"Many Reasons We Know FATHER DIVINE is GOD."

"Humanity in Oneness must Evolve to Be the Angelic Expression of GOD." --- MOTHER DIVINE





Excerpts from Woodmont - December 22, 1991 A.D.F.D.

The Mount of the House of the Lord

The Mount of the House of the Lord





"There are so many reasons we know FATHER DIVINE is GOD. One of the reasons we know FATHER DIVINE is GOD is because HE took a stand for the CHRIST Life being lived by all mankind not just by the nuns of the Catholic Church and the priests that were called to live it, but HE has required it of all mankind, because HE has let us know that we have fulfilled that Command to multiply and replenish the earth. We can see that it is now necessary to live the CHRIST Life, because over-population is throwing everything out of balance and threatening the very planet itself. "It is so wonderful that GOD condescended to come. It took only GOD to have the Courage to preach this Gospel of Holiness and Virginity and awaken us to the understanding that Jesus was born of a Virgin. Through that concentration of Mary on GOD, Jesus was conceived of the Holy Ghost, and He lived a Holy, Celibate Life. We know that. No one can change our mind about the Holiness and Virtue of Jesus Christ. It took so much Power, so much Patience, so much Wisdom, so much Diplomacy for FATHER DIVINE to raise up a People living this Holy, Virtuous Life in this modern day and time. But we thank YOU that through this Conviction, we do live this Life, and that HE drew MOTHER DIVINE to HIM, and that HE married Her, and in marrying Her, HE married that Conviction, 'I Know YOU Are GOD,' and HE is married to everyone that has that conviction, 'I Know YOU Are GOD.'

Not only do we live a Virtuous and Holy Life, but we live an Impersonal Life, and it's so wonderful to be lifted out of personal ity. That is why every one who lives this Life, they can claim that they are an heir and Joint-heir with CHRIST, even as I can claim that I Am an Heir and a Joint-heir with CHRIST. It's an impersonal issue, and it's this great process of man evolving, as man has been evolving when we look back in history. Man has got to this point now where he must evolve to the Angelship Degree of Expression. We must not be races, creeds and colors, and various denominations; we must be the humanity of GOD, and that humanity in oneness must evolve to be the Angelic Expression of GOD in other words, the Universal Body of CHRIST, the very purpose for which Jesus was born into the world nineteen hundred years ago, that His Life might be universalized for all mankind to live and to enjoy, and to be blessed by this wonderful Consciousness, the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.

"So we thank FATHER for HIS great Condescension when HE married Sweet Angel DIVINE. It was a great Condescension for GOD to unite HIMSELF with man, and the significance of what took place in Valley Forge on December 19, 1977, was that that Name was actually legalized, SWEET ANGEL DIVINE. That means that because the Name I bear was legalized by the United States Government, the Angelship Degree was legalized. To Me it represents the legalization of the Birth of the Angelic Race, just like the Birth of Jesus into the world meant that we might eventually come into this recognition that we are Heirs and Joint-heirs with HIM.

" So to this day, now that GOD is here, we have entered into a New Age. The year 2000 is to mark the Reign of CHRIST."






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True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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