"GOD Is Your Five Physical Senses.

"Men Have Believed Such Seemingly Radical, Unbelievable Things, and to Them it Has Been Made Real."


Excerpts from FATHER DIVINE'S Sermon Before the Verdict At Mineola, Long Island, New York,
Given at the Union Temple Baptist Church, 132nd Street, New York City, N. Y.,
Evening of May 24 '. 1932 A.D.F.D. (No Time Given)









It is Wonderful! I know you all are happy I I was glad to hear the wonderful music that the gentleman played who thinks he is blind - or that some of you think is blind. Some of you think he is blind too. But I know that GOD is his sight. That is the great significance of the Omniscience and Omnipresence of GOD, to be that One and be their All-in-all. For one to realize that actually and truly GOD is their five physical senses, it is Wonderful! When you are foolish enough to believe that, then according to your faith, so be it unto you. Men have believed such seemingly radical, unbelievable things, and to them it has been made real and brought into expression. But I can prove to you conclusively, if I just had a little time to do so, that it is true.

I will not endeavor to go into the full aspects of it tonight, as I have something else to do just now. But, however, I will say to you that GOD IS YOUR SIGHT! Your five physical senses -GOD is actually each one of them, expressing through the members that are called your nose, -your eyes, your ears, your mouth and your body. GOD is your five physical senses for the physical man, and teaches you what HE wants you to know by some or all of these five physical senses. And when you realize that GOD is in reality all of these five physical senses, why, then you will come back to your right mind. It is wonderful to know that GOD has come, and after GOD has come, you cannot have bad sight! But you can have sight that is good, because GOD is good. You can have a taste that is good, and always a good taste in your mouth, for GOD is good. You can always have a good feeling, if you know it, because GOD is good.,

In the recognition of GOD being both it and them, your hearing, and all of your five physical senses, and applying that thought to your mind, why, you can see even also as I can. It is Christ in you and Christ in ME, will make you what you ought to be, and from every limitation set you free, if you only live the life. But you must cast out of your system, by casting it out of your Consciousness and out of all of your mentality, all prejudices, bigotry, resentment, anger, envy, malice and strife; all doubts and all fears, all divisions and distinctions, races, creeds and colors and denominations of every kind, and recognize your at-one-ment with your fellow men, that you might be one with GOD. It is Wonderful!

I just wish to bring those few points before your consideration and show you how and where, and here and now, is the time that you can apply GOD to all. of your five physical senses, or the members of your five physical senses that represent them, and be the direct manifester of the Perfect, invisible GOD, working through your system. You can rid yourself of every negative condition by your recognition of GOD within and GOD without, for there is no other. For the GOD that has ever been and ever will be is within and without and is walking and talking in you if you only know it. And in that you can see that the Truth of GOD is verified, as recorded by one of the Apostles saying that,

'Christ is all-in-all.'

Christ is in every joint, every sinew, every limb, every bone, every vein and fibre, every cell and every atom of your bodily form.

And I AM talking about GOD that created the Heaven and the earth and all things that, in HIM are. The same One is walking and talking in you tonight. And that same One is dwelling in your midst and that same One is in your eyes; That same One is in your ears and that same One is in every muscle, every nerve and every cell of your bodily form. It is Wonderful!

'To whom God would make known what is the riches of the mystery of the glory among the gentiles, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.'

It is Wonderful!

'Christ in you, the hope of glory, Him we preach, warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.'








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