"The Boy Is Deaf. He Has Been Deaf for Ten Years Or More, . . .I Want You to Heal My Boy." Rev. Davis

"The person or persons who make their rightful contact, automatically they get results . . ."





FATHER DIVINE grants interview to Rev. Luther Davis in FATHER'S private office, Philadelphia Hotel,
764-772 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tuesday, March 31, 1942 A.D.F.D., Time: 6:00 P. M.


The Woodmont Greenhouse.

The Woodmont Greenhouse.




Secretary: FATHER, this is Rev. Davis.

Rev. Davis (Reaching for FATHER'S hand and with a warm handshake says:) Peace, FATHER! this is the first time I have had a chance to shake YOUR hand. I have always wanted to shake hands with YOU and I have come today again. I have come with the specific purpose of seeing YOU about my son. I have a son in the Chestnut Hill Hospital here in Philadelphia. He had an operation because of a minor rupture, and the boy is deaf. He has been deaf for ten years or, more, and his eyes are also affected. My mind led me here to YOU, FATHER. I want YOU to help him. I want YOU to heal my boy.

FATHER: How old is he?

Rev. Davis: Nineteen.

FATHER: Is he mentally and physically fit?

Rev. Davis: Very mentally fit; and be is very apt in school. The only thing he lost his hearing when he was five, going on six years old. It came on him like - he cannot bear at all now. He has finished school at the Mount Everett Deaf and Dumb School. He has a clear understanding. I have been telling everybody about YOU; and YOU are doing a great work not only for this nation, but for all nations, and YOU will have great results and YOU are bound to succeed.

FATHER: I see.

Rev. Davis: I feel good every time I come into these meetings here in Philadelphia. You know I had some habits when I came here before, but I do not have those habits now and not even the desire of those habits; they have all gone.

No Physical Effort Made To Heal

FATHER: I AM very happy to know that by that, you will see and know definitely,

'It is not by power nor by might, but by my spirit, saith the LORD.'

It is not anything that I do as a Person to reach such conditions. I do not use material remedies, and I do not use material methods, and I do not make any physical effort to reach the condition. of the patient. But the person or persons who make their rightful contact, automatically they get results, the same as in your personal experience.

So it is a wonderful privilege to realize just to realize it can be accomplished, and such a recognition and realization work automatically, matters not where you are. It does not make any difference where you might be since GOD is Omnipresent and since GOD is Omnipotent; why, HE can reach your condition wheresoever you are, if you will harmonize with HIM. So many people come in contact with ME the same as yourself in your personal experience, and they do not even contact ME Personally, but by harmonizing with ME psychologically, mentally and spiritually, they get results physically. The physical reaction is the evidence of the conviction of the person.

So if your son can and will but even think harmoniously to ME - that is the reason I asked you, was he physically fit and mentally fit, for he can reach ME effectively if he contacts ME mentally and spiritually, and the results will be the same as if though I were there Personally; for it is not anything I do as a Person. Wonderful Healing by Faith, Alone

I recall some six or seven years ago, a man came to New York City, being sent from Seattle, Washington, all the way across the continent. He had, as you might say, complication of diseases, but one especially incurable - supposed to have been, according to physical science at that time, a cancer - the yellow jaundice and the cancer of the stomach. Oh, he was in a terrible fix, and the doctors had given him UP, and his wife said she would take him any place be wanted to go.

He said that he wanted to come to New York City, so they brought him on stretchers and, some thought that he would live but a few miles on the way, because he had not raised up out of his bed for such a long time, but when he got here they told him about ME, and they told ME about him, and of his condition. I happened not to be at the place where they carried him.,. They happened to carry him to one of the places. where I happened not to be serving, or presiding .at that particular time. I just sent word to him, even though he had not seen ME, and I had," not Personally seen him, to have faith and he would rise; and immediately he arose. He weighed less than eighty-three pounds - less than` eighty-three pounds, I think they say; and in a little while he weighed one hundred and eighty some pounds. It was just marvelous.

Rev. Davis: It is marvelous! FATHER Did Not Go to Him Personally.

FATHER: And I would not go Personally, even in the most severe condition, since it is: not a personal issue, since it is. not being done by physical effort, neither by material methods, or by material remedies; I reach the condition mentally and spiritually.

Rev. Davis: That is exactly why I came here. I did not feel that YOU would go to him physically; but just go there in YOUR Way, and remember him in YOUR Spirit.

FATHER: You just know it and cause him to know it, through the rightful contact, and have the faith, and he will get the results. It is not for any claim on MY part, because I AM a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind; and anything that I can do for the help of humanity mentally and spiritually - of course, it is true if I can do anything physically from a Personal point of view, like giving a person a home, or anything like that, if such as that is desired or happens to be necessary, we are always glad to make any effort from a material point of view to reach the condition, but not from a Personal and material point of view to help to heal a person. It is all accomplished by the Spirit and the Mind. According to Your Faith

Rev. Davis: It all will be done according to your faith. As there was once a man who desired to be healed by Jesus, and he came and there was such a crowd he could not get near Jesus, so they let him down through the roof. There came another man to Jesus and said, "I am in a terrible condition," and Jesus said,

'You have faith, and it will be done,'

and the man was healed immediately. That is the kind of thing I believe in. He also said,

'As much as you abide in Me, I will abide in you.'
'Ask of My FATHER and HE will give you anything you ask of HIM.'

I had no idea of coming to Philadelphia today, but they telegrammed me and told me that they were going to operate on him today. They operated on him this morning.

(The Reverend further stated that in coming down to Philadelphia on this particular mission, he was blessed with a nice job which would enable him to return to Reading, Pa. and bring his family, and he could be in the meetings more often.)

FATHER: We will be pleased to have you in our meetings at any time.

Rev. Davis: I am just delighted to have the privilege to shake YOUR hand.

FATHER: Have faith!

(This brought to a close this instructive interview.)








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