FATHER came to Philadelphia in 1939 for a three day service at the Ball Park and the Music Fund Hall
at 8th and Locust streets, September 3rd, 4th and 5th.






"This three-day visit to the "City of Brotherly Love,
was one of the finest experiences ever witnessed by any people."


Parade in Philadelphia, PA.

The FATHER DIVINE Parade in Philadelphia, PA.


Do you remember, The Baker Bowl, the old Phillies ball park at 2600 North Broad Street here in Philadelphia?"

The next 15 links describe exactly what happened.. . The events are listed chronologically and photos are included.

  1. A Summary of the Three Day Visit of FATHER DIVINE to Philadelphia in 1939.
  2. "My Daily Correspondence is Bringing Forth My Version In the Hearts and Lives of the Children of Men.
  3. "I have been called to Philadelphia on this particular mission, not by MY followers alone but stressfully and especially by a good many of the officials of this City, that they might also convey the Message of this Truth such as I AM conveying, that the inhabitants of this City might be contagionized with the spirit of honesty, competence and truth such as I have established among you."
  4. "We Have Come to the City of Brotherly Love to Personify as Well as Reincarnate That Spirit of Brotherly Love"
  5. At the Philadelphia Ball Park in 1939 FATHER DIVINE Said: 'I Am as Fanatical and Enthusiastic in Preaching The Constitution and its Amendments as I Am in Preaching the Books of Jesus Christ.
  6. "God in Majesty, Dominion and Authority Has Truly Come But in Simplicity, in Meekness, in Lowliness of Heart,To Show Men How They Can Overcome."
  7. "The High OfficOials of New York City Have Declared If We Had a Peace Mission in Every Block and I Would Be Free to Express in All of Them, We Would Not Need a Policeman Except to Direct Traffic"
  8. "Depressions Are Due to the Lack of Cooperation, Consecration and Self-denial"
  9. I Am Re-inculcating and Reincarnating the Spirit and Nature of Democracy That Has Been Lying Dormant, in the Name Of the Constitution and its Amendments"'Those Who Filibuster Against Any Just Bill That Is According to the Constitution and Its Amendments are Desiring That Crime Be Continued"
  10. "I Come to You as One Representing the Democracy of This Country More Stressfully than That Commonly Known as Religion"
  11. Cast out of Your System all Prejudices, All Confusion, All Strife, All Malice and you Will Have a Righteous Government.
  12. "I Came to Cause the Name of God to Cause You No Longer to Desire to Commit Vices and Crime." 'If Any Other Person Has a GOD That Will Cause the People to Do More than I Cause Them to Do, Bring Him Forth And I Will Worship HIM."
  13. Whatever You Buy You must Get It for Less Under the Jurisdiction of the Peace Mission.
  14. We Express Our Individual American Independence When We Get Away from Soliciting, Borrowing and Begging.
  15. Father Divine's Personal Presence in Philadelphia Is The Result of The Request of Chief Officials and Leading Citizens Seeking His Cooperation in Cleaning up The City of its Vice and Crime.








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