"Each of You Should Be at Least a Receiving Set If You Cannot Be and If You Are Not
Real Broadcasting Stations

"Depressions Are Due to the Lack of Cooperation, Consecration and Self-denial"


Miraculous Healings.


FATHER DIVINE'S MESSAGE" Also Speeches At the Banquet Table,
Ball Park, Lehigh Avenue and Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 4, 1939 A.D.F.D., Time: 3:30 P.M. -- 9:00 P.M.


Rosebuds demonstrate at the Welcome Center,
The Mount of the House of the Lord

Rosebuds demonstrate at the Welcome Center, The Mount of the House of the Lord




Perhaps the Ball Park in the City of Philadelphia, never merited such prominence, nor such worthy reputation before in the history of its existence as it did during the three-day stay of FATHER DIVINE and the representation of HIS Peace Mission to "the City of Brotherly Love." This spacious park which has for the most part, been used for sports and patronized by only a part of the citizenry of that City, was thrown open wide to one and all alike, and those of every walk of life, from the mayor of the City to the most ordinary and common person in the very poorest circumstances, were cordially welcome to attend the unique demonstration manifested there, through and by the Spirit and the Personal Body of GOD, Our Savior, FATHER DIVINE. It was said by the residents and even some of the ministers of Philadelphia, that this occasion was the very first time that the people of the city and others were permitted to enter the Park, absolutely free, yet the greatest blessing and gift that could be bestowed upon and unto man was available unto all without cost. This large outdoor demonstration, provided an opportunity for thousands of people, besides the immediate Followers of FATHER DIVINE, to attend the services.

When we speak of the "services held," one must not compare them with the Religious services of the church world, for the services under the Supervision of the Spirit and Personal Body of FATHER DIVINE are not bound by the forms and customs of men; but in these meetings, the freedom of the Spirit is expressed; joy, thanksgiving, singing and praises come forth volitionally, by everyone moving according to the highest leading, which we know through and by the Teaching of FATHER DIVINE, to be "the CHRIST within."

As in the days of yore, when Jesus had the multitude to sit on the ground that they might eat of both the material and Spiritual food, so did FATHER have the Tables spread, and laden down with every good material food and drink for the sustenance of the physical body. The great long "T" shaped Table accommodated hundreds of the Followers and visiting friends, and our regular daily noon-day Banquet was served by the LORD, as on all other occasions.

The Banquet Table was as carefully prepared on the lawn as it is in our private dining halls, with snow white linens, gleaming silver, sparkling glasses and glistening chinaware. The beautiful flowers formed a large part of the decoration.

All enjoyed this wonderful feast. During the Banquet many testimonies of healings and blessings were given. By the use of the loud speakers and amplifiers, the thousands who gathered in the Park, just as compact as they could possibly be, all looking in the one direction to see the LORD, were able to hear the various speeches and messages of the different ones and particularly the Talks and Lectures of the LORD'S, for which purpose they all came to hear. This was indeed a marvelous expression of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, and the manifestation of true brotherly love, "Good Will to all men" and Peace and Glad Tidings among the inhabitants of all creation. Thank YOU, FATHER Dear.

(An account of the day's proceedings is herewith presented:)

The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, after which FATHER speaks, and comments are made upon the testimony given by a Brother, Mr. W. Faith, from New Paltz, N.Y. who sustained a broken neck in an accident and is alive today through the Mercies of the Living GOD, FATHER DIVINE.

(FATHER Speaks as follows:)




PEACE, EVERYONE: I would just like to say at this instance, the last gentleman who arose to speak, is one whose neck had been broken in several different places. He had a fractured neck in a number of places. He has been healed completely by the recognition of GOD'S ACTUAL PRESENCE, and by endeavoring to live according to MY Teaching. This is just one little sketch and a reflection of a fraction of a grain of what GOD is doing for the children of men. It is written:

'In all of their afflictions, HE was afflicted, and the Angel of His Presence healed them."..."HE took upon HIMSELF your infirmities and bear your diseases, and by His Stripes ye are healed.'

That is the great significance of the work of this Mission.

I often tell MY followers, hearers and friends, if anyone should be sick, I AM the only One who should be sick, for I have taken upon MYSELF their diseases, and I AM bearing their afflictions, and diseases. A person should not be sick when someone else is bearing their infirmities, bearing their diseases and bearing all of their burdens.

Take these thoughts to consideration, and you will see the significance of this Message and realize when a person goes on bond for another, that person is free to go forth until the time comes that he must be tried at the general session of the trail that is set before him. I thank you! I thank you! I thank you!

(Another follower, Miss Blessed Wisdom, of Newark, N.J. told of a marvelous healing by FATHER DIVINE. FATHER explains the condition of this individual, so that all can hear.)


PEACE, EVERYONE: Ladies and gentlemen and inhabitants of "The City of Brotherly Love," and Angels of the Kingdom, visitors and friends. I would just like to say at this instance, the last speaker, a lady weighing nearly three hundred pounds, was healed of a fracture of the head in several places, broken collar bone, broken wrist and internal injuries and the doctors had given up all hope; but when the insignificance of MY PERSONAL PRESENCE appeared, she became conscious and recognized MY PRESENCE. From then she was almost instantaneously healed. Inside of two weeks, as she said, she left the hospital, and she does not feel the effect of such a terrible accident, with all of those injuries that were as if though she would never have been healed by the best skilled physicians. I thank you.


PEACE, EVERYONE: I would just like to say again, I thought to call your attention to another one of the serious expressions---of the seriousness of her injuries. Her tongue was cut out. Her eye was knocked out and lay in the basin she declared, and yet she can see today out of that eye, better than she can out of the other eye. That is what GOD is doing for them. That is why they recognize GOD as a Supernatural PRESENCE, "tangibilated," materialized and personified. I thank you.

(FATHER speaks after a testimony of a follower from Melbourne, Australia, Miss Peacock as follows:)


PEACE, EVERYONE: I AM not a dictator, but I AM a Speaker. As these MY Followers, hearers and friends who have experienced these divers healings and are testifying, do not have quite such a loud voice to be heard, I rise to speak and to verify what they say.

This is a lady all the way from Melbourne, Australia, having been healed without seeing ME Personally, from thence and even until now; and although she is here, the Spirit of MY Work is going on just as effectively in Sydney, Australia and in Melbourne and in all parts of Australia and New Zealand, the same as it is right here under MY Personal Jurisdiction.

This is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored. As the invention of electricity is a parable telling you of the mystery of GOD'S ACTUAL PRESENCE, I will tell you more distinctly in deeds and in actions that cannot be criticized by those who observe the mystery. The transmission of electricity today is conveying the message of the world war, as it may be termed, of bloodshed, and of thousands being killed--in other words, murdered, for the greedy gain of filthy lucre, and for dominion and authority. It can be conveyed through the ether by the invention of electricity; and by the invention of our modern broadcasting system but much more can the Spirit of MY PRESENCE be actually transmitted, for each of you should be at least a receiving set, if you cannot be and if you are not real broadcasting stations.

You may deem it fortunate, those of you who have received the blessings as you have, for from thousands and thousands of miles away, it is fortunate that I AM a Broadcasting Station of Salvation, and you are the receiving sets. By this mental and Spiritual short wave, you get the Message, for MY Spirit will do it. People are healed throughout the universe, those who are in harmony with the Fundamental for which I Stand, they come in harmony with the Blessings I AM producing and bringing into expression, and such Blessings as I AM enjoying and MINE; they also can enjoy the same by this Great and Immaculate Name, by which all mankind live, move and have their being, even if they are not conscious of it. I thank you.

(A transcribed Message was read; the song, "GOD Bless America," was sung; several grateful testimonies of thanksgiving and praises to the LAMB , were given. Thereafter, FATHER arose to speak as follows:)


PEACE, EVERYONE: That Message as just read, had gone down on record, exactly what you heard. These are the Words I said:

"If those who are representatives in Congress fight against the Anti-lynching Bill, and other proposed bills, in other words, other bills that are introduced according to the Constitution and its Amendments, it is plain to see such representatives are trying to undermine the Constitution and its Amendments, and trying to overthrow our Government."

Now tell them I said it. Aren't you glad? It stirs MY Zeal when I think of how prejudice tries to overthrow every just and righteous-thinking person; tries to monopolize the very minds of the children of men who endeavor to live according to the Constitution and its Amendments, and tries to bring the Powers of GOD ALMIGHTY into subjection to it. But I FORBID!

We shall have a righteous government. We shall overthrow everything that tries to overthrow the government. Aren't you glad? That is what I AM doing in Philadelphia today, "the City of Brotherly Love," to reincarnate and reproduce and personify the brotherly love as theologically preached among the nations of the earth, that you might be the real brethren of a real democracy; a real Utopia, as I have it jurisdictionally.

I have a Utopia, and we shall have it universally. I shall change this democracy from a mere democracy to a Utopia, and Americanism shall be changed from Americanism--in other words converted from Americanism to true Evangelism; and it shall go forth into all civilization and Evangelize the universe of mankind, and bring them into subjection as a real Evangelist, and as a revivalist, reviving the spirit of true Americanism in the hearts and lives of humanity.

What a privilege to live in such a recognition, where GOD through HIS Condescension Came to America, through those who were seeking Religious liberty many years ago, by which the Constitution of this government has been established in reality; for when they sought Religious liberty, they sought a place where they could serve GOD to the dictates of their own conscience. By this, under this democracy and under the Constitution and its Amendments, we are privileged to serve GOD to the dictates of our own conscience. By so doing, these MY Followers and following have brought forth the CHRIST within to fruition. By having the privilege to serve GOD to the dictates of their own conscience, and moving volitionally and being governed intuitively by their own intuition and moving according to their own volunteer volition, they have brought forth the CHRIST to fruition; that the CHRIST might be in this place, and establish a real democracy--a Utopia for all civilization, and even for heathenism. Aren't you glad?

When you realize what it really means for the Law of the Spirit of Life that was in CHRIST JESUS to be brought to fruition in this people, to be transmitted and to be legalistic by being legalized by our great democracy, by the Constitution and its Amendments under it, by the Declaration of Independence, we will bring forth this Principle to fruition, the Law of the Spirit of Life that was in CHRIST JESUS, and will establish this law and legalize it that it shall be law for all humanity. Aren't you glad?

Benjamin Franklin harnessed the lightning, did he not? But I have harnessed the law of the Spirit of Life that was in CHRIST JESUS, and I have brought it down in the service of man, and AM making law out of it for all humanity, and especially for this government. The law of the Spirit of Life that was in CHRIST JESUS has actually been harnessed, and we are bringing it into actuality and causing it to be real, tangible and practical by legality.

Through the legalistic system I AM legalizing the law of the Spirit of Life, and making it a law for all humanity, especially under this democracy, I AM converting this democracy as I afore said from a mere democracy: as you advance by being free to speak, (as I see the representatives of the press here,) the freedom of the press, and the freedom of peaceful assemblage, such as we have here, and the freedom to serve GOD to the dictates of your own conscience, as a democracy, I have brought this into actuality and I have inserted and injected through transmission the Law of the Spirit of Life that was in CHRIST JESUS, and I AM bringing it through legalization, through it being legalistically established.

We shall have a righteous government: a real Utopia and all of the kingdoms of earth shall be brought into subjection to CHRIST your SAVIOR, of Whom you say I AM. Aren't you glad?

I need not say more. Why? For I have said enough to stir up your pure minds. I would like to say to those who are critics, as I afore said, those of the representatives of the press who endeavor to try to burlesque GOD ALMIGHTY, I will fix your faces in the shapes and fashions as you try to pervert MY Picture, your cursed children and children's children shall be in such likeness as the perversion and distortion of the appearance of ME and MINE. GOD, I say, shall put a curse on every paper and every distorter that tries to distort GOD: trying to pervert MY Words and trying to distort ME, MY Personal Appearance; I will put a curse on you and your children and your children's children. They shall be in the likeness of the distortion and the perversion of ME, as you have distorted and perverted MY Message. GOD ALONE SHALL REIGN!

There are not enough powers on earth nor in Heaven, nor in "the other place," to hinder ME, for the Law of the Spirit of Life that was in CHRIST JESUS shall be universalized legally, and it shall be recognized; it shall be realized as the only real piece of legislation, and I shall work cancellation on all other laws in violation to the Declaration of Independence.

Why do you call ME by such a vulgar name? Why do you call ME a vulgar name, GOD in the midst of the children of men? How dare you to call ME a vulgar name? When you say "C." concerning ME, or "N." when you say "B." concerning ME, you are calling ME a vulgar name. According to your language, there is no such a name on earth that is real as "colored" people. Speaking in your language, there is no such a name as "Negroes;" even if you spell it with a capital N E G R O, it is vulgar, and you are vulgar to use it.

Oh, it is such a privilege to know your GOD! You use those vulgar names for the purpose of lowrating--trying to lowrate the Unfoldment of MY MAJESTY, DOMINION and AUTHORITY, but it is a matter of impossibility for you to hinder it.

"Every knock is a boost; every criticism is a Praise." Every perversion and distortion is an expression of showing the Glory and the Beauty of GOD'S ACTUAL PRESENCE, for they know--those who are open-minded--they know your newspapers are perverters and distorters. It has long since been declared, "The pen is mightier than the sword." It is true, the pen is mightier than the sword, but while you have a pen as the press represents, I have MY Tongue of which is a Pen of a ready writer. I will write MY NAME in the hearts and lives of the children of men, for I heard MY followers say, "Mine eyes have seen the KING."

Upon this Foundation if you will stand, from undesirable conditions you will be emancipated. I will even emancipate the government from lacks, wants and limitations and depressions, such as it has been undergoing. Why should our government be under depressions? Why should the nations of the earth be under the depressions which they have been under? It is all for the lack of cooperation, consecration and self-denial, and for the lack of living according to the Purpose and the Plan of your GOD.

Now I need not say more, but I do wish to stress this once again for your consideration, I AM in your "City of Brotherly Love," to personify that of which you call "Brotherly Love." I AM unifying the nations together, bringing them in closer fellowship by causing them to come in close fellowship firstly, and then relationship, until they will all realize they are relatives and that they are the relations one to the other, as your real relations, your sisters and your brethren.

I wish to say, the reason I AM in this public park, is by the invitation of your leading citizens of this city, of which I highly appreciate. They visited MY Personal Residence and the divers meetings in New York City and especially gave ME an invitation to visit your city. I AM here, not merely for MY Followers this time, but I AM here for all mankind. This is a public park for the rich and the poor, the high and the low, for the great and the small. All are welcome to attend these Meetings, as they are not our private meetings and the meetings sponsored by MY Followers; but when you are in a public place, like this Meeting, you are welcome.

Your city officials and leading citizens of this city have invited ME here; therefore, they mean for you as citizens of this city, to visit and get first-hand information, and see what you have to see concerning ME. All people are welcome.

Again I say, I AM not representing a creed. I AM not representing a race. I AM not representing a color. All such expressions in their limited divers divisions are curses. They are curses to themselves by segregation. It is written in the Scripture, and I verify the same: "Where there is division there is strife, but where there is unity, there is strength."

Everything that divides against others is a curse in itself. It is a strife and it is a curse in itself, even if it is not conscious of it; therefore, come together and love ye one another, all ye inhabitants of America. For as it was with the desire of Jesus concerning Jerusalem, He desired to hover her (Jerusalem) as a hen hovers her brood, yea, as a hen hover her brood, even so desire I to hover you, oh, ye America, with this Light of Understanding.

When you are hovered under the conscious realization and the recognition of GOD'S ACTUAL PRESENCE, when you live exactly according to the Life and Teaching of Jesus the CHRIST, when you support the Constitution and its Amendments, when you endorse and support and harmonize with the Declaration of Independence, then and only then are you real American citizens. Then, and only then, can you be hovered under this recognition where you can be protected from all lacks, wants and limitations, and have victory over all depressions. Aren't you glad?

Upon this Foundation, beloved ones, if you will only stand, you will realize this democracy is not merely a democracy that is controlled by men. When GOD inspired the great men of our country to draft the Constitution and its Amendments, it was for the purpose of bringing about a closer relationship--a closer relationship between man and man. When we say "E Pluribus Unum," we mean that is in reality, one composed of many, and we represent it sincerely.

How glorious it is to live in such a recognition, and to realize what the fruition of a democracy really means! As a democracy, you may represent this country, but when the truth of it shall have been brought to fruition, and established effectively, it will be a real Utopia universally; there will be no longer lacks, wants and limitations; for as I have emancipated millions of My Followers, I will emancipate all America, and hover her from lacks, wants and limitations, and give her a real emancipation from all depressions, if she will allow ME to, by harmonizing with ME. I thank you.


Commentary of Transcriber

After this Message, several of the followers were inspired to openly give thanks to, FATHER DIVINE.

One of these in particular, was Mr. Ross Humble, who frankly exposed his past experience as a "Teacher of Truth." He told how he represented himself, and would pay the newspapers to put publicity in their paper concerning him, to encourage people to attend a number of public lectures in leading hotels, and then he would give "a sales talk" for the purpose of inducing people to join some special private class or course of instruction.

He would represent himself as being peculiarly qualified to lift them up above depressions, diseases, lacks and wants and limitations, and for this service which he claimed he could do, he said he exacted as much as he could wring out of them. He said, always in back of his mind was the consideration, "How much money am I going to get out of this crowd?"

Mr. Humble said, at that time of course, he considered he was working in the name of Truth, in the name of GOD, and what he was doing was not particularly wrong. He said, he knew he was a grafter, yet no worse than the ministers of today, who figure on doing the same thing; but the thing that he is proud of, and thankful to FATHER for most of all, is the fact that after exploiting the faith and the hopes of mankind, he was fortunate enough to come in contact with FATHER DIVINE: and though he felt he knew FATHER (GOD) in a measure, according to his spirit and according to his faith, yet when he came in personal contact with FATHER, he obtained the one realization, the one unfoldment, illumination that changed his whole life, and caused him no longer to seek to rob GOD of HIS Glory, but he submitted himself unto the LORD, and became meek and humble, to do the Will of the LORD. He in now happy as he tells the story of CHRIST returned to the earth in a Bodily Form, for the salvation of all mankind.

Many other convincing and varied testimonies came forth, both from the Followers and visitors who had read the Message of FATHER DIVINE, and had believed and had received. Several ministers spoke on this occasion; one of the Followers told how she had lost her voice for five years. She had asked preachers, members of the church and others to pray for her voice to be restored; but after five years, just about four months ago, over in New Jersey, she met FATHER DIVINE at a mass demonstration there, and over night she contacted HIM mentally and Spiritually, and her voice was restored.

Another told how she kept a sporting house for sixteen years, played the races, and lived a fast reckless life, giving no consideration to GOD, not even knowing the LORD'S Prayer until she came in contact with FATHER DIVINE, Who completely transformed her life, and today she is living pure and blameless before man and GOD, fulfilling the Angel ship degree in Heaven.

Another testimony was from an individual from the Coast. She had lived in splendid financial circumstances. She had come to hate men because the man whom she called her husband made her life a wreck. She hated women because they helped to make her life miserable. She testified she went to the depths of despair, and only found hope in life's existence when she met, or heard of FATHER DIVINE. She states she is now happy and free, and desires to live on, in complete contrast to her hopes and expectations of a life previously known to her, before her knowledge of FATHER DIVINE, GOD in a Body, on earth among men.

Many more beautiful expressions were given, but at this time we proceed to the next Banquet Talk, given by FATHER as follows:)


PEACE, EVERYONE: Here we all are again! There I sit and stand! Here I go, and there I Come, in the unity of Spirit of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose to you I still remain, to bring all of the alleged nations of the earth into fellowship and into the unity of the Spirit, into the unity of Mind, Aim and of Purpose, that they all might be partakers of us, of this one and only Life substance.

We have given invitation to all speakers, religious, political, social service workers and other speakers. We would like to hear from any speaker who is not supposed to be a follower of MINE. Regardless to what your Religious political or social affiliation may be, you are welcome to speak, yea, to move volitionally as we do, if you care to. If you do not care to move volitionally as we do, we are pleased and glad at any time to introduce you, if you desire to speak, any of you under the sound of MY Voice. City officials, politicians, diplomats or statesmen, you are all welcome to come forward to the microphone here, and speak if you with to.

Remember, I AM not representing any special religious representation, neither AM I representing any special race, creed, nationality or color, for I stand firm for the good of each and everybody, if they will but accept of ME. Therefore, regardless of your partisan party which you represent, those of you as politicians, if you desire to speak, you are welcome to do so. We are non-partisan by nature and by characteristics, for we are American citizens.

We do not believe we could be real American citizens and represent the different parties in the name of partisanism; but however, according to your respective profession, your faith, your activities and according to your respective party, according to your respective representation, whatsoever you are representing, you are welcome to come and speak, for I AM here to draw the masses for any person or persons, any party of the partisan parties politically, and for any Religious speaker or teacher of righteousness from any angle expressible.

Social service workers and other representatives of the different phases of our city's civic and social work, we are willing and ready for you to be represented; therefore, I say, any person or persons who desire to speak, you are welcome to come forward and speak as this is an open meeting, representing the true democracy of our civilization. We want you to feel free to speak. Move as we do, if you care to.

Again I wish to say, that as this Banquet has been served in the public park, we need not change our seats especially just now, it is your privilege to come up and speak if you wish to.

We may continue to serve for all you may know, if we care to eat further all day as we do at our regular banquets wheresoever I AM affiliating. In New York City and elsewhere, it is commonly known that a great part of our work is in the action of feeding the public, from a material point of view, as well as feeding them with spiritual, scientific and intellectual, social and industrial and political food, that they might be filled with such food as may be for the advancement of our present civilization and for the unfoldment of moral betterment generally. I thank you.

(As we waited for a response to FATHER'S invitation for visitors to speak, HE inquired as follows:)

Is there any speaker who desires to come forward and speak? Feel free to do so. Do not feel as if though this is a private meeting, although it is a Banquet served: served as we serve our general Banquets throughout the universe. It is a matter of course, it is true, but this is public today for you, those of you who wish to participate, therefore, I say, "Come forward and speak if you wish to." I thank you.

PEACE, EVERYONE: We would like to know if the Honorable Judge McDevitt is here, or any other representative of the City Department? Feel free to come forward and speak if you wish to on any subject you care to. I thank you.

(Judge McDevitt apparently was not present, but there were several other responses at this instance. FATHER speaks again as follows: The time being 6:05 P.M.)


PEACE, EVERYONE: I would just like to say at this instance, according to the testimony of a few of these who have recently spoken, especially the second to the last one, and the one who mentioned how she lived before she knew ME running a brothel, which means "the bad house," "dissipated house," "ill-famed house," "red light houses." I speak in all of the languages. I Came to the different understanding of the children of men, that they might understand ME.

'He who is forgiven much, loveth much.'

That is the reason the woman who had committed such hideous crimes, when she was forgiven of all of her sins, she got so close to GOD nineteen hundred years ago. It reads in the Bible--you can read it for yourself.

'The one hundred and forty-four thousand who followed the LAMB whithersoever HE goeth--those are they who are not defiled with women.'

They were redeemed from among men, being the first fruit unto GOD and the LAMB, and in their mouths, was found no guile.

It is a privilege to realize, when you are redeemed from vice and crime, even though you may have committed the lowest deeds of all mankind, when you are forgiven and have confessed and forsaken your sins and are redeemed, then in the Name of GOD you are virgins. Although you have been prostitutes of the lowest type, although you have been beneath the average person in the world of prostitution, when you are a confessed sinner and shall have forsaken all of your sins and turned to GOD and live, your brothel is turned into a house of prayer, and I will cause your brothels to be Utopias. I thank you! I thank you! I thank you!


PEACE, EVERYONE: We have with us one, Rev. Dr. Harris of Tennessee, a representative of the National Baptist Convention--a representative whichever, representing "the pictorial historian of the National Baptist Convention." If the Doctor would have a word to say, we are pleased to hear him. We are pleased to have him with us, and we cordially invite him to speak according to the dictates of his own conscience and move according to his own Spirit within. I thank you.

(The Reverend Harris responded, by saying he had heard of FATHER DIVINE a long time, but never saw what he had seen yesterday, that wonderful demonstration of confirmed minds, and he marveled at the Work of the Spirit, as manifested through and by FATHER'S Leadership among this people. He gave a very interesting talk, but concluded with the request that FATHER would permit him to get a picture of HIM, that he might be able to impress the minds of the human family that FATHER DIVINE is the Leader of his people.)

(FATHER speaks as follows:)


PEACE, EVERYONE: We enjoyed the message of the last speaker. I will not say that we will be able to carry out his wishes in every detail, but I will assure you, according to MY Plan and Purpose, I will carry out MY Plan and Purpose from A to Z one hundred percent.

I Came to bring about the universal brotherhood of man. I Came to lift up a standard in this community as well as in all other communities; for them to recognize the ACTUAL PRESENCE of GOD among the children of men, that they might bring an abolition to all segregation in consciousness, that the Spirit of GOD'S PRESENCE might have free access within them, for this, as a democracy, must be represented even from a national point of view, as "E Pluribus Unum;" as the United States of America and all of the representatives of this great country must stand as one solid body, as united together, according to the Constitution.

It is a privilege to have this gentleman with us, and any other representative of the divers Religious movements, that we might be unified together, and that we might stand together for one common purpose to stamp out everything that tends to disturb the peace of humanity and that brings about wars and confusion, such as thousands are now undergoing.

I know if the different peoples of the earth will accept of this FUNDAMENTAL, as he speaks to the Spirit of this Movement, will allow it to cement them together, we all shall be so closely unified together, it will be a matter of impossibility for anything to sever us. I thank you! I thank you! I thank you!

(FATHER inquires:) Are there any other speakers? I have before ME a card bearing the name of Rev. Herman. If Rev. Herman would like to have a word to say, he is welcome to speak. Feel free to speak. The audience is yours. It is at your service, and I give you their attention. I thank you.

(Rev. Herman came forward and made an appeal to FATHER to advise the organization of ministers to which he belonged, comprising four hundred and eighty-two members, concerning grave matters relative to the living and housing conditions of some of the citizens of Philadelphia. He stated that the organization of which he was a member, was known as "The Ministers' Bible Social." He also said that of the four hundred and eighty-two members, all of them lived in the radius of three quarters of a block; that they pay three thousand, nine hundred and eighty-two dollars per week for only sixty homes. He said this condition is existing in the city of Philadelphia today, and such a condition penalizes the health of its citizens. He petitioned FATHER in behalf of "The Ministers' Bible Social" to consider them, and if possible, to get in touch with one of the members of the said organization.

(FATHER Speaks as follows:)



PEACE, EVERYONE: I would just like to say, we have with us, Rev. Elder Robert Prioleau. If the Rev. Elder Prioleau would like to have a word to say, I AM sure we are all ready to give him our prayerful attention while he is speaking to us. I thank you.

(Rev. Prioleau responding said it was a great pleasure for him to meet FATHER DIVINE, and to listen to the great testimonies of healing from the Followers. He quoted the Scripture wherein it mentioned concerning the people who gazed up into the sky, as Jesus made His disappearance from them, and the question asked them by the two men who stood by them in white apparel:

Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into Heaven? This same Jesus which is taken up from you into Heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go.'

The Reverend concluded by saying, "We believe this afternoon that this is HE who has come back unto us."

(FATHER Speaks as follows:)


PEACE, EVERYONE: Here we are again,, as "E Pluribus Unum" as I can stand; as a democracy representative as I can be. I really enjoyed the last speaker's message, and can say, he has studied the Scripture. From a Scriptural point of view, he has something on a good many of you, so far as those things are concerned. If you stop and consider, the Scripture is actually fulfilled, and we are the Fulfillers, although I AM not especially stressing the material fulfillment of it so effectively geographically. But still I can see positively, the Scripture is actually fulfilled.

If you look in the Bible and see, you will see more distinctly in many places, where GOD has declared HE would lift up a standard for His people, and the House of GOD shall be lifted up and shall be established above all the nations. Now you can plainly see from a geographical point of view; of course I do not stress the geographical point so much, but I can see in reality, in the Catskill Mountains, as a sample and as an example for this people, I have actually lifted up a standard of the Cooperative System and the Universal Brotherhood of man and the conscious realization of the Fatherhood of GOD. I have actually materially manifested the Utopia that shall be universally established throughout all civilization, and mankind shall recognize the actual materialization and the personification of the fulfillment of the Scripture, while we fulfil it scientifically, mentally and Spiritually. But the materialization of such fulfillment is an abstract expression as a convincement for and to any person who will observe those things materially manifested. I thank you! I thank you! I thank you!

(Several followers spoke at this time. As FATHER had asked for the visitors to participate in this and these Meetings, if they cared to, as many did, HE gave another reminder to the visiting friends.)


PEACE, EVERYONE! PEACE, EVERYONE! I would like to say once again, if any of our visiting friends as visitors to this Movement, to this Light of Understanding, even though you are living here in Philadelphia, if you desire to speak, you are welcome to do so, as I afore said. Any representative of any political affiliation, and religious affiliation, and social or moral organization if any of you desire to speak, come forward and do so, if you care to. Give us your name and addresses and profession, and we will gladly introduce you according to custom, if you desire to.

I would like to say, it is not that you must speak to appease us, but speak according to the dictates of your own conscience even as we do. As I AM, so will you be, for I AM well, healthy, joyful, peaceful, lively, loving, successful, prosperous and happy in spirit, body and mind; yea, in every organ, sinew, limb, vein and bone, and even in every atom, fibre and cell of MY BODILY FORM.

As there was no response from the visitors at this time, FATHER spoke as follows:)


PEACE, EVERYONE: At this instance, since our visiting friends apparently, do not care to speak, as MY Work must continue, even when I AM traveling, we proofread matter to release to the press, at MY Banquet Table and at all times wheresoever I AM, for this cause, as the time is fast approaching, and matter must be released to the press for the next publication, I AM going to ask some one of MY Secretaries to proofread a Message while we are waiting for some of our visiting friends or speakers to come forward to speak. I thank you.

(After the reading of the Message, there were other cards and names given to FATHER; therefore the speeches of the visiting ministers and others continued.)

(FATHER speaks as follows:)


PEACE, EVERYONE: We have with us Dr. Vass. If Dr. Vass would like to have a word to say, he is welcome to speak as all others. I thank you.

(Dr. Vass stated that he was happy to be before one of the greatest leading Ministers of the day, and for the peace that he was experiencing on this occasion.)

(FATHER speaks as follows:)

We are pleased to hear the statement of the Doctor. According to his card I called him. I must give tribute where tribute is due. I must give honor where honor is due, according to the introduction given to ME by them and by those who are concerned; therefore, I said, "Dr. Vass."

(FATHER desires that none of our visiting friends should be slighted, or feel that they wish they had an opportunity to express themselves in reference to this Great Work of GOD or on any other subject, therefore, HE continues to open up the way for them, that timidity on account of this great multitude might not bind them, or prohibit their freedom of speech. FATHER speaks as follows:)

PEACE, EVERYONE: If anyone else would like to have a word to say, they are welcome to speak. They may come forward, give us their names, addresses and professions according to custom, and according to their respective profession, I will introduce them and honor them accordingly. I thank you.

(A Minister came forward and spoke as follows:)

PEACE! I thank YOU for YOUR PRESENCE. Of course, I saw YOU coming thousands of years ago. YOU were here once! YOU went away! I want to ask YOU, "Where have YOU been so long?" I am not much of a speaker. I want to make mine short. I know this is the Living GOD that has come in our midst. HE said HE was coming back, and HE is here. Now won't YOU allow me to enroll my name with YOU. Keep it on the Book of Everlasting Life. I thank YOU.

(FATHER Speaks as follows:)


PEACE, EVERYONE: We are pleased to hear each and every speaker according to the dictates of his own conscience. We do not wish nor desire to have anyone speak in the conviction of their mind, in the act of condemning themselves, according to their own Religious conviction, but when one speaks according to his own Religious conviction and is conscientious and sincere in whatsoever he says or does, that person will express the reality of GOD'S ACTUAL PRESENCE with him, for GOD will be with you, now henceforth and forever, so long as you live it and express it. I thank you.


PEACE, EVERYONE: I would just like to say again, we have with us, the honorable Mr. Kevie Frankel, an attorney from New York City, who would like to have a word to say. I AM sure we will be glad to hear from him, as a legal mind representing the legal world, and widely known throughout this country for the noble work he has done in his profession. I thank you.

(Excerpts of Mr. Frankel's remarks is recorded as follows:)

I came a long way since yesterday. You know some of you saw me here yesterday, and I traveled back and forth so I could be here and enjoy a part of the afternoon with YOU, FATHER and children. It always gives me great pleasure, and it has done so for many years, to be with you and amongst you, as many of you know, to give in my own little way, an idea, an expression of the beautiful constructive, practical and progressive work that is going on amongst the Followers of FATHER DIVINE.

Many days and days could be consummated, and hours with the children all sitting together without ever getting tired or fatigued or even getting bored at the speeches and the sermons and the lectures that are being rendered on the Platform at the various Extensions or Kingdoms in any place that I have been to, and addressed the audience. It must be very interesting then, isn't it? It is lovely to hear. It is good to the mind. It is soothing. It is consoling. It is interesting. It makes progress mentally, physically, financially and in every other way.

I always look around our meetings, and you look and see thousands of people smiling with beaming faces, glad, happy, and peaceful looks; and what is it? The answer to it all is, it is that Peace that we get here , isn't it. It is that consolation, that Heaven that we have found on earth, and we found it only because FATHER has come to us, and has given it to us.

Constructively speaking, as a part of our political righteous platform, as a part of the work in which I am interested in, we are very much interested in legislation and in proposed new laws, not only in the State of New York but in New York and every other State of the Union. We have special followers who make a special effort to find out what pending legislation and new laws are about to be legislated in this state and nation, and if there are any suggestions that should be made to favor us, without any idea of race, creed or color or Religion, we work hard towards the enactment of that legislation for the common good of all.

It is important to know that no matter how humble, no matter how under-privileged the most insignificant follower of FATHER'S may be, who may ever make a complaint that he or she has been hurt by the laws of any State, there is no power, there is no limit, there is no effort spared to prosecute or defend that legal right of that under-privileged man or woman, no matter how insignificant he or she might be amongst us. As a result of that from a practical angle, is the command of FATHER to all of the world for respect, for dignity, for the life of the decent citizens that we are entitled to have.

This great war, this great destructive force could never exist, if we could only follow out the Principles of FATHER in our actual life in reality. If we could live it every minute and every day, every hour and every week and every month, what a beautiful existence this would be? How we could respect each other's friendship. We could create and bind together every constructive, progressive move and contact. Now can you visualize as I speak, the progressive, human, civilized, educational features and work and progress that we could make in life, if we could only follow that one theory that FATHER has so successfully and so honorably fought for us, and on our behalf; and I cannot repeat it any more, or repetitionally make it stronger, this theory of "no discrimination amongst us." Look around at our Meetings and see how we care for one another; how we are willing to work for one another, no matter who we are, or what we are; we find a common bond of friendship, and what is the result of that? Progress! Progress! Progress and Success!

From a practical angle, some of you want to go to New York City and go to a small part of it, say from Highland to Kingston; that is about the area of twenty-five hundred acres; both sides of the road, covers hundreds of acres and hundreds of miles, and you will find a peaceful loving people, all working in a cooperative spirit, working together for the social progress, for the financial progress for a contented, happy, peaceful existence, and there is no one in the world who did it--it has not happened before FATHER came to us, and it has not happened since we began to learn the Spirit, the true Spirit of FATHER DIVINE.

Now is there anything in the world that can deny that material argument that I just gave you? We live upon hundreds and thousands of acres. All things in a cooperative way by the Followers of FATHER DIVINE. All now enjoy its peaceful, marvelous existence; eat the fresh vegetables from the earth, the fresh fruits, the fresh chickens and eggs and breathe the fresh, clean air. Tell us, where else, and before the coming, and before the recognition of FATHER, have we known, have we ever seen, have we ever read of a material existence of the reality of this fact that is undeniable? It is true. It can be seen by any living, human being. Now don't think that this Movement is entirely a serious institution. We live. We enjoy ourselves. We listen to the beautiful music of our Band, all voluntarily given, without compensation, by coworkers. We have beautiful feasts. We eat well, and we partake of everything that GOD can give us. So you see from a practical angle, from the layman's angle as I can say it, not from the spiritual Lecturer's side, because I do not pretend to be any, but from the laymen's standpoint, you see from the practical angel of life we live a beautiful existence. We have clean homes, physically clean. Physically clean!

Our streets where we live are clean. Our cities are clean! Wheresoever we live and reside, our homes are clean; physically clean, mentally clean, morally clean. Where can you find such a large number of thousands and thousands of people who voluntarily refrain from smoking? voluntarily refrain from drinking liquor? voluntarily refrain from exercising the lust of the mortal flesh? Where? Where? Only under the supervision and teaching, of those who have become to be true followers, by recognizing the true meaning of FATHER DIVINE!

The New Day: September 14, 1939 A.D.F.D., Pg. 87







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