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The Mount of the House of the Lord

The Mount of the House of the Lord

Short Excerpts from Father Divine's Messages


". . . wear the world as a loose garment and live so expressively independent until you will be independent to every mortal versionated concept, and independent to every living creature and every individual universally." -9/19/40



"But I came as One among the children of men, stressing the significance of the recognition of Perfection as a sample and as an example for all expressions and for all walks of life and for all endeavors, that you might have something to copy after that is as near perfect as possible."-11/13/39



"Each failure will help you some victory to win."



"That which is thought vividly upon, you tend to materialize and tomorrow you will be the expresser and the actuator or the demonstrator of that which you hove been thinking today."-N. D. 10/25/58



"God is not slow concerning His Promise, but is longsuffering; not desirous that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance-and when they call I will answer, as soon as they make their mental and spiritual contact aright!"



"There are no powers that can penetrate this Infinite Love, when you have the Armor of Faith and Love buckled around you. All of the devices inspired or created by man, the destructive devices, cannot penetrate this Infinite Love, for God Himself is in reality your Soul. God, in reality, is your body 'tangibilated'. God, in reality, is your body incorruptible. God, in reality, is your body undefiled, purified, made white and tried. God, in reality, is your body Personified." 4/14/~P7



". . . but to convince you that God is with you on the earth planet in the likeness of humanity, is not sufficient. Your conscious conviction must reach into the Infiniteness of God's Infinite Mind and universalize your thoughts concerning His Presence."-5/27/345



"You are happy because God is; you are healthy because God is. If God were merely in the mental and spiritual realms or regions, you could and would be merely happy in spirit or in mind, but your body would be left behind. But because I brought them along when I came, Spirit, Body and Mind, all can and will be redeemed; you will accept of the message whole-heartedly; Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body."-4/28/36



". . . it is essential to relax your conscious mentality, but the relaxation of your conscious mentality is not sufficient, for the relaxation of all human intelligence is the great essential that the Fount of God's Omniscience might be thrown open wide; that the flood gates of joy might come in your souls and teach you wisdom, knowledge and understanding such as no man can behold."- 6/11/36



"What good would it be for you to be religious if you could not be better and do better than you could if you were not religious? Your religion should make you better, as it may be termed. I say, as it may be termed your religion. That which is of Christ, that which is of God, should be the best."-1 1/29-30/39



"The satisfying portion is in the Fundamental, the Principle of Whom you say I AM."-N. D. 4/25/59



"Give praise. Give thanks. When you find anything apparently going wrong, at least when you find it, you should concentrate on Something better and get your mind unadulteratedly concentrated on that Something Better."-N.D. 11/15/58



"On the firing line or any place you may be, if you dwell in the Secret Place, in that place of secrecy of the Almighty-have all things in secrecy and yet in common with the Almighty, he that dwelleth in the Secret Place; that place of thought, that place of deed, that place of words, that place of action, that place of emotion, that place of expression of any of your five physical senses-that place where any of your five physical senses can express, as well as where any of your five mental and spiritual senses can express-they should be in the Secret Place of the Most High, in secrecy with your God! Not a thought, not a word with held!"-9/21-22/52



"When you shall have made a complete denial of self from every angle expressible, and shall have made a complete surrender by loving God whole-heartedly in reality and refusing to love self, you will be so abundantly blessed until nothing else could reach you but that which would be a blessing to you."-N. D. 8/22/53



"There is not abiding Success and Prosperity where God is not reckoned." -7/8-9/42

"Whatsoever you go into, go into it whole-heartedly; mean to fulfill it to its fullest measure."- -N. D. 11/3/38



"Live the Christ Life of God and the Spirit of MY Presence will go home with you, and you are blessed and healed of all your ailments and diseases and undesirable conditions, for the Mouth of the Lord hath spoken it!"



"When you lose your vision, you lose your God."-N. D. 8/30/58



"When everything else has failed you, when you rely on something unbelievable, unseen and unknown, your prayers and your desires will be heard and answered, and you will accomplish that which you have endeavored and failed in, because knowledge and understanding could not accomplish it."-N. D. 8/15/53



"Cast out all fear and doubts, all bigotry, all prejudice, resentment, anger, envy, malice and strife; all doubts and tears and everything that tends to separate you from the Life and the Love of the Christ within and without; and your prayers, which are your sincere desires, shall have been heard and answered, and you are made well ' healthy and happy-and peace and prosperity will be within your soul!"



"Now whatsoever you call evil, you must not do that by the law or without the law! Whatsoever you think is evil without the law, don't do it with the law, for that will be just the same appearance! If anybody sees you doing that, it will have the same appearance; and if they don't know that you have the law, it will have the same appearance as that."



"Recognize God's actual Presence wheresoever you are, as you do here where I AM: realizing, when I AM openly manifested as a Person, this is merely for the conscious mentality of the unbeliever especially; but for those of you who are sincere Believers, I can be Invisible, still you will believe ME." -5/29/37



"Not what is our neighbor's duty to us, but what is our duty to our neighbor?" -11/22-23/41



"As you sow, so you grow!"-4/25/37



". . . if you continue to call on the negative, the antagonistic, the unreal and the untrue, and stress it vividly enough to conceive the concept of !it, it will become to be a living reality to you."-1/26/37



"Why is it one person may be happy all the time, may be healthy all the time, may be loving and peaceful and joyful, may have success and may have prosperity? It is because of the condition of the mind, the consecration, the self-denial and the sacrifice you make to God!"-12/3/41



"If you call on this Name, Whom you say I AM, the reaction of a sincere contact mentally and spiritually will result in an emancipation from whatsoever ailment you are undergoing."-N. D. 3/8/58



"Your faith must surmount the mountain of doubts and fears, and every other worldly version that can be created and brought into expression-your faith must surmount them and climb the height of perfection in confidence and substantiated faith that cannot be shaken."-5/4/36




"As I AM so can and so should every man be, (absolutely free, and as a king in himself with victory over every limitation and adverse and undesirable condition." -N. D. 1/14/36



"The very Name of God, and the atmosphere of such a recognition will dispel all undesirable conditions, and will eradicate the chaos in your system, and cause you to be physically well, healthy and happy, because you have a hearty and a healthy mind."-N. D. 5/31/58



"But how glorious it is when you can say distinctly, "Father is here with me once and forever," and you are conscious of it over and above all oppositions! When this is established within you, to you God is a reality, for things will become to be harmonious where they have been inharmonious, because of God's actual Presence according to your religious conviction." -4/3-4/59



"If you could and would stay in the actual Spirit of Praise continually, adverse conditions could not come near you." -N. D. 10/31/53



"You don't have to come to Me from a Personal standpoint of view! No one has any occasion to lay hands on you, or to give you any material remedy, or anything of that kind, for I do not perform any material method; have any material method; neither do I have any material remedies to treat you with! I give you the Word, which is Spirit and is Life, and It is also the salvation of the souls and the bodies of the children of men!"



"It is not a Body anyway; it is My Impersonal Life having condescended to impute Itself in a Body and to impute Itself to you as a Person, that it might draw you out of personality into the Impersonal State of Consciousness, that you may live not after the flesh but after the Spirit." -Sayville, 1931



"Then I say, give thanks and give praise continually, and do not allow your mortal mind, your ideas and opinions to drift you into materialism through gossip, through criticism nor through slander, nor through any other mortal minded expression; for the same thing it took to lift you from misery, sorrow and woe is the same thing it will take to keep you as you go!"-2/5/39



". . . If you live according to My Teaching and be substantiated in faith and unshaken in confidence, and live it and express it; then I can and will continue to make you a new creature, or keep you as a new creature with a new disposition and new characteristics completely." -9/21-22/40



"When they rise in opposition to you, it is better for you to lose your identity by being hid in the Infinite, that the Infinite alone might be seen and heard, and you no longer seen nor heard. When this is done, the wicked spirit, "the wicked one," will leave you, because it will only see the One it knows has conquered him. He is afraid to rise against Him, when He is unadulteratedly seen." -5/12/37







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