"Godliness Is a Mental and Spiritual Battle in Your Consciousness."





The Mount of the House of the Lord

The Mount of the House of the Lord

  1. The MEEKNESS and the LOWLINESS of the Heart of Jesus.
  2. Simplicity and the Meekness of God as a Redeemer
  3. "My Words Are Spirit and Life
  4. "Let Us Have a Real Religion, a Religion, as it May Be Termed, of Practicality."
  5. If You Love God, God Loves You.
  6. "It is a great calmness when you visualize the realness of GOD..
  7. Travel on until GOD be formed in you.
  8. Be Perfect in That Which You Are and Express it Accurately and Perfectly Scientifically and So Systematically and Correctly That There Would Be No Grounds for Criticism.
  9. "That Which Is Put out by the Hand of Art and by the Hand of Nature Is Beautiful To Behold Because of the Creator."
  10. Bring Your Bodies into Subjection to Your Higher Self. Civilization Must Advance Spiritually as Well as Scientifically.
  11. Overcoming the Negative Is Not a Physical Battle, it Is a Mental and Spiritual Battle in Your Consciousness.
  12. "In You, GOD Lives, Moves and has HIS BEING."
  13. When We Live the Sermon on the Mount in its Entirety, We Are Living Both the Old and the New Testaments.
  14. Something for the Advancement of this Spiritual Civilization.
  15. "Live Soberly, Righteously and Godly and Still Be Wealthy!"
  16. The Meaning of The Rose of Sharon in the Scripture.
  17. Visualize the Glories of the Almighty
  18. "Copy after the fashion I have shown you."
  19. The Hand of Art as Man's Expression of Patterning after the Reality, the Hand of Nature, the Perfect Picture, Which is GOD.
  20. By Nature You Are the Reproducers of Perfection, for GOD Is the Perfect ONE.
  21. If you choose GOD, GOD will choose you.
  22. You came out of The ROYAL FAMILY of all CREATION.
  23. I Do Not Want Any Wickedness in MY Heart!
  24. You Will Think with ME If You Are of ME. That Is the Mystery!
  25. The Capsule Of Salvation
  26. "I Have Come to Bring You All Health!
  27. "MY Personal Activities and MY Works, MY Ways and MY Views, they Have Gone Down in History, and They Will Be For the Coming Generations.
  28. I Expect You to Produce Perfection in All of Your Expressions.
  29. You Are the Reproducers of Perfection by Nature When You Are Partakers of God's Characteristics
  30. HE is MELCHIZEDEK, Without the Beginning of Days and Without the End of Life.
  31. It Is Our Sincere Desire to Grow Closer and Closer to YOU
  32. We Never Shall Forget What YOU Have Done for us
  33. The Personification of the Law of the Spirit of Life
  34. It Is YOUR Plan and Purpose That Heaven Come on Earth Through the People.
  35. Redeemed from among Men and not defiled with women.
  36. GOD knows all things before they are revealed to man!






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