The Divine Fairmont Hotel, 2595 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, (formerly Hudson Boulevard),
Jersey City, New Jersey


The Divine Fairmont HotelThe Divine Fairmont Hotel Banquet Table




This Majestic, Historic Hotel, Visited by U. S. Presidents, Purchased in February, 1962 with Cash and without any Indebtedness by The Peace Center Church and Home Incorporated and The Palace Mission Incorporated, two non-profit corporations under the FATHER DIVINE Peace Mission Movement, at a purchase price of $400,000.00, Integrated the Hotel System in Jersey City. This five story, 170 room, block long hotel had served the citizens there for many years with first class accommodations, a beautiful first class dining room, an auditorium and many other services at the same prices that prevailed throughout the Peace Mission Movement.

The Divine Fairmont Hotel Banquet Table The Divine Fairmont Hotel Banquet Table

The Divine Fairmont Hotel

What makes the Fairmont Hotel so different now? "Hospitality", guests say. "The waitresses treat us like we are people now instead of a pocketbook." A prominent Jersey City physician brought his wife to diner at the Fairmont last week because he heard the food is so good . . . A five year resident of the Hotel who has been labeled as never talking to anyone expressed interest and approval of the recent transaction . . . A lady offering one of the waitresses a tip was told of our policy of no tip taking. She remarked in surprise, "Just look at the money you could save in a year on tips." Waitresses got together and signed a menu for FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE. When some of the guests got wind of what was going on they said they wanted to sign it too and send FATHER their love and appreciation.

The Divine Fairmont Hotel Public Dinung Room

I would like to quote here the words of the former owner of the Fairmont Hotel addressed to FATHER DIVINE.

He said, "As a student and teacher of history I have been interested in your work for a number of years. I have marveled at your insight and wisdom: in the influence you have brought to bear on so many lives and in your outstanding leadership as a Divine representative of the universal force. "World leaders who decide the fate of the people and who revolutionize the world in the social, religious, political and moral areas might well be enlightened by the impact you have made. When the history of the twentieth century is written your name will shine forth as a beacon light and your voice will be as incisive as a trumpet in the religious and moral life of America.

"The highest step in human culture is the comprehension of humanity and your work of heartening despairing souls and bringing comfort to millions has unlocked the doors, which has brought about an awareness of a common destiny among all people."

Taken from the New Day of February 24th, 1962, 'Kitty's Korner' , Page 22.



The Divine Fairmont Hotel Banquet Table The Divine Fairmont Hotel Banquet Tqble The Divine Fairmont Hotel

The Divine Fairmont Hotel Auditorium The Divine Fairmont Hotel The Divine Fairmont Hotel
The Divine Fairmont Hotel The Divine Fairmont Hotel

The Divine Fairmont Hotel Banquet Table





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