"Why I Am a Follower of FATHER DIVINE." --- Miss B. M. Love at the
Universalist Church of the Messiah, Philadelphia, Pa.
Thursday Evening, February 23, 1956 A. D. F. D.






FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE on the Sun Deck
of The Mount of the House of the Lord.

FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE on the Sun Deck of The Mount of the House of the Lord.

Miss B. M. Love

I'll say Peace to all, because that is the Salutation of the Most Holy FATHER DIVINE which you know, those of you who know of the Jewish history, the ancient greeting of Shalom. HE has admonished all humanity to greet one another with Peace, because Peace will eventually dispel the ills of this world.

Tonight, my friends, I cannot tell you what a great blessing and what a privilege it is for me to stand before you and say even a few words about FATHER DIVINE! And the question that is asked, "Why am I a Follower of FATHER DIVINE?" I'll try, in the short time that is allowed me to speak, to summarize as briefly as possible, why I am a Follower of FATHER DIVINE.

Some twenty-five years ago there came upon my life some unrest. I wanted to know more about GOD. I loved my SAVIOR, Jesus CHRIST, and I wanted to draw closer and closer to Him. The Churches could not help me; metaphysicians could not help me; but still I sought I And it happened that one day while in a metaphysical meeting in Oakland, California, the daughter of Dr. Grier, who was then traveling around the country and lecturing, mentioned the Name of FATHER DIVINE. Then she went on to say of the things that she knew as a fact HE was doing in Sayville, Long Island. That was all she had to do - to mention that Name - and the CHRIST in me responded to that NAME.

I listened for the rest of the evening, and after she had related her experience at HIS Home in Sayville, Long Island, I resolved to myself then and there, that I will find HIM anywhere HE is, because I want to be like HIM! Then as the years passed, I came across HIS Messages that were published in certain papers, and on a special occasion at the metaphysical meeting-it was supposed to be a FATHER DIVINE Meeting, and all praises were directed to FATHER DIVINE, and I became a bit confused. I said, "What have they done to my SAVIOR, Jesus CHRIST? They seem to have put Him behind!" And within my soul the Voice Spoke to me and said, "I AM the very SAME ONE!" Peace came to me, and from that day until this day I have anchored in the Love of FATHER DIVINE! This soul is anchored in HIS Love because I know HE is the One, the very Same One that nineteen hundred years ago said,

'Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing? The same Jesus you see go up into Heaven will come again in like manner!'

- and I know that my SAVIOR, Jesus CHRIST, has returned to the earth! But if you will remember that after HIS Resurrection He said,

'He that seeth the FATHER seeth Me!'

And He said,

'I and the FATHER are ONE!'

And He said,

'Now all power in Heaven and earth is now given unto Me!'

And then He said,

'I will come again and I will receive you unto Myself.'

He said,

'In My FATHER'S House are many mansions. I will prepare a place and receive you unto Myself!'

Well, HE has come, and through the bodies of the redeemed HE has prepared places and HE is receiving mankind unto HIMSELF! When I was willing to accept what the Spirit told me, immediately my physical condition was healed! I had ailed for twenty years, and immediately it was healed!

Then I noticed - I attended one or two of the meetings and I noticed the procedure was, confess your sins firstly. It was quite a difficult thing to stand up before people and tell them what I had done; but Something said that is the way to Eternal Life with GOD, and I went about and confessed my sins. I was healed in mind and spirit, because after confession comes forgiveness. My sins were forgiven. I was baptized with the Holy Ghost and met GOD in a plane, as the Bible said- somewhere in the Bible where you will be lifted up to meet HIM. Well, I had that experience! The heart was changed! From the immediate family circle I found myself in a Universal Family! I found myself one of a Family of men that we are children of ONE GOD - ONE FATHER, ONE MOTHER, GOD ALMIGHTY! FATHER DIVINE lifted this mind! HE healed this body! HE lifted this mind-HE placed HIS Love in this heart! HE gave me an outlook on life to see all GOD'S Children-not just as an immediate family or an immediate group, but to see the HUMAN FAMILY-ONE FAMILY!

HIS Holy Immaculate Body has created such an atmosphere of Virtue-Virtue and Holiness. HE taught me to abstain by looking at HIM and by reading HIS Words! You no longer desire to indulge in the sins of the flesh. HE lifts your mind above mortality, above carnality, and puts you on the road back to GOD!

As you know, in the beginning man drifted away from HIS God by disobeying in the Garden of Eden. FATHER DIVINE'S Teaching and HIS Love takes us back into the Garden of Eden where we are willing to obey GOD'S First Commandment!

HIS Holy Marriage that has been so misunderstood by an uninformed world, is the Pathway that all mankind must trod in order to return back to GOD! Man drifted from HIS God through indulgence in self! Now man must return to GOD through self-denial, Purification, Sanctification, Holiness, Virtue, Virginity, Chastity-and that is the SAMPLE and an EXAMPLE HE has brought to the earth in the Body of MOTHER DIVINE, Two Holy People walking together to make a pathway for mankind to follow, so that the world may be saved!

The guns will not solve the problems of our nations. The guns will not solve it. The bombs will not solve it-but the LOVE of GOD from HEART to HEART that FATHER has brought and is instilling, and a LIFE of HOLINESS, CHASTITY, VIRGINITY, HONESTY, COMPETENCE and TRUTH, will be the ONLY -SOLUTION; and why? Because such a Life will please GOD, and as GOD takes pleasure in HIS People, HE will take over the problems of life. HE ALONE can solve it? Man cannot solve it himself. And I know in my determination to follow FATHER DIVINE, it's one way of fighting the battles of life The boys will be out there fighting with guns and giving their life, but the Life of CHRIST can do more than all the battlefields and the bombs, because, as I said before, the Life of -CHRIST will cause GOD to take pleasure in HIS People, and when GOD takes pleasure in HIS people GOD takes over and man's problem is solved!

FATHER DIVINE'S Work, HIS Spirit, has gone over the wide extended plane. Tonight in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, they are praising HIS Holy Name! HE has caused the people -to turn away from sin, vice and crime! HE has PURIFIED and LIFTED their bodies and caused them to get together in the Spirit of GOD, and HE has established Churches in all of these foreign countries.








GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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