"The United States Is The Place Where The Law of GOD Personified Is a Reality.

"That's why the United States has been predestined to be The Mount Of The House Of The LORD
Because here the Ark of the Covenant would rest." - MOTHER DIVINE



MOTHER DIVINE'S Words Given at the Service Held at the Shrine to Life at The Mount of the House of the Lord, Woodmont,
September 10, A.D. 1986 F.D. 41









Prior to these Words from MOTHER DIVINE, the Sermon given by FATHER DIVINE on September 14, 1949, was heard via tape. FATHER'S Thoughts in His Sermon on the Destiny of America, and the Salvation promised to people who choose GOD stirred in MOTHER DIVINE, and prompted HER to speak.





Peace, FATHER; Peace, Everyone!

It is so wonderful to have GOD, FATHER DIVINE, speaking those wonderful Words of Truth to us having them reach our ears in His Own Golden Voice, and yet, you all can buy the latest issue of The New Day and get the Words in printed form, and in your quiet time, you can look these Words over and take them into consideration. As FATHER said, "Take these thoughts to consideration."

I just want to acknowledge the fact that we have the answer to all of our problems. I'M speaking of "we" as Humanity. This world is plagued with so many problems, but just in this one Sermon, we have the answer to all of man's problems.

I was thinking of the Children of Israel, how they chose GOD, and GOD chose them. They chose GOD, acknowledging the fact that there was One True and Living GOD. And GOD gave them the Ten Commandments to live by, that Moral Law that would bring them out of superstition and all the misguided traditions which they were accustomed to. And because they chose HIM, HE gave them that Moral Law, and they cherished it. They put the Law in the Ark, and they called it the Ark of the Covenant man's Covenant with GOD and GOD'S Covenant with man.

It's Wonderful to see how the Children of Israel were experiencing as a Nation what GOD told Abraham as an individual:

'Come ye out from among them, that I might receive you.'

Come out from the old and establish the new; and as they were coming out, the most Priceless Thing they had was the Ark of the Covenant.

When the Ark rested, the whole Nation rested, and GOD came and made His Presence known to them on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant between the two Cherubim. At times, other warring Nations came and did battle with them and took the Ark, and at times, the Ark was not with the children of Israel. But whenever the Ark was with them, they prospered, and when the Ark was not with them, they experienced the opposite.


The Ark Of The Covenant Rests In The United States

I AM saying that to say this truly the United States is the Place where the Ark of the Covenant rests. This is the Place where the Law of GOD Personified is a Reality, and this is the Hallowed Spot, not at Jerusalem in Mount Moriah, but in the United States of America in Philadelphia at Woodmont. That's why the United States has been predestined to be the Mount Of The House Of The LORD because here the Ark of the Covenant would rest. Here would be the Solution to all mankind's problems. It is Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!

I just would like to review this Message a little bit with you, because it is significant. There are so many significant points here. FATHER said:

'I AM bringing about the long sought for Universal Fatherhood of GOD and the Universal Brotherhood of man, so that the children of men might live in peaceful and quiet resting places with Victory over all adverse and undesirable conditions.'

Isn't that Wonderful that GOD has come in this Latter Day to establish the Fatherhood of GOD and the Brotherhood of man? Isn't it wonderful to know that GOD is our FATHER, and we are all one Universal Family?

We are not races, creeds and colors; we are not a whole lot of different religions; we are not a whole lot of different nationalities. In this wonderful Unity, there is the Abundance of the Fullness of every desirable Blessing. All adverse and undesirable conditions will fade into their nothingness, when we recognize this wonderful Unity. We will have the Victory over all adverse and undesirable conditions, and as FATHER said:

'CHRIST will save you to the Uttermost if you will allow HIM to.'

Isn't that Wonderful?


Obey GOD And You Will Be Under His Protection

There is a hope for everyone in this CHRIST Consciousness, in the Law of the Spirit of Life that was in CHRIST JESUS. GOD will save you from sickness and diseases; GOD will save you from disappointment and failure; GOD will save you from accidents and all adverse and undesirable conditions will establish your going in the Land of the Living.

We know that if we obey FATHER, and do what HE says, we don't even have to stump our foot, our toe. We know that we don't have to have accidents when we drive from place to place about our FATHER'S business. Isn't it Wonderful?

Isn't it Wonderful that you don't have to live in fear and run to some insurance agency to take out a whole lot of insurance, so that when your house burns down or when you're faced with some libel suits, you have plenty of money? Isn't it Wonderful to know that all you have to do is to obey GOD, and you will be under this wonderful protection? HE is your insurance; HE is your assurance. Isn't it Wonderful that GOD will save you to the Uttermost? It is Wonderful to know GOD. That is why we are rejoicing!

It is Wonderful the way that GOD has saved us. We're living witnesses of how GOD has saved us from so many adverse and undesirable conditions that the people are plagued with. Oh! how we have to be thankful to FATHER DIVINE that we stopped smoking, if we were smoking. We don't have to be faced with lung cancer. So many FATHER saved from lung cancer because they were meek enough and humble enough to obey His Command. Isn't that Wonderful?


No Vulgar Dreams

Isn't it Wonderful that we don't have to be thinking about the curse that has come upon Society today, for we live this Virtuous Life. Let us praise GOD! It is Wonderful! It is Wonderful! They thought we were funny, peculiar and odd and all this, but it's Wonderful to be clean! It's Wonderful to lie down at night, and FATHER says you won't even dream these vulgar dreams, let alone act unseemly in any way. It's Wonderful! It is Wonderful, FATHER Dear, and we love YOU for this beautiful CHRIST Standard that YOU have given to us. We cannot praise you enough. It's Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!

Truly FATHER Dear, YOU have given YOURSELF to us when YOU say, "There you are and here I AM." If it wasn't for FATHER DIVINE, we wouldn't be enjoying all of this. Truly FATHER, there YOU are and here we are. Dear GOD, we thank YOU for taking upon YOURSELF all our infirmities, all of our erroneous thoughts and ideas and opinions that led us down to sickness and disgrace and all of these things. But YOU took it upon YOURSELF, and YOU made us an honest, upright, righteous people. YOU'VE given us honor in place of all of our dishonor. Isn't that Wonderful. How we should praise GOD!


No More Warfare

And FATHER said HE'S going to universalize this.

'In the Unity of the Spirit, Mind, Aim and of Purpose, I AM unifying the children of men all over this wide extended plane.'

In Europe isn't that Wonderful FATHER is over there, breaking down all of the divisions that have caused war after war after war, and truly, FATHER Dear, I can bear witness YOU have done a Great Work since YOU married ME. YOU married after Mussolini hung on a line. One year later, YOU rode into Washington, and YOU unified YOURSELF with Your Creation and broke down those nationalistic divisions that caused so much warfare and bloodshed.

I thank GOD that YOU'RE in Africa. Just since that time, look at all the people of Africa that have been emancipated to receive their sovereign rights as Nations. Isn't it Wonderful? It is truly Wonderful, and YOU are there, FATHER Dear, and YOU are doing a Great Work. YOU are in Asia, the farthest parts of the East, FATHER said the Far East. Isn't that Wonderful? He said:

'I AM lifting up a Standard of Brotherhood, Democracy and Christianity.'

You know, Christianity was not as considered in the Far East, but FATHER DIVINE said HE is lifting up Christianity. It really must be Christianity, because Jesus Personified the Principle of all true religions. There were many had it, but Jesus was the One. It is Wonderful! FATHER says HE is there.

'I AM establishing that which you have sought true Christianity and Americanism as Democracy, to be lifted up in this Country, but it shall be in other countries.'

Wonderful! Wonderful! The coming of CHRIST'S Kingdom on this jewel of a planet earth, is all because we have the precious Gem of all Creation, GOD ALMIGHTY, FATHER DIVINE! It is Wonderful!


Righteous Government Starts At The House Of The LORD

FATHER says, "We shall have a Righteous Government." Isn't that a consolation? Isn't it a consolation? You know, people get sort of numb. When I say "numb" you just can't get too interested because of so much dishonesty and corruption in the officials. But GOD said HE would have a Righteous Government, and we know that a Righteous Government could only come about through people adhering to the Law of GOD the Law of GOD. So FATHER says:

'We shall have a Righteous Government, and all of the Nations of the earth shall flow into it, for this Righteous Government of which I AM speaking is The Mount Of The House Of The LORD that I AM lifting, and they are saying here and there, 'Let us go up to The Mount Of The House Of The LORD, that HE might teach us of His Ways!' '

Isn't that Wonderful?

This is where the Righteous Government starts at the House of the LORD, because no one is right but GOD. No one's right but GOD! All men are liars. There is no good in them. The only good that there is, is GOD! It is Wonderful! Praise His Holy Name! So that's why a Righteous Government begins at the House of GOD. The House of GOD means where you have recognized that GOD is the Head of this House. HE'S the Head, and we are under HIM, and we take orders from the Head of the House. Isn't that Wonderful?


The Holy One Of America

So they are coming from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and they are coming from the South American countries. Where? To the City of Brotherly Love. Not only coming here mentally and spiritually, but they are coming here physically and personally. Wonderful! So we have seen that! We have seen that right here at The Mount Of The House Of The LORD at FATHER's beautiful Banquet Table. They have come and sat down with the Holy One of America and the Spirits of Just men here gathered around the Holy One of America.

They are coming. They have come, and they have been inspired, and it is fulfilled. And it will be fulfilled more, because where can you go to get such Spiritual Enlightenment? Nowhere! Nowhere on this earth plane can you get the Spiritual Enlightenment that you can get from FATHER DIVINE. And it's not just intellectualism, and it's not just theology. It's Reality. I mean, it's Reality! It's Wonderful! Out of the nothingness of us FATHER has worked miracles, without the help of any man, without the help of any Government. Over and above all of their oppositions, over and above every effort that they made to put an end to it, FATHER DIVINE has been and is Victorious! Wonderful! Wonderful!


FATHER DIVINE Still Has the Power

Just of a very recent date, someone was telling ME of someone speaking derogatorily about us to another, and this person was saying, the reason why they're saying this is because they know FATHER DIVINE still has the Power. Wonderful! If FATHER wasn't something that they can't deal with, or that is a threat to them, they wouldn't be so disturbed about FATHER! Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! It is Wonderful

So FATHER says:

'Fret not yourselves because of the workers of iniquity, for they shall be cut off'

Isn't that Wonderful? You know, we certainly don't like to hear many things that we do hear. We don't like to hear what's going on in South Africa, but certainly FATHER says, "Fret not yourselves because of the workers of iniquity." GOD has a Way we know not. GOD can work this thing out, and HE says HE'S going to have it just like this all over this wide extended plane.

Everybody can live in peaceful and quiet resting places. Everybody can have a-full and aplenty, plenty to eat, plenty to drink, plenty to wear, plenty of nice homes to live in, plenty of comfort, and plenty of convenience, plenty of beauty, plenty of Love, plenty of support, plenty of encouragement.

I think of all of the children of this world. They say that the poorest group of our whole human Society is the children. And to think that they can have what they need! It's all in GOD. FATHER says:

'Fret not yourselves because of the workers of iniquity, for they shall be cut off.'

GOD is here! GOD will solve all of our problems. The "other place" may rage and vent her spite, but GOD will save His Heart's delight.


FATHER Will Save His Heart's Delight

Upon this Rock of Conviction that GOD is here, that FATHER DIVINE is GOD, "I shall build My Church." "My Church" is GOD with His People. The Church is the people, and the very gates of the "other place" shall not prevail against it. FATHER says HE will save His Heart's delight and who are His Heart's delight? Those who choose GOD. Isn't that Wonderful? Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

And "The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of GOD is the Source of all Supply." Can you not see the material, outward expression of that Source that satisfies your desires? Look at the splendor that we are living in! Look at where FATHER brought us from such ignorance, such deprivation and look at what we are enjoying today! Haven't we got something to praise GOD for? Haven't we a right to declare to the world that FATHER DIVINE is GOD, and haven't we a right to be blessed with this assurance?

That's what you're here for today to help you to be more substantiated in Faith and unshaken in confidence, so that you can plant your feet more firmly in this New World. You know, we're actually in a New World. Heaven is here! You've just got to, more and more, come to it in your conscious mind and realize you have it that GOD with you and within you is the Victorious, conquering King. It is Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!


Keeping Company With Perfection

When you think too, of the drug problem in our Society drugs and drunks and FATHER said none of His adherents the universe over have that problem. None of His followers indulge in intoxicating liquors or take any kind of drugs and why is it? FATHER said it here in this Message. Who do you keep company with? Yes, GOD the Perfection of Modesty and Virtue. This Modesty, this Virtue and this Holiness, they are contagious. Isn't that enough to tell the people how to solve their problems?

Let them associate with FATHER DIVINE, because FATHER says it's contagious and they'll catch the Spirit just like we caught the Spirit, and made us want to be honest and to be moral, and deny ourselves, and not be subject to those things that prey on the weaknesses of mankind. FATHER has made us strong. We are strong! We are strong strong to stand for GOD and stand against these evils that corrupt man's morals. It is Wonderful! Praise the true and living GOD! If it wasn't for GOD, where would we be today?

I'm so glad that YOU came, FATHER, in a Body, so we wouldn't be a victim of the way Society thinks, that has caused them to throw GOD out of their lives. You know, they've thrown GOD out of their lives and that's why all of the aspects of materialism and godless pursuits have ravaged the whole of Society. You go through the cities, and it looks like no man's land like it is after the armed forces go through and drop bombs, you know. And these are habitations for people, civilized people.


Where GOD Gives You His Mind

How wonderful! Isn't it beautiful to be here where GOD gives you His Mind. Oh! it was beautiful here yesterday all of the busy bees, coworkers. Everyone had their job to do, all to the Glory of GOD, making things orderly and neat and clean, and everything to beautify for the Glory of GOD and for the pleasure of His people. Isn't that Wonderful? Wonderful!

It's so wonderful to love GOD and to be in the Unity of the Spirit and to share and want everybody to have what you have. That's why FATHER wants everybody to come to Woodmont, not like a man "Look what I have," but "Look what you can have." HE wants everybody to have this. HE wants everybody to live in splendor. It is Wonderful!

Praise the true and living GOD! Praise GOD, FATHER DIVINE! It is Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful! So all of that is in this Message. Take it and read it, and know that this is the day and this is the time. This is the Place the Ark of the Covenant rests in the United States of America, in Philadelphia at Woodmont to be a Blessing to all mankind, to change the adverse and undesirable conditions into the Positive, Abundant conditions where everybody can be happy and free, and we can experience Heaven here on earth. Glory! Glory ! Glory! Hallelujah! Praise GOD, FATHER DIVINE! Thank YOU, FATHER!






GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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