The Miracle of Good Health

What Seems To Be The Trouble?





The Miracle of Good Health
What Seems To Be The Trouble?




TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1946 A.D.F.D. TIME: 10:00 P.M.

(After the lady explains her complaints to FATHER, FATHER speaks as follows:)

Okay. It is not anything I do as a Person to reach one's condition, but as you make your mental and spiritual contact you get results according to your faith and obedience to MY Will and Command. It is not anything I do to reach you as a person, or neither do I use material remedies. I don't use material methods and I do not make a physical effort to reach the condition, because if I do not make a physical effort to reach the condition and do not use material remedies and do not use material methods, why, naturally, when you are healed and blessed, you know it is from GOD and not from man, and you can make the same contact and be blessed the same way over and over again, without seeing ME as a Person.

Lady: Yes.


FATHER: So it would not be necessary to especially see ME Personally, especially when you know the Truth concerning the mystery. Thousands and millions have been healed in different parts of the country and in other countries, that were blessed not by contacting ME Personally, but by contacting ME impersonally, mentally and spiritually, by making up their minds to live exactly according to MY Teaching and by harmonizing with the Fundamentals for which I stand, having implicit faith in Christ, realizing GOD is the Redeemer of men and GOD is with or without a Bodily Form but works just as effectively and just as expressively without HIS Person as HE does with it.

Lady: Yes.

FATHER: So therefore, have faith to know that MY Spirit and MY Mind in the Name of GOD can reach your condition and can and will adjust matters satisfactorily for you.

Lady: Thank YOU, FATHER, and I know YOU will. I am going to have the faith.

FATHER: Yes, have faith and live the Life, and Peace and Joy will be your portion according to the relaxation of the conscious mentality and according to your faith you have in ME.

Lady: Yes, I have been getting a great deal of results just through reading YOUR, New Day, and I miss the time when I don't get it.

FATHER: So glad ! Okay, Peace and many blessings.

Lady: Peace, FATHER.



SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1946 A.D.F.D. TIME: 10:30 P.M.



Secretary: FATHER DIVINE, Mr. George Patton.

Mr. Patton: Peace, FATHER.

FATHER: Peace, Mr. Patton, you may take a seat. What did you want to see ME for, Mr. Patton?

Mr. Patton: FATHER; I want to leave that with YOU.

FATHER: It's nothing I want to see you for especially. You are welcome to attend the meetings the same as anybody else.

Mr. Patton: I'll tell YOU what I came for. I was put out of two hospitals to die, but I am still living; but I am still waiting; and I want a healing physically and spiritually.

FATHR: Well, it is not anything I do as a Person to reach one's condition. I suppose you have heard of ME before, have you?

Mr. Patton: Yes, I do know YOU in Spirit, but I had not met YOU in Person ; only in Spirit.

FATHER: I see. Well, that is the thought. If you make the mental and spiritual contact and relax your conscious mentality after making up your mind fully to live exactly according to the Life and the Teaching of Jesus the Christ, your desires, which are your prayers, will be heard and answered, as it is written:

"Prayer is the heart's sincere desire, unuttered and unexpressed."

So, if you contact the right Source and the channel through which your blessings can come, every desirable blessing can and will come through making your rightful contact, but it is through the mental and spiritual realm and not by MY effort as a Person or physical effort to reach one's condition, and I do not use material remedies because I know through the mental and spiritual contact you get results, and the same results will come at any time. At least the same remedy will react at any time and you will get the same results when you make the rightful contact.

That is why followers of MINE, believers and friends from far and near, have implicit faith in ME, because I do not do anything as a Person. If I would take, even say, any kind of a remedy and use it, if they gat healed, they would have to come back to ME as a Person some other time or personally some other time; but if you get healed from a spiritual point of view, you can always make the contact mentally and spiritually and you would not have to contact ME Personally again.

Mr. Patton: Well, I didn't come for that. I knew that I would have to contact YOU in Spirit and that YOU didn't do anything here.

FATHER: That's right.

Mr. Patton: But my mind is made up now more than it ever was, FATHER.

FATHER: Okay. Keep the faith and live the Life and whatsoever you may desire of GOD you will get. It will not come by sight, for it is not by sight but by faith you overcome. The prophets, they overcame by faith and through believing in the things they had not seen. Okay. That will be all.

Mr. Patton: Thank YOU, FATHER.

FATHER: You are welcome. Peace.






(After Mrs. Bell explains her physical condition to FATHER, she says:) I did want to make a Personal contact with YOU before I went home. I want to take YOU home with me.

FATHER: Well, the spiritual contact is the great essential. It is not especially essential to contact ME Personally, but as you contact ME mentally and spiritually and then relax your conscious mentality and trust ME implicitly and sincerely, MY Spirit will do the work — for it is not anything I do as a Person. The Spirit is the same as it was in the beginning of the creation.

Mrs. Bell: Yes, FATHER, I know.

FATHER: According to the historians, in the beginning of the creation the Spirit of the LORD moved out upon the face of the waters without a Body or without any visible expression of HIS Creation from any other angle of expression, according to the historians, but the Spirit Itself moved and began the creation of all creations. And we hold that this is the same Spirit although it has been embodied or Personified. But yet I do not work from a Personified point of view or a Personal point of view, but I work from an impersonal and an unpersonified point of view. Therefore, the Spirit does it the same as it did in the beginning of the creation.

So, therefore, when you make the contact with ME mentally and spiritually it is a mental and spiritual contact that gives you the desired results. So, according to your faith so be it unto you. So have faith and I will be with you.

Mrs. Bell (gratefully): Thank YOU, FATHER.

FATHER: You are welcome. Peace.

Mrs. Bell: Peace, FATHER!

FATHER: And many blessings!



13-17 WEST 128th STREET NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. SUNDAY, NOVEMI3ER 30, 1952 A.D.F.D. TIME: 3:05 P.M.


(The parties in question stated their problem to FATHER and asked HIM to help them in their dire need, and throughout the course of conversation they kept praising a follower who had befriended them and brought them food, including a Thanksgiving dinner, stating that if it wasn't for her, they wouldn't have had anything to eat. FATHER then speaks as follows:)


FATHER: I AM sure she is not the only person in the city.

Mrs. Tyers: Oh, no.

FATHER: And then again, it is not that you would have to depend on persons. I have requested all humanity to transcend personality and transcend all individuality and recognize the Actual and Ever Presence of GOD.

Mrs. Tyers: Yes, FATHER.

FATHER: GOD will be at your every beck and call when you shall have transcended all personality and all individuality and recognize the Actual Presence of GOD, and make up your mind to live exactly according to HIS Teaching. GOD is Ever Present, Omnipresent and Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnilucent; GOD is Infinite Love and Mercy and Compassion to and for the true and the faithful. With this, you know GOD can do more for you than what anyone else can do. Really, all the glory belongs to GOD and not to ME, as a Person.

Mrs. Tyers: Yes, yes.

FATHER: Although I AM recognized to be GOD by millions, but yet it is not anything I do as a Person.

Mrs. Tyers: No, it is just YOUR humanitarian ways.

FATHER: We transcend all personality and transcend all individuality and you have the privilege to do the same.

Mrs. Tyers: Yes. Uh huh!

FATHER: If you will transcend all personality and all individuality and put off the mortal version, relax your conscious mentality and still yourself and trust GOD wholeheartedly, then you will be where GOD is — a Living Reality.

Mrs. Tyers: Yes, thank YOU.

Mr. Tyers: Thank YOU.

FATHER: Hagar's well will be brought into consideration; her experience when she prayed to her GOD for water when there was none. But she prayed persistently, conscientiously and sincerely and when she looked around, there was a well of water for herself and for her son.

Mr. Tyers: Yes.

FATHER: When you get through leaning and depending on the arms of man for help, humanity, personality, individuality and all of mortality's version, there you will see your GOD as your Redeemer and your Savior, your strong help in the time of need, and will your every hunger feed; but will do it supernaturally. Not necessarily Personally or through a personality, but GOD can make a way where there is no way, as personalities and individualities seem to be ways and means through which individuals depend and seek deliverance; but GOD will make a way where there is no way.

Mrs. Tyers: And those comparisons of Daniel in the lions' den; and Sarah and Abraham offering Isaac as sacrifice.

FATHEB: It is true! It is true to every Christian to be willing to make a sacrifice of everything for Righteousness' sake and trust GOD implicitly, wholeheartedly and sincerely and do not lean on the arm of man for help, for the arms of man will fail you. That is why I say, as it is written:

"Put off the old man with all of his deeds and put on the new man, Christ Jesus, in whom you should live."

There and then Christ is with you and Ever Present. It is in keeping with the original composition in Christendom quite often sung:

"Over the line hear the sweet refrain, Angels are singing the heavenly strain. Over the line, why should I remain With but a step between me and Jesus?"

Mrs. Tyers: Yes.

FATHER: It is only a step just across the line for the redemption of the souls of the children of men, it is true, but also for first hand service; in other words, for first aid; over the line is just one step for your economic problems to be solved by the Presence of your GOD.

As I tell MY following and adherents, it is not that they must necessarily contact ME Personally. Wheresoever they may be, I can be with them. And to the extreme reverse of contacting ME Personally, they can go to the extreme reverse of that and make their menta] and spiritual contact and they will get results. Since I have been here this afternoon, as short a time as I have been here, some came in and said they tried to get to see ME last Sunday or some time; they were very ill, but they got healed and yet they did not see ME Personally.

Mrs. Tyers: They were holding the thought.

FATHER: Yes, i said that was the thing — to make that mental and spiritual contact, since it is not a personal issue and since I AM not an M.D. physician, neither AM I a Personal Chiropractor or anything of that sort to Personally perform any work of Righteousness, of medical acts or duty of MY profession to reach the condition of the patient wheresoever they are — in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia and all over the universe.

Mrs. Tyers: YOU have done so many humanitarian things, people just think YOU are the living GOD.

FATHER: According to their thoughts, it is true. GOD is not merely imaginary or just merely an imagination! I heal them without a Personal touch. No one need touch ME Personally, and I need not touch anyone Personally for the healing, since GOD is Omnipresent and Ever Present with you.

Mrs. Tyers: Yes.

FATHER: GOD is Ever Present with you, waiting, willing and ready to help you, the same as it was at the time of seeming conversion. No doubt you have been converted, haven't you?

Mrs. Tyers: Yes, sure. We were in the Baptist Church

FATHER: Baptist or Methodist?

Mrs. Tyers: Wherever your heart is.

FATHER: Wheresoever you have been truly converted.

Mrs. Tyers: The fullness, yes!

FATHER: If you have been dug up by the plowshares of the Gospel, if you have been truly converted and you have been set free by the Holy Ghost; but it was not anyone converted you but GOD. GOD is the One that converted you from the within.

Mrs. Tyers: That's right.

FATHER: And if GOD can convert your soul and save you from the within, GOD can bless you and heal you, it is true; can heal you physically and solve all of your economic problems.

Mrs. Tyers: Yes, that's right.

FATHER: GOD is a present help in every need; can and will your every hunger feed. So therefore it is just as much a reality to be converted from all adverse and undesirable conditions as it is a reality for you to be converted from your sins.

Mrs. Tyers: Yes.

FATHER: I like to talk to people who have been truly converted, because those who have been truly converted, they have the witness within themselves, even though they may grow cold sometimes; but they have the witness within themselves.

Mrs. Tyers: Sorry, may I interrupt YOU? If I didn't have the Spirit within me, the ordeal I have been going through with, YOU know, I would take to the river. If I didn't have the Spirit, I couldn't make it. I get pretty weak at times.

FATHER: It is Wonderful!

Mrs. Tyers: Well, FATHER, it is just wonderful that YOU have given us all this time. I know others want to come in.

FATHER: It is true. No doubt you have heard the secretary on duty say, "Five seconds". That is what I was giving all of them, but with you, I gave you more.

Mrs. Tyers: We wanted to come in and shake hands with YOU.

FATHER: Well, I don't mind shaking hands with anyone, but I wanted you to sit down for a few minutes.

Mr. Tyers (showing FATHER a song he composed): We wanted to sing that song, "GOD Almighty's Peace, the World's Greatest Need."

Mrs. Tyers: YOU certainly have made a lot of people happy with YOUR GOD-like Way!

FATHER: Thank you. You are welcome to come to any of our meetings or any of our places, for the public work and service is absolutely gratis, without money and without price. I have never taken up a collection.

Mrs. Tyers: People just give what they feel they can give?

Mr. Tyers: Well, I would like to aid YOU.

FATHER: The great aid you need is the aid from your affliction. I have healed many people from worse conditions than yours because they recognize MY Deity and contact ME from a spiritual point of view and they get results. But those who do not seek the Fundamental, that is where they make their mistake.

MY Service is absolutely gratis to anyone. Many times people come and think they must pay ME to have an interview. Even though I talk to them an hour or two, I do not charge anything for MY Spiritual Work and Service. And we do not take up any collections in any of our public meetings or anything of that sort where we have religious services, but for the use of Church cars they do expect a donation.

Mrs. Tyers: Yes.

FATHER: We have Church cars. I mean, if anyone would want to go from here to even say — Albany or any place; our Church cars will take them anywhere they want to go. We do not make any charge, but the public will donate for the material service, but not far the spiritual. There is a line drawn for the spiritual Work and the material. If people want to go any place on the Church cars, if they would rather go on the Church cars than go by rail, if they choose to donate something for the services of the Church cars, that is justifiable. The Church will accept of that. And for meals, they accept donations for meals; anything like that, and for sleeping accommodation in the hotels and places, apartment houses and the like, they accept donations for such as that.

Mrs. Tyers: Yes.

FATHER: But not for the spiritual services.

Mrs. Tyers: Yes, it is Wonderful! (Mrs. Tyers looks at the stenographer and says:) This young writer here is brilliant, taking down all the notes.

FATHER: That is one out of twenty who travels with ME all the time.

Mrs. Tyers: That is just Wonderful! YOU have got an establishment that can't be beat.

FATHER: Now take this along with you and think sympathetically and harmoniously on ME, just think mentally and spiritually, conscientiously and sincerely, and harmoniously, I mean by thinking harmoniously, you will be able to receive a blessing.

Mrs. Tyers: Yes. Thank YOU, FATHER, for taking so much time.

FATHER: That is perfectly all right. I would like for you to get it so you can be blessed.

Mrs. Tyers: Thank YOU, FATHER.

Mr. Tyers: Thank YOU FATHER.

FATHER: You are welcome. Peace!

Mr. and Mrs. Tyers: Peace!





(The secretary speaks firstly as follows:)

FATHER, this is Mrs. Rose Barnes of Plainfield, New Jersey.

FATHER: Mrs. Barnes? How are you?

Mrs. Barnes: All right. How are YOU?

FATHER:What did you want to see ME for Mrs. Barnes?

Mrs. Barnes : I wanted to see YOU for a healing. (Mrs. Barnes then explains the nature of her ailment.)

FATHER: I see. Well, I AM quite sure you understand it is not anything I do as a Person to reach your condition. I do not use material remedies or material methods, neither do I use a physical effort or make a physical effort to reach one's condition, but as they make their mental and spiritual contact through the relaxation of their conscious mentality and through stilling one's self, they usually get results.

Mrs. Barnes : Yes.

FATHER: For your condition is reached by the Spirit and through the mind and not by any physical methods or physical efforts, one way or the other.

Mrs. Barnes: Will YOU stop my son from drinking whiskey?

FATHER: If he makes the rightful contact and those with whom he may be concerned. That is to say if you make the rightful contact with implicit faith and he makes the contact sympathetically and harmoniously, it can be accomplished. Thousands of people have been healed from the habit of drinking and smoking. Not a true follower of MINE would smoke a cigarette and I do not have to ask them not to do it, they are just led intuitively not to do it.

Mrs. Barnes: Thank YOU, FATHER.

FATHER: If you have implicit faith and unshaken confidence . . .

Mrs. Barnes: Yes, I have the faith

FATHER: ... and just relax your conscious mentality and still yourself and trust ME wholeheartedly, and without you, even say, seeing ME again, you will get results if you make the rightful contact. And it is not anything you have to especially do to get results, but just have faith —unseen faith—and you will get results, I AM sure.

Mrs. Barnes : Thank YOU, FATHER.

FATHER : Peace.

Mrs. Barnes: Peace, FATHER.








Mrs. Clark: Peace, FATHER DIVINE.

FATHER: Peace. What is your name please?

Mrs. Clark: Mrs. Pearl Clark

FATHER: Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Clark.

What did you want to see ME for, Mrs. Clark?

Mrs. Clark: I wanted YOU to bless my daughter, Mrs. D.; she is sick. That was my daughter that was just in here ahead of me.

FATHER: Yes, she asked for a blessing verbally and if she will ask for it in her heart with a conscientious and sincere prayer in her heart, she will be healed speedily.

Mrs. Clark: I also have a sick son. I thank YOU to please my son. Will YOU do that?

FATHER: According to his faith.

Mrs. Clark: He doesn't have any.

FATHER: It is essential for him to have faith. People have been protected and blessed, but yet it is essential for them to have some faith in GOD. To contact the source of all supply, one should have faith to reach the throne of grace, while yet many people do contact ME for friends, relatives or kin and they get results to some extent, but of course, one must have faith for themselves to get a complete deliverance such as they should have.

Mrs. Clark: Thank YOU FATHER.

FATHER: Okay. Of course, I have lots of people call on ME when their sons have even gone to war and on the firing line and they have returned unhurt and unharmed.

Mrs. Clark: Thank YOU FATHER.

FATHER: It is Wonderful! So just have faith.

Mrs. Clark: Thank YOU FATHER.

FATHER: You are welcome to attend our meetings and if you would like to have a little more time to get in closer contact with ME, MYSELF and MOTHER DIVINE and the rest of us, if you come down to Philadelphia some time, it may be possible to do so.

Mrs. Clark: I would like to but I will be leaving in a few days.

FATHER: Well, it wouldn't make much difference, because it is not necessary to contact ME Personally especially, because I AM in all parts of the world— Europe, Asia, Africa, Switzerland and all over the world. You might be interested to know that we have correspondence in all parts of the world, and now I AM sending out letters of correspondence to different ones in all parts of the world. (FATHER then shows Mrs. Clark some of HIS outgoing mail to Switzerland, Panama Canal, Australia and Germany as well as other parts of the country, then shows her some of The New Days with pictures of the Peace Mission activities in the different countries. FATHER continues speaking:) That is Switzerland and that is in Panama and that is Africa. And I have daily correspondence from all parts of the world.

Mrs. Clark: My, that is wonderful.

FATHER: So you may let your son as well as your friends know that if they are not here, I can reach them wheresoever they are.

Mrs. Clark: Thank YOU, FATHER.

FATHER: Peace, and many blessings.

Mrs. Clark: Peace.



13-17 WEST 128th STREET NEW YOR,K CITY, N. Y. NOVEMBER 19, 1950 A.D.F.D. TIME: 6:40 P.M.


Ladies: Peace.

FATHER: Peace. (FATHER turns to one of the ladies and says:) What might be your name, please?

Lady: Mrs. H.

FATHER: All right, Mrs. H. What did you want to see ME for?

Lady: For blessings, FATHER, for my health and affairs.

FATHER: I see. It is not anything I do as a Person, but as you contact ME mentally and spiritually, as I just told the other two ladies, matters can be adjusted satisfactorily regardless to what the problems or conflicts may be, for GOD is a Panacea for every ill, for every ailment and for every complaint; the Adjuster of all matters and can and will adjust matters satisfactorily.

If you contact ME conscientiously, sincerely and sympathetically, your prayers can be heard and answered speedily, for your prayers are your heart's sincere desire, unuttered and unexpressed. As it is written of ME:

"You know not how to pray as you ought, but the Spirit itself maketh intercessions for us in groanings which cannot be uttered; for he that searcheth the heart knoweth what is the mind of the spirit. For he maketh intercessions for the saints according to the will of God."

So if you can contact ME from that angle of expression and just relax your conscious thinking and overlook every human imagination and every human preconceived idea and opinion that would be controversial, I can and will adjust matters satisfactorily for you. I AM happy to see you two ladies, and you are welcome to attend again if you wish to.

Ladies: Thank YOU very much, FATHER.

FATHER: May I have your address, or do you happen to have a card? (Ladies give FATHER their addresses)

FATHER: If you would desire to come and attend our meetings, you are welcome to do so, but you are not required to do so unless you wish to, as I AM in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Panama Canal Zone and Australia.

Mrs. E.: We read about that.

FATHER: So I really don't have to go anywhere as I AM recognized to be Ever and Omnipresent, but for the good of individuals, it is better to recognize I AM Ever Present and a present help in every need.

Ladies: Thank YOU, FATHER.

FATHER: You are welcome. Peace, and many blessings.




13-17 WEST 128th STREET NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. JUNE 25, 1950 A.D.F.D. TIME: 2:20 P.M.



(After the introductions, FATHER speaks firstly as follows:)

All right, Mrs. Twiggs, what did you want to see ME for?

Mrs. Twiggs: I stay sick all the time.

FATHER: I see. Okay. It is not anything I do as a Person to reach your condition, but the same as when you would pray to GOD before you heard of ME Personally, you would have to have faith and unshaken confidence for your prayers to be heard and answered. So since you have met ME or you have come to ME — come to ME in the Name of GOD — the song says,

"Take your burdens to the LORD And leave them there.
If you trust and do not doubt,
HE will surely bring you out.
Take your burdens to the LORD .
And leave them there."

Now if you will leave your burdens here by relaxing your conscious mentality and by stilling yourself in all sincerity, have implicit faith and unshaken confidence and contact ME continually, harmoniously, you will get results.

Mrs. Twiggs: Thank YOU, FATHER

FATHER: The Mouth of GOD has declared it. Peace, and many blessings.

Mrs. Twiggs: Thank YOU, FATHER. Peace!




DECEMBER 26, 1946 A.D.F.D. TIME: (About) 8:15 P.M.



(The interview opened with the brother speaking as follows:)

Peace, FATHER!

FATHER: Peace! How have you been?

Brother: Well, I have been improving wonderfully ever since the work of that radium. It looks like I took on new life. My weight was down to 134 pounds and now I weigh about 159 pounds.

FATHER.: I see. That is good.

Brother: FATHER, I want to thank YOU to forgive me for all my sins. I thought when I made a confession in California that when I came up here, I thought it was all that was necessary. I didn't know I had to make the same confession.

FATHER: Well, you never made the confession to ME and you claim to know Who I AM, do you not?

Brother: Yes, Sir; I do, FATHER.


Confess to GOD, Not Man

FATHER: Well, you should make your confession to GOD and not merely make it to men or your associates, those to whom you would like to tell something like lots of you do; but when you confess your sins they aught to be exposed to GOD in all sincerity as a confession and then the forsaking of the thing that you confessed. To confess anything and not forsake it, it profiteth nothing; but to forsake the thing that one does that is known as the sin and turn from the ways and the ideas and opinions that caused you to do the thing that is wrong, that has brought afflictions and sickness and disease upon them. To confess your sins is not sufficient, but "He that confesses his sins and forsakes them shall have mercy" or shall find mercy ; and after forsaking them, get away from the mind and the spirit that leads to such, that causes the mind or spirit — that causes the sin — that causes a person to sin.

Brother: My trouble is complications.

FATHER: Well, what kind of complications are they?

Brother: It was T. B. first, then hemorrhoids in the rectum and then there was syphilis, gonorrhea and then a slight rupture.

FATHER: Is this the hand that is ...

Brother: Yes, this is the hand.

(At this time FATHER looked at one of the brother's hands which had been previously affected with a cancerous growth.)

Brother: The hand is all healed up now.


Necessity of Faith

FATHER: Well, I knew I had started healing your hand once before and it was pretty well healed, but now you have to have the faith and as I said, confess and forsake and get rid of the kind of spirit or mind and disposition and characteristics and ideas and opinions that brought such conditions. That is what I AM talking about — not just forsaking or ceasing to do the thing that is wrong but cease the existence of the spirit and the mind and ideas and opinions and characteristics and disposition that create such conditions that cause you to be led erroneously, that cause you to do the thing that was wrong to bring the affliction and sickness upon you. See, that is the great essential. Now there is as much contagion in the mentality and in the world in which one lives mentally and spiritually, as there is contagion in the physical conditions of those who have contagious germ disease and are congested together, that would create or cause such to be increased and multiplied by contact.

Brother: FATHER, when I try to concentrate on YOU, why, it seems like something just like a wall in my head — just like nothing can come in and nothing can go out-just like there was a wall.

FATHER: Well, the preconceived ideas and opinions, human tendencies, fancies and pleasures, hereditation handed down traditionally, all of those tendencies you must fast from within you and such kind will come out with fasting and with prayer. As you have heard ME say from time to time, such kind cometh out with fasting and with prayer. You fast from every human tendency, fancy and pleasure that is detrimental, all of those things that are not expressing love, unity and tranquility. Fast from those things. Fast from preconceived prejudices, fast from hobbies and habits and erroneous gifts and talents.

Now I know you have been mentally a baseball fiend, haven't you? You have thought of that more than you have on ME, though you play music and so on like that; but your thoughts have been stressed in that direction and in the way of race and creed or color, whichever. That is detrimental; that is rotten. It is rotten mentally and spiritually and it will affect you continually physically if you will allow those rotten tendencies and preconceived ideas and opinions of prejudice and division to have access within you. When you write ME and anything you have said to ME practically it was always on the topic of same old so-and-so baseball consideration. You esteem to see someone whom you thought or think was of your complexion or your national origin or something of that sort, win on the baseball field. Any racial, national, origin-al tendency of division and self is detrimental; it is eliminating the prospect of unity and tranquility; therefore, you could not expect to succeed with victory over conditions that result as such as you have experienced in your system, for those rotten thoughts and rotten characteristics and tendencies handed down traditionally are absolutely detrimental and as they are they produce the results of themselves in your physical system and your body is the outward expression of your mental and spiritual conception. That is the mystery.

So, if you want to get rid of those conditions, get rid — I mean of the physical conditions resulting from sin — as you know but not knowing directly how they began and how they developed and continued, it is not like you could not get rid of them — you get rid of them; you get rid of those things mentally and spiritually and all of the characteristics and disposition that you had within you and had been controlling you mentally and you will get rid of those conditions. The thing that causes the afflictions is the thing to get rid of, it is true; though the hand was cancerous and the condition the same, it was essential and it still is essential to get rid of the cause of the effect mentally and spiritually and characteristically and dispositionally and those conditions will not come again in another part of the body.


Fast Out the Cause

I have chased the cancerous condition from your hand—healed it; and other parts from time to time; but the faith you have, it is a faith extended, but yet you cannot get it out of your system until you fast the cause out of your system and all that is created or creates antagonism menta11y and spiritually and the creation of those characteristics and disposition and deeds and actions mentally and spiritually, antagonistically, that afflicts you mentally and spiritually and causes antagonism in your mentality and negation in your consciousness. It will continue to develop in negative conditions existing in your system until you get rid of those things mentally and spiritually. That is the mystery.

Brother: Another thing I do, FATHER — I guess it is against YOUR, Teaching — is listening to stories that have love scenes in them.

FATHER: Well, all of those things, such kind cometh out with fasting and with prayer, because hereditive tendencies prenataled within you from a physical point of view are detrimental, of course, and as long as you live in that world where those things exist and you sympathize or harmonize with the thoughts of them, even though you do not commit the very offenses physically, you are made subject to vanity unwittingly and at times, if you are conscious of it, unwillingly; because it would constrain your mind to be stressed in that direction instead of being led in the positive instead of the negative. So, those thoughts axe well worth considering.

If you will take cognizance of this and now rid yourself of all of those hereditive tendencies and fast them out of your system completely and get away from tradition and orthodoxy and hereditation and be a new creature completely and know within yourself you are no race or creed or color, even though it was prenataled within you, even though it has been handed down traditionally—just know a new birth of freedom would give you a different version and such kind will come out with fasting and prayer. Fast from all of those tendencies by refusing to sympathize or harmonize with them.


Fasting From Fear

The same as fear — you fast from fear by refusing to be fearful, by refusing to do what fear would suggest for you to do. You fast from prejudice by refusing to sympathize or harmonize with that of the suggestion of prejudice; for they are the things that cause you to act upon the impulse of the moment mentally and it affects you physically because it uses your energy as well as your mentality and it controls your physical system and causes such conditions to result as would be in the conflict and struggle physically, although it is only a conflict and struggle against other minds mentally and spiritually. You see the mystery? Well, it is Wonderful! I AM very glad to know that you have felt so much better; but again, as I say, owing to the condition you should have a private room for sleeping accommodations.

Brother: Well, FATHER, they are making a private room now.

FATHER: Well, you should have one and you should have had one all along and you should also have a private bath owing to the condition.

Brother: Thank YOU, FATHER.

FATHER: And eventually you would or could overcome those conditions; for greater is HE that is within you than all of those afflictions and complications of diseases and the mentality or thoughts and mind and ideas add opinions that are within you, could be against you. Greater is MY Spirit and MY Life and it can throw off all of the conditions just as it did the hand; can make you completely whole if you will adhere to MY Message. Okay.




JANUARY 1, 1947 A.D.F.D. TIME: 6:15 P.M.

This instructive but brief Office Talk was given as a sequence to a beautiful interview proofread earlier in the day that had been given by FATHER to a brother seeking a healing. One of the secretaries mentioned how beautiful the interview was and FATHER replied as follows:

It was right to the point. That is why I wanted others to hear it. Now you see, there is a twofold meaning there. It was an effect in his physical system — sick and afflicted with different contagious germ diseases that he had caught by physical contact by violating the law of health physically, and by violating the law of GOD and of man, that brought physical results that were in evidence in his experience or affliction and he desired to rid himself of those conditions, but desired to continue to do the thing that was the immediate cause of those conditions.

He desired to continue to do the thing physically that was the immediate cause of those conditions, in which he should have got rid of the spirit of the thing that led him or inspired him to do the things that caused him to get the affliction.

So, to get rid of the immediate cause would not be very profitable unless he ceased to do the thing that caused the affliction, or rid himself of the thing that caused him to do the things that caused the affliction.

Secretary: He got rid of the hand condition at one time, didn't he?

FATHER: Yes, his hand was healed very good.

Secretary: Did it all come back?

FATHER: The hand was healed, but the condition is in other parts of his body or some such condition equivalently the same. Therefore, it was essential for him to get rid of the cause that caused the condition, you see, because he, being afflicted with an affliction that was caused by a contact with others and having caught the germ of the disease or diseases, no doubt, through the contact, and that was wrong to make that contact; but the essential was to get rid of the cause that would cause him to desire to make the contact and then he would not have desired to make the contact that would cause the affliction.

So there were causes to be overcome before it got to the main issue, but the main issue, the effect of the cause and the outward expression of that condition resulting in contagious diseases and physical afflictions, were sought to be eliminated; but if he had got at the cause that inspired him to desire to do the things that brought about the affliction, that would have been the fundamental that would have been the great essential. But having ceased action of such as that of which was the immediate cause of the affliction, through faith it did effect a cure to a certain extent, but still back of it, the spirit and the nature that caused him to do the things that caused the condition, may result in the same affliction again.





Even the Jesus-ship degree cannot reach the conditions of some of the people. It takes nothing less than the FATHERSHIP degree. Of course, if it is something that you have inherited, you must go deeper in faith than that of an ordinary conversion, or from a theoretical point of view. It must be a real awakening in the heart to change the physical condition. And when there is an awakening in the heart, the Christ is resurrected in your mind, and comes forth within volitionally beyond your personal control, and without your personal consideration. Why, there and then, something has awakened in you which was in Christ Jesus — that Law of the Spirit of Life — that is the Law that will free you and that is the faith far above the mortal versions. So it is a Wonderful thought!

(At this point FATHER refers to one who has an apparent affliction that is very noticeable. HE continues to speak:)

I thought, now I AM not trying to force anything on him, but if he would be awakened into this recognition according to your testimonies concerning ME, and would be convicted and awakened to it sure enough by the Spirit, why then, it would change his physical condition and that physical hereditive expression and affliction would disappear; because to be a new creature is the great essential. But just to continue with the same disposition and say, "I believe," that man does not believe in GOD. To have a new mind, you must be transformed by the renewing

of your mind.

Secretary: The thing is to know GOD.

FATHER: "No man knoweth the Father but the son, and no man knoweth the son but the Father, saving him to whom the son will reveal him." So it is a wonderful thought. But to be born again out of all ideas, characteristics and disposition — the accent and every other versionated expression and concept demonstrated and reflected — and be a new creature completely, that is the mystery. It is Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!

(At this point FATHER again refers to another individual who had an affliction that seems to be getting worse, because the individual seems to be getting further away from HIM. FATHER continues:)

It is Wonderful! Just think about how there are those, some who have been with ME and some have started and did not continue, and some seem to be closer, and why are they closer? Some seem to be further away; why, it is some cause for it.

(And with a few more remarks, this little talk drew to a close.)

Miracle Of Good Health

What Seems To Be TheTrouble?



  1. Miracle Of Good Health  What Seems To Be TheTrouble?








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