"Praise Is the Multiplicand, Giving Thanks Is the Addition That You Use to Add to What You Have."


FATHER DIVINE'S Thanksgiving Day Sermon

Our FATHER'S Sermon given at the Holy Communion Table of the Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School, 764-772 S. Broad Street,
Philadelphia, PA., Thursday Evening, November 22, 1951 A.D.F.D., Time -- 6:43 P.M.




The Mount of the House of the Lord

FATHER DIVINE at The Mount of the House of the Lord



During the course of the serving of a bountiful Banquet, as is a matter of course with us daily, our Beloved Savior arose, and, to the delight of one and all, blessed us with these significant Words of Spirit and Life with regard to the importance of Praises and Thanksgiving, and also concerning our belief in One Eternal Thanksgiving and the abundant Blessings we receive and should receive daily because of same.

Read, therefore, these blessed Words which follow the song below recorded.

Thank YOU, FATHER Dear!

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, after which is firstly recorded the song sung just before FATHER arose to speak.)

'Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Praise Your Name!
Our Sweet FATHER, how we love YOU! Hallelujah, praise Your Name!'

(FATHER speaks as follows:)

PEACE EVERYONE! It is good to be here! Just to sing that little composition would be quite sufficient to prove that it is good to be here, for when all are touching and agreeing upon the one thing that is needful, there I AM in the midst of them to bless the needy!

It is needful for everyone to praise My Holy Eternal Name, ("Yes, LORD!" came the reply) the Key that unlocks every barred and shut door. It sets the prisoner free, gives Peace and Life and Health. It gives Success and all Prosperity! ("So true!" sanctioned the Congregation enthusiastically.)

For this cause we rejoice and we are happy to say, as we sit in these different Assemblies all over this wide extended plane, recognizing the Presence of the Infinite, praising My Holy Eternal Name, we find Peace is flowing like a river and joy extended this way. We find it is a reality,

'The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the Source of all Supply!'

You find that giving Praise continually, you are multiplying your Blessings over and over again, as many, as many, as many! Aren't you glad! ("Oh, so glad!" came the instant response.) Multiplying your Blessings, as Praise is the multiplicand, giving thanks is the addition that you add to what you have by giving thanks; by giving praise you multiply them! Aren't you glad! ("So glad, LORD!" came the response.)

This day has been set apart, as so to speak, as a great Universal, National American Day; a Day to give Thanks and Praise for the Abundance of the Blessings restored as well as bestowed upon you! At the time of the harvest your storehouses are restored with the Abundance of the Fullness of the vegetables and the grain, showing you and assuring you that you have something to Praise GOD for -- for the Blessings bestowed upon you have caused you to be Successful and Prosperous in your harvest, to gather in the harvest in Abundance and restore your storehouses with the Abundance of the Fullness!

For this cause we are happy to remain here, even though I may apparently be going to the next place to serve in a short time; but I AM here and I AM there now, and I AM everywhere!

But Praise, as afore said, is the Key that will Unlock every Barred and Shut Door! It will set the prisoner free! ("So true!" exclaimed the joyous Assembly in one accord.)

When Paul and Silas were bound in jail and when they gave Thanks continually and prayed and praised, the door was opened, of the jail! They were set free!

The door of every opportunity is open for you! When you give all of the Praises to GOD to Whom All Glory belongs, you find you will not have an occasion to say, "If I had the opportunity to do this, that or any other thing", for the door of opportunity is open for you by giving thanks and praise with all your heart!

I did not arise to comment on the season and the time as a special time for Thanksgiving, but as I arose, knowing it is in the minds of many that are living in mortal consciousness, thinking that this is a day for Thanksgiving -- those of My True Followers, Members and Adherents, they know we have one eternal thanksgiving day and one eternal day of praise! (Loud applause rings out in sanction of this statement.) We do not have to worship tradition, we do not have to adhere to orthodoxy, but commemorating that one time that someone thought to give Thanks for the Harvest, in and after the harvest time, they gave thanks and commemorated a Day by Proclamation for Thanksgiving! But to us, we realize EVERY DAY is THANKSGIVING, and we have ONE ETERNAL DAY OF PRAISE, for we have the Abundance of the Fullness At All Times, and by composition and by declaration we can sing and we can say,

'The Abundance of the Fullness of the Consciousness of Good, no space is vacant of the Fullness thereof!'

Aren't you glad! ("So glad, LORD!" exclaimed the happy Assembly.)

And by this all men will know you are blessed, for the minor prophet declared the fact, "GOD said, Try ME and see if I will not open you the windows of Heaven and pour you out such a Blessing there will not be room to receive it!" If you do not get more Blessings than you can receive, more Blessings that you will have places to put your Blessings, it is a screw loose somewhere! It may sound fanatical.

If it happens to be the Blessings such as I AM receiving, of Thanksgiving and Praise and Appreciation and Admiration, Co-operation and Love and Devotion, these are the Blessings I receive and I do not have room to receive them! (Loud applause rings out.) Wonderful! But if it was money, I would not be in a place in consciousness where I could not and would not have place to receive all the money that would come to ME, if I was in the financial world or in the world and field in which you all are functioning!

Whatsoever it may be of Blessings bestowed upon you, they should also be restored and restored. Your storehouses should be filled and refilled to overflowing financially, as well as mentally and spiritually. Aren't you glad! ("So glad!" came the reply.)

Why go around in lacks and wants and limitations? Why go around in adverse and undesirable conditions when GOD has promised to increase and multiply you? "And of His Peace and of His Increase there shall be no end!"

You see, I have unlimited Blessings and I have no place to put all of the Blessings I AM receiving such as I mentioned, as I do not receive remuneration monetarily or financially; I receive Thanksgiving and Praise, I receive Peace and Joy and Happiness; I receive Life, Liberty, Wisdom, Knowledge and all Understanding. I receive Dominion and Authority, I receive Glory and Honor! I do not have room to receive the Blessings I AM receiving!

If you are working for compensation, as monetary means of compensation, you should have so many Blessings you would not have room to receive them. That is what I AM talking about. Even as I have so many Blessings of Peace, Joy, Happiness, Honor, Dominion and Authority, Adoration, Appreciation, Thanksgiving and Praises until I do not have room to receive the Blessings I AM receiving, of the compensation you all are giving!

'Try Me and see", said He, "if I will not open you the windows of Heaven and pour you out such a Blessing there will not be room to receive it!'

Whatsoever is your ambition, whatsoever is your profession, whatsoever is the remuneration or compensation for your profession, for your service and for your activity, you should have so much of it you would not have room to receive it! But, on the other hand, if you trust GOD implicitly, wholeheartedly, conscientiously and sincerely, and give Thanks and Praise continually, for your giving Thanks, GOD will increase your Blessings! For your giving Praise, GOD will multiply them and multiply them over and over again -- for Praises are the Multiplicands to each and every Problem or Blessings. Praises will solve your Problems and answer your Questions! Aren't you glad!

I need not say more at this instance, for I did not mean to take up so much time, (Oh, FATHER, please talk on!" came the imploring cry from the Congregation) as I AM expected to serve the Banquet at Forty-first Street. (Thunderous applause resounds.) The Unity Mission Church, Home and Training School, Incorporated, of Pennsylvania. (The applause and cheers are deafening.) I AM expected to serve it there at six o'clock, and I see the time is drawing near. I may be a little beyond the expectation of those who are expecting ME and My immediate Staff, and as many as choose to come. I thank you! I thank you! I thank you!






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