"If You Know, Definitely and See Definitely, How Can You Have Faith?"

"Better Not Know So Much"




An excerpt from FATHER DIVINE'S Message Given at 126th Street, N. Y. C. 7-25-41 A.D.F.D. 2:45 AM



A winter trek at the

Mount of the House of the Lord

The Mount of the House of the Lord



A good many of you, when you were little children you would get blessings, as being termed from, Santa Claus". You used to get such things as those called from Santa Claus, around Christmas time. But when you learned more and knew defiantly, you. did not get the presents. So it is a blessing, not to know so much at times if you want to get something it is best not to know, just believe and think and be ignorant, (Aren1t you glad?) because there are thousands of people w3no have been actually healed physically, mentally and spiritually and blessed from every angle expressible by FAITH without knowing.

But after you have been blessed and healed and have enjoyed the blessings, and then learn something and think you know so much, the blessings cease to come. You get sick, and you cannot got healed. So many of them going to the hospitals and doctors and the like, since they have known ME Personally! They did not do it when they first met ME but after they knew ME Personally. they got sick again, because they went back in sin and they could not got healed because they did not have FAITH to believe!

Truly might have one said by composition:

'Where is the blessedness I knew when first I saw the LORD? Where is that soul so fresh in view of Jesus and Hi s Love?

It is a true saying. It is a shame to be sick for it is a sin to be sick - in other words, it is sin that caused you to be sick; and if there is sin there is shame, and where there is shame there is sin.

Therefore, I say you get in those conditions after you have known ME, have been healed for many years, blessed and saved from all undesirable conditions; first thing you. know you get in those conditions again and you wonder why you do not get healed. It is because you do not have the FAITH and BELIEVE! You do not sincerely BELIEVE as you did before you thought you knew; but since you think you know so much, you do not have the FAITH you. ought to have.

Better not know so much! Better not think you know so much! You better stay in that place in consciousness where you can use FAITH, for FAITH is not for the one who knows,

'Faith is the substance of things to hope for; it is the evidence of things not seen.'

If you know, definitely and see definitely, how can you have FAITH?

Take these thoughts to consideration. your FAITH must go into infinitude and transcend what you actually know. Have FAITH and BELIEVE and substantiate yourself in such FAITH and BELIEF as to reach out in the things you do not see and know and know definitely things are possible for you where there is no human possibility. Can you not see. the mystery?

When everything else has failed you, when you rely on something unbelievable, unseen and unknown; your prayers and your desires will be heard and answered and you will accomplish that which you have endeavored and failed in because knowledge end understanding could not accomplish it.

(N. D. 11-19-60 A.D.F.D. pp. 11-12)










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