" . . . You Can Get Results by Having Implicit Faith Unshaken Confidence."






FATHER DIVINE Grants Interview to Miss St. Ann In His Private Office Study, Circle Mission Church, Home And Training School of PA.
764-772 Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Tuesday, May 6, 1952 A.D.F.D., TIME: 9:06 P. M.

Harmony House, Woodmont.

Harmony House, Woodmont.




As Miss St. Ann enters she says to FATHER:

Peace, FATHER!

FATHER: Peace!

Miss St. Ann: I am totally deaf, FATHER, and I can't see out of the right eye.

FATHER: Oh, I see. Well, it is not anything I do as a Person, but if you make the rightful contact, having implicit faith and unshaken confidence, by contacting ME from a mental and spiritual point of view as you have contacted ME Personally you can get results by having implicit faith unshaken confidence. Where do you live?

Miss St. Ann: Oakland, California. (She gives the address.) I write to YOU often.

FATHER: Yes. Well, that's fine. Well, if you can't hear so well, you can write. You are welcome to write ME and tell ME anything you want to tell ME. O. K. Peace, and many blessings.

Miss St. Ann: Well, I thank YOU, FATHER, to stop me from crying.

FATHER: I came to wipe all tears from your eyes! There will be no more sorrow, no more crying, no more pain and no more death when you shall have completely overcome self!

Miss St. Ann: Well, bless my heart, FATHER, and make more peace in my heart, Dear GOD!

FATHER: Okay. Peace, Dear. That will be all.

Miss St. Ann: Peace, FATHER! Bless me!

FATHER: Okay. The secretary says she will type out a copy of this so that you may have it.

Miss St. Ann: Thank YOU, FATHER! Peace.

FATHER: Peace!








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