The Miracle of Good Health. FATHER DIVINE Interviews, Lectures, etc.
re: Good Health and Healing.

"Be Ye Therefore Perfect, Even as Your Father Which Is in Heaven Is Perfect."




The Miracle of Good Health
What Seems To Be The Trouble?

The Miracle of Good Health
What Seems To Be The Trouble?


  1. GOD Is Your Five Physical Senses.
  2. "When You Believed Vividly and Enthusiastically . . . the Very Spirit of My Presence Reproduced the Sight in Expression."
  3. "I Want You to Heal My Boy." Rev. Davis
  4. "It Is Not Anything I Do as a Person to Reach One's Condition . . ."
  5. Open up My Hearing. "I Am Deaf and I Can't Hear." Mrs. Jones
  6. Implicit Faith, Unshaken Confidence
  7. The Ever Presence of GOD and the Omnipresence of GOD is the Great Work of GOD
  8. Re: The practicality of righteousness. "Cleanliness is next to Godliness. "Cleanliness should be established in you from an economic point of view, from a scientific point of view, and from a physical, healthful point of view that you might have health, happiness, vigor and courage; that you might live... Message - Given July 4, 1938; 2:22 p.m.
  9. Give to Every Person What Is Due Him and Express GOD'S Independence; Those Who Are of GOD and Live the Life Will Not Be Sick. 'Then sickness and diseases will not come in this world of which I AM now speaking, when you shall have transcended the mortal versions of those laws, rules and regulations of men, the law of health, that they are making for you and all who live in the mortal state of consciousness. - Message - Given May 6, 1940; 3:15 p.m.
  10. "The Property Improvement Tax Exemption Bill Is for the Uplift of Humanity and for Moral Betterment Generally.'...It is saving the lives of millions from pneumonia and tuberculosis, and other contagious and incurable diseases, through and by improving your property and having better living conditions..." - Message - Given June 1, 1938; After midnight.
  11. FATHER DIVINE Grants Interview to Mrs. E. K. Benjamin, seeking Healing. "You should abstain from all things that are detrimental to the physical body...from the things you have been eating that are detrimental..." - New Day, Jan. 10, 1948; P. 20 Interview - Given Dec. 21, 1947; 6:06 p.m.
  12. FATHER DIVINE Causes the People To Be Blessed By Abstaining from Intoxicants, Drugs and Smoking.
  13. "The Miracle of Good Health. What Seems To Be The Trouble?" FATHER DIVINE Interviews, etc. on Healing and Health. - A Component.
  14. When You Believed Vividly and Enthusiastically . . . the Very Spirit of My Presence Reproduced the Sight in Expression.
  16. Desiring Healing
  17. If You Believe in ME You Can Be Healed, But If You Know ME You Cannot Be Sick — FATHER DIVINE
  18. What Seems To Be The Trouble? - A Componen.t
  19. Perfecting Holiness in the Sight of GOD
  20. The greatest specialists available had given her up to be incurably deaf for life, and they, in their own belief, had come to the decision that only GOD and GOD alone could give her back her hearing.
  21. "In All of Their Affliction He Was Afflicted but the Angel of His Presence Healed Them."
    'The consciousness of GOD'S Presence causes that which is good to take the place of everything else that is not good."
  22. Faith in God Heals Cancer. Testimony.
    'The Ever Presence of GOD! I declare, It Will Heal You."The Doctors Said That They Can't Do Me Any Good and There Is Not a Man on Earth Can Cure Me. I Said, Father Divine You Can Heal Me! You Can Heal Me! I Said, You Can Heal Me! Now Heal Me! Heal Me! Heal Me! That's Just the Way I Said It".
  23. Seeking FATHER'S Blessing. "He That Believeth on Me, the Works That I Do Shall He Do Also; and Greater Works than These Shall He Do; Because I Go unto My Father."
  24. "Prayer is the heart's sincere desire; it is unuttered and unexpressed."All things are possible with him that believeth."
  25. "Except a man be born again , he cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven."
    -- Healing and the Cause of the Return of Undesirable Conditions.
  26. You Will Be Healed Completely Through Your Contact with Me If You Have Faith Sufficient to Reach the Condition.
  27. Your Faith in God Is Priceless!
  28. Seeking healing of the eyes.
  29. "No One on Earth Should Be Sick."
  30. Breaking the Smoking Habit
  31. ". . . To Bring One from the Dead. it Has Been Recorded and it Has Been Said That Jesus, the Great Love Master, . . . Did Say,"FATHER I Thank Thee."
  32. Overcoming Habit Interview granted by FATHER DIVINE To Miss E. H.
  33. FATHER DIVINE Grants Interview to a Lady Seeking Healing and Work.
  34. What seems to be the trouble? - Components.
  35. HEART CONDITIONS - Components.
  36. Testimonies of Healing








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