"This Government Was Bought with a Price.

It Is Not Man's it Belongs to GOD."

MOTHER DIVINE'S Millennial Message







It was a joyful group of followers and friends who gathered at the Divine Tracy Hotel on this first Sunday of the New Millennium to offer their praises and give their thanks in song and in the spoken word to the King and Queen of the Universe, FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE. It was a joyous multitude, and everyone was eager to hear what MOTHER DIVINE would broadcast to the world at the outset of CHRIST'S Thousand Year Reign. These are Her Words.



PEACE, FATHER DIVINE, GOD Almighty, and PEACE to the Angels of the Kingdom, and PEACE to GOD'S People all over the world!

On January 1 in 1951, FATHER DIVINE said HE had brought all the Nations of the earth together! This is such a great accomplishment when we think of the History of Christianity, the History of Judaism and where the people were in Consciousness in those days and how the CHRIST in the bodies of the children of men have travailed, and evolved to the place where they could have the Freedom and the Liberty and all of the Rights and Privileges that the United States Of America offers.

Uncle Sam Is A Christian

This Government was bought with a Price. It is not man's it belongs to GOD! It is wonderful to have a Constitution that guarantees all of these Rights especially the Right to worship GOD according to the dictates of our own conscience. We must remember that it is the Christian CHRIST Consciousness that afforded this Privilege that allowed every Religious Persuasion to have the Freedom of their Worship. Therefore, Uncle Sam is a Christian!

All of the Nations have been welcomed here because of this Christian Consciousness and have had the Privilege to work and be independent, and to govern their own lives and be a part of the Government and not be governed by others, but to work together in Unity. We the People in all of the different States make up the United States Of America. We the People are different, but we have this Privilege to come together in this Land that GOD has chosen, because Jesus said,

'Let the Kingdom come, and His Will be done on earth.'

His Spirit went forth and stood in many bodies to make this a Reality.,/

But that negative mind has done everything to crucify the CHRIST in the bodies of the children of men. That's why Jesus said HE would come again in the Fathership Degree, because you can not kill the Fathership Degree of expression and you can not kill that Concept that is in the minds of the American people of Freedom and Liberty and Justice. A true American knows this and he cannot be conquered.

We Owe Allegiance To No One But GOD.

This is why they prepared a Country where GOD HIMSELF could come, and Jesus would come in the Bosom of the FATHER. All those that have the Spirit of Righteousness, the Spirit of CHRIST awakened in them they declared the FATHER, and they were willing to do as HE said "Live the exact Life and Teachings of Jesus the CHRIST, that the CHRIST may be brought to fruition, and the CHRIST might rule and reign."

FATHER DIVINE took a Stand for the CHRIST Life, the CHRIST Principles. His Body was a Target and we were blessed to hide ourselves in HIM, that we might lose our identity from all the attachments of race, all the attachments of creeds and all of the human relationships, so that the CHRIST might be freed to be One with the FATHER! Hallelujah!

We thank YOU, FATHER, for the Sacrifices that YOU made and YOU asked no one to help YOU. YOU set up this Peace Mission. You presented Your Body thirty two times in the hands of lynch mobs, so that Your children could come together as the Family of GOD. Isn't it Wonderful that we have transcended all conflict of races, creeds and colors? They are not in our Consciousness!

We have transcended personalities and individualities. We don't want to be first. We want GOD alone to be FIRST! We do not owe allegiance to anybody only to GOD HIMSELF!

The Fullness Of Time Has Come

Oh, I thank YOU, FATHER, for the Price YOU paid to toil with us and have patience with us to lift us out of the mortal versions of men to lift us, as ignorant and simple and insignificant as we are. We have nothing in this world! We have nothing in this world but our love for the Body of GOD. We have CHRIST, and nothing else. We have CHRIST and nothing else and we can no longer claim anything but the Body of GOD, FATHER DIVINE.

It's according to our personal, individual Contact with GOD. GOD alone gave us this Consciousness. Nobody else gave it to us, and nobody else can take it from us. We have this understanding, we have this conviction, we have this attachment to our GOD, and we thank YOU, FATHER, for it!

That's why we can enter the Year 2000 with great rejoicing because YOU came to prepare us for this Privilege to bring us to this state in Consciousness because YOU are going to cleanse the earth. That anti-Christ mind and spirit that which is against the Principles that YOU represent it and all that it represents is going back into its nothingness, because the fullness of time has come! What YOU instilled in our minds has brought all of this to this Great Point this Great Point in time! Oh, it's Wonderful!

It is fulfilled, and it's being fulfilled, and it's going to be fulfilled the Reign of CHRIST on earth! And GOD is here with His people. The time has come when it will be universally manifested, because FATHER has been speaking about it telling us about it in detail how it will be. All of these negative conditions have been created by the minds of men and their versions that are in opposition to the Body of GOD and His Coming and His Ideas and Opinions.

Righteous Seed Scattered Worldwide

The Law of the Spirit of Life that is in CHRIST JESUS, made HIM free from the law of sin and death, and gave HIM the Victory over death and "the other place" and the grave. Isn't it Wonderful? And why did Jesus do it? HE did it to show us the Way. HE did it for us. Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary the Son of GOD coming through the door of flesh to show us that we can do it. And we must do it, because it was GOD'S Plan and Purpose for us to do it!

So we thank YOU, FATHER Dear, that we have entered into this period of time, and it's our Goal, our Aim, our Purpose and our sincere Desire to live in this Consciousness, because GOD is going to bring His people in One, like Jesus prayed "not for the world, but I pray for those that thou hast taken out of the world." Isn't that Wonderful?

We pray for all those, and we know that GOD is concerned about His Own about all those that have His Mind, His Spirit the righteous Seed that is scattered to the four corners of the earth in all their different States of Consciousness. GOD is bringing them into the CHRIST Consciousness. And they are of all Nations, all Languages, and all Tongues and all Peoples. So we thank YOU FATHER!

We are going to hear FATHER read to us now via tape recording the seventeenth chapter of St. John, because it is so applicable for today. Thank YOU, FATHER.








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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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