"Honesty, Etc. Deal with Every Man Justly and Honestly;
and Give Him a Chance Instead of Charity."




The Pool at
The Mount of the House of the Lord

The Mount of the House of the Lord


  1. Honesty Is The Keynote To Salvation.
  2. "I Ran Across Some Two to Three Thousand Cases of People Who Returned Money to the Public Welfare They Had Taken in Various Ways." - Department of Welfare, N.Y. City.
  3. So Long as We Will Continue as a People to Rob Each Other and to Spoil Each Other, to Take the Advantage of Each Other Otherwise We Cannot Expect to Have Peace.
  4. "Men Have Offered Me Large Sums of Money to Influence My Followers to Vote for Them!"
  5. Deal with Every Man Justly and Honestly; and Give Him a Chance Instead of Charity; and He Will Be Able to Help Himself. That Is My Platform.
  6. "My reason for proof-reading at the Table is to give the Followers a chance, and others, to hear the Message."
  7. "When perfection shall have been attained and manifested from the within it will be the outward expression."
  8. MY Mind and MY Spirit.
  9. The Practicality of Christ.
  10. "By My Cooperative System, I Am Creating Jobs and Positions for Millions and Causing Millions to Be Lifted from Lacks, Wants and Limitations."







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