The Beautiful Divine Riviera Hotel near the heart of Newark, New Jersey,
at the intersection of Clinton and High Streets, was Dedicated by FATHER DIVINE February 18th, 1950
as an Example of the True American Way of Living.

It was Purchased, Owned and Operated on a Strictly Cash and Carry Basis
and Incurring No Indebtedness Whatsoever.



An 8 story, 275 room brick and concrete, fireproof structure, has a large dining room, cocktail lounge and pent house, as well as a Drug Store and other shops on the ground floor. It was acquired for $550,000 which included all the furnishings. It was called "Newark's Million Dollar Hotel" when it was first opened in November, 1922. It Desegregated the Newark, New Jersey Hotel System


The Divine Riviera Hotel

The Divine Riviera Hotel



An excerpt from FATHER DIVINE'S dedicatory message given February 18th, 1950, 9:53 PM

". . . we all must eventually be united together; that is MY purpose for which I came. Aren't you glad!
For GOD in the midst of the children of men shall rule on the throne of their minds
as Lord of Lords and as King of Kings.

". . . And we can rejoice once again to bring you back to the remembrance of those things, for in the beginning of the creation they were all of one language and of one speech and GOD Himself declared it scripturally, 'The people is one'! Now, not anything can be retrained from them to do that which they have imagined to do! Isn't that wonderful?"



The Divine Riviera Hotel

The Divine Riviera Hotel














An excerpt from FATHER DIVINE'S dedicatory message given 2-18-50, 8:40 PM

"A little while ago when one of our honored speakers mentioned these Hotels and acquisitions, such as this one, a first rate Hotel that once upon a time, well I might say, just a few months ago you would be obliged to pay from three dollars and a half and up per day, but under the new management, with MY compliments, you can get accommodations in these first rate Hotels for only two dollars and fifty cents per week. "I thought to call your attention to the fact so that you might know we are not seeking dollars and cents and not endeavoring to racketeer or profiteer on anyone! Aren't you glad?"



The Divine Riviera Hotel The Divine Riviera Hotel Lobby



Again FATHER DIVINE Broke Down the Barriers of Segregation in the United States Hotel System
and that Barrier Will Never Return Again.









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