"Open up My Hearing. I Am Deaf and I Can't Hear." - Mrs. Jones

". . . the Woman Did Touch the Hem of Jesus' Garment and She Was Healed."

FATHER DIVINE Grants Interview to Mrs. Lily Jones In His Private Office Study, Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School of PA.,
764-772 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Wednesday, May 17, 1950 A.D.F.D., Time: 8:21 P.M.






Secretary: Peace, FATHER. This is Mrs. Lily Jones and it is said that she can't see.

Mrs. Jones' nurse: No, she can't bear.

FATHER: All right, what did you want to see ME for?

Nurse: (Turning to Mrs. Jones) Tell HIM what you want to see HIM for.

Mrs. Jones: Open up my hearing. I am deaf and I can't hear. I have been here ever since Christmas and I went to the hospital and I couldn't hear, and it seems like it got worse. It seems like I hear birds singing all the time.

FATHER: Well, it is possible that your hearing can return if you make the rightful contact and have implicit faith and unshaken confidence. It is not anything I do as a Person to reach your condition, but as you make your contact with ME mentally and spiritually as you have made it personally, you will get results. Of course, it is essential to confess your sins and forsake them, and if for any cause you have criticized or ignored anyone singing or anything of that sort, that may cause that to be imposed upon you. If you confess it and forsake it, no doubt you will have mercy, for,

'He that covers his sins shall not prosper, but he that confesses them shall have mercy.'

So if for any cause at any time in life you have ever said anything about people singing at the church critically - (FATHER turns to the young nurse and says:) you can tell her more definitely if she doesn't understand it, even when you go, you can tell her what I have said. So if for any cause she has said anything about anybody criticizingly that were singing and speaking, not only those of MY following or anything, MY WORK and MY MISSION Personally, but anybody's, if you criticize the work of GOD, you might have to pay the penalty! But if anything like that comes upon you through violating the WORD of GOD by speaking against someone religiously, you can confess it and forsake it!

If you have not sinned unto death, GOD will have.,mercy. Then have faith to believe and know the contact that you make with ME Personally, is not the true contact. The true contact is to make the contact with ME mentally and spiritually; for the woman did touch the hem of Jesus' garment and she was healed. It wasn't necessarily a physical touch. Of course, it is understood as if though it was a physical touch.

(FATHER again turns to the young nurse and says-.)

But if she makes the mental and spiritual touch, she will get results, for it is written and has been said over and over again in our churches and especially in the Methodist church and the Baptist church when people are praying and hold revival services at times, Christ said,

'if you touch ME, I will touch you back!'

(FATHER again turns to the lady): So if you touch Me mentally and spiritually, I will touch you back, for that is the kind of touch that GOD makes! It is not anything I do as a Person, neither do I make a physical effort, neither do I use material remedies to reach your condition, but as you contact ME in all sincerity mentally and spiritually and simplicitly, I will hear your prayers and answer them, for

'Prayer is the heart's sincere desire, unuttered and unexpressed.'

Mrs, Jones- Thank YOU.

FATHER: Peace and many blessings. (FATHER turns to the nurse and says): Now you may tell her better as you can commit it to memory and it is also written. The stenographer is taking it and no doubt it will be in next week's issue of The New Day and she can read it and you can also read it if you cannot commit to memory the exact words I have said, and to others who may be concerned.

Mrs, Jones: Peace, FATHER.

FATHER: Peace, and many blessings.

Nurse: Peace, FATHER.








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