"Nobody has been a greater Example of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
Than FATHER DIVINE and the Peace Movement!"




Remarks of Atty. J. Austin Norris, Member of Board of Revision of Taxes, Philadelphia

Whilst at the Holy Communion Table of the Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School,
764-772 S. Broad Street,
Philadelphia, PA., Tuesday, July 30, 1957 A.D.F.D., Time -- 7:35 P.M.


Attorney J. Austin Norris
speaking to FATHER DIVINE.
Mrs. Norris is behind MOTHER DIVINE

Attorney J. Austin Norris speaking to FATHER DIVINE. Mrs. Norris is behind MOTHER DIVINE




Among the visiting guests at this Holy Communion Service which was presided over by FATHER and MOTHER Personally, was Attorney J. Austin Norris. After several inspirationic patriotic songs had been sung, Attorney Norris arose and spoke as follows:



Peace, FATHER; (Father replies, "Peace!") Peace, MOTHER; Peace, Everyone:

. . . . No man, no personality in America, no personality the world over, has contributed more to bringing about what's happening in Washington on the Civil Rights Bill than FATHER DIVINE! (Thunderous applause sanctions this.) Let me tell you that all of the power of the darker people, that all the power of the liberals of this Country has been trying for seventy-five years to have Congress act on Civil Rights and they failed! But Nobody has been a greater Example of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties than FATHER DIVINE and the Peace Movement! (Again thunderous applause rings out.) And it has been that example that's illuminated the way that has led to what's happening here in Congress! I firmly believe that! And I'm thankful that YOU have been able to return to share in Your Victories in a public way, so that the people might see YOU and that YOU get YOUR well deserved rewards! (FATHER replies, "So glad!")

I have been one of those that have fought along with FATHER for Civil Rights, and let me tell you -- all the progress we have made in Civil Rights has come through our Supreme Court. The last time that Congress has concerned itself through legislation, with Civil Rights was in 1875, and that bill was declared unconstitutional in 1881 or '82! And then you had all of these decisions that were made after the Hayes Administration, which catered to the south. But it's only through the example of FATHER, Who has kept alive in the darkest hours of this Country when prejudice seemed to be the victor -- it is only through FATHER that HE has kept the torch of Civil Rights alive! And now we are about to reap the reward of His Own Labors and His Own Teachings! I thank YOU, FATHER.








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