Words of Life, Precious Jewels, Pearls of Wisdom and Understanding.

"In the beginning was the Word., and the Word was with God, And the Word was GOD! 'And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us." - '(St. John 1 :11, 14)


(A series of excerpts short and long, selected to stir the Spirit of Godliness in us.)

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The Mount of the House of the Lord

The Mount of the House of the Lord

'And the LORD said., Behold the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do; and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.'
(GENESIS 11:6)



"I have Personified the WORD., and it is made Flesh in ME. I express it and transmit it and reproduce it within MYSELF for the Salvation of all others, that they too might get it effectively and enjoy the reality of the blessings of MY Life and Spirit." - FATHER DIVINE - (N.D.8-3-57 A.D.F.D., p. 29)


"Praise ME for something,, if it is only for some word or phrase of MINE! Praise ME for something if it is only for some motto or composition that I have given! Praise ME for something if it is only for some thought I have conveyed or some simple Word I have said." - FATHER DIVINE - (N.D.1-5-57 A. D. F. D., p.1)



"Where coercion begins the work of GOD that moment ends."

"GOD is your FATHER and you never had another."

" Tell the Truth and the Truth will set you free."

"Put off the old man and all of his deeds!"

"Weigh everything on the Scale of Justice!"

"Every stumbling block is a Stepping Stone. Every failure will help you some victory to win."

" Be the same in MY Personal Absence as you would be in MY Personal Presence!"

"The relaxation of the conscious mentality is the re-conception of GOD'S Omniscience."

"I will stop every dog from barking. I will stop every dog from wagging his tail."

"Minds and attention, love and devotion, ideas and opinions, all concentrated on the Fundamental - GOD, FATHER DIVINE."

"Just beyond your highest affirmation lies the field of endless joy beyond degrees, and joy without a tear."

"MY Words are Spirit and They are Life, They are the SAVIOR JESUS the CHRIST." --- FATHER DIVINE - (N.D., 11-13-54, A.D.F.D., P. 26)

"GOD is the Same today, yesterday and throughout all eternity."

" The Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good. no Space is Vacant of the Fullness thereof."

"If you take cognizance of MY Message, a greater picture of ME can be reproduced in your likeness."

"What seems to be the trouble?"

"If you build upon this foundation, you will not have an occasion to fret nor worry."

"Think on, beautiful thinkers!"

" In the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose I came!"

" One Eternal Merry Christmas and One Eternal Happy New Year!"


"I AM Well, Healthy, Joyful, Peaceful, Lively, Loving, Successful, Prosperous and Happy in Spirit, Body and Mind and in every organ, muscle, sinew, joint, limb, vein and bone and even in every ATOM, fibre and cell of MY BODILY FORM. ---FATHER DIVINE."

So you can plainly see it is Something more than mortal to command.

The Scripture this day is fulfilled in your hearing.



"The Name of JESUS was the Personal Name of GOD Nineteen Hundred Years ago." - (S-W. 5-30-36, A.D.F.D., p. 18)

Men may come and men may go, but the Spirit of MY PRESENCE and MY Endeavors shall go on forever. (S.W. 5-30-36 A.D.F.D., p. 21)

You are conscious of GOD'S Presence this morning, but you must be conscious of GOD'S Presence tomorrow morning. - (S-W. 5-30-36, A.D.F.D., P-5)

So long as you have one will, one desire, one fancy or one pleasure, it is a matter of impossibility for GOD'S will to be done within you effectively, That is the mystery. - (N.D.6-1-39 A.D.F.D., p. 13)

Oh that mankind could but learn the great significance of self-denial and sacrifice according to the Teaching of CHRIST! - (S.W. 11-2-35 A.D.F.D., P. 6)

Everybody running for SELF! They don't know they are running for DEATH! They want to appease SELF and the end of SELF is DEATH! That is why they all die! - (N.D.12-29-62 A.D.F.D., p- 14)

"If you can be disturbed I do not need you! I came treading the wine-press all alone! That is, if I AM the ONE. If I AM not the ONE and cannot stand, then let ME go and let the one come who is the one! That is what I am talking about!" - (N.D.9-8-62 A.D.F.D., p. 6) "

"Now if you all - any of you under the sound of MY Voice don't want ME, I want ME." - (N.D.11-9-46 A.D.F.D., P. 9) "

"Now you need not come to ME Personally, you need not to come near ME Personally. You need not speak to ME Personally. You need not see ME Personally. You need not hear ME Personally, all you must needs do is to contact ME harmoniously, and

'Call on ME in the day of trouble and I will DELIVER you!'

Aren't you glad?" - The Spoken Word, 7-27-37 A.D.F.D., p. 16)

"The knowledge of GOD should bring the Desirable Results to all. If the knowledge of GOD does not better your condition and better the conditions of those with whom you are concerned, the knowledge of GOD to you is in vain." - (N.D.4-21-62 A.D.F.D., P. 7)

"When you allow the CHRIST to rule on the throne of your mind in you, over you, through you and over all things that concern you - when this is done - there and then the Kingdom has come and the Will is being done. That is the Key, not only to the Scriptures., but the Key to the mystery of the Abundance of the Fullness and the Key to the answer of every problem. Aren't you glad?" - (N.D.3-24-62 A.D.F.D., p. 6)

"How glorious it is to live in such a Recognition! When YOU live for GOD, GOD lives for you, When you live for yourself, GOD need not live for you, for you are living for your self! When you stand for yourself, GOD need not stand for you, for you are standing for yourself! GOD needs to take up HIS time standing for someone else who is not standing for SELF. That is the Mystery! - (N.D.1-19-63 A.D.F.D., P. 9)

Oh, how marvelous it is to know the mystery -- to be TRUE, and FAITHFUL and not to be a deceiver, for when you are trying to deceive GOD you are deceiving yourself! If you can turn on one hundred millionth of a kilometer of a percent of a fraction of a grain of LOVE, or DEVOTION, or ATTENTION to another, you are not loving GOD completely and whole heartedly! - (N.D.10-14-50 A.D.F.D., P. 3)

The Love of GOD to the children of men is blessings bestowed upon them, and the love for GOD by the children of men is the service in which they give. Now there it is. Love in expression to GOD, is in service. Love in expression to the children of men from GOD, is in the act of blessing. GOD expresses HIS Love by HIS blessings HE gives and GOD'S children's love is expressed for HIM by the service they give. Then transpose the version as even it is recorded in the other Scripture -

'Thou shalt serve the LORD thy GOD with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.'

which means the same - Love. " - (The Spoken Word, 12-23-37 A.D.F.D., p. 18)

"Mankind has been talking about Spiritual things and has believed in Spiritual things long enough. By your concentration on the Spiritual One as being Materialized, it will cause you as a person to be Spiritualized, will cause all things under your jurisdiction to be equivalently Spiritualized even as you are spiritualized." - (The Spoken Word, 11-17-36 A.D.F.D., p. 7)

"Now I am praising GOD for all of the blessings I have, and I am not asking for any more. I do not have to ask for health, I have health. I do not have to ask for wealth, I have wealth. I do not have to ask for friends, I have friends. I do not have to ask for any desired blessings. I have them all. All I must needs do is to praise GOD for the blessings that I have. As a sample and example I am doing this for your sakes." - (The Light, 4-26-33 A.D.F.D.)

"Oh. how sweet it is when we get together in the Unity, of the Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose and all have free access for singing and there is no one there to put a damper on! There is no one there to put the brakes on. When there is no one there, there is no one there to retard the advances, the Spirit is sweet, and we know our Joy is complete!" - (N.D.10-29-60 A.D.F.D., p. 4-5)

" It is a matter of impossibility for super-enthusiasm to be a failure. You must deviate in some way and lower your vibrations from one angle or the other for you to be a failure." - (The Spoken Word, 6-22-37 A.D.F.D., P. 4)

" It is a true saying. It is a shame to be sick for it is a sin to be sick - in other words, it is sin that caused you to be sick; and where there is sin there is shame, and where there is shame there is sin." (N.D.11-19-60 A.D.F.D.0 p. 11)

"It is a pretty good place to be even when you can say openly and publicly you love ME. But then I want to shame you, if you can bo shamed. If you are ashamed to say you love ME, I want to shame you all I can; for if there is any shame in you, you should be shamed. Can you not see the mystery?" - (N.D.2-26-42 A.D.F.D., p. 27)

FATHER DIVINE SAYS: "The work of the Mission of CHRIST was to prepare Himself a body, and your body as the body, the temple of GOD. You as the temples of GOD, were to receive the SPIRIT of GOD. Hence GOD gives you HIS SPIRIT if you give HIM your body! That is the mystery. But you must give HIM your body whole-heartedly, and your body will be GOD'S Temple and GOD'S Body in reality, and HIS SPIRIT will be your spirit and your life in reality! That is the mystery." - (N.D.6-1-39 A.D.F.D., p. 13)

"Your physical bodies express vigor. Your physical bodies express courage. Your physical bodies express health and happiness. Your physical bodies express Life Eternal, so long as the Spirit of CHRIST is in them and expresses HIMSELF Supremely. Aren't you glad? ("So glad!" responded the mass assembly.) when Christ is in you and expresses HIMSELF Supremely, then and there, you can and will express Vigor, Courage, Peace, Joy, Health, and Happiness and even express Life Eternal, for the

'little leaven leaveneth the whole lump;

therefore, the leaven of the Spirit of Life that is in your heart and in your life shall leaven, shall quicken and Spiritualize that which was material, and all things that can be Spiritualized, GOD can Spiritualize them.. Aren't you glad?" - (The Spoken Word, 6-5-37 A.D.F.D. P. 16)

"But the first thing that is essential is faith, unlimited faith, undying faith, faith that cannot get sick. Oh., for a faith that cannot get sick, a faith that cannot get sad, a faith that cannot be afflicted, a faith that cannot be disappointed, a faith that cannot be bereaved, a faith that cannot lose anything. That is the kind of faith you should have. Then you are back home with me, where I am." (N.D.7-15-50 A.D.F.D.9 P. 31)

"As a living SHRINE I came, throwing aside all of the inanimate shrines of the land, presenting MYSELF as a living sacrifice before the children of men that they might gaze upon the PERFECT PICTURE, mentally and spiritually; their prayers will be heard and answered speedily the same as others have been answered through and by the spirit of sincerity. That is the mystery!"

(N.D.3-31-62 A.D.F.D.0 p. 28)

"Your Souls-Mate should mate with your soul continually. Even though it may be lying dormant in your subconsciousness, your Souls-Mate should be there resting comfortably, undisturbed, and you should be unmoved and undisturbed saving as HE moves on the altar of the heart and causes you to cooperate with HIM. Oh! it is a privilege to realize it!" - (S.W. 2-4-36 A.D.F.D. p. 7)

"Sanctification means satisfaction, and sanctified means satisfied! A person cannot be sanctified unless he is satisfied! That is the mystery! For he has received his Satisfying Portion from the INFINITE that cannot be destroyed! Can you not see the mystery? Then he can be satisfied as was in the experience or predicted experience or prospective experience in the prediction of Philip when he said:

'Shew us the FATHER and it sufficeth us!'

You cannot be satisfied until you have seen the FATHER! This does not necessarily mean a physical body but a degree of unfoldment, if you please, a standard., as a FATHERSHIP DEGREE. Can you not see the mystery?" - (N.D.1-6-62 A.D.F.D. p. 10)

"Follow the Lamb-likeness, the meekness, the humbleness, the obedience, the patient-able-ness of GOD expressed in the most insignificant way, by being

'led as a LAMB to the slaughter, dumb as a sheep before her shearers.'

Such an expression is your leading, and your only, Hope of Real Redemption; but to the extreme reverse, I find some going in the different directions by thinking they will observe ME in Majesty. John told you to behold GOD in the Lambship Degree of expression, in the most meek and the most humble way. That is the way to get rid of your sins, sickness and disease and everything else that will displease, and all things that do not appease". - (N.D.9-30-37 A.D.F.D. p. 5)

"It is a great calmness when you visualize the realness of GOD..When you believe, you receive. Therefore you are no more anxious concerning things; your anxiety ceases and there is a great calm ..PEACE has been spoken to the sea of your mind and it is still. You are in GOD'S Will." - (N.D.6-11-51 A.D.F.D., P. 4)

"There are millions of souls waiting for ME" but I transposed the composition and will declare to them, "There are millions of souls now dwelling in ME." With this recognition I rise on the wings of MY Power sailing over every difficulty, riding on the wings of Love carrying within MYSELF the VICTORY, here and there, and whithersoever I go, until time and seasons shall be no more." - (N.D. 6-13-59 A.D.F.D. p. 22)

"PEACE EVERYONE! Those of us who have dined will arise. I know you feel the steady stepping of the ALMIGHTY GOD but I will refrain from speaking further, I will not continue in words Personally, but I will speak more profoundly and more definitely by the steady stepping of MY SPIRIT in HEART and in MIND and with you I will go home! I thank you." - (N.D.6-24-61 A.D.F.D. P. 8)

Remarks of Reverend Major J. Divine, 1931 A.D.F.D. Exact Time and Place Unknown. The Mount of the House of the Lord "It is a great calmness when you visualize the realness of GOD. When you believe, you receive. Therefore, you are no more anxious concerning things; your anxiety ceases and there is a great calm. Peace has been spoken to the sea of your mind and it is still. You are in GOD'S Will. "Oh, that humanity as a whole being expressed in many bodies, could but relax their conscious mentality and be still and know that all of Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding, and all of that much-sought-for gift and talent, it is in short, the gift of GOD and is within waiting for the stillness of the conscious mentality that the CHRIST within might rise and unfold Himself in HIS great Power and Love, and still and calm the raging seas of your mind and bid your happy moments commence. "How great and marvelous are Thy works, O GOD, for great and Holy is Thy Name! The Gospel of CHRIST, of it I AM not ashamed, for all the Glory is in HIS Name. Your anxieties cease and there is a great calm for the raging seas of your mind, the billows that caused you almost to go to shipwreck, as being called in mortal consciousness, nervous breakdowns, have been stilled. CHRIST in your consciousness, being in the bowels of the ship, rises, says `Peace', and the ship becomes calm and peaceful and there is no such a thing as nervous breakdowns. The seas cease to roll and the billows are calmed and the light of GOD shines in and the Glory of GOD is risen upon us. Did not say maybe, or it will, but it is. It is Wonderful! This great peace and great calm."

An Excerpt from FATHER DIVINE'S Message, Given at Brooklyn Palace, Brooklyn, N.Y., May 19, 1933 A.D.F.D. "Peace, Everybody! Here we are once again. We have danced and we have sung, and I believe everybody is happy! That is all we need to do, is to keep you happy. The spirit of your nature itself will work automatically and will work for the common good of mankind in bringing about desirable conditions, so long as you are perfectly happy and in perfect harmony. That is the Law of the Spirit. The Law of the Spirit will bring about perfect happiness and keep perfect conditions as long as a person is in perfect harmony. That is to say, as long as he is in perfect harmony with the Law of the Spirit of Life that is in CHRIST, of which is in perfect accord with the Law of Nature. Therefore, firstly, we desire to see you happy and filled with joy and enthusiasm, and a merry heart will do good for it is a medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones! It is Wonderful! Not merely doing good for the body but for the mind. Not only good only for the mind but for the body and all things that concern you. The Spirit of Happiness works automatically and brings into expression the desirable conditions of life by you being in perfect harmony with the Law of the Spirit of Life that is in CHRIST."

Given at Brooklyn Palace, N.Y., May 19, 1933 A.D.F.D. MY Mind, MY Way and MY Mottoes that I have sent out as the Fundamentals of Life, they have gone down or will go down in history. It is Wonderful! Now whatsoever I have said, that which I have done, that which I have endorsed and that which I have refuted will be refuted. I was speaking of even some of the newspapers that tried to speak or write criticizingly of ME and speak embarrassingly. Even the newspapers which I have spoken in opposition to, the Spirit of MY Presence will be in opposition to them a hundred and fifty years from now!" MY Personal activities and MY Works, MY Ways and MY Views, they have gone down in history, and they will be for the coming generations, and generations after generation! Even if I would not be in this country Personally, why the Message has gone on record: -- the stand I have taken in bringing about the Universal Brotherhood of man; in bringing about the Infinite Fatherhood of GOD into expression; in bringing about equal rights; in bringing about Religious Liberty; in bringing about the abolishing of discrimination. It is Wonderful! Now with or without a Body, these WORDS SHALL STAND! Five hundred years from now with or without a Bodily Form, one that would be endowed with MY Spirit, when they look back and see the Records of MY Views and of MY Testimonies and what I stand for, why they would refuse those of that type that are in opposition to this Principle. I have not risen in seven million souls for nothing! When I rose in seven million souls of every nationality, language, tongue and people, I rose for something, and that was to bring about the UNIVERSALIZATION of all of the nationalities and to Unify them also as ONE. That is to say, to bring about the Unification of Every Nation, Every Language, Every Tongue and Every People~~to Unify Them as ONE. They have been or are being Universalized Now, because Americans are in Europe, Asia and Africa and in all of the countries, but we will have them in all of the countries even as they are here!

Givrn at The American Legion Hall, Haskell, N.J., July 4, 1932 A.D.F.D. "I have Come to bring you All Health! I have come to bring you All Peace! I have Come to bring you All Love and All Power Divine! This Mighty Holy Name! I say, at the Name of Jesus Christ every knee must bow! Those that are in the Heaven above and in the earth beneath, every knee must bow and every tongue must confess! So I know you can see it is True, for they have come unto ME and in your very midst! Aren't you glad! This Mighty Holy Name! There is Joy in the land, for there is joy wheresoever I AM! There is Life in the land for there is life wheresoever I AM! There is Love wheresoever I AM, for HE is Love and that is what I AM! I Came to gather the elect from the four corners of the earth! It is Wonderful! There shall be no division among you throughout the whole Universe, for Every Nation, Every Language, Every Tongue and Every People shall enjoy of this Wonderful Love, and shall sit at this Table that no man shall be able to make you ashamed, for This is the Table of GOD, the great Marriage Supper of the Lamb, for the Lamb that was slain before the foundation of the world, and I have Come to let you know that all things in Christ are now ready! Come, for the Supper is spread! Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you shall live! It is Wonderful!





I Will Unify the World of Science and the Versions of the Religions — FATHER DIVINE

FATHER'S Message Given at the Banquet Table, 468-470 Broad Street, Bridgeport, Connecticut, Thursday Evening and Friday Morning, March 31 and April 1, 1938 A.D.F.D. Time: 2:30 A. M.

Continuing to inspire mankind with the scientific Truth of True Christianity and Religion as a whole, FATHER DIVINE, who is the Author and Finisher of all things, brings to the attention of HIS Followers, hearers and friends once again, but even in broader and greater scope, the unreality and nothingness of the imaginary Heaven that has been talked about and taught by the Religions from our earliest existence.

When all mankind universally is brought to this recognition and each and everyone realizes even as we do know, what a glorious world this will be! For then indeed will we be living in Heaven; for there will be nothing expressing other than or out of the Heavenly State of expression — that place in consciousness that is the desire of everyone's heart to reach. For in no other place is there to be found the Peace and Rest that has been longed for and sought after by restless and chaotic generations of past and present times.

Before speaking, FATHER'S Message delivered at Stone Ridge, N. Y., on Friday afternoon, March 25th, time 3:20 P. M., published in the New Day of March 31st was read. At the completion of the reading of same, one of the hearers mentioned the fact that the point FATHER brought out in the Mystery of the Condescension of GOD to the earth plane was, to her, an entirely new angle. This statement, however, could be applied generally; for no one was found nor could be found to loose the Book of the Seven Seals or rather the Mysteries that have been hidden for ages, until now. FATHER DIVINE is that ONE and to HIM we give all Homage, Praise and Honor.

FATHER, we thank YOU.

FATHER speaks as follows:

According to the astrologists, everybody is born under some certain star, and according to the wise men, the astrologers of the East. Those in this day from India, are commonly known as the Masters, of which I term to be the Master inculcated and incarnated and reincarnated in many bodies; therefore, the Master being reflected and manifested in many bodies, would be called the Masters. Hence, the Masters, as they are termed to be by modern civilization, of the far East, as they are great astrologists and they study astrology to tell distinctly.

At certain times, at certain birthdays, individuals are born; they know what star they were supposed or allegedly born under; they bring out what character or characteristics such individuals will express. Therefore, in the day and in the days of those kings this star came forth into expression to the consideration of the astrologists, as being termed the wise men of the East.

They sought to find the star, where the direction of the star pointed out, portrayed the way where there was a King to come, through and by and under that certain star. And so it was according to the record as given, the Child was born in Bethlehem of Judea.

So it is a wonderful privilege to know; but words at this time are inadequate in the human language to explain as distinctly as I understand it. The minds of MY hearers, followers and friends are inadequate to conceive the idea and the significance of the Mystery and the Mysteries I AM revealing. But as they advance scientifically, inspirationally, intellectually, socially, physically and otherwise, by all of these divers expressions of GOD in humanity I will teach them Wisdom and will advance them in understanding whereby they will be eventually able to understand it. But it is a foretaste of it I am revealing when I AM bringing out these Mysteries and the reflection of them.

I AM telling the people there is something better further on. As you live it and express it and stress it in your memory I will make it more legibly discerned; I will cause it to be forever more legibly discerned and the time will come when all mankind will see ME as I am. Then and there they all will understand.

I have often thought along that line and I have spoken of it slightly from time to time; but the minds of those who are spiritually awakened have not been scientifically advanced spiritually in the advanced civilization to a degree whereby they could receive the message concerning the Mystery I am now revealing. Therefore, I reveal it as fast and as brief as they can receive it, as MY followers, hearers and friends advance scientifically and intellectually from an inspirational and scientific spiritual point of view. For we are living in an advanced spiritual civilization as well as that which is commonly termed an advanced civilization, and the less we know, humanly speaking, according to the mortal version after the ability and the skill and understanding of man, the more expressive is the Omniscience of GOD in them; and those who are least in consideration, least in information, least in skillful ability, intellectual ability or any other limited expression according to man's version — the less you are in these different degrees of unfoldment the more expressive will GOD be within you, and more distinctly will you bring forth the Christ to fruition and openly express HIM.

How glorious it is to observe the Mystery! Because of the closing of Bibles and hymn books, inspirations, compositions, revelations and visions of others, the Door of Heaven is opened. Because of the relaxation of the conscious mentality and the stilling of yourself as a person, the more distinctly GOD reveals Himself to HIS children and more plainly HE comes forth into expression that they might observe HIM.

The Heaven was searched as well as the earth and you could not find one even in the Heavenly state of expression to open the Book and take the seals there off and reveal the Mystery of GOD. By the most insignificant of your most simple and most condescended thought, out from under such as come forth — such an insignificant condescended thought came I out from, under the Altar of your heart to look on the Book and open the Book, the Bible, and take the seal there off; that the Mysteries might be revealed of GOD.

This could not be accomplished by the mortal version. It was essential for Bibles and hymn books, visions, revelations, compositions, predictions and all information that wason the surface and observable and instructable to the conscious mentality, to cease in action that GOD might reveal HIS Mysteries; therefore, the Mystery is now revealed and I have loosed the seven seals.

I am merely waiting to reveal deeper mysteries as the believers, followers and friends advance more scientifically and relax more their conscious mentality and still themselves more distinctly, that I might reveal within them the things that have been hidden from the foundation of the world. Aren't you glad!

None were found worthy. There was not one found worthy to even look on the Book, but when I searched, I found as though it was One coming out from under the Altar of your heart. They had been keeping him down in Adam, bound in the chains of darkness, of misunderstanding, in the mortal version of humanity, until I resurrected HIM and called HIM forth into expression and told HIM to come out in the open and cause Himself to be made observable. And when HE came out HE took the Book out of the educators' hands; HE loosed the seals thereof and revealed the Mysteries of GOD to them. Aren't you glad!

Then I heard one say of your present experience — if not yours, MINE:

"My cup runneth over with joy"

If you are just a little scientifically inclined, I will go up in the world of science and in the versions of the religions and bring all of the mysteries down, that you might both enjoy and understand them, and I will unify them together as I did capital and labor, that science and invention might be unified together with Spirituality and true Christianity; they shall be married to each other. Aren't you glad!

I have been speaking in parables in the actuated words of expression in mortality, telling the people in the parable, concerning the mystery of the Spirit, as I could speak only in their language for them to understand. They could not understand it unless I speak in their language — for those who are in mortality and in mortal consciousness I speak in parables.

For this cause

"man should leave father and mother and cleave unto the wife; the twain should be one flesh. Nevertheless I speak concerning CHRIST and the Church."

Aren't you glad! I am bringing science and invention and all scientific discoveries to the surface. I am bringing spirituality and true Christianity together and unifying science and invention and spirituality and true Christianity together, that the twain of these two great expressions might be one expression, and that will bring the earth to the Heaven and the Heaven to the earth.

"And they shall no longer be twain but shall be one flesh."
How sayest thou then, "The flesh profiteth nothing? "They shall be one flesh"

— for the words I have spoken, they are Spirit and they are Life and the words I have spoken, they are the Word of GOD, and the Word was in the prediction, "made flesh and dwelt among us."

Then I say, to behold the glory was for the Word to be made flesh. You can only behold the glory as I bring into observation and into materialization that which was spiritual, that which was invisible, that which was mental; bring it to your conscious consideration of the materialized expression of such that you might realize it.

That is why I say: "That the twain might be made one flesh."

I am making material the mental and spiritual things and your mental and spiritual concepts concerning spiritual things. I am actually materializing them and causing those things to be made flesh, where once they were mere mind and spirit. I thank you.

(One of those who was present mentioned at this time, he had been told and understood, people born in the month of June were high strung by nature; however, on this point he thanked FATHER for more enlightenment. In reply FATHER spoke on thuswise):

Well, according to the different versions of the different astrologists who bear record of such — while yet I am speaking only in their language from the different angles of expression, for there are thousands of persons who live in that version; therefore, I will speak to them in the language in which they are living or speaking. Can you see the Mystery? Although those things do not necessarily be a reality, but they may be true according to their versions; I speak to them in their respective languages that they might understand it. From whatever angle of expression an individual might be functioning or has functioned, through MY Condescension I will reach him. That is the Mystery. Oh, it is Wonderful!

But from a scientific point of view, psychologically speaking, I could stress scientifically and psychologically the thought that would bring out something to stress, as if though it would be convincing to the conscious minds: There is a reality in living beings in other planets. Then those who are born under those certain stars could not doubt, by drawing from Venus, Jupiter and Mars, some of the characteristics and the nature of the inhabitants of those stars they do have conscious life existing or living there.

From a scientific point of view, I will call forth for consideration and I will call for information, the nearest planet to you, the moon — it bears witness with you, does it not? . . . or you bear witness with it. The human system expresses according to physical science, with the moon, and with the tides. If that be true by one of the nearest planets observable, then it must be equivalently the same by other far-distant planets, if that is merely an illustration, a sample and an example. It must be then, according to that — according to science, that such individuals who are born under certain planets or at times when certain stars are the most expressive, are somewhat inclined to reflect some nature or characteristics of that particular planet. Yet, I have not said definitely that it is a reality, but I have stressed it according to man's understanding, especially according to the astrologists and according to science. That is the Mystery!

Hence, in speaking in their language I will draw parables according to their own language that they might understand it. A real spring could be a deep well if you dig it deep enough, could it not? I have heard them say: "Dig deep and build sure."

A little shallow spring at times may be just almost as a little run — may not be deep enough for you to use a tea cup and dig up enough water — if you would not have a hole deep enough for that, if the spring is on the surface or comes up to the surface, don;t you see. If it comes straight up, the little spring there might be a little shallow apparently because it may run off, especially if it comes through the rocks. But if you could dig deep enough, two or three hundred feet, and that spring continues to run in, after a while the well would be filled with water if there was no outlet for it to go out, but come in, until it gets to the top and then the spring would have to go on as the surface springs do; they usually have a run to flow.

So if you dig deep, the flow of the Spirit that is coming in from the invisible realm, bringing wisdom, knowledge and understanding, your cup will overflow. Not only your cup will overflow, but in you will be wells of water springing up to everlasting Life.

All of this I have said and the thoughts I have conveyed are Evangelical, in short, according to the Gospel; for the Life and the Teaching of CHRIST and the Gospel and the Epistles will bear witness of what I am telling you. I thank you.

(FATHER at this time had read from the pages of The New Day under date March 31st, HIS Message Delivered in Bridgeport, Connecticut, on Wednesday afternoon, March 23rd, Time 3:26 P.M. published on page 6. By these marvelous words of Scientific Truth, a comment came forth to consideration from one of the hearers, saying she thought it an injustice to keep such information hidden from the people. The information she had reference to of course, was the scientific discovery of the Twin Plasket Stars and other such information FATHER revealed in HIS glorious Message, that HE through HIS spiritual and Peace Mission research unearthed and brought to the surface for the consideration of the general masses. Responding to same, FATHER continued, speaking as follows:)

It is; but yet as you say, it is a great injustice to keep those things hidden from the general public; but they do it for a selfish purpose. Naturally if these mysteries be revealed and taught and studied and learned distinctly, the same as I say I have it; but words of the human language cannot yet explain it according to the ability and understanding of MY hearers and followers to receive it. I am only explaining a part of it, but if it was taught in the schools and learned by the students and children of men generally, they would lose sight of their imaginary Heaven; Bibles and hymn books would be closed and they would recognize science and invention and the spiritual inspirations as Supreme.

They would recognize these expressions Superior to that of religion; therefore the churches would be closed in the way they have been teaching; they would have no longer graft for religion. They would have nothing to use as graft for religions as they have been using the former theories and doctrines of the religions and superstition.

Just think of what it would mean to the world if they could learn the Truth concerning things — be convinced definitely, if it takes ten thousand light years to ascend to those stars and some other stars so many times their distance away, what and how can they imagine there could be anything like a Heaven above all of the other planets and stars?

They would get their minds away from those things in fulfillment of the Revelationic prediction of John:

"The first Heaven and the first earth are passed away."

It will be. The imaginary Heaven shall pass away completely and the real one shall be with you. Aren't you glad!

You all should be glad how, out of the most insignificant apparently, cometh forth the fount of all Wisdom and Understanding to answer every imaginary problem, every problem you have ever thought of. They all can be answered by the recognition of MY Presence and by stressing ME vividly in your consideration.

Again I wish to stress for your consideration, you should not marvel at MY Presence, at MY coming and at MY going apparently; for I am repeating and rehearsing history; I am repeating and rehearsing science and invention; I am repeating and rehearsing the revelations of the children of men and inspirations of HE who liveth forever, and producing them and bringing them together for the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven.

My cooperation, My Spirit, MY Mind in bodies, I use for the purpose of repeating history and to recreate and re-record the records of the creation as from the foundation. It should be understood why it is and why it must be, as it is such as I have with ME to accomplish MY Work for which I came. For I am recreating and regenerating and causing the earth or the inhabitants of the earth, whichever, to be born again. I thank you.




"The chain is no stronger than its weakest link.," but I have declared., I AM MY Link and I AM MY Chain." - (N.D.6.1-39 A.D.F.D., p. 6)

"Oh just think of it, your privilege to put off the old man with all of his deeds, not by self-indulgence but by self-denial and sacrifice, for such kind will come out with fasting and prayer. Fast out those old "other follows." - (The Spoken Word, 10-26-35 A.D.F.D., P. 5)

"If you make ninety-nine and one half, ninety-nine and one half will not do! It takes nothing less than a hundred to make the full measure and the stature of Christ!" - (N.D.7-11-53 A.D.F.D. p. 11)

"An appeal to those of you, our fellow citizens, brethren, as we may term them to be, if you will only contact ME, and live harmoniously for thirty days, from adverse and undesirable conditions, I will give you complete VICTORY!" - (The Spoken Word, 6-20-36 A.D.F.D., p.28)

"Oh it is a privilege, dear ones, to see the fulfillment of the Scripture! As you live it, believe it and express it in words, deeds, and actions, after-a-while the whole Universe shall be partakers and be infected by this great Contagion." - (The Spoken Word, 11-2-35 A.D.F.D., P. 4)

"I shall fulfill the Scripture from A to Z, from Genesis to Revelation, in the fulfillment of the Scripture I shall not let one stone be left upon another. . . .Why should you run all over the world to find diamonds, when you have them in your back yard?" - (The Spoken Word, 6-15-37 A.D.F.D.,. P. 8)

"There are but a very limited few who actually trust in GOD whole-heartedly. If an individual trusts in GOD wholeheartedly it calls for a complete relaxation of many human customs, fancies, and ways and means!" - (N.D.12-15-62 A.D.F.D., P. 8)

"I cannot stress this thought too vividly and too often, for a limited few, if any, see the significance of being absolutely impersonal in all things, even the love you have for GOD ALMIGHTY." - (N.D.6-11-53 A.D.F.D. p. 15)

"To contact GOD, it means to contact HIM mentally and spiritually and characteristically. That is the way to contact ME, It is a matter of impossibility for you to contact ME merely by saying,, "I thank YOU, FATHER", unless you get ME characteristically, and dispositionally, mentally and spiritually and "thinkingly", if I must speak in MY Own Language. You must reach ME and meet ME thinkingly., by thinking according to the way I am thinking, and by having the Characteristics and the Nature in evidence that I am expressing, that you might be with ME in those different expressions. That is the only way you can contact ME." - (N.D.9-8-62 A.D.F.D., p. 9)

"Then I say if you GIVE PRAISE, GIVE THANKS and BE CONSCIENTIOUS and SINCERE in all of your endeavors, and in all of your activities, look not upon your own self or your own gain but look upon the gain and the good of others; by so doing you are taking on the Nature and the Characteristics of CHRIST your SAVIOR and becoming to be heirs and joint heirs with HIM to come into possession of your rightful inheritance as joint heirs together with HIM!" - (N.D.5-30-40 A.D.F.D., p, 26)

"We have a Communion Table - I AM supposed to go and serve the other members shortly! It is beautiful to serve in a practical way, in a profitable way for spirit, body and soul, but it is as beating the air, in MY Version, to merely be serving to be serving! But when I am serving for the benefit of your body and for the benefit of your soul, to keep your soul and your body together, I believe I am doing something. Aren't you glad?" - (N.D.11-11-61 A.D.F.D., P. 4)

"I do not have a ritual for you. to go by that you must do this or you must do that. MY Spirit is your ritual You must be governed and controlled by it. It is the Law of the Spirit of Life that was in CHRIST JESUS that made you free from the law of sin and death!" - (N.D.1-26-63 A.D.F.D..9 P, 7)

"After you have firstly thought, you shall realize you should cease to think, still yourself consciously and allow the Spirit of GOD within to think and act; by ceasing to function personally, according to your conscious mentality, your preconceived ideas and opinions, the reaction of such a realization will bring the desirable result of what you have been thinking." - (The Spoken Word, 20-2-37 A.D.F.D., P. 6)

"It is more constructive in MY consideration to have oppositions and to have those things that are commonly known as failures or disappointments, for the Spirit of GOD'S Presence wells up in its highest voltage of unfoldment and demonstrates victory over the opposition, matters not how great it may be." - (N.D.5-2-40 A.D.F.D., P- 34)

You will not have oppositions when your will is lost in the will of GOD because there will not be anything to oppose you within; but as long as you have those oppositions and conflicts and conflictions, it is an open expression that you are not in harmony with GOD and GOD'S will is not done in you." - (N.D.6-1-39 A.D.F.D., p. 14)

If you are substantiated in confidence and unshaken in faith, the very spirit of opposition cannot enter your world of existence. It cannot disturb you, for it cannot reach you. You are hid, for you are hid in Him Who lived on such a Foundation. You are hid in the Infinite One." - (The Spoken Word, 12-30-37 A.D.F.D., P. 22)

"When you shall have made a complete denial of self from every angle expressible, and shall have made a complete surrender by loving GOD whole-heartedly in reality and refusing to love self, you will be so abundantly blessed until nothing else could reach you but that which would be a blessing to you. That is the mystery." - (N.D.8-22-53 A.D.F.D., P- 4)

"Then I say all will eventually learn it is a matter of impossibility for them to hinder for they will know definitely we are not working by our physical hand or bodies but we are working by the Spirit and the Power of the ALMIGHTY! That which I desire or would have come forth into expression, I speak it into consideration. Even if I do not speak it, I think it and I get MY Brownies to work and get them together and bring about that which I have endeavored! Aren't you glad?" - (N.D.2-10-62 A.D.F.D., P. 3)

"How marvelous it is to live in such a recognition, for the atmosphere is changed completely. It becomes to be a pleasant atmosphere in which you are living when you are conscious of GOD'S Actual Presence and live exactly according to MY Teaching. You feel quite different here, do you not? The very atmosphere is a different atmosphere! It is a pleasant atmosphere, it is a fearless atmosphere, it is a courageous atmosphere, it is a faithful atmosphere, it is a truthful atmosphere and if you continue to live in this atmosphere and stress it in your actions and your deeds, you will eventually produce and bring to fruition the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven among you universally." - (N.D.2-10-62 A.D.F.D. pp. 2-3)

"You are using the Key to unlock the door, when you are giving GOD Praises according to the Scripture. Truly might David have said in his writing,

'Let everything that has breath, Praise the Lord!'

I will bring it a little closer for consideration, and especially into materialization on the material plane.. "Let everything that has any EXISTENCE Praise the Lord."for they shall Praise GOD even if they have no breath at all. I AM causing the pots and pans, the automobiles, and all sorts of machines, and each and every visible thing brought down on the material plane through GOD'S Omniscience, to Praise GOD the same as you, yourselves, that are the Temples of the Living GOD." - (N.D.3-11-61 A.D.F.D ., P. 11)

"Let these thoughts sink deep in your consciousness. Allow them to soak in for a while." - (The Spoken Word, 11-2-35 A.D.F.D. p. 6)

The Beginning of Wisdom is the Fear of GOD

. . . . the beginning of wisdom is the fear of GOD. Therefore, through your fearing to not serve GOD, you will bring your bodies into subjection to the Wisdom and Understanding that await you. Your spirit and your mind is being made perfect. As one writer said on another occasion,

"Abstain from all appearance of evil, and the very GOD of Peace sanctify you wholly"

-- W H O L L Y, wholly. Every particle part of your physical body can be sanctified WHOLLY; not merely the expression of H-O-L-Y, Holy, as being perfect in spirit and in mind, but every part of your physical body can and SHOULD be sanctified wholly by bringing your body -- your physical body -- into subjection to the CHRIST Consciousness through denying all of your human fancies, tendencies, pleasures, denying all of your preconceived ideas and opinions, denying all of your will, your ways and your ideas, and living in this recognition, especially sacrificing your human tendencies, your human inclinations and fancies; for they are all the chaff which we are now burning. They should be cast into the great Spiritual furnace of Salvation, to be burned into the nothingness of nothing from whence they came.




The Mount of the House of the Lord

The Mount of the House of the Lord








'We would that someone could bring YOU a sacrifice Worthy of the Love YOU freely give; We would that someone could give YOU a heart, Lifted in Praise each moment of the night and day! We would that YOU could find a body Where YOU could reign supreme within; A body that would cast aside every version, every opinion, every affection, Every tradition and idea preconceived by man! We would that someone could bring YOU a heart Loving YOU alone! A heart that would not shrink, though oppressed by every foe! A heart to whom the dark and the light, Sorrow and joy, pain and pleasure, Praise and condemnation, life and death, would be the same Loving YOU above these incidents of mortality! Yea, a body, willing to trample on its own will,. That YOUR Mission might be accomplished! We would that YOU could find a body that never tired in doing YOUR Will! A body ever eager and anxious to search out YOUR Pleasure! A body over thrilled and intoxicated With YOUR Holy LOVE! A body to whom YOUR Will Is the sweetest thing she can dream about! A body that finds in YOUR Body the supreme heights of Love and Rapture complete! We would that YOU could find a body and mind so submissive, so meek and so sweet, That whatever seed YOU would drop there would quickly grow And flourish and produce the Fruit of YOUR Love! A body that would respect YOU and hold YOU in Holiness and Reverence! A body that would see Perfection in YOUR every Word, YOUR every Thought, YOUR every Move and Plan! A body consecrated in every atom, fiber and cell! We would that YOU might find a heart, kind and true; A heart like a deep cool well, Where YOU might turn and be refreshed After long hours of bearing with. mortality's versions! A heart, warm, and sweet.. with tenderness and praise! And although we know that YOU could not stay away from such a heart, Still this one should be willing to see others apparently blessed above herself Yet keeping her devotion and sweetness Yielding humility and tenderness as a flower for YOUR Pleasure! And then, our Darling SAVIOR, when YOU have made this heart, as we pray YOU may, Make us all like that one, that YOU may be pleased and glorified eternally!'





FATHER said in an Office Talk on APRIL 29, 1939 A.D.F.D D.

"The Manifested CHRIST reveals what the un-manifested CHRIST conceals, yea, for the manifested CHRIST reveals HIMSELF, while the un-manifested CHRIST conceals HIMSELF and lies dormant within, while others are expressive and active in the conscious mentality of the individual. So it is just wonderful, and some day I will have some one who will love ME, so, where I can express as I may express, and I will not be retarded in MY mental and Spiritual advances as I unfold MY Mysteries and develop MYSELF within them. I thank you." - (N.D.5-4-39 A.D.F.D., P- 43)



"GOD has chosen for HIMSELF and for you all - a Spotless Virgin for you to vision the virginity and holiness and virtue therein!" - (N.D.5-1-48 A.D.F.D. P. 3)



"It is wonderful to know that it matters not where you may be in consciousness, if you will just still yourself and direct your whole heart, mind and soul on MY Presence, and on the Presence of MY Helpmate, One who has reached the Mother-ship degree of expression in HER Universal aim and purpose, you will not fail to receive a new joy, and enter into a peaceful state of consciousness." - (N.D., 3-1-58 A.D.F.D., p. 22)



"Let MOTHER be your Sample and Example, even as SHE is the Queen of the Rosebuds and well pleasing in MY Sight. Read HER testimonies and speeches and gaze on HER Picture as you do on MINE with reverence, and know that SHE represents real Virtue such as the world has never known. It is this inner concept and understanding that you hold that gives you Spiritual zeal to live the Life accordingly. - (N.D.12- 18-54 A.D.F.D., p. 23)



The inspiration is introduced as follows:

FATHER, I had a little inspiration about HER. It's little, as regards length, but it is profound. It speaks of this building, 772 South Broad Street and it is called



They quiver with Life And with Truth They shine, - Those Strong, Pure Thoughts Of MOTHER DIVINE! - They are met In the halls; The whole House is a Shrine; - It is filled with the Thoughts Of MOTHER DIVINE!
They heal with Love, As They quiver and shine, - Those Strong, Pure Thoughts Of MOTHER DIVINE! - They strengthen with Truth And with Life sublime, - Those Strong, Pure Thoughts Of MOTHER DIVINE!
The LAMB and the BRIDE say "Come to this Shrine - And bathe in these Thoughts That quiver and shine!" - 0 Virgin Heart, accept Them as thine, - Those Strong, Pure Thoughts Of MOTHER DIVINE!
And if anyone told HER what goes on In this Shrine, - HER Answer would be, "But those Thoughts are not Mine! - They come from the Heart of FATHER DIVINE!

(N.D.4-21-56 A.D.F.D.# p. 15)


Some Strong! Pure Thoughts of MOTHER DIVINE



" Peace FATHER Dear, Peace to our visiting guests and friends, Peace everyone: We are happy to be here in YOUR Presences FATHER, because we know it is YOUR Presence that has brought such a true expression of Democracy, of Unity and Tranquility, and it is our desire and faith that someday everyone will be privileged to enjoy the Peace and Happiness that we, as adherents to FATHER'S Principles, are the recipients of. We are happy to have visiting guests.. somewhat strangers to us, to come in and break bread with us because as we sit together partaking of the same food and sitting at the same tables passing the dishes around, we do fellowship and get to know each other better and you will. see from coming, that our religion is a way of life with us. We live together as one big Family and we dine together like this daily. We work together and we are, as I said before, we are happy to have you come and join us today. If you would like to express yourselves with a few remarks you are privileged to do so. We believe in moving volitionally, giving everyone a chance to express themselves according to the dictates of their own conscience. You do not have to share our version or belief, but we would be happy to hear from you at this time if you desire to speak. If you prefer an introduction we would be happy to introduce you according to custom. I thank YOU, FATHER." - (M.D. 5-12-62 A.D.F.D., p. 18)



"FATHER, we are so grateful to YOU for coming and fulfilling the Scriptures; not only the New Testament but the Old Testament; not only for Christianity but for Judaism! And YOU are here, answering the prayers and the hopes and the dreams of all religious people - the Muhammedans, the Buddhists - all people who have observed the TRUTH of what and who GOD is, YOU are answering their prayers, FATHER Dear! And ALL PEOPLE can come to YOU because YOU are no race, no creed, no color. Everyone is a part of YOU and YOU are a part of everyone. That is why, FATHER, those that personally sit around today have come from the far corners of the earth and they have come from every walk of life. YOU are not confined to any special class of people, any special nationality, any special religion, but, FATHER, YOU are the ESSENCE of ALL THAT IS GOOD that mankind has ever experienced or even hoped for; and we are so grateful to YOU, FATHER, Dear. We love YO U. We love YOU for what YOU have done for each and everyone of us as individuals and we love YOU for what YOU are doing for people throughout the world whether they recognize YOU or not. It is wonderful how YOU bless and bless and bless, through people just touching YOU mentally and spiritually. FATHER, we thank YOU." - (N.D.5-6-61 A.D.F.D., p. 11)




We have enjoyed the remarks of the various guests, some as strangers and some as not strangers. We thank YOU, FATHER, that we are happy to have each and everyone of you come at this particular time, that FATHER has made it possible; and the beauty part of FATHER is that you can take HIM along with you! Wheresoever you may go, and whatsoever you may do, if you just think on HIM harmoniously and with appreciation for what HE is doing for others if not for you, you will find that things for you will work more harmoniously and will work better for you. This has been the experience, of those of us who know FATHER, not just here around HIS Personal BODY but in countries far from here! It is wonderful to know that we have SOMEONE in our midst WHO cares for each and everyone of us. ("So true" came the sanction as loud applause resounded.) FATHER has come to plead the cause of the people, SOMEONE with no selfish or ulterior motive. HE and HE ALONE is worthy to lead this people into a LIFE of PEACE and JOY and HAPPINESS that has been in the hearts of men from the beginning of time. Today is the day of fulfillment and we who are blessed to realize it can rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for that day has truly come! So with this thought, FATHER, we truly appreciate the privilege of being in YOUR Personal PRESENCE and dining with YOU. And as the time has expired for this particular setting, we thank FATHER for those of us who have dined and those who are standing around to pass out and pass on and go on your way rejoicing, for truly, FATHER will go with you according to your faith. I thank YOU, FATHER Dear!" - (M.D. 9-29-62 A.D.F.D. p. 12)





"I know you appreciate MOTHER, that is why I have given HER to you that SHE might comfort you and serve you when it is not convenient for ME to be Personally Present to serve you and others at MY Communion Tables as I might Personally desire to do. I enjoy serving MY Own. I like to see that they have a-full and a-plenty of the very best of everything. Therefore I serve MY Communion Table Personally that the world can see and know just what I expect all mankind to have and just how I desire for all to be served. With each dish I touch, I extend MY LIFE as MY BODY that all might partake of the same. Hence, I AM well pleased with the service MOTHER gives in caring for MY OWN for I have taught HER by MY Hand and led HER by MY Mind. Thus, I rejoice when you are well pleased with that which I have done." - (N.D.9-2-3-61 A.D.F.D., P. 7)



" PEACE EVERYONE: When the last speaker was speaking I thought how marvelous it is to be Meek and Lowly in Spirit; for I did say in the Sonship Degree,

'I AM Meek and Lowly in heart and thou shalt find rest for thy soul'

I first thought very stressfully upon the testimony of the sister over here by the window, when she said she told this lady - some lady- ,I thank YOU., FATHER DIVINE.," stressfully declaring MY DEITY; but yet, more stressfully, or not even thinking, no doubt, that there are THREE PERSONS in the GODHEAD BODILY, in other words, in the GODHEAD BODY; and those THREE PERSONS, according to many of the different religions are namely: THE FATHER, the SON and the HOLY GHOST. But in this present Dispensation and in this present time, since GOD has taken unto HIMSELF HIS SPOTLESS VIRGIN BRIDE, reproduced HIMSELF in the NAME of HIS SPOTLESS VIRGIN BRIDE, to be known as MOTHER DIVINE - if she would have emphasized the fact by the actuated words as well as by words of reiteration to this party that was sick - I mean, the lady that was ill and needed a healing - if she would have said., "Say., 'I thank YOU, FATHER DIVINE! I thank YOU, MOTHER DIVINE! I thank YOU, MOTHER DIVINE! and just denied herself and thought in terms of the UNITY of MOTHER and MYSELF, and humbled herself to that extent, The woman would have been healed! Many people in far-away Australia.. in Switzerland., in Now Zealand and in many of the other European countries other than that of Switzerland, have called on MYSELF and MOTHER DIVINE., though WE were not Personally Present with them, but recognizing OUR DEITY, as recognized as TRUE BELIEVERS; they have been HEALED and FORGIVEN for all of their sins!" - (N.D.5-27-61 A.D.F.D. p. 13)

"I carry MOTHER with ME wheresoever WE go, and I bless the people through MOTHER even as I did through JESUS, for that is the Mystery!"--- FATHER, DIVINE - (N.D.5-10-52 A.D.F.D., P. 4)










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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

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