are actually Spiritually converted into Americanism, and become to be real American citizens.

I hope MY hearers will take cognizance of this Message and consider, you as the patriotic citizens of America, should heartily endorse MY endeavors to bring about a real America, that is true from the very depths of the souls of the children of men, for I have long since declared,

"As with an individual, so with a nation; and as with a nation, so with all nations nationally and internationally."

I would like to say to MY hearers and friends, do not think I AM representing any political party. I AM absolutely non-partisan, but I AM "Americanated," and I AM not only "Americanated," but I AM a Real American Citizen since I Came to America. Aren't you glad? I live under the Constitution and its Amendments. I declare the Declaration of Independence. I stress it as the only important piece of legislation to be considered; then I declare, those who live according to it, will become to be American citizens, by a real national--in other words, by a real American conversion, and will be American citizens regardless of their partisan standard or status they have taken concerning their respective party in politics.

If you are American citizens, whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, express your citizenry with the spirit of sincerity, by living according to the Constitution and its Amendments and according to the Declaration of Independence. Send these thoughts down to your posterity, and cause them to be partakers of such a contagion, for every awakened Spirit or Consciousness that has been awakened in the hearts and lives of humanity, they are all contagious when they are awakened supernaturally and cause the peoples of the earth to be inspired by them and move volitionally.

"GOD BLESS AMERICA," as I said in that song as composed even though it is one of your patriotic songs, I have stressed it more than you. I teach it daily in our daily activities; but I AM telling the representatives and the executives in this democracy what to do. Put an end to all filibustering against the Anti-lynching Bill. Put an end to everything that tends to deprive men of their Constitutional rights, and live according to the Constitution by endorsing it, and by refusing to allow anything that is not according to the Constitution to be represented in Congress.









GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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