"I Have No Hearing Scarcely in My Ears and I'm Sleepfull . I Slumber So Much."
--- Mrs Green

"It is not anything I do as a Person to reach one's condition . . ." --- FATHER DIVINE.


FATHER DIVINE Grants Interview to Mrs. Alice Green In His Private Office Study
Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School of PA., 764-772 Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
Monday, December 1, 1947 A.D.F.D., Time - (About) 7:05 PM.

FATHER DIVINE'S Greetings Song

FATHER DIVINE'S Greetings Song




Secretary: FATHER, this is Mrs. Alice Green.

FATHER: Peace, Mrs. Green. You may take a seat a few seconds. What did you want to see ME for, Mrs. Green.?

Mrs. Green: I want to see YOU about my hearing. I have no hearing scarcely in my ears and I'm sleepfull . I slumber so much.

FATHER: Do you have any other ailment?

Mrs. Green: Well, none particularly - my hearing and paralysis of my face.

FATHER: I see. It is not anything I do as a Person to reach one's condition but as you make your mental and spiritual contact through just believing and having faith, implicit faith, and by the relaxation of the conscious mentality by your stilling yourself and by trusting GOD implicitly, conscientiously and sincerely you will get results, in the which others do. I do not use material methods and I do not make a physical effort to reach one's condition since it is to be reached mentally and spiritually, for

'It is not by power nor by might but by my spirit, says the LORD.'

So if you can but have faith and are willing to trust GOD implicitly - yet, in the meantime if there is anything that you have been eating that would , be detrimental to your physical condition you would be wise to abstain from those things that are detrimental.

Mrs. Green: Well, the lack of my hearing was brought on through the grippe.

FATHER: Yes. Well, I considered something like that, as if though it was grippe or an asthmatic condition or something of that sort. One ailment brings another ailment on at times; but there are things that one eats at times that might irritate the condition and influence the condition. So therefore, if you refuse to eat anything that would be detrimental and abstain from the things that would not be advantageous to your health or physical well being, it may be wise to do so, while yet, on the other hand, it is good to abstain from the appearance of evil. That is the mental and spiritual way, and refuse to allow resentment or anger or jealousy or prejudice or any of those mental and spiritual vices or tendencies leaning towards vice and crime mentally and spiritually; abstain from those things and you can be healed from such ailments.

But faith is the victory that overcometh, yet it must be that one must qualify themselves or place themselves at a place in consciousness where they can be helped through faith and through the relaxation of the conscious mentality, through one stilling himself or herself mentally and trusting GOD. That is, in short, when I say the relaxation of your conscious mentality, it is essential, that is, to say,

'He that puts his trust in Me'

said he,

'shall never. be confounded.'

If you put your trust in GOD when you relax your conscious mentality you are trusting in GOD because you know you are not trying to do something or think something mentally to solve your problems and to adjust matters satisfactorily for you by knowing within yourself GOD is all-wise and infinite mercy and infinite love and compassion to and for all humanity. If you will place yourself in that confidence and in trusting in GOD to that extent, your prayers, which are your desires, can and will be heard and answered.

Mrs. Green: I have confidence, FATHER.

FATHER: Where do you live, Mrs. Green?

(At this time Mrs. Green gave FATHER her address and FATHER continued speaking as follows:)

I see. Well, you are welcome to attend the meetings and come in the environment when you want to and if you harmonize and sympathize, no doubt the Spirit will work more effectively and I believe your hearing will immediately be better.

Mrs. Green: I enjoy the meetings. Thank YOU. Yes. Also, you remember, FATHER, in the fall I wrote YOU a letter concerning my niece being afflicted with arthritis and not being able to walk and I wrote to YOU for YOUR prayers. I had confidence in YOU that YOU would be a great help to her. Well, she is now able to go to Church but she hasn't been able to walk yet and her first Church was the first Sunday in October. September was when I wrote to YOU and I felt that YOUR prayers as well as our confidence were answered.

FATHER: Well, no doubt if she will abstain from certain kinds of food that would be detrimental to the condition - now arthritis or neuralgia of rheumatics or rheumatism or whatever you may call it, any sort or any kind of pains. or aches in the limbs like that, it might be well to abstain from certain red meats and things that are sour and so much sweets, but especially, red meats and sour things. Those things tend to annoy the physical condition of rheumatism or rheumatics or arthritis at times. So, if she could abstain from those things and allow the Spirit to work with her otherwise, the. Spirit would not have the obstruction to overcome of those things that she is eating to keep the condition annoyed.

It is the same as if you have a sore hand, naturally, if you continue to hit or do something that is harmful to it, it would be hard to cure, you see. And as with the sore hand or foot or anything else, so with your whole physical system. If you are afflicted and have ailments and you desire to rid yourself of those conditions it is essential to stop doing things that would annoy or continue to irritate the condition causing those things. Get rid of that something that irritates your physical system, then the Spirit can work effectively.

Now, it has given her the energy to go to Church. Well, that is all right, but she ought to be healed completely and she must have implicit faith and unshaken confidence and make up her mind to live exactly according to the Life and the Teaching of Christ as recorded in the Four Gospels.

Mrs. Green: Her trouble seems to be mostly in her muscles in her arms. She can't straighten out her arms entirely.

FATHER: Well, there are conditions such as this one just mentioned that are by hereditation. People inherit things that are undesirable sometimes from a mental and spiritual point of view.' They also inherit the conditions of their ancestors physically at times. Well, one can overcome those things by a new birth of freedom just as I mentioned the other day; a lady that was a habitual thief, born a thief, and her mother was a thief and her mother's mother was a thief when she was born and her mother was in prison when she was born, she said, and she never got rid of that curse until she came in contact with ME. But since she came in contact with ME, somewhere about the year of 1933, she hasn't stolen a clothes pin, a little dress pin, since; but every week and almost every day, she said, in her life when she was out of prison she would be trying to steal something.

Well now, those mental and spiritual hereditive tendencies that were banded down by tradition and hereditation, can be overcome by a new birth of freedom. When she saw ME she received a new birth - a true conversion, a new birth, better known as a true conversion, and since that time she has no desire to steal. She said before she saw ME she would go to bed at night and she would wake up in the night and put on her clothes and go out over the housetops - out the fire escapes -and cross over to people's clothes on the lines and steal the clothes off the lines - go in the stores and steal things. She didn't even need the things she had but she was just cursed with that hereditive tendency that was handed down by hereditation - by ancestry. Her mother cursed her with it as she was in prison, when she was born, for stealing; but she had faith and she was healed of that condition.

Now a person can be healed of physical ailments and conditions if they can get this new birth of freedom that I AM giving. So it calls for a new birth through faith in GOD to live exactly according to HIS Teaching and to have a miraculous mental and spiritual birth from that of the first. I thank you.








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