"The Significance of The Recognition of The Positive.

"The Spirit of Enthusiasm Will Create Such a Merriness You Will Not Look
For a Day Set Apart as Christmas." --- FATHER DIVINE


Our FATHER'S Message at the Banquet Table 20 west 115th Street New York City, N. Y.
Monday, December 24th, 1934 Time 11:30 P.M.



MOTHER DIVINE and a group of Followers
at the Mount of the House of the LORD







PEACE EVERYONE! GOOD HEALTH, GOOD WILL and a GOOD APPETITE, with GOOD SUCCESS and a HEART FULL of MERRINESS- for this is what the Tree of Life produces and actually brings it into materialization that you might enjoy it, not one day but throughout all eternity.

This is about the time that is commonly known in mortal consciousness as Christmas time but in the Divine Mind we know there is but one Eternal Day. Therefore we are expressing this real, one eternal Christmas, for it is the highest mass ever expressed in and through all the Church. For this cause we are rejoicing, not because the people think it is Christmas time, but because the real Christmas is uppermostly in our minds, at any and all times. Some have transposed the version of Christ-mass to Divine-mass, the high mass of Salvation that we are holding daily, expressing the Spirit of Merriness in our deeds and in our actions through our emotions, by this great emotional enthusiasm that we are expressing.

Now we are entering into the time that is known by the mortal version of men as Christmas time, but we are expressing daily, in and around these Banquet Table, just what they are expressing on the twenty-fifth day of December.

As a Sample and as an Example I stand. As the first Heaven and the first earth shall pass away, even so, the respect to especial holiday shall also pass away. So long as you are divided in your thoughts, to set apart some special day to praise GOD, it is an outward expression of non-wholeheartedness and non-complete consecration to the service of your Maker. But when you live in the conscious realization of GOD'S Presence, when you shall have brought bodies wholeheartedly into subjection and live it daily, the very Spirit of Merriness will fill and thrill every part of being, and all of being. Therefore you will not be waiting for Christmas time to say A Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year has come to stay, right down here.

The Spirit of GOD'S Presence Being Born Daily

If man could have long since learned the great significance of the recognition of the Everpresence of GOD, they would not have set apart a special day and kept it up, to worship GOD, as being in Spirit and in Truth. The day of worship is not confined to a special holiday. we should worship GOD in Spirit and in Truth, throughout all eternity. When we bring into our conscious realization, the actual Presence of GOD, and live it, we will be filled with the Spirit of Merriness, and our deeds and actions will be the expressions of enthusiasm.

"A merry heart doeth good for it is a medicine, but a broken Spirit dries the bones."

By this recognition, the very Spirit of GOD'S Presence is actually being born in the hearts and minds of men daily. When CHRIST is born in your realization, born in your conscious recognition, the very Spirit of enthusiasm will create such a Spirit of merriness, until you will not look for a day set apart as Christmas.

Christmas means Christ-mass, but we are privileged to say today, we have this one eternal Christ-mass, for we are holding High Mass each and every day- eating and drinking, and enjoying the goodness of GOD'S pleasure, by realizing there is no other, and we would not look for HIM if there were another.

The first Heaven and the first earth have passed away

These expressions of harmonious conditions that bring consolation to the mind, they are passing away, where they have not passed away, but the Spirit of GOD'S Presence is recreating an harmonious condition that satisfies your minds completely. Hence, I create a new heaven and a new earth, wherein dwelleth Righteousness. By so doing, I AM also dispelling your preconceived ideas and opinions concerning your pre-fancies and tendencies in the way of merry making.

Now just think of millions and millions of people today, that are filled with the Spirit of merriness and enthusiasm, through the conscious realization of GOD'S Presence on the material plane. What could be greater consolation, than to know in reality, there is a Principle functioning on the plane upon which you are living, that will adjust matters satisfactorily, and satisfy your every desire? This is a consolation in itself. It is appeasing to your conscious mentality, and it satisfies your subconsciousness, for your subconscious mind is a partaker of your conscious thinking. When you cease to think consciously, it goes to your subconscious mind. When you are dreaming in your dreams at night, they are the preconceived ideas and opinions of someone or the opinions you have preconceived selves as individuals. These preconceived ideas and opinions conceived in your consciousness, you may forget about them consciously but they will enter into your subconsciousness and reveal themselves to you in your dreams or in some of your emotions unthoughtfully.

The Positive Conception

The positive, the real and the true, these qualities have become to be a real conception in the consciousness of millions through recognizing GOD'S Presence as the Fundamental, as the IDEAL of Life, and as the only Hope of Salvation. This recognition in itself will cause your subconscious mind to conceive the idea and ideas and opinions that have been preconceived in some other individual that passed those thoughts on to you. The very thoughts that we have been thinking, we will transmit them to others through the thoughts that we are consciously conveying to them. That is the mystery of real practical psychology, it works through your mentality and transmits thoughts to others. As you convey one thought it carries with it the very germs of your pre-inherited tendencies and your preconceived ideas and opinions. That is why it is easy for a person to be an expresser of the nature and characteristic of another. Even though they may not speak it or act it openly, they can reflect it because it is contagious. It is written,

"Evil communications corrupt good morals; ill qualities are catching as well as diseases, and a man is known by the company HE keeps."

Adverse and undesirable conditions are contagious while the desirable is just as contagious if you will let it be. If you will be as susceptive to the desirable as you are to the negative, the desirable will be reflected and by the desirable you will be infected. You are catching the contagious of MY Characteristics. As an Advocator of the positive, the real and the desirable, I AM stressing the significance of the recognition of the positive that you might realize they are as much contagious as the negative. But those that have been registering negation, they are stressing and emphasizing and teaching the negative expression and observing the negative conditions, they are sowing the seeds of negation, causing others to be partakers of them unconsciously. But as a counteracter of those undesirable conditions, a condemner of the negative and as a counter- suggestioner of the undesirable- as the auto-suggestion has brought about an undesirable condition, the counter-suggestion will counteract that which was undesirable conceived in your consciousness. It will make null all those preconceived suggestions.

A Mental Operation

Men have made suggestions of Your negative conditions- the same as an individual came to ME the other day saying, I must have an operation, the physicians say I have three tumors and I must have an operation. This auto-suggestion was made, and the idea was conceived in the individual's consciousness. She must have the operation, unless she allowed the counter-suggestion to counteract that auto-suggestion that was made concerning the operation. But I made a counter-suggestion to counteract that preconceived auto-suggestion, that that suggestion might not work effectively, when and where the individual could be free from those conditions without that suggestion of the operation taking place in HER personal experience.

The suggestion was made and truly it was an operation, for MY Mentality performed the operation and the Spirit of MY Presence is qualified sufficiently to perform any operation necessary. Therefore it is not that I must necessarily say SHE did not need an operation-SHE DID need an operation to extract from HER mentality that suggestion that had been made to HER, because SHE had conceived that in HER consciousness. Therefore it was necessary for MY Mentality to perform a mental operation and take away that suggestion. GOD caused a deep sleep to come upon Adam and took from Adam something. I will take from you and from your mentality, every undesirable condition. Those undesirable condition are firstly conceived through your mentality, so the mentality of humanity must be brought into subjection that GOD might perform a mental and Spiritual operation on your conscious mentality as well as on your subconsciousness. When the performance of the operation is going on you may not know it is being performed, but nevertheless when you change automatically and at times unthoughtfully, because the operation is going on silently.

Truly might have one said,

"He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty."

The Spirit of GOD'S Presence is actually working secretly in your subconsciousness as well as in your consciousness but I AM contacting you consciously that I might work to your subconsciousness and perform the operation. your bodies are filled with the deeds of the body-your bodies are filled with the suggestions of many. The mortal or human suggestions that have been made from your earliest existence, these bodies are filled with these suggestions, these theories and doctrines, the ideas and opinions coming through human superstition. It must be taken away. GOD is Performing an operation daily, for Christ is being born in the hearts and minds of men, Christ is being born every day. Whensoever this suggestion shall have been made convincingly enough in the individuals that shall have conceived the idea, all adverse and undesirable suggestions will be counteracted, and will be taken away. Every Physical Adverse Condition Can Be Eradicated. That is why one said,

"Christ is rich and all I need."

Hence, dial in on the Fundamental, accept of this Principle as the Ideal of Salvation and you will find your minds will be satisfied. you will find you will have your hearts' desires. The satisfying portion is in the Fundamental, the Principle of Whom you say I AM. If there be a question in the hearts or minds of any that are under the sound of MY Voice, relax your conscious mentality for a little while and make up your minds to live according to MY Teaching by denying yourselves wholeheartedly and giving your Spirit, your soul and your Body to the Almighty. Then and there the operation will be performed and you will be free from those conditions, yea, even though they be physical. Every physical adverse condition can be eradicated by the great Universal Mind Substance, for GOD Created the earth and the Heaven by His great Universal Mind in the beginning, not by the material or physical acts of His Hands, but by the Spirit of His Mind. As these things that we now see and hear were created by the Spirit of GOD'S Mind from the mental and Spiritual realm, even so, GOD can eradicate and dispel all negation and all chaotic conditions from your physical system and from your very presence materially as well as Spiritually.

If the Invisible was the Creator of the visible, the Invisible can dispel the visible. When the Spirit only was in existence and nothing else expressible, the Spirit of GOD'S Presence, as being called Spirit, brought into existence all of creation. If it brought it into existence and into observation, the very identical Spirit can disappear it. If GOD can disappear the visible and desirable, tangible expressions, GOD certainly can disappear, and Will disappear the visible, tangible undesirable expressions. Take these thoughts to consideration. Realize, all things that are, they were created by the Invisible One when the Invisibilization of GOD HIMSELF was all that HE was. But when GOD condescended to visibilate things before HE visibilated HIMSELF, it was an outward expression that HE could and would bring into creation visible things at His Own Command, and could and would disappear them when HE pleased. Take these thoughts to consideration, especially concerning the undesirable and chaotic conditions of your physical system; for you as individuals were invisible in the beginning.

Nineteen hundred years ago you were invisible. Some have said, GOD is a Spirit and invisible. So were you all! Everything that is, all things that are, every visible expression that is observable, it was invisible. No man had seen GOD at any time. One time no man had seen GOD for every man was invisible. they all were invisible one time. But GOD made visible man as HE made Visible HIMSELF, although according to the Scripture, HE made visible man first, after which HE made visible many other things and lastly HE made visible HIMSELF. That is why it is written,

"HE taketh away the first, that HE may establish the second. The first Adam is of the earth, earthly, but the second Adam is The Lord from Heaven. "

The Perfect Has Come Take these Thoughts to consideration. Realize, all of your undesirable conditions, though they may be visible, they can be eradicated and dispelled completely from your presence as fast as you allow them to be dispelled from your consciousness. Now isn't this a privilege? Allow all undesirable conditions to be eradicated and dispelled from your presence, whether they be visible or invisible. These will disappear as the desirable appears.

"When the Perfect has come, that which is in part, is done away."

It has no longer an existence. From every angle that which is imperfect shall have no longer an existence. I bring before your mind's eye the perfect picture, the perfect ideal, and the Fundamental from every angle, that you that you might copy after the fashion and be partakers of the very Characteristics of the Perfect instead of the negative.

Now we will go right ahead, regardless of how the oppositions may arise. The Spirit of GOD'S Presence is Sufficient to dispel all undesirable conditions, for

"Greater is HE that is within you, than all they that could be against you."

I think of the different individuals that are caught up in the Spiritual Realm, free from wants, and cares and limitations. they are caught up in the Spiritual Realm by detaching themselves from every mortal version, denying themselves of all fleshly pleasures and all human affections, whether it be relatives or other expressions of human affection. When you shall have denied selves completely of all of those tendencies, the Spirit of GOD'S Presence will work effectively in you and will give you the victory over all adverse conditions. Then and there you can sing as we have sung.

"Free, free, free, as a bird to a tree GOD My Heavenly FATHER set ME free, free as a bird to a tree,"

and you feel GOOD too.

Freed By the Mind of Christ

It is only the mortal version of things that can and will hold you down, but when you throw off the mortal version of things and put on the Christ Jesus Mind, then and there you will be even as I AM, free from all limitations, free from all adverse and undesirable conditions and you can go through the Land free and free indeed. That is why Christ said,

"Wear the world as loose garment."

Christ in the Name of Jesus, knew if you wear the world after the manner of men you would be subject to their infirmities and you would be bound by them. But if you refuse to wear the world after the manner of men and throw of their versions, their theories and their doctrines, their ideas and their opinions, and copy after Christ, the Life of Him, then and there you would be free from all limitations and naught could do you any harm.

Now this is such a glorious Life to live where you are protected, where you are free from adversities, where GOD is your Help in every need and GOD DOES your every hunger feed, where HE Walks within you and guides the way through every moment, night and day. you can say. 'I now am free, free from adversities'; for Christ has declared,

"Lo, I will be with thee."

By this recognition you are broadcasting and conveying the Spirit of Merriness, hence you will not need to go to a Christmas holiday demonstration or celebration, but you can and will be celebrating your Spirit of merriness, by making merry with the Spirit of enthusiasm daily wheresoever you are. Now this is such a glorious life to live, living in the very Presence of GOD, where The Tree of Life is Blooming no longer looking for the mere material trees for Christmas, but in your life there is a Tree of Life over on this side of Jordan, in the sweet field of Eden Here is a Tree of Life a blooming, Here is Rest for you. What are they resting from? You are resting from the superstitions theories and doctrines, ideas and opinion of men, for you have been burdened down with them. The time has been when you would get up in the morning and you could not rest or be satisfied, if you were in a hurry and did not have time apparently, to get down on your knees. At times some of you would get down in your knees and would go to sleep. (Yes, FATHER, we did, came a shout.)


PEACE EVERYBODY! And that would be a sin in your consideration, because you had gone to sleep. you would be burdened all day long and all night long, because you had gone to sleep and forgotten to say your prayers. Formality and Churchanity and all sorts of antics have kept you bound by mortality, for such expressions are the outward expressions of carnality. To be carnally minded is death, but to be Spiritually minded is Life and Peace. you found selves burdened in that way, for the lack of understanding, but since this Light of Understanding has truly come it has lighted up your pathway, it has freed you from those mortal human ideas and opinions and you are no longer burdened, for you are on This side of Jordan, in the sweet field of Eden where the Tree of Life is looming, here is rest for the weary, here is rest for you. Now don't you feel GOOD! (So Wonderful, FATHER, resounded.)

Conventionality, Churchanity and all of the different versions of men, are prisons that you are or have been bound in, but the true Emancipator has come to set you free from all of those different imprisonments, that you might stand in the Liberty wherewith Christ has set you free, and be not again entangled with the yoke of bondage. I thank you.








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From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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