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The Lamb and the Bride


The Lamb and the Bride





As the message had been conveyed to FATHER that Dr. Stein had a chronic heart condition and was desirous of speaking with HIM, FATHER, in HIS great compassion and consideration for all humanity, went downstairs to one of the offices on the first floor rather than have the doctor ascend the stairs to FATHER's private study located on the second floor. As FATHER entered the office, Dr. Stein and his secretary were invited to come in, after which the interview followed with FATHER speaking as follows:

FATHER: I thought I would come down and speak with you so that you would not have to come upstairs.

Dr. Stein: Well, I appreciate that very much. The reason I am here is—I really don't know, to tell YOU the truth, now that I am here. I really don't know what to say. I have an optical office between seventeenth and eighteenth on South and I have been born and raised in this neighborhood, and I have been established here for about twelve years and I have a lot of YOUR followers as patients of mine and they are wonderfully fine, and I just wanted to know if there was some possible way that I could let more of YOUR people know that I am here and I am also gathering data on an article which I intend to publish in the future and I am doing a survey on eyes, ocular conditions and the vision throughout the City, and I just want to know if YOUR people would be interested to come on an educational tour through my office to see what is being done, how it is being done, and that's about all.

FATHER: It is quite different from—your errand is quite different from what it was presented to ME. It was presented to ME that you wanted to contact ME for MY professional, in other words, spiritual and professional assistance for a certain, as aforesaid, heart condition that you had. They stressed that it was as if though you desired to see ME to that end. Now if I would have borne record it was something for ME, since I AM disinterested in anything for MYSELF or those who are with ME, especially, I would not have been so anxious to get to see you after you came, because I have many on list who are seeking MY assistance at present; also it is not necessary to contact ME Personally and that is what I told the secretary to tell you the other day, and tell your wife. Are you the wife (as FATHER referred to the secret ay)?

Miss Pride : No, I am not the wife, I am the secretary.

FATHER: I see. And the message that was brought to ME concerning the doctor was that he wanted MY assistance and he wanted to contact ME Personally, having a serious chronic heart condition.

Miss Pride: No, Dr. Stein, FATHER, wanted to contact YOU to talk about the book that he is writing and to seek YOUR aid.

FATHER: Well, I was considering he wanted to seek MY assistance.

Miss Pride: Well, if YOU can help him, I am certain he needs it.


Hundreds Waiting for an Interview

FATHER: Not so much to help ME, but the way you depicted the proposition under his plans, it was far the purpose of helping ME and those with whom I AM concerned. I left MY office work; I have hundreds awaiting to interview, to get an interview, and I usually give five seconds, but owing to the fact that it was depicted so plausibly it was as if though I could be of some service. Of course, that is why I came down, yet I know I AM not considering of being of any service from a personal point of view, because I AM not an M.D. physician, neither AM I a press representative or anything from a personal point of view, doing anything from a physical point of view to reach the conditions of the people; but if they contact ME mentally and spiritually in Europe, Asia or Africa, Australia, New Zealand or anywhere, if they contact ME mentally and spiritually, conscientiously and sincerely, sympathetically and harmoniously, they will get results so long as it is an unselfish and democratic touch.

Miss Pride: Yes, I know, FATHER. I was out at Forty-first and Westminster last night. It was wonderful!

FATHER: Well, I AM glad you came out. You are welcome to attend any of our meetings.

Miss Pride: Dr. Stein wanted to come too, but he got too ill at the last minute. He just couldn't make it.

Dr. Stein: Well, now that I am here, we might change the purpose of our visit. I didn't know it was presented that way at all.

FATHER: Yes, that is the way it was presented and that is how I happened to come down from MY Office on the next floor, because they spoke of you having a chronic heart condition and that it was very serious and this was one of your bad days.

Miss Pride: It is true. It is true.


Contacts Must be Mental and Spiritual

FATHER: And I did not wish to have you come upstairs when I might as well come down MYSELF to you, while yet, it would not be necessary to contact ME Personally. I told the secretary to tell you that when you called, when the calls were made several different times it would not be necessary to contact ME Personally especially, as the contacts that are made with ME must be mental and spiritual and it must be with good faith, doubting nothing, even over the obstructionable barrier of MY Deity and the recognition of it and the declaration of it. If anyone can come over these obstructions and barriers and versions of millions and have implicit faith and contact ME mentally and spiritually, I can do for them what man cannot do, for if it comes through an agency of mankind it is not man that could do it, it is the Spirit. It is written,

"It is not by power nor by might, but by my spirit, says the LORD, God of hosts."

And this declaration GOD made through the prophet and I AM the Fulfiller of that declaration:

"It is not by power nor by might, but by my spirit, says the LORD, God of hosts."

And, of course, when I was pressed upon as if though it was of a serious condition, yet knowing that I AM not an M.D. physician, doing anything physically, or to use any material method or make a physical effort to reach the condition of the patient, I thought I would come and explain it to Dr. Stein.

Miss Pride: It is so sweet, FATHER!

Dr. Stein : Well, that is very nice of YOU FATHER. Therefore, our trip here should have been handled through someone else?

Miss Pride: Miss J. didn't tell us we wouldn't have to see FATHER; it was FATHER we wanted to see.

FATHER: The proposition was not put to ME that it was a business, profession or anything of that sort. It was put to ME as a purely humane, sympathetic and spiritual proposition that Dr. Stein wanted MY professional and spiritual assistance to lift him from the heart condition as it was chronic, according to information given, and he could not get any relief from his physician — M.D. physicians. That was the thought conveyed to ME.


The Doctor Desired to Talk of His Work

Miss Pride: Well, this is the way it really was. Dr. Stein wanted to talk about his book to YOU and at the same time, being an ill man, it was made known to Miss J. that he did want to come here. He was very anxious to speak to YOU, but this cardiac condition kept him from being there last night and shortened his trip here today. It shortens almost everything he does. That is why he was so anxious to come

FATHER: Well, of course, I would like to say before we further go, it is not anything I do from a personal point of view and it is not anything I purchase or buy as a Person. I do not own anything, do not claim anything, and I AM not in any kind of business saving the business of saving the souls of men and their bodies from vice and crime and sin and from all undesirable conditions. When they contact ME from that angle of expression and recognize MY Deity regardless to their profession, business, labor or trade, if they contact ME sympathetically and harmoniously, they get results. So I would like to say that it would not be anything that I would be in a position to do in the act of buying anything or anything of that sort.

Miss Pride: You didn't want HIM to buy anything, did you?" (turning to Dr. Stein.)

Dr. Stein: I don't think FATHER means that in the sense of the word as far as we are concerned. Mine is simply a problem of getting as many people as we can so that I can compile the data. I am not selling a thing. I have thought some of YOUR followers would like to come through and YOU might call it an education. They are not obligated in any way if they come through my place, see how things are done from start to end; then they are at liberty to go wheresoever they please

FATHER: Pardon Me, since it is a matter of public record, what information would you desire to get from the Mission?


Studying Age Groups

Dr. Stein: I would like to get as much data as I can on the ocular conditions of groups of people, the various age groups. I understand YOU have, would YOU say, Rosebuds from fourteen to seventeen or thereabouts in that age group and then YOU have the older folks and that is all I had in mind.

Miss Pride: And then you wanted to see what kind of an effect the life they live had to do with their eyes. I know you said that.

Dr. Stein: I am not selling anything and they are not obligated in any way.

Miss Pride: I mean these people live about the cleanest life you can find and it must have some effect—it must have.

Dr. Stein: I have had a lot of YOUR people as patients of mine and they made a decided impression on me.

FATHER: Well, of course, as I often say, there may be some who may not be quite so impressionable, some who may call themselves followers of MINE, you see, but those who adhere to MY Teaching and live according to same, they are pretty well partakers of MY Nature and Characteristics by association or by being taught in the way of wisdom to the extent that they take on the ideas and opinions that are transmitted from MY daily dealings and transactions. Say for instance, not a true follower of MINE will drink any sort of intoxicating liquor, not even say, wine. - They do drink coffee and tea; although some consider it to be detrimental to the system, to the human system, to drink coffee and tea. They drink coffee and tea and some may drink grape juice, but not even say, wine. I do not believe a true follower of M1NE ever drinks any wine.


No Smoking

A true follower of MINE does not smoke any sort of smokes or anything of that sort. They abstain from those things, if I must say it MYSELF, for the cleanliness of the body and for the preservation of their health and mentality. Therefore, the majority of them copy after the fashion I have shown them that usually produces health and vigor and life and courage, honesty and competence and truth, if I must say it MYSELF. And not only in this office but anywhere; not in this office alone, but anywhere on the public street, if they were to find a million dollars in one dollar bills, they would try to get them to the owners from whom it came. So that is what we teach and emphasize and advocate, the change of the morals and lifting of the morals and to change the characteristics of men as purifying the sons of Levi and purging them as silver and gold are purged.

We purge the vocabularies of the children of men as well as purge or try to cleanse them from the external. The vocabularies and the subconscious mind are changed; where they did live in profanity and think on those terms of obscenity, blasphemy and vulgarity they do not emphasize those thoughts in their minds. Therefore, the majority of them are purged in their vocabularies from those things, even to the extent that they do not even so much as dream obscenely and vulgarly and express those things. That is what I consider to be purifying the children of men; purging them from the cause and the effect of sin by Jesus Christ; and when we get those things out of their thinking they will no longer be made subject to the ailments and complaints of the people physically; for I have declared, I AM Well, Healthy, Joyful, Lively, Loving, Successful, Prosperous and Happy in Spirit, Body and Mind, and in every organ, muscle, sinew, joint, limb, vein and bone and even in every ATOM, fibre and cell of MY Bodily Form.


Practical Psychology

This may be deemed as an affirmation I AM making but as a practical psychologist, as affirmations are logical we make these affirmations until they have been actually established. I AM Vigorous, I AM Well, I AM Healthy, I have no ailments or complaints or anything of that sort. The average person, as you say—I have known lots of people—the average person when they get about forty, they have to wear glasses. I mean the average person; even plenty of them less than that age, they need glasses. Well, of course, I emphasize and advocate purity of mind and of thought, of deeds and of actions so vividly, when they concentrate on it and get it they have healthy bodies and healthy minds and be healthy physically completely.

Miss Pride: Well, Dr. Stein knew, FATHER, that was YOUR Teaching and I have known it for quite a while and I think because he knows of the pure life the followers of FATHER DIVINE lead, that he was particularly anxious to see and examine and re-examine in his mind the effects of the clean and the pure life.

FATHER: That is quite logical.

Miss Pride: I really think Dr. Stein is a little flabbergasted being in YOUR Presence and that is why he hasn't said much.

FATHER: To make the comparison from a scientific point of view, it is a good study to study the characteristics and the disposition of men of different types and of different schools of thought and to see the results they get from a physiological point of view as well as from a mental and spiritual point of view. Of course, I do say and emphasize the fact, I AM not just trying to save those who desire to go to heaven when they die and some such foolishness like that; I mean to save the people alive from sickness, sorrow, pain and death and give them vigor and courage and life and energy to give them the victory over death. That is some of what I AM endeavoring and what I AM doing among many followers and others.


The Peace Mission Movement

Of course, I AM not confined to those who are called MY followers alone. This is not a creed although we do have organizations, but as a whole the Peace Mission Movement is not a creed. We have some organizations under The Peace Mission Movement like the Circle Mission Church and the Unity Mission Church and many different Churches organized and incorporated under The Peace Mission Movement; but MY Doctrine is not the doctrine of a creed it embraces all religions and all humanity, if I may use the phrase. But as you said, Doctor Stein is about a great work if he can bring out and depict the lives of men and show what certain different . . .

Miss Pride: It must make a difference the way you live. It must make a difference in your whole physical person. It has to.

Dr. Stein: That is the sort of thing I have in mind.

FATHER: Sure. Well, it is a great study. No doubt you can bring out a great book that will be an enlightenment to our advanced civilization, although it is advanced to that of orthodoxy; but still it is possible that science and education can, by inspiration, bring out something that will be an inspiration to our present-day advanced civilization and will even eventually shake creation. There are things that are deep down in the human soul not yet revealed generally to the children of men and it is essential to come in contact with those who can awaken those fundamentals lying dormant in your souls and in your consciousness to bring out something that is advantageous to humanity in general and it may be that Dr. Stein is about that work to bring out something.


FATHER Appreciates the Doctor's Aim

I AM not condemning it and not criticizing but to the extreme reverse, I AM in harmony with it to that extent, to say that it may be that I can prove a life that is lived of virtue, of holiness and of democracy in harmony with humanity and not antagonistic and conflicting with it and with them, with your fellow man. You might be able to bring out something that is a light to show others that these true qualities in life as exemplified, can be materialized and physicalated, - in other words, brought into your physical being. The thing you vividly visualize, I have declared, you tend to materialize; but it is your privilege to visualize that which you see good of ME, if there be anything you can see good of ME in MY Works, profession, in MY activities and in MY Mission, in MY attitude towards our fellow men, and see if it cannot be reproduced and multiplied within. Again I say, if I must say it over and over again, if you take cognizance of MY Message a greater picture of ME can be reproduced in your life; greater than that of ME can be reproduced in your life, in your business, in your labor and in your trade. I thank you.

Miss Pride : Thank YOU, FATHER.

FATHER: I regret I have to run, but I have so much work to do. I have hundreds waiting to see ME and yet I have some more to meet elsewhere at some of the other places.

Miss Pride: Well, thank YOU for coming downstairs, FATHER.. I know YOU really went out of YOUR way.

Dr. Stein : Thank YOU very much.

FATHER: I have a great relief now, in a way of speaking, since I AM not thinking on terms of your physical condition; because the physical ailment, the cardiac condition can be eliminated completely if you contact ME sympathetically and harmoniously. It matters not anything about the profession or trade, electricity is operative and expressive and electricity can shock the intelligent and can shock the ignorant. Electricity is a symbol as a sketch and a reflection of the Spirit of GOD transmitted.

Miss Pride: It is Wonderful!

Dr. Stein: Thank YOU, FATHER.

FATHER: Peace!

Dr. Stein and Miss Pride: Peace.


Secretary: FATHER DIVINE, this is Miss Jeanette of New York City.

FATHER: Peace!

Miss Jeanette: Peace, FATHER!

FATHER: All right, Miss Jeanette. What did you want to see ME for?

Miss Jeanette: I have been in bed four years, in and out, and I could not get out but for a little while. I am wearing a spinal support now. I was only entrusted to come out and see YOU. I came out last week but I had to go to bed and stay. They brought me over here in a taxi and I would like to travel all over to YOUR places. I like to get out of bed and I wish YOU would do something to help me with my heart trouble and spine condition!

FATHER: I was telling them this morning when they brought the Mayor's case to ME, of the heart, I said—at least, the doctor or the message brought it out this morning—and I told them it was not anything serious in his case.

Miss Jeanette: Yes.

FATHER: And I said, that which is commonly considered as heart trouble can be cured if the person will take it easy and make the

rightful contact.

Miss Jeanette: Well, I tried everything, FATHER, and I felt that love was the only thing could help the heart.

FATHER: It is true; love for GOD would help.

Miss Jeanette: YOU see, I studied astrology and the different ways of loving people, and it seemed some I can't love. And I love to come over here and I felt maybe I could.

FATHER: Well, it is possible to eliminate almost any ailment or complaint, because Love is truly the panacea for every ill.

Miss Jeanette: Yes, if I could just forget about the ailments.

FATHER: Yes. And as I was going to tell you, if you contact ME conscientiously, harmoniously and sympathetically, automatically, the Spirit works scientifically, because that is the Plan of GOD`that Peace on earth and Good Will toward men and Life and Liberty should have access among them.

Miss Jeannette: Yes.

FATHER: And when Love, as you say, has free access for expression and there is nothing to disturb it, no obstructions or nothing to uproot it, why, automatically it adjusts matters satisfactorily.

Miss Jeanette: Yes.

FATHER: And as in the experience of MY Own and others with whom I have come in contact, it works so supernaturally it is called miraculous. It is considered as if though it would be a miracle, because it is so far-reaching and works out so systematically, but supernaturally it is called a miracle.

Miss Jeanette: That is a wonderful understanding!

FATHER: And all things of GOD, when GOD works, it is supernatural and it is miraculous to the human material mind—to the material concepts of man. They have to rise above the ordinary thought that usually puts them down and keeps them down through superstition, through doubts and fears and the like


Fear is one of the great enemies of the life. As soon as you get something and the doctor tells you you have something like a complaint or murmuring of the heart, or something of that sort—

Miss Jeanette~: Rheumatic heart.

FATHER: Yes, rheumatic heart, or something of that sort—if it pertains to the heart or is near the heart, people get frightened and it brings those things on—while such things could be easily overcome if one could but relax their conscious mentality and cease to struggle mentally, but trust GOD conscientiously and sincerely, and then let that conscientious and sincere desire go out to GOD. For your prayer, to all religions and for all religions—the Jewish, Christians and Mohammedans and all—even if they are not conscious of it—that prayer to GOD which comes from the conscientious, contrite, sincere heart, that desire from the heart which is conscientious and sincere—that is the prayer GOD hears. Regardless to what prayer book they use, that desire or prayer must come from the heart for a person to get the desired results. And Christ, or GOD, is the panacea for all ills.

So, if you can relax your conscious mentality and trust in GOD wholeheartedly, why,

Miss Jeanette: I have gone to all churches but it is YOU I keep thinking of and YOUR books I have to pick up and read.

FATHER: So glad!

Miss Jeanette: And I have been in Christian Science for the last fifteen years. Now I go to a church up here on Eighty-fifth Street; but I still feel I have to come over here, because I see YOU. I just keep seeing YOU.

FATHER: Well, I appreciate that; but I can reach you wheresoever you are, and I can adjust matters satisfactorily when you contact ME sympathetically, conscientiously and sincerely.

FATHER: Because, "It is not by power nor by might, but by my spirit, says the LORD of hosts."

Miss Jeanette: Yes, I understand that.

FATHER: So, if you just rest assured that the Spirit will do it, the Spirit will actually do it, as well as it makes the way possible otherwise, on the material plane, or, I might say, economically, if I must use the economic surrounding with which I AM concerned as a Sample and as an Example to show how one can accomplish all things and can overcome every obstruction— every difficulty—every adverse and undesirable condition — by merely trusting conscientiously and sincerely in the infinite.

"He that puts his trust in me shall never be confounded."

Miss Jeanette (happily): I sort of forget the heart when I am around YOU, or when I think of YOU or think of travelling to YOU. I had been thinking of getting to Pennsylvania and Jersey first. I didn't know how to get around in Jersey after staying in bed four years —I lost track of how to live and travel.

FATHEB: Oh, you can go off on pleasure trips—not necessarily exciting ones or that would cause excitement.

Miss Jeanette: No, spiritually though, I want to travel.

FATHER: Yes, travelling in Spirit with something in mind that is harmonious to your thought and sympathetic with your ideas concerning ME, concerning MY Work and Mission.

Miss Jeanette. Yes, yes.

FATHER: and matters not where you may be, it is just as operative and just as expressive; it can and it will help you and bless you.

Miss Jeanette (rising) Thank YOU, FATHER! THANK YOU, FATHER!

FATHER: I thank you. Peace and many blessings.

Miss Jeanette: Peace.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1948 A.D.F.D. TIME: 11:20 P. M.

FATHER: What is your name again?

Mrs. Elward: Isabelle Elward.

FATHER: I see. All right, Mrs. Elward, what did you want to see ME far?

Mrs. Elward : I would like to be healed. I have had a heart ailment for four or five years and I just stagger along day after day. I am not able to do any work at all much and I don't see very good at nights, and I have been to doctors and doctors and they don't seem to do me any good.

FATHER: I see. Well, of course, one thing that would be helpful would be to abstain from all anger and excitement in a negative direction. But, of course, I have heard people say you should not even rejoice or laugh or anything of that sort when you have a weakness of the heart; but if you have something to rejoice for and be glad, I do not deem that to be destructive and detrimental as resentment, anger and prejudice, or any of those characteristics or dispositions, because they are destructive. Resentment and anger and excitement in a negative direction, it poisons one's system and creates at times a congestion which the heart is not able to control. So therefore, it is essential for one to overcome temper, resentment and anger and bring their bodies into subjection to the Life and the Teaching of Christ; and there is a calmness that will come within as you think on Christ in all sympathy, conscientiously and sincerely and realize GOD can and will adjust matters satisfactorily through your faith you have in ME—for Christ is a panacea for every ill but one must have faith to believe it and it is according to one's faith—so it will be.

So, if you can but make the rightful contact, as I say, it is not necessary to contact ME Personally especially.

Mrs. Elward: I see.

FATHER: You could have received the same results elsewhere, as you could have made the rightful contact mentally and spiritually;

Mrs. Elward: I see.

FATHER: and then relax your conscious mentality and still yourself—you can get results wheresoever you are.

I have followers in New Zealand and elsewhere of whom have not seen ME Personally, but just believing on ME or into what they have heard, they have received the same results. So it really means something to have faith.

Mrs. Elward: Yes.

FATHER: And as a Person I do not put MYSELF on the record in the consideration— not even in the illustration—because I know it is not ME as a Person that is doing anything to help but by MY Spirit a11 things are made possible.

It is written,

"It is not by power nor by might"

Not by the power of the army and navy or governmental power or governmental authority nor any other organizational authority that can reach the condition as effectively as the mental and spiritual that will go in even when the door is shut, and will make the way possible where there is no possibility in evidence.

So if you can but realize these things and with just plain faith as a child, relax your conscious mentality and still yourself and trust GOD and obey to the, best of your ability, MY Spirit and MY Presence will be with you and it will not be by the power of philosophy nor the theories nor doctrines of men but by MY Spirit you will have power to overcome and you can be restored to health again.

Heart ailments are not as incurable as many other ai1ments. Of course, it does seem as at times that it is dangerous to the mortal person in question, but if the person has implicit faith and unshaken confidence and relies on the Infinite and trusts GOD conscientiously and sincerely, they are obliged to get results, for it is written,

"Before they call I will answer and while they are yet speaking I will hear."

"Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened."

So when you have sought in all sincerity you may relax your conscious mentality and still yourself and trust ME wholeheartedly without seeing ME Personally. Try to X-rayly behold the reality through every theory and every doctrine and every concept of MY Personal or of MY Personage—for the personages of individuals, even the Person of GOD, is not the thing that I offer to guarantee a cure or a deliverance, but it is MY Spirit that permeates and penetrates all space and all obstructions—even the earth and the mountains thereof—it is penetrated by MY Spirit. It is X-rayly penetrated. It goes through all obstructions and oppositions— even the tangibilated and material obstructions that may be in the way; it goes through them and reaches the condition of the patient, and the person is made healthy and happy according to the faith they have in ME.

Mrs. Elward: Well, I believe that YOU can heal me, FATHER. I have been trying to get to see YOU for a long time.

FATHER: I see. Well, you just keep the faith and I will be pleased to hear from you for the benefit of others, as you are blessed and healed, so that others might also realize they can; and through faith as they even know of what you have received, whether they see or know ME or not, it matters not; they will get results through the faith they have.

Mrs. Elward: I see.

FATHER: It is contagious. It goes forth, for others catch it. For,

"Evil communications corrupt good morals; ill qualities are catching as we}1 as diseases, and a person is known by his or her company keepers."

Therefore, the good qualities and the good characteristics and nature and attributes and disposition are catching, as well as diseases, for they, too, are contagious in the positive as the reverse is contagious in the negative.

So take these thoughts to consideration and I can and will be with you.

Mrs. Elward (rising): All right Thank YOU, FATHER.

FATHER: Peace, and many blessings.

Mrs. Elward: Peace.



So many people have the heart trouble, high blood pressure and all such detestable abominable ailments as those just mentioned, nervous breakdowns and the like; if you get the versions of Adam and Eve and the serpent's out of your consciousness and will not allow those versions to have access within by expressing their characteristics and their disposition, you can be freed from the prospect of heart trouble, high blood pressure and from nervousness and everything else. Can you not see the mystery?

Those conditions come through and by resentment, anger, prejudice and bigotry and other detestable tendencies handed down by tradition and by hereditation through Cain, Adam, Eve and the serpent's versions. I drove all of those versions out of the Garden of Eden. Can you not see the mystery?

So if you take cognizance of this Message, you will be free from the prospect of having the heart trouble. Everyone who is going around with heart trouble, high blood pressure, nervous conditions and all of those detestable tendencies, it is because of the works of the "other fellow" in you, but I came to destroy the works of the "other fellow." I have destroyed it in many and destroyed it in you when you first knew of ME. But you went back and got those old detestable characteristics and disposition and even took on the nature and the life of Adam, Eve and the serpent and Cain; for those characteristics are enmity against you and against your well-being, but you may think they are for you. They work destructively to you.

So these thoughts are well worth considering, but many of those things can be warded off and you can rid yourself of them or the prospect of those conditions that those characteristics bring by refusing to indulge in the ideas and opinions and the characteristics and the disposition that was handed down by Adam and Eve and the serpent by tradition.

APBIL 1-2, 1939 A.D.F.D. TIME: 2:25 A.M.

To right the wrong you have done your fellowmen is one of the great essentials, as I afore said; for it causes the person at times to feel harmonious and eliminates and eradicates and dispels resentment, anger and prejudice from the hearts and minds of the children of men. When this is eradicated from the hearts and minds of men, they are more susceptive to the Spirit of GOD'S Presence, and they have a stronger power within in evidence, in outer expression, whichever, to fight against any contagious or incurable disease germ that might be existing.

When you are resentful, when you are angry when you are filled with prejudice, when you are doubtful, when you are fearful, you do not have the energy and the vitality and the ambition to overcome such undesirable conditions as you may have to come against you, such as diseases, afflictions and your daily tasks of life. By not having the energy and ambition to overcome those things, at times you go under with some sort of a complaint.

Many people die with the heart trouble because men have not paid their honest debts that were due them. Because of resentment, because of anger, because of prejudice, because of jealousy and other detestable tendencies, they weaken, they become to be weak, whichever, mentally, they become to be sick physically and then they are susceptive to the contagious germs and diseases and other afflictions which befall them. Such is the cause of much death in the land. You may cause a person to die by not doing that which is just and right, because of the person seeing and knowing you have not come up to your obligations. You fail to do the thing you should have done, and by so doing he may be resentful, he may be angered at it and he may become to be prejudiced towards you; and hence he may become to be doubtful and fearful. Hence, it may cause the person to have the heart trouble.

That is the reason for so many heart failures among the people — because of the different individuals at times that have mistreated them and because of the mistreatment of others with which infliction they have imposed upon others, it causes the reaction of such to be reflected in the hearts and the bodies of the children of men, by which many have suffered, by which many have died, have passed away, whichever, and caused much misery and disappointment and bereavement among the children of men. I thank you.








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