"God in Majesty, Dominion and Authority Has Truly Come But in Simplicity, in Meekness,
in Lowliness of Heart, To Show Men How They Can Overcome

"One Person as a Human Being with His Electrons of Electricity in Him
Has as Much Magnetism as the Earth Has Gravitation"




OUR FATHER'S MESSAGE Given While at the Banquet Table Musical Fund Hall,
830 Locust Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Sunday evening and Monday morning
September 3-4, 1939 A.D.F.D., Time: 2:35 A.M.

Promised Land, Ulster County NY.

FATHER DIVINE in the Promised Land, Ulster County NY.


Concentration on the Perfect Picture, the CHRIST, may well be stressed as the great essential in achieving rest, peace of mind and soul, and victory over every opposition, for it is by this concentration on the LAMB that HIS Meekness, HIS Lowliness and Lamb-likeness are transmitted, and it is these qualities which are the victory.

In this beautiful Message delivered to the masses during the serving of the banquet in the Musical Fund Hall in Philadelphia, FATHER dynamically explained how Jesus won the complete victory through these characteristics, and it is our privilege to do the same by copying after the sample and the example HE daily sets before us. Thus would wars and strife of every kind be dispelled forever, for when nations as well as individuals become Meek and Lamb-like, there will be no hatred, no malice or other detestable expressions to incite men to violence, and all will enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, for the earth will be a universal Utopia.

SAVIOR of the world, we humbly thank THEE!

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, and FATHER'S Message follows the composition sung just before HE arose to Speak:)


"Behold the LAMB, Behold the LAMB,
"Behold the LAMB of GOD.
"Behold the LAMB, Behold the LAMB,
"Behold the LAMB of GOD."




PEACE, EVERYONE: Good health, good will and a good appetite; good afternoon, good evening, good night and good morning again! That little composition as you hear it sung, if you retrace your thoughts back to the message just before the foundation of Christendom:

'Behold the lamb of GOD, who taketh away the sins of the world.'

This composition was not so much at that time as a song, but as a message to the children of men, requesting them to behold the lamb-likeness of GOD, it could have been said.

GOD in all of His majesty, in all of His dominion and all of his authority, as bold as a lion but as harmless as a dove and as calm as a lamb. HE came that mankind might behold HIM and observe the mystery of being emancipated from undesirable conditions by the meekness and the lowliness of HIS SPIRIT.

Then I say, behold the LAMB and the LAMB-LIKENESS of GOD, it could have been the sins of the world! When you behold such power, such authority and such a dominion, and yet in all simplicity, in meekness and lowliness of heart coming, you can see the mystery and the significance of being in the LAMB-LIKENESS, and in HIS LAMB-LIKENESS HE hides HIS MAJESTY. In meekness and in lamb-likeness HE Came!

What a privilege it is to observe the key to the mystery of your real emancipation--how you can be emancipated from the sin of the world, from all adverse and undesirable conditions by beholding the LAMB-LIKENESS of your CREATOR. The LAMB! It could have been said: "Behold the meekness and the simplicity of GOD--how GOD in majesty, dominion and authority has truly come, but in simplicity, in meekness, in lowliness of heart as a sample and as an example for the children of men, to show them how they can overcome." Aren't you glad!

Then, it is a request to you, those of you that are seeking emancipation from sin, seeking your deliverance from undesirable conditions, seeking your freedom from misery, from lacks, wants and limitations: behold the lamb-likeness, the meekness, the simplicity of your Savior, coming in love, mercy and pity. When you behold such a likeness as in consideration and stressfully consider it, you produce and reproduce the nature and the characteristics of such likeness and put on the CHRIST characteristics personally and manifest your SAVIOR to creation.

When this is accomplished, you have tapped the source of all supply. You have tapped the source of that never-failing stream of GOD'S infiniteness, of all of GOD'S goodness, of all of GOD'S love and of all of GOD' S mercy; but all of this cometh through and by the simplicity, meekness and lamb-likeness of your GOD! It does not come by, nor did I say for it to come by your thought concerning the greatness of the Almighty but in the simple spirit of meekness, of love and of mercy as requested--

'Behold the LAMB of GOD.'

What a privilege it is to realize you can gain victory in your present lives over undesirable conditions, as being termed sin by the religions! Whatsoever undesirable condition that may be existing in your conscious mentality, in your subconsciousness or in your system, it can be overcome by the lamb-likeness of GOD in simplicity, in meekness, in humbleness and in obedience. Remember, Christ, according to the prophecy

'was led as a lamb to the slaughter, dumb as a sheep before her shearers, and he opened not his mouth.'

Can you not see from this the significance of the simplicity and the meekness of GOD as a redeemer, and how you can overcome such conditions, matters not how they may be, matters not how undesirable they may be, by the meekness, by the simplicity, by the lamb-likeness of your SAVIOR. Then John said and I heard you say by composition with him:

'Behold the LAMB of GOD Who taketh away the sins of the world.'

Again I wish to say for the consideration of MY friends, those who are as visitors, those who do not know very much about ME; "Behold the Lamb-likeness, the simplicity, the meekness and the insignificance of One Whom you say is GOD ALMIGHTY!" As far as physical observation is concerned, you can behold the insignificance, the Lamb-likeness, the meekness, the simplicity of your LORD and your SAVIOR, a simplicit way of expression whereby mankind can be universally emancipated. Behold such a Lamb-likeness, such a meekness, such a simplicity of spirit, of mind, of aim and of purpose, and of how HE was obedient unto death in meekness, in lowliness, in humbleness and in obedience, even to the death of the cross. But after such an experience had been fulfilled, you can see, as I have declared, "...wherefore GOD exalted Him."

The Apostle puts it:

'He was crucified, He was dead and buried and He descended to `the other place'; wherefore He became obedient unto death, even to the death of the cross; but GOD has resurrected Him and exalted Him and given Him a name above every other name, that at the name of Jesus CHRIST every knee must bow and every tongue must confess.'

What said Jesus concerning the mystery in His Gospel-ic prediction of what I AM now speaking?

'The Stone which the builders rejected has become to be the head of the corner.'

Can you not see where you have rejected and refused this of which they must recognize? this, I say, of which they must vividly visualize to gain the victory over difficulties, over trials, over tribulations, over sin and iniquities, as said the composition:

'Behold the LAMB of GOD who taketh away the sins of the world.'

I thought of a composition long since composed as a motto for consideration, and I beheld as though it was just coming forth into expression here and now by this demonstration here in this "City of Brotherly Love," when I beheld the masses as you have assembled and stand and sit around us. I thought of this Message of Jesus as a Gospel-ic prediction of what we are now fulfilling:

'If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto Me.'

Can you not see, by being lifted from the earth in the expression of crucifixion, the drawing power has been introduced and now is in evidence that mankind is drawn unto ME? In answer to this great demonstration and MY one eternal demonstration of supply, MY one eternal demonstration of demonstrations of the unfoldment of the mystery of magnetism as the center of attraction, I brought out another composition many years ago:

'The abundance of the fullness of the consciousness of good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof.'

Can you not see, by carrying in MY Consciousness the abundance of the fullness of all good things and being conscious of it and being conscious of such an expression, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof wheresoever I AM? When I assemble in such a dining-room as this, as being termed an auditorium having been transformed into a dining-room, this time of the morning, the abundance of the fullness of the consciousness of good I have materialized and personified that you and all mankind might realize that which I have declared. I carry in MY Consciousness the abundance of the fullness! I produce and bring to fruition that great Phenomenon, that great standard that I have lifted as a center of attraction, as an expression of GOD'S real magnetism. Aren't you glad!

Oh, what a privilege it is to realize GOD as magnetism will magnetize you and all others and cause you to express GOD'S magnetism even as the earth expresses its gravitation. The earth will attract and draw to itself such things that are earthy of its own kind. GOD'S magnetism in HIS majesty and yet in simplicity, in HIS meekness and in HIS lamb-likeness, is the center of attraction and will attract and draw everything desirable; can and will bountifully supply you with everything, with the abundance of the fullness of the desirable. Aren't you glad!

If after the manner of metaphysicians, if after the manner of a psychologist I must speak and act, I must act scientifically and bring forth MY actions, characteristics and nature from that angle of expression to perfection, that others might see and know the significance of whatsoever you are stressing. Produce it and bring it to fruition as perfection as a sample and as an example for others.


"The abundance of the fullness of the consciousness of good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof."

Can you not see the abundance of the fullness from every angle expressible in evidence right here with you? Why live in lacks, wants and limitations? Why live in poverty in GOD'S land of plenty? Why live in poverty when you are in the ALMIGHTY, the great CREATOR? GOD as the CREATOR of all things being in you and you in HIM, why not allow the great CREATOR as the Producer and the Reproducer to produce and re-create everything desirable for the sustenance of your body, for your comfort and for your convenience, and supply you with the abundance of the fullness of good? I think I had better stop!

The hour has truly come, GOD in love and mercy came as the REDEEMER and the SAVIOR, your real EMANCIPATOR of all mankind, that you might realize GOD'S pleasure on earth was to bring HIS KINGDOM, HIS DOMINION, for that was the prayer He taught you to pray that you might get such in consciousness and in your conscience, that GOD'S GOVERNMENT that was in a suppositional heaven might come down to the earth plane on which you are living.

'Let Thy Kingdom come and let Thy Will be done!" said He, "on earth as it is in heaven.'

What a supernatural and yet a natural, what an invisible and yet a visible Phenomenon has been brought into outer expression! that you might reckon with such a CREATOR, this great Phenomenon, and enjoy GOD'S Presence of the abundance of supply in the answer to MY original composition:

'The abundance of the fullness of the consciousness of good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof.'

It is applicable to each and every creature, as one said by composition:

'How happy is every Child of CHRIST who knows his sins are forgiven.'

You have been lifted, for this is the sample and the example. I AM demonstrating a practical course in psychology as an abstract expression of the mystery of the abundance of the fullness

Why be limited? Why be in lacks, wants and limitations? Why not enjoy the abundance of the fullness of GOD'S creation when all of these blessings are at your disposal? They are for you and for everybody who will live in such a recognition and are willing to bring them into expression such as I AM actually demonstrating, by meekness and lowliness of heart and by stressing the actual presence of your GOD.

Then I say, hearers and friends, do not behold ME as a metaphysician trying to give you a course in supply, trying to give you a course in any demonstration; for GOD HIMSELF is the demonstrator and manifestor of all of HIS creation. It is a matter of course with ME to demonstrate the abundance, to demonstrate the fullness of the consciousness of good, that good might have free access over one and all and might have all dominion in and over the hearts and lives of the children of men.

Now, I need not say more. I believe every living creature under the sound of MY Voice can see the significance of what I AM stressing, for it is visible yet supernatural and yet it is practical; it is scientific, it is a reality for it is materially manifested.

Live in this recognition and I will be with you now, henceforth and forever if you will allow ME to. I have interrupted you in your material dinner, your material supper, but the reality of this Supper of which I AM stressing is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, the composition we all were seeking.


"Behold the LAMB of GOD."

There are many things I could say, but I wish to speak in actions and in deeds more explicitly than what I AM now speaking, for words of the human language of all of the human vocabularies of civilization are inadequate to explain the mystery of which I AM telling, effectively; therefore I must speak it in deeds and in actions.

I have long since declared:

'I will preach CHRIST in words, but more so in deeds and in actions, and I will put MY SPIRIT in them and cause them to walk in MY Statutes.'

MY Commandments are not grievous. They are pleasant, they are pleasing to the true and the faithful who love them. What said the Psalmic prediction of this mystery?

'Serve the LORD with gladness, enter His Presence with thanksgiving and into His gates with praise.'

Can you not see men and women coming into this recognition, of which is MY ACTUAL PRESENCE? They are coming into it with thanksgiving and they are entering into MY Presence also with singing. Can you not see here the singing in the fulfillment of the inspirationic prediction of the Epistle-ic Message as given:

'Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the LORD.'

When the truth shall have contagionized the world and shall have enveloped you all as mankind, there and then GOD'S Dominion shall have come; for that is what I was speaking of when I told you to pray to

'Let Thy Kingdom come and Thy Will be done.'

I could have said, "Let Your DOMINION come." I could have said, "Let Your GOVERNMENT come," but speaking in the language of men to Judaism, as they were the transmitters of this Message at that time, as they were known to be representatives of the Kingdom of Heaven of which they had fallen short of it--they had lost the kingdom and they requested of Jesus when would the Kingdom be restored to Israel. I could have said, "Let Your GOVERNMENT come," but speaking in the language of the consciousness of the children of men at this time, I said pray, "Let Thy Kingdom come--for it has not yet been restored to them, I could have said.

But the time has truly come the Kingdom, GOD'S DOMINION, GOD'S GOVERNMENT that was in the supernatural, invisible, imaginary heaven has truly come, and GOD'S Will on earth is now being done. As I have it on MY Immediate Staff, as I have it under MY Personal jurisdiction wheresoever I AM Personally functioning, so shall I have it universally, and all humanity shall know definitely GOD'S Kingdom has come to the earth again, no longer looking for the restoration of the Kingdom to Israel.


When Shall the Kingdom Be Restored to Israel?

"LORD, when will that time come? Your Kingdom has been taken away from Judaism, it has been taken away from us, we know not why. We know not why and we do not know what to do," they could have said. But,

'When shall the Kingdom be restored to Israel?

Therefore I said;

'Pray ye, our FATHER Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name,'

keep GOD'S name HOLY--

'Thy Kingdom come and Thy Will be one on earth as it is in heaven.'

Now, aren't you glad! Aren't you glad GOD'S Kingdom, GOD'S real DOMINION has truly come and HE shall dwell with them, and GOD HIMSELF--no longer something invisible, no longer something suppositional or something merely duplicated as a duplicate, no longer something as a substitute, as a substitution for the reality--but the Kingdom has been actually restored to Israel and those of the meek and lowly through ME, for they will accept of ME. Those who refuse ME now will no longer enjoy ME. The Kingdom has been restored to Israel, for GOD'S DOMINION has truly come! GOD'S Will is now being actually done.

This is the sample, this is the example! I shall contagionize all humanity with it and GOD alone shall be selected and elected as your REDEEMER, your SAVIOR, your great CREATOR and the KING of all creation.

'In the days of those kings...'

I AM speaking about in these days--

'...shall the GOD of heaven set up a Kingdom, and He will not leave it to other people.'

I AM not leaving it to others! I AM doing it MYSELF in the name of the ALMIGHTY! Aren't you glad! GOD HIMSELF shall set up a kingdom and HE will not leave it to others; for kingdoms shall rise and wane. Can you not see the kingdoms of men failing today? They must fail for they have not been founded upon a foundation that cannot fail. Kingdoms are rising and they are waning as fast as they are rising (Aren't you glad!)...because they have not been founded upon a foundation that cannot be shaken, because they have been founded on self, on the flesh, on races, nationalities and other mortal versionated expressions of which have their destination in the making and not in the great eternal creation!

Kingdoms are rising! I can see them waning! I can see them waning, I say! That is why they are calling for PEACE where PEACE cannot be found--because they have not accepted of the PRINCE of PEACE and the KING, the PRINCE'S FATHER, the KING of all creation! I think I had better stop! I think I had better stop, I said, for I will cause you to think I do not have a destination. It is true, MY friends, for GOD is without the beginning of days and eternity with HIM has no end, matters not what men may think or say.

'It is not by power nor by might, but by My SPIRIT;'

therefore MY SPIRIT will continue to do it. Aren't you glad!

The Kingdom will be restored to Israel when Israel accepts of ME whole-heartedly. When they realize the Messiah, the Meshiach, as the REDEEMER, when they recognize the Everpresence of the ALMIGHTY supernaturally, and observe the mystery of the tangibilization of your great CREATOR, and receive HIM as your LORD, your REDEEMER and SAVIOR, why then and only then will the Kingdom be restored to Israel; for I have long since declared, you who have chosen GOD are GOD'S Chosen People. You who have refused GOD are GOD'S refused people. Aren't you glad!

If you refuse ME now, you are refused once and forever! If you will not accept of this Message, you are lost throughout all eternity, for if you lose ME in consciousness and in consideration, I will lose you accordingly and you will not find on earth nor in heaven a REDEEMER and a SAVIOR for you!

But just look over this vast audience and observe the mystery of the supernatural power! It is magnetic, it is a magnetism that I AM exerting, resurrecting--in other words, quickening, in other words awakening--in MY true and faithful believers, a magnetism transcending all of the earth's gravitation. Therefore you from all undesirable conditions can be emancipated by this great magnetism I have quickened within you.

It may sound foolish. You cannot see the earth's gravitation. It is supernatural though the earth is materially manifested. Though the earth is actually tangibilated, gravitation still remains supernatural and invisible, but it attracts the visualization of things of the earth and draws them to itself.

I AM attracting the visibilization of things of MYSELF by this great magnetism in the flesh, and I AM drawing both it and them to MYSELF; for,

'The abundance of the fullness of the consciousness of good, no space is vacant of the fullness thereof.'

Do not allow ME to bore you. I do not wish to worry you, but I do desire to emancipate you; for this Message as I have it is applicable and all can be partakers of it and can enjoy GOD'S ACTUAL PRESENCE with all of HIS natural and supernatural magnetism--in other words, HIS invisible and visible magnetism--as HE spoke it forth into expression.

As I afore said, Jesus said:

'And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto Me.'

That is why they are drawn--through being crucified together with HIM, through being lifted up with HIM, the magnetism as a center of attraction has been quickened within you and I will draw all men to ME. They come believing--believing and loving! That is the reason I cannot get rid of them. Can you not see it as a fact? These are facts and figures too stout to be denied.

After a while all mankind will realize GOD is in the land as a natural and a super mortal Phenomenon, but the world cannot understand! But yet you will see and know GOD is carrying out HIS plan and HIS purpose among you, and all will understand the mystery by-and-by, as you put off mortality and put on immortality and recognize the Presence of the ALMIGHTY once and forever by observing things supernaturally instead of observing them mortally and naturally as you had been observing them.

What a glorious world this will be when all government universally shall have brought into subjection to this Phenomenon and when all creation shall have been quickened, or in other words awakened, by the electrons of electricity within them by this recognition, and GOD HIMSELF is considered in them effectively once and forever established.

As I said again to the "City of Brotherly Love" and all of the inhabitants of the earth, would you not rather have a government sponsored and controlled and governed by such a Phenomenon as this one, than to have a government controlled by the dictators who are putting you before the battle and sentencing you to death by the wholesale, millions and millions, that you might continually be led as lambs to the slaughter in your ignorance?

They are fighting, they know not for what. There are thousands of people who are made murderers and multi-murderers and they do not know why! They want to kill the Germans! They want to kill the Italians! They want to kill the Americans! They want to kill the Englishmen! They want to kill the Poles! They want to kill different people because they say, "That is not my nationality and they should not have any dominion over the territory in which they are living." They want to kill them and they do not know why they want to kill them. The main ones who are doing this killing actually are being controlled by their respective dictators, whether they are conscious of it or not. They do not know why they want to murder, why they are set on fire with hate and vengeance and the desire to kill off a nation. They do not know why!

They are made mad like mad dogs! If you go to a "male-cow" fight, you see the "male-cow" is made mad he knows not for what. You have been made mad as masses universally, and you do not know why you are going mad.

But I have come to "vice-versalate" that madness and revert and convert it completely, and change your madness into LOVE and HAPPINESS, and bring all humanity into subjection to love and happiness, meekness and obedience instead of madness, destruction, prejudice and jealousy, graft and greed that will continue to try to kill others that such may not apparently be in.

But oh, how glorious it is to know I Came not only to curb crime in your City and in your State Government, but I Came to curb crime in all government universally. Just as I have curbed it in you individually, severally and collectively, I shall curb it universally and internationally, and all shall be brought into subjection to this great phenomenon and shall recognize GOD'S ACTUAL PRESENCE as the hope of your redemption and others. I thank you.

The New Day: September 14, 1939 A.D.F.D., Pg. 61








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