Lift up You Heads, Yea, Even Your Minds That Hang down to Materialism, Mortality,
Personality and Individuality, and Recognize the Reality of the Almighty.







Given During The Annual Business Meeting
Circle Mission Church of N.Y. and Pa., February 10, 1954 A.D.F.D.

The Mount of the House of the Lord

MOTHER DIVINE in FATHER'S Office atThe Mount of the House of the Lord




"I have striven to get MY adherents to recognize MY EVER and OMNI, SUPERNATURAL PRESENCE, so that you might build upon a Foundation that cannot be shaken; for if you are building upon the Foundation of the Likeness of the Body called JESUS or the Likeness of the Body you observe as FATHER DIVINE, that is a MORTAL version from a Personal point of view you are observing! From the personal, mortal-versionated point of view, if you build, there will be a lack in your life somewhere, since as I have declared all the way down from the foundation of this world, as it was in the beginning of the creation, GOD as SPIRIT and SPIRIT ALONE moved out upon the face of the waters and began that One Eternal Creation of All Creations. I did not have to be VISIBLE to do it! It was not the Visibilization of MY MAJESTY, DOMINION and AUTHORITY that did it! It was not the Tangibilization nor even the Materialization of MY MAJESTY and INFINITENESS that did it, but it was, as it is and shall eternally be, with or without that which is termed you or ME! I AM speaking historically now, and according to the historians. I AM speaking according to the Bible, yea, all of the Bibles of our past and present history! But as we are founded on the Bible commonly known as the King James version of the Bible, I AM calling your attention to the same.

"GOD as SPIRIT and SPIRIT ALONE moved out upon the face of the waters and began HIS EVER and ETERNAL CREATION of ALL CREATIONS and said, Let there be light and there was light!' The SAME SPIRIT is SPEAKING TODAY! That is why I speak so OFTEN and PERSISTENTLY of FUNCTIONING WITH OR WITHOUT A BODY! Aren't you glad! Then I say, it is essential for you to lift up you heads, yea, even your minds that hang down to materialism, mortality, personality and individuality, and recognize the REALITY of the ALMIGHTY in HIS great MAJESTY, without personality! Aren't you glad! Upon this foundation, as depicted, if you will stand and if you will build, you will be fortunate enough, no doubt, to get some of MY Words I gave more than seventy-five years ago--the same Words I AM SPEAKING TODAY! For I AM the SAME TODAY, YESTERDAY and THROUGHOUT ETERNITY!

"Then I say, build upon the Foundation that I have laid for you as SPIRIT and SPIRIT ALONE, moving out upon the waters, and Spoke into outer expression light, where there was none! Aren't you glad! Then Spoke into outer expression and into visibility the earth when the earth was void and without form! That is what I AM talking about! GOD is the SAME TODAY, YESTERDAY and THROUGH- OUT ALL ETERNITY! I did not have a Body, according to the historians, but I brought into outer expression the EARTH that was created, there and then, but was void and without form. Can you not see the mystery? I have brought into outer expression MY INFINITE LOVE and MERCY and INFINITE BLESSINGS when and where there was none! I mean, I AM doing that as I did it--I AM doing it in the LAST TIME! Aren't you glad!"






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