"Now, Get Busy! Cast out of Your System all Prejudices, All Confusion, All Strife,
All Malice and you Will Have a Righteous Government.

"Some Mortal-minded, Limited, Insignificant Person Would Try to Condemn or Criticize
Such A Phenomenon Something That Is Actually Lifting Humanity Universally!"



"FATHER DIVINE'S Message" Given While at the Banquet Table, Musical Fund Hall, Eighth and Locust Streets Philadelphia, Pa..
Monday evening and Tuesday morning September 4 and 5, 1939 A.D.F.D., Time: 2:00 A.M.

The Holy Communion Table Served in the Ballpark,
Broad Street and Lehigh Ave
as part of the three day service in Philadelphia.

Rosebuds in the snow.


Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, seemed happy indeed to have the SAVIOR of the world in their midst, for they turned out whole-heartedly--preachers, teachers, politicians, lawyers, doctors: almost every field of professional endeavor was well represented at each and every meeting or banquet where FATHER Personally officiated.

Many visitors were present on this occasion, and received a scientific and important education from this glorious and dynamic Lecture which the LORD delivered to the masses. The Majesty and the Power with which FATHER Spoke these significant Words of LIFE and REDEMPTION stirred the very souls of all present, and PHILADELPHIA as well as every other city, county, state and country in the universe is made richer in the wisdom of a Righteous Government individually and nationally than before. Now let the fruit of this DIVINE WISDOM be put forth in deeds and in actions that the Kingdom of Heaven might be more quickly brought to fruition among us!

Thank YOU, FATHER Dear!

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, after which FATHER Speaks as follows:)




PEACE, EVERYONE: Here we all are again; there I sit and here we stand. I will continue to stress it from a psychological, from a mental, spiritual and from an intellectual point of view until to you it will be true even as it is to ME.

I will not say much at this particular instance but I will say as usual, we have visiting friends in and around this audience. If any of our visiting friends, representatives of the different fields of endeavor, and especially those who are speakers and teachers, if you will give us your names, addresses and professions, if you desire to be introduced according to custom I will do so. If you do not desire to be introduced, move volitionally as we do and know that you are in a democracy that shall be a Utopia for you and for all of us. I thank you.

(At this instance Mr. Louis Moskowitz of Philadelphia had a few words to say. He said in part:) "This is a very sad moment in one way tonight, and beside the sadness it is a very happy moment. Here in the midst of world misery there is one spot of happiness; here in the world full of hate there is a spot full of love; here in the world where they are teaching to hate your fellow man as your enemy, we have here, FATHER DIVINE'S Teaching of CHRIST--LOVE your enemy; do good to him who curses you; do good to those that try to persecute you! Outside in the world today they are turning away from CHRIST'S teaching and the teaching of FATHER DIVINE, and that is why it is very sad."

He went on to say that they speak of planes being shot down but they don't speak of how many poor boys were killed. They speak of the French supposed to be enemies of the Germans and fighting against them, but they do not tell how many men, women and children are killed. Mr. Moskowitz said he wondered why these political heads couldn't settle their disputes among themselves instead of drawing their people into a war, and that if they could not settle disagreements peacefully, why, we should put those in charge who would.

"We are being led in the outside world by false prophets," said Mr. Moskowitz, "and they are leading us to death. These prophets should follow FATHER DIVINE Who will lead us to Eternal Life!" He said he knew that FATHER DIVINE did not advocate destruction and the loss of life or being sick, but to the contrary, we should be well and all be brothers and sisters and love one another; we should not hate one another or destroy one another. In conclusion, he said that justice should rule, and that if justice ruled, it wouldn't matter who filled the positions of government, or words to that effect. "I certainly hope that this thought of PEACE will prevail throughout the whole world."

(After a beautiful inspiration was sung concerning the Peace of GOD, FATHER once more arose, speaking as follows:)


PEACE, EVERYONE: I would just like to say at this instance, we have with us Elder J. H. Welch. If Elder Welch would like to have a word to say, he is welcome to speak. Come forward if you wish to, or stand and speak wheresoever you are setting. I thank you.

Elder Welch stepped forward immediately and spoke, saying he was glad to have this opportunity to speak. He said that he was seventy-three years of age and for many years he had been trying to find and see the real GOD in man. He stated that when he heard of FATHER DIVINE, he began to think he was about to get just what he had prayed for so long. About a month ago, he said, he got hold of a "New Day" magazine and read it, and as he lay in bed thinking about what he had read, he began to see that a light was brought to him through reading this and he read it again.

Elder Welch said that many people realize the truth but they do not realize that FATHER is to bring a Righteous Government also, and if they would but listen to HIM, why, we would never have any more trouble. Elder Welch continued, saying he was hoping that the people in Wilmington, Delaware, where he came from, would get this righteousness instilled in them. He was glad to see that DIVINE LOVE that gives us Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice personified; it made him feel more power, more energy to serve the LORD. He said he was glad, after struggling so long, to see that GOD had to be real in a human body, and it was glorious to feel GOD in every bone and sinew and vein of your body. Sometimes when lying in bed, he said, he could feel the real Spirit of CHRIST quickening the body. He also said that when he went back to Wilmington he was going to tell the people of FATHER DIVINE and he thanked FATHER for HIS glorious, DIVINE Work.

He saw that there is no discrimination here and that righteous Government has truly come, and that the kingdom that they have been telling us all about these many years, is here now. "No more looking up into heaven" said the Elder enthusiastically, "GOD, you are lifting me out of ah--- right now!" He continued saying, "You have heard about there is no more sorrow, and no more crying too; the time is come, there will be no more dying too! JESUS told you a little word there, when He said, `I give you children the Light, that if you keep My Word and Saying, you will have Life Everlasting!' And GOD has! All you got to do now is to serve HIM!"

In conclusion, the Elder said, "So, FATHER DIVINE, I thank YOU. I must have YOUR Hand!" He shook FATHER'S Hand and FATHER sang the following song:

"No more weeping and mourning, "No more grieving and crying, "No more weeping and mourning, "I brought you the victory down!"

(FATHER Speaks as follows:)




PEACE, EVERYONE: At this instance I would just like to say, according to the little composition we just sang in accord with the last speaker's message, especially the conclusion of it, it is a living reality with those who live exactly according to the truth.

I need not speak so much in words, I believe this demonstration is speaking to you, for I have long since declared by a little motto as composed by ME for your consideration:

'I will preach CHRIST in words but more so in deeds and in actions, and I will put MY Spirit in them and cause them to walk in MY Statutes!'

When you realize the spirit is contagionizable and will contagionize you and cause you to be partakers of the nature and the characteristics of it by the spirit to you being transmitted, you will take it automatically for you inculcate it and reincarnate it and become to be a part of it!

It is a privilege to realize,

'As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he!'

I know this may sound a little radical in the actuated words of MY Expression, MY Words, MY Deeds, and MY Actions as I express them, but as the word said,

'By His Works ye shall know Him!'

In other words,

'By their fruits ye shall know them!'

I need not say, I need not try to tell you anything, but look over this vast audience this morning as a sample and as an example of a sketch and a reflection of this great unfoldment of the mystery of GOD'S Actual Presence wheresoever I AM Personally! This is a matter of course in New York City. As many as can be accommodated in the divers dining-rooms and auditoriums wheresoever I AM, all places and spaces are taken and still there are others seeking accommodation, for the Mouth of GOD has declared it!

Look at this audience in this auditorium-dining-room this morning, and remember, Scripturally, Solomon predicted this of which you are now experiencing. Many of the others predicted this very demonstration this morning. Solomon said, "And they led me up to the banqueting house, and His Banner over us is Love!" Can you not see the prophecy at that time was but bespeaking this experience of what you are now enjoying as the angels of the kingdom and the sons and daughters of men?

'...Led me up to the banqueting house.'

How marvelous it is to realize you are led no longer as JESUS was led,

'As a Lamb to the slaughter, dumb as a sheep before her shearers,'

but to the extreme reverse, you are led up to the Banqueting House, and here you are bountifully fed on the heavenly bread, for I have blessed and I break the bread and I have passed it around to those of you who are ready and worthy to partake of it. THIS IS IT!

Now just think of it! Thousands and thousands of people tonight are in lacks and wants and limitations, from hand to mouth, plenty of them starving in the places they stay, without food, even if they have an alleged shelter; and here it is these, MY followers, and others who are living evangelically are living in splendor and enjoying all of the luxuries and the grandeurs of life. Then some mortal-minded, limited, insignificant person would try to condemn or criticize such a phenomenon--something that is actually lifting humanity universally!

It is not necessary for ME to be at every place Personally, for the very Spirit of MY Presence is there. I have declared and I re-declare the same, "I AM here and I AM there and I AM everywhere!" I know it sounds fanatical, but would you not rather have a government like unto this, controlled by the Spirit of the Living GOD, than to have a government such as they are, controlled by the dictators, the mad dogs of war, bringing you into war because they want you to do what they want you to do? They have gone so far as to hold up territories and lands and countries at the point of guns, at the point of cannons and machine guns and bayonets to tell them, "If you do not give me your country, I will destroy it!"

But, oh, this Love that cannot fail; a Love that shall forever prevail; a Love that will unite you together and cause every so-called race, creed and color to love ye one another! That is what I AM doing for the nations of the earth, I AM bringing them together in the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose!

'Where there is union there is strength, but where there is division there is strife!'

The government as a kingdom that divides against itself, it cannot stand. Now tell them I said it! It is only through by MY Presence in this country that this country, yea, this democracy, has not fallen! Even civilization has been threatened, not only here in America but universally!

Then I say, take cognizance of this Message, oh, ye inhabitants of America, and especially you illiterate, so-called intelligent, ignorant religious preachers who will try to condemn the Majesty of the ALMIGHTY! You had better wish you had this Protection! Aren't you glad! I AM your joy anyhow! I AM your hope of salvation anyhow! I AM your Redeemer and your Savior anyhow! I think I had better stop! I AM your sweetheart and your lover! Everyone of you had better love ME! You had better love ME for what I have done for you!

Has it not been said by the greatest prophet that ever lived---I AM speaking especially to you who are so-called Christians---your greatest prophet, CHRIST JESUS, your Prophet, your Priest and your King, has long since declared,

'A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump!'

I say, make your selection, then make your election and consider whether you would desire or glory in having a government such as this one, or, having a government controlled by the crooked and perverse politicians. Which one would you like to have?

In a government such as this one, of which this audience, this auditorium-dining-room this morning is but a slight sketch and a reflection of a percent of a percent of a percent of a fraction of a grain of what GOD is actually doing, but yet it reflects that much to tell you what GOD is actually doing. This is a sample, this is an example to let you see and know how I will have it universally when all are converted to these three great documents and recognize your GOD, your LORD and your SAVIOR!

What can be said more than what has already been said? But to further verify that of which I have said, we have a RIGHTEOUS GOVERNMENT! Aren't you glad! We have a foundation to stand upon, the Constitution and its Amendments, with the Declaration of Independence, and FATHER DIVINE'S Righteous Government Platform! NOW, GET BUSY! Cast out of your system all prejudices, all confusion, all strife, all malice and you will have a Righteous Government within, and then I will be ready to show you conclusively, once and forever, as with an individual so with a nation, and as with a nation so with all nations universally!

I know bigoted minds of your limited concepts in your mortal versionated ideas and opinions through orthodoxy and other religions, think you should lean back on the work of repentance and not recognize this fundamental; but you must be born again! Every limited concept must be born again and the recognition of GOD'S Presence must be established among the children of men, even as you have recognized the "other fellow" among them!

You have recognized the "other fellow" supernaturally, mentally and spiritually and you have declared over and over again,

'The `other fellow' is walking the earth like a mighty man,'

but what about GOD? Now GOD is going to walk some! GOD is going to do everything that is evangelical according to the gospel, that the "other fellow" has ever done, and shall do more than he has done, for he is limited, but GOD is infinite! He may be mighty but GOD is Almighty!

Take these thoughts to consideration and remember, whilst you hear the voice of GOD, you had better take heed! I AM your joy anyhow! I AM the hope of the redemption of the children of men!

Just think of it! This is the way I AM all over the universe! We live in the Abundance of the Fullness of the consciousness of Good! We find no space vacant of the fullness thereof. This is another motto as a consideration and to be considered by this people. When you recognize GOD'S Actual Presence you will observe the abundance of the Fullness of all of GOD'S Goodness!

I need not say more, for as I afore said, many years ago I composed that little composition as a motto for the consideration of the people:

'I will preach CHRIST in words but more so in deeds and in actions, and I will put MY Spirit in them and cause them to walk in MY Statutes!'

I will cause them to walk in MY Statutes, including preaching more distinctly in deeds and in actions, by expressing the independence of GOD for this people, and proving to the world conclusively what David said as a man: "I once was young but now I am old, and I have never seen the Righteous forsaken, neither his seed begging bread!"

I did not come to the City of Brotherly Love to beg bread! I AM not converting and exerting the spirit of Righteousness in politics for dollars and cents. A politician cannot pay ME! Aren't you glad! I cannot be bought with dollars and cents!

Behold I come, and I came quickly, and MY reward is with ME, and I shall reward every man according as his works may be! Then aren't you glad! Aren't you glad to be rewarded? If your works are righteous, if your works are the works of righteousness, of truth and of justice, you are glad to be rewarded accordingly!

Just look over this vast audience--as a matter of course, just showing you how it will be all over the universe when the government of this democracy shall have been converted into Righteousness, Truth and Justice and become to be a real Utopia sure enough. Then and only then will the threatened destruction and overthrow of this government be no more; for men are threatening to overthrow the government when they fight against laws--proposed laws, rules and regulations according to the Constitution and they fight against them. They are trying to undermine the Constitution and overthrow the government of this great democracy!

I cannot stress this thought too vividly, for I want all of MY Hearers, Friends and representatives of this great democracy in Righteousness, Truth and Justice, even if you are just representing Righteousness and right thinking, when you know an official as a representative in Congress to filibuster against the Anti-lynching Bill, you may know that person is a leader of a lynch mob! Then I say, put such a person out of office!

How ignorant you are when you continue to endorse such! When he rises in the lower or in the upper house to filibuster against such a bill, that is for the purpose of dividing the nation! You are ignorant if you vote for it! You are making the spirit of mob violence your law-maker! Put them out of office, for they are trying to undermine the Constitution and its Amendments and trying to destroy the Virtue of the Declaration of Independence! They are trying to destroy the very spirit of this democracy--the Freedom of Speech, the Freedom of Peaceful Assemblage and the Freedom of the Press! Tell them I said it!

We shall have a righteous government! You can plainly see it since I explained it. You can plainly see how foolish you have been. When you would endorse a man who is the endorser of lynch-mob violence by refusing to vote for the destruction of such violence to put an end to it, when he refuses to do it, even if he does not say anything personally, he is not worthy of your support and he is not worthy of MY Protection!

Oh, what a glorious privilege to live in this recognition, where GOD HIMSELF has actually established HIS Kingdom and has converted AMERICANISM into TRUE EVANGELISM, and caused AMERICA to be psychologically, from MY angle of expression, a REAL UTOPIA, the KINGDOM of HEAVEN! I thank you!

The New Day: September 14, 1939 A.D.F.D., Pg. 23








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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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