"My Followers Buy Property and I Bless Them and The Property and We All Co-operate Together
By Bringing Capital and Labor Together And All Are Blessed Abundantly

"Whatever You Buy You must Get It for Less Under the Jurisdiction
of the Peace Mission Than Elsewhere"



"FATHER DIVINE'S MESSAGE" Given Whilst at the Banquet Table, Musical Fund Hall,
802 Locust Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tuesday, September 5, 1939 A.D.F.D., Time: 3:05 P.M.


Cooperative Enterprises

Cooperative Enterprises.





Apparently unable to keep HIS seat longer than a few moments, FATHER again at this time rose to HIS feet to give another brief Message on the practicality of GOD and HIS blessings to mankind; how under HIS Divine guidance and according to HIS plan and purpose the cooperative system can and will be and is a blessing such as has never been offered to man since the world began.

For this and all other blessings, we do Thank YOU, Dear LORD.

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, and FATHER'S Message follows:)




PEACE, EVERYONE: Once again I have arisen and yet it is the very same time. As I rose I arose in the hearts and lives of the children of men, and I shall take MY rightful place in them where I have not been. If you stop for consideration, those of you, if there be any, who are critics, as the last speaker mentioned reading the Book of Revelation, the Christian Protestant Bible, if your read the Book of Revelation, the twenty-first chapter, I need not tell you what it says, but read it for yourselves carefully and you will see definitely the revelationic prediction of John is now being fulfilled, and I and MY followers and you yourselves are the fulfillers.

The twenty-first chapter of Revelation, especially those of the clergy class, they know it by heart, no doubt; they have committed it to memory, no doubt; but if you have not committed it to memory, read it for yourself and if perchance it happens to be that there is any critic here, tell him I said read it, and read it with all simplicity and ask GOD--his God---to tell him the interpretation of it.

Now I would like to say in reference to MY foregoing statement, if you read the Scripture you cannot interpret it yourself, for it is written:

'GOD is His own interpreter and He will make it plain.'

If you ask your God with the spirit of sincerity and be conscientious, why, the Spirit of GOD'S actual presence from wheresoever HE is, will give you an inspiration that will tell you definitely that which your are seeking. Can you not see the mystery?

Now I need not say more from that angle, but I will retrace MY thoughts back to MY activities and what I AM doing for this people in this pernicious time and at this time, and have been doing the same in the times back, through many times of trials and tribulations, through many years of depressions, lacks, wants and limitations, panics and famines in the land, the Spirit of MY Presence as I AM has lifted MY people, whosoever would receive ME, and has given them their real emancipation from lacks and wants and from all limitations. MY SPIRIT has given them the victory over undesirable conditions. MY SPIRIT has given them the victory, I say, over trials and tribulations and has lifted them. When they were in lacks, wants and limitations and under depressions, MY spirit emancipated them!

Now take these thoughts to consideration and just think what I AM doing for the people who are under-privileged especially, and those who are in lacks, wants and limitations, those who can hardly make a livelihood! Just think of what My Spirit, My Mind, My Presence, My Work and My Mission are actually doing!

In any of the barber shops--I AM speaking economically now--in any of the barber shops owned and operated by those under the jurisdiction and the Teaching of MY SPIRIT, commonly known as the Peace Mission Barber Shops, you can get your hair trimmed for only ten cents. Is not that a blessing? My Spirit, My Presence, whatsoever that means, and the conviction of MY followers, by they recognizing ME, has given you whatsoever you would have had to pay to get your hair trimmed more than what you do have to pay whensoever you get it trimmed at one of the Peace Mission Barber Shops.

Now, whatsoever that is, it has given you that much! MY WORK, My Mission, My Activities, My Religion, My Version concerning My Religious Conviction has given you that much. If you would have to pay forty cents a haircut, why, My Religion has given you thirty cents every time you get a haircut. Can you not see what it really means for GOD to be on earth among men?

You get a shoeshine for three cents. Now whatsoever you would have to pay for a shoeshine, MY RELIGION, MY RELIGIOUS CONVICTION has given you that much, it has given it to you every time you have to get your shoes shines.

Now, whatsoever you would have to pay for a meal, if you get a meal at one of the Peace Mission Restaurants, subtract what you pay at the peace mission restaurant from what you would have to pay elsewhere and My Religion has given you that much. My Conviction and My Fanatical Version has given you that much! Can you not see the mystery?

When you go to a Divine Gas Station where they sell gasoline, where gas is sold at a certain price in the divers communities, the dealer is privileged by law to get four cents on the gallon of gasoline. MY followers will give you three cents back on every gallon of gasoline--two and three cents back on every gallon of gasoline you buy from the Divine Gas Stations. That is what MY RELIGION is doing for the nations! Can you not see the mystery?

If you desire to get accommodation for sleeping in any of the Respective Peace Mission Extensions, where you would be obliged to pay maybe five dollars a week for your accommodation at least--in the most unpleasant accommodation you can find, you would have to pay at least about five dollars a week--you can get the best of accommodations such as MY followers have in the Promised Land around Kingston, New York--Kingston is said to have once been the capitol of the state, it is a very historical place--we have nice respectable up-to-date buildings with the best of accommodation. You can get accommodation in those places for only two dollars per week. Now, whatsoever you would have to pay elsewhere, subtract that from what you would have to pay elsewhere. MY SPIRIT has given you the amount you have gained by getting your accommodation at the Peace Mission Extension.

And in a good many of the places MY followers have, a good many of MY followers could not have gone in the back door, but now they can live comfortably and respectably in unison together in songs and praise and thanksgiving, producing and manifesting the perfection of morality; and the spirit of modesty is extended and transmitted and others get it.

No smoking! No drinking! No obscene or profane language allowed in these places! This is what MY SPIRIT and MY RELIGIOUS CONVICTION have actually done for this people! Can you not see the mystery? And it has not done anything yet to what it will do!

A newspaper reporter a little while ago, a lady, desired to know of ME, have I anticipated any special place for MY Headquarters here? Personally I do not buy any property, but MY followers may buy some property here. They buy the property and I BLESS them and BLESS the property, and we all co-operate together according to the co-operative system by bringing capital and labor together, and all of us are blessed abundantly and we cause our houses, to be Utopias! Aren't you glad!

Now, again I say definitely, I do not wish to speak before I have a final decision, but I may hear something before I leave this evening. We shall have it just as it is here all over the universe, and when this is established universally, we will have no more wars. As with an individual, so with a nation. I AM contagionizing the atmosphere in which we are living, and wheresoever I AM traveling with the spirit of PEACE on earth and GOODWILL towards men! It shall contagionize them so effectively until they will be obliged to catch it; for they must be susceptive to that which is expressive and to that which is contagious.

Little did you expect a few weeks ago that your Humble Servant would be in this dining-room-auditorium this evening. As a matter of course MY work is going on. It is not only as a matter of course, but it is a matter of course. I AM serving MY banquet here just as I do at One Hundred and Twenty-sixth Street at the Extension, and also at MY Residence on Madison Avenue daily. (New York City) When they get around they pack in as closely as they can get.

We are serving this way daily, I say! It is a matter of course--not only as a matter of course, but it is a matter of course!

Now then, if you wish to put up your cars in the Peace Mission Garages, you will save a few dollars on that each month. If you desire to be protected in the City wheresoever MY followers are, if you happen to lose any money on the public highway or thoroughfare or in any private street or private home, if it is found by any of MY followers, it is returned to its rightful owner without compensation. That is what MY teaching and MY SPIRIT are actually doing for this people!

If you go to a Grocery Store owned and operated by MY followers, if they cannot sell merchandise for less than what others can, I tell them to leave those things out of their stores. Whatsoever you buy, you must get it for less in and under the jurisdiction of the Peace Mission Movement from those who own and operate such business under My Mind and Spirit, than you could get it for elsewhere.

I need not say more--I believe I have said enough to stir up your pure minds. If this is not enough, I may show you a little better than I can tell you. By the actuated words of expression MY SPIRIT is still revealing mysteries and bringing into outer expression the limitless blessings millions and millions desire to enjoy, such as we are now enjoying, and they will be blessed even in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and New Zealand and other places. As far as they can think on ME in consciousness Harmoniously, they are being Blessed at the remembrance of My Holiness! I thank you.

The New Day: September 21, 1939 A.D.F.D., Pg. 31








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