Reverence for and The Recognition of FATHER DIVINE'S Sacrifice
And HIS Holy Work and Mission, Permeate the Sacred Services
Of the Holy Days of 1996.

The Fiftieth Anniversary of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE'S Wedding on April 29th,
in fashion like unto a comet, has left a trail of happy memories in the sky.







The Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration will remain in the hearts and minds of the hundreds who took the time, away from their daily pursuits, to turn their thoughts to the significance of this miraculous Marriage, and plunge wholeheartedly into the many events of the Season.

The trail in the sky led gracefully and poignantly to the "Holy Days" of September 10, 11 and 12. These Holy Days are set apart from the rest of the year especially to remember that FATHER DIVINE wilfully laid down His Immaculate Body on September 10, 1965, for the redemption of mankind. Also, Woodmont was dedicated in September of 1953 and the Shrine To Life in September of 1968. Further, September 10 is designated as FATHER DIVINE'S Day, for the reason that we give honor and recognition to HIM Personally for all of the outstanding things that HE accomplished during His Personal Ministry.

Preview Of Holy Days

As a Preview to the Holy Days, a warm, convivial Holy Communion Banquet was served at Woodmont on Sunday, September 8. This was a joyous occasion for followers and guests alike. MOTHER DIVINE, as the Hostess, welcomed them with these words:

'The Mount Of The House Of The LORD has been lifted up according to Isaiah's prophecy where it speaks about the Mountain of the LORD'S House being established, and it being exalted above the hills, and all nations coming and learning of His Ways. FATHER made many sacrifices to lift up this moral and spiritual Standard that Woodmont represents, which qualifies it to be the Mount Of The House Of The LORD. It is a geographical location, but yet it is also a moral and spiritual state of consciousness a Standard that has been lifted up which includes Americanism, Brotherhood, Christianity and Judaism all recognized as being synonymous and as being the Principle we all can unite on.'

MOTHER DIVINE stated that SHE was happy to welcome all of the specially invited guests present, because all are friends of the Peace Mission in one way or another, representing humanity from many walks of life. SHE went on:


Forget Ethnic Background

'FATHER DIVINE has been recognized by millions of people to be the Second Coming of CHRIST, coming in the Fathership Degree, with Power over all the forces that worked against the CHRIST manifesting HIMSELF to the children of men. FATHER'S Plan and Purpose is to establish Heaven on earth and it is possible to establish it here in America, because we have the Constitution, which gives us the right to worship GOD according to the dictates of our own conscience. We can unite as Americans forgetting all ethnic backgrounds to be just Americans. So as we dine and sing and praise GOD, at the same time, you can worship GOD as you see HIM. We are all united in the fact that there is One True and Living GOD!'

After the Rosebud Choir had sung several songs concerning our Holy Days and the Mount Of The House Of The LORD, and after FATHER DIVINE'S taped Sermon was heard, MOTHER DIVINE delivered a most significant sociological manifesto. This Speech will be found elsewhere in this issue of Enlightenment as "American The Noblest Title." When SHE concluded, SHE opened the meeting to anyone who wished to speak.

Attorney David Harris is the President of the "Friends Of FATHER DIVINE'S International Peace Mission Movement." He commented on MOTHER DIVINE'S eloquent Speech, especially about the Cosmic Forces acting to "pay us back" for committing evil acts. Mr. Michael Van Hoy is the Director of the Quaker Society Friends Work Camp. Mr. Van Hoy spoke of how so many people he meets know of FATHER DIVINE.

'You can talk about all sorts of things on subjects ranging all over the world your feelings, your politics, etcetera but when you mention FATHER DIVINE, a broad smile comes over faces. People say that meeting HIM is one of the fondest memories of their lives. They talk about the barber shops, the cafeterias, the Church and the goodness that flows from these places. I don't know if you realize how far these memories go how far the Peace and Goodness and Blessings carry out into the world.'

Each Banquet A Memorable Moment

Mr. Jerry Kaiser and his wife Bonnie were guests at the Banquet Table. Mr. Kaiser's father set galley after galley of Linotype for The New Day forty years ago, so the Kaisers have been in touch with the Peace Mission a long time. Bonnie and Jerry printed MOTHER DIVINE'S book The Peace Mission Movement in 1982, and just this year did a fine job of printing the special 1996 issue of The New Day which commemorated the Fiftieth Anniversary of FATHER'S and MOTHER'S Marriage for which we give FATHER all the thanks and praise. Mr. Kaiser remarked that every Banquet is a memorable moment, and he added that he hopes he will be around for the next Fifty Year Celebration. In conclusion, at MOTHER DIVINE'S request, he introduced his daughters by saying:

'These are my two daughters, Pam and Amy. Maybe one of them will continue with FATHER and MOTHER.'

MOTHER DIVINE introduced Mrs. Constance Dry who, with her crew, recorded many of the events on video of the Fiftieth Anniversary this year. Mrs. Dry remarked that she was pleased that her daughter Sarah was present to partake of the Banquet atmosphere, and continued.

'I particularly rejoice in sitting with everybody and experiencing the flow of the food, the strong sense of community, and the beauty and wonderful richness that Woodmont produces. Every time I come, I learn something new, and each one has led to a further unfoldment. I'm very grateful and I feel so rich because of that..'

Inner City Children Entertained

Dr. Walter Dobbins and his wife Helen were present. Mrs. Dobbins spoke as follows:

'I am impressed in being here. I have been impressed also with the dedication and service that you offer to the Inner City children. They become very excited when you entertain them at your places. This summer there was a luncheon at Circle Mission Church given for graduates of an Inner City class and their parents. They were so excited. I wish you could have seen these people. They have never been around beautiful china and a beautiful atmosphere and excellent food. They were fascinated. Then they came here and were so graciously received by FATHER and MOTHER and the wonderful staff. They toured the grounds and had a wonderful time, which was to me a great pleasure. It is good to be here!'

Mr. Philip Harris spoke.

'It is a pleasure to be here at this Banquet in honor of FATHER DIVINE'S Spiritual Plan for this House. As others have said you feel the Peace that is here once you enter the property. It is good to continue the day by saying "Peace" to everybody. It will give us inspiration to carry on through the week. It feels good to be part of this big family, passing the plates back and forth. It is a very good experience!'


The Shrine.



New Stonework At The Shrine

This summer brought a great enhancement to the Shrine To Life at Woodmont. The approach to the Shrine the area between it and the wide steps is now solidly and completely covered with flagstone in a random rectangular pattern, mostly soft gray in color, some with a tinge of pink. The walkway above the wide steps is in the middle and is eight feet wide. It is of the same design. There is now a second set of steps here. Then the walkway continues on twelve feet, and then forms a landing at the foot of the twin steps up to the Rose Of Sharon Circle. It is a perfect job, complete with landscaping, that is most satisfying. We know it is beautiful, because MOTHER DIVINE exclaimed. "I just love it!"

SHE introduced Mr. Al Stumpo, the stone mason whose company did the work. He spoke briefly, mainly to express thanks for the cooperation he received. MOTHER DIVINE went on to say:

'Mr. Stumpo is a stone mason of the highest caliber a real craftsman. We appreciate the work he has done. I AM very pleased with it, and I think the followers are pleased too.'

Power In FATHER'S Words

Mr. Andrew Barrett lives in Liverpool, England. He was also with us earlier in the year during the Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration in April. He said:

'Six or seven years ago, for some strange reason, I heard the Name of FATHER DIVINE and the name of Woodmont. The first time I picked up The New Day, it was so radical, I just had to put it to one side. I couldn't read it. It was astounding to me. But I could not help going back to The New Day, because every Word FATHER said seemed to be dripping with Power. There was Power in His Words. It is like receiving nourishment by eating physical food, except that this is Spiritual food. I would love to have met FATHER DIVINE in the Body but I have met HIM in Spirit. I keep getting Blessings and Blessings and Blessings from FATHER DIVINE and the Peace Mission Movement. There are still a lot of things I don't understand and can't grasp, but GOD is blessing me through this Movement.'

Miss Dorothy Darling, who lives at Circle Mission Church, thanked FATHER and MOTHER for opening the House of Woodmont to so many people for so many years. She said that FATHER DIVINE served all manner of guests at this Table. HE invited everyone and what a great Privilege to be invited because HE considered that everyone should be exposed to this sanctum of Peace, no matter who they are. Miss Darling thanked FATHER for the fine testimonies, for MOTHER and Her wonderful thoughts, and for knowing that FATHER is present with us.

MOTHER DIVINE then said:

'Because this is a beautiful world, we are going to take it with us wherever we go, and we're going to see it spread from land to land and from shore to shore.'

And with the singing of the song, "This Is A Beautiful World," this really extraordinary Service came to an end.

The Divine Tracy Hotel was the scene of the opening Holy Communion Banquet of FATHER DIVINE'S DAY, Sept 10, 1996. The Banquet Hall was filled with followers and friends when MOTHER DIVINE entered with FATHER, to serve the festive Banquet.

At the onset of the service, after the scripture was read and the Rosebud Choir had sung several songs, Miss Meekness Faith spoke. In part she exclaimed:



'FATHER DIVINE, we are proud of YOU! Had YOU not come and revealed Your Deity to us, we would not be experiencing all of this joy, this peace, this happiness, this abundance, this virtue. It would be impossible, because no man on the earth has been able to do it. FATHER DIVINE is the only One that has done it. We have not heard a man yet come forward boldly and exalt the righteousness, the justice and the truth that FATHER DIVINE brought about!....We are here to praise, to glorify, to magnify Your beautiful Holy Body and Your glorious work and mission here on the earth plane!.'

In these days of intense political commotion, government is on MOTHER DIVINE'S mind. SHE said:

'I mean there is responsibility on our shoulders. We've got to live righteous ourselves, because a Righteous Government has to come through the people. I mean the government is only as righteous as the people are...Some time ago, I had the realization that the Government, or the America, that FATHER has talked about, would have to come up through the people.'

SHE went on to the subject of politics and political parties.

'I'M so glad that we have the Reform Party. . . . You cannot change the entrenchment of corruption that is Washington, either with the Republicans or the Democrats. It's going to take GOD Almighty, even with a change of Party. . . . I thank YOU, FATHER and a lot of others do really thank YOU that we have a choice, rather than just the Democrats or Republicans and we can vote the Reform ticket.'

Then MOTHER DIVINE spoke about Ross Perot being the Reform Party nominee for President of the United States. He has chosen for his running mate as Vice President, Pat Choate, who is an author, political intellectual and a Washington insider who knows first hand the corruption that possesses Washington. He is well respected and he is strong willed. Mr. Choate has stated that Washington is so corrupt that it cannot be changed from the inside, and that it will take pressure from outside Washington to change it. A third Party in the November election will offer the voters a real choice.



Oneness With GOD

Many of the guests made comments with respect to the uplift they receive when they commune with FATHER and MOTHER in any manner. Mr. Don Ringgold is a tennis professional who teaches at the University of Pennsylvania. After FATHER DIVINE'S Sermon on tape was heard, he made these stimulating remarks:

'What a glorious day! As FATHER was speaking, the energy was so exhilarating, I felt like I was about eight feet off the ground. We want to thank YOU, FATHER and MOTHER, for speaking 'Peace' to the sea of our mind. We thank YOU for the unity of the mind and spirit as we become one the inner self with the outer self, the microcosm with the macrocosm. We know where we came from and understand where we are going. As a friend of the Peace Mission Movement, I came to offer Praise and Thanks.'

Mr. Ringgold then referred to Woodmont.

'We are positioned at the Mount Of The House Of The LORD where we begin to climb, and the spirit can help us reach the point where we know we have overcome the desires of the flesh putting to death the desires of the flesh and coming to Oneness with GOD. At that Oneness, we have reached the pinnacle.'

During the latter part of the Service, MOTHER DIVINE remarked that the expressions of the guests moved HER to comment on them. SHE said the experiences of Mr. Aaron Anaharo has been an inspiration to all of us. It seemed that he was ready for coming up higher by opening his consciousness to receive the Truth of FATHER DIVINE. This is not given to everyone. It takes GOD to reveal it. We certainly have enjoyed the unfoldment and awakening that has taken place in Mr. Anaharo.

Miss Nechama Sataty always brings the wonderful flavor of Judaism to our midst.

MOTHER DIVINE reminded us that Americanism, Brotherhood and True Judaism are synonymous. SHE pointed out that the Jewish Passover Holiday comes at the same time as the Christian Easter and the Peace Mission Marriage Anniversary, and that the Jewish New Year occurs at the time we celebrate our Holy Days all major Holidays in Jewish and Peace Mission calendars. They have very much the same meaning. FATHER DIVINE is bringing the fulfillment of Judaism. HE is the Great Messiah!


United States Is The Promised Land

MOTHER DIVINE gave us more of Her thoughts.

'I'll be glad when the Jewish world gets the revelation that the United States is really the Promised Land, because it is so wonderful how Judaism is the foundation how Abraham really did get that concept of the One True and Living GOD. They chose the One True and Living GOD, so GOD chose them. And their history is so brilliant in their relationship to GOD and how that Law was the true Law of GOD. And Jesus fulfilled that Law. HE Personified that Law.'


Miss Sataty said:

'I am very excited to be here with you. I am always amazed at the energy of the place and the energy of the people. Every year it gets higher and bigger. And I know that it comes from the inspiration of FATHER DIVINE and MOTHER DIVINE. . . . I am moved by the spirit of Community that you demonstrate. You bring us in and give us a feeling of home and family among you. You are an exemplary Community with your shared energy, your mutual help to each other, and the way you treat each other with so much respect and compassion!'

MOTHER DIVINE continued by stating that it is wonderful that the two teachers in the Department of Religion at Cabrini College have had the opportunity to be exposed to FATHER DIVINE and the Truth, because they are teaching the young students this Truth. SHE referred to Dr. Leonard Primiano and the Campus Minister, Mr. John DiMucci, both of whom had spoken earlier. Mr. DiMucci remarked that as he watched MOTHER blessing and passing the food, he thought how beautiful it is that GOD has given us this ritual to experience to be able to share in His Goodness.


"Do This In Remembrance Of ME"

On the same subject, MOTHER DIVINE referred to the Banquet Table as a wonderful Sacrament, and as being full of symbolism. SHE continued:

'This is the world in which we live, as you see us gathered around the Table, worshiping GOD the FATHER, demonstrating the Brotherhood of man, enjoying the abundance on a very high moral level. This is the world that FATHER created for us. Woodmont is set apart, but yet it is for the whole world to emulate, and they can have the very same thing on condition. Jesus said of the Holy Communion, Do this in remembrance of ME until I come.' It was a symbol of something greater and this is that Something Greater.''

At Woodmont, The Mount Of The House Of The LORD, a Worship Service was held at the Shrine To Life on September 10, at 2 p.m. As MOTHER DIVINE made Her way down the terraces to Her seat at the beginning of the Service, the song, "Take Off Thy Shoes From Off Thy Feet" was sung. In the song are the words, "You Are on Holy Ground," which established the mood for the Sacred Service.

During the Service, MOTHER DIVINE described vividly the scene at the dedication of the Great Bronze Door of the Shrine To Life, The Portal Of Life Eternal, on September 10, 1970. SHE went on to say:

'We thank YOU, FATHER Dear, that such could have taken place to Your Honor and Glory. Nothing that we ever can do is good enough for YOU. Nothing can really speak of the beauty of GOD, or tell of the wondrous Work that HE has done, or thank HIM for His Great Condescension to come in the likeness of sinful flesh, taking all of the abuses and all of the ignoration and all of the brutality and all of those negative things, to establish the Presence of GOD in a Bodily Form on the earth plane. Nothing can ever do justice to all that it really means. . . . I do thank YOU for the Beauty of the Shrine. It grows more beautiful as the time passes.'


The last of the "Holy Days" for 1996 came on September 12 when a Holy Communion Banquet was served at the Unity Mission Church Bible Institute at 6:30 p.m. The regal Banquet Hall in this nineteenth century mansion afforded a perfect setting for this Service. MOTHER DIVINE addressed the gathering before the food began to flow.

'Peace, FATHER DIVINE; Peace to our many visiting guests; Peace Everyone! I want to welcome you all to the Unity Mission Bible Institute on this special occasion. It is always a blessing to sit down and be served in the Presence of FATHER DIVINE. HE is just as operative without His Personal Body as HE is with It, and we have been blessed to see HIM, sit at His feet, and learn of His Ways. As we dine, we sing and praise GOD, and listen to some Spiritual food, while we dine on the material food, by hearing FATHER speak to us on tape in His Personal Voice. I know all of you do believe in GOD and you do believe that GOD is the FATHER of all, so FATHER will bring us all into the unity of spirit, of mind of aim and of purpose for the good of all mankind.'


The Rosebud Choir presented a group of songs later in the Service, and then MOTHER DIVINE spoke on the subject of FATHER'S many Sacrifices, some of which were mentioned in one of the songs.

'In the song, FATHER is glorified because we deeply appreciate the sacrifices HE has made, but I don't think we realize just what it takes to lift all of humanity. We don't understand fully the sacrifices that FATHER made sacrifices that went unnoticed in the world. In fact, the world wanted to cover up what FATHER DIVINE was doing for the people.'


FATHER DIVINE'S Continuing Sacrifice

MOTHER spoke of the bankers not being pleased with the followers not using credit cards or buying anything on the installment plan. SHE spoke of big business pulling the wool over the eyes of the people. But we are not of the world and not part of those systems and customs, so we are not brainwashed into believing that is the way we have to go. MOTHER continued.

'But getting back to FATHER'S sacrifices HE went out to Sayville, Long Island, so HE could be with His Own Mind and His Own Spirit those who thought and believed as HE did. FATHER really enjoyed it out there a quiet little fishing village on the southern shore of Long Island. HE sent out books of Truth, the type of books that would awaken the consciousness of the people. HE tried to get His Message across. Then circumstances caused HIM to move from His beautiful home on Long Island into the depths of struggling society in New York City's Harlem district. We could tell some stories of what FATHER had to endure in Harlem, but HE didn't complain. HE let us know that HE was happy to do what HE did. But yet, it was a Sacrifice that had to be made. That's why we sing concerning FATHER 'no hour too late, no sacrifice too great.'
"We love YOU, FATHER Dear, and we thank YOU for lifting this Standard. We thank YOU that we do know this is the right Way. Heaven and earth could pass away, but we are substantiated in this Conviction that FATHER DIVINE is GOD, the One Who was to come, bringing redemption from the mortal versions. We are on our way! We could never be submissive enough to FATHER'S Will nor could we ever give of ourselves enough in saying Thank YOU, FATHER,' for what YOU Personally did, and for all of the sacrifices that YOU made, so that we might be living in this light of understanding today. Thank YOU. FATHER!"

An original song was sung by one of the sisters, accompanied at the organ by another sister. In the song, some of the sacrifices that FATHER made were mentioned in lines such as:

"FATHER, You walked the track, with lynch mobs at Your back;"
'YOU faced Jim Crow hate so the world would integrate;"
'YOU healed the Nations and made us all One."
'YOU were persecuted, but Your Spirit set YOU free."

The song ends with:
'Oh, how I love YOU for all You've done.
You brought Your Body to make us One.
YOU gave Your all Your Supreme Sacrifice.
Oh, how I love YOU, my Holy CHRIST!"

FATHER DIVINE Is Stirring The World

Miss Anita Lea spoke in part as follows:
'FATHER Dear, we truly thank YOU for these beautiful, High Holy Days, and the privilege for all nations, languages, tongues and people to come up to this high state of consciousness and learn of this Law that only YOU, GOD, FATHER DIVINE, could bring to the people.

"I was thinking about the Scripture that said YOU would shake many nations. And I thought of all this turmoil in all the countries in Europe and elsewhere, and how they are killing themselves and acting so animalistic, instead of acting Godly. But this is the time for fulfillment, and YOU are stirring in the earth. YOU came to establish the Kingdom of Heaven, and that is why we see this great turmoil and corruption in the earth. Everything that mankind can possibly think of to do, he has done.

"Now we can look forward to YOU reigning in Righteousness, FATHER, and establishing Your Kingdom in Your time. There are millions that are willing and ready to serve GOD in Righteousness, because Righteousness and Judgment are the habitation of Your Throne. And we thank YOU for these beautiful bodies that we see coming forth now to help establish Your Kingdom on earth. It is time for the Government to get converted, and the only way it will be converted is by new ideas and new opinions that are according to Your Righteous Mind, FATHER DIVINE."

Thoughts of FATHER'S Bride.

'We truly thank YOU, FATHER Dear, for bringing Your Spotless, Virgin Bride. Who would have ever thought that they would see the Virgin Mary again? But this is the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary that FATHER has brought in this day the same Virtuous Spirit and the same Virtuous, Holy Body. FATHER Dear. SHE is full of everything that YOU have stood for a beautiful Soldier, hand made by YOU. We see how proud SHE is to stand for everything that YOU stood for. SHE does everything so perfectly. We are so proud of HER.

"Thank YOU, FATHER Dear, to continue to Bless HER and give HER strength and energy. We see the energy go forth from Her Body all hours of the day and night, carrying out Your Plan and Purpose, all in Love and kindness to Your children and to the world at large"

Peace Missions In Other Parts Of The World

It is supernatural how FATHER DIVINE'S Spirit has gone around the world, making all the followers in the various countries one homogeneous People. Miss Roma Graveur came from Australia some years ago. She testified of being in other countries also, where followers took on the meaning and the Spirit and the Doctrine of the Peace Mission Movement as they celebrated the Mount Of The House Of The LORD in consciousness, knowing that they belong to GOD, and knowing that they were serving in His Holy Heart.

Right there and then, they made themselves part of the sacrifice that MOTHER was calling for, when they took on FATHER DIVINE'S Name. They didn't have FATHER and MOTHER there Personally, but the Spirit was there. FATHER and MOTHER lifted them up to the mountaintop. One of the songs they sang was "Get On Board That Chariot" and everyone present did get on board that Chariot! They had Banquet Tables similar to those here, and they believed that FATHER and MOTHER were right there serving them.

MOTHER DIVINE then remarked that Circle Mission Church in Australia had sent their greetings and Love during the Holy Days. Also, Mr. Andrew Cotton from British Columbia in Canada spoke to HER in sending his well wishes. Austria, Germany and Switzerland were heard from as well.

Remarks Of Guests

After the Seventh Day Adventist Church that stood across the street from the Bible Institute burned to the ground, this Church purchased our Nazareth Mission Church building that is next door. Elder Brooks, of the Adventist Church, remembered with love that MOTHER DIVINE and several followers attended the dedication of their new Church home. He commented also on the kindnesses that the Peace Mission had given to them. Elder Brooks continued.

'I remember way back in the 50s when things were really hard, that we could go to FATHER'S, to any of the Hotels where food was served and get a beautiful meal for little or nothing. These things stay in your heart, because when you are broke and hungry and can't get a job, and somebody is there to give you food I don't forget it. That's why I feel so dedicated to you now. I'm trying somehow to pay it back. We will always be indebted to you.'

Another guest at the Banquet Table was Mrs. McGuire, whose heart was full. She said to MOTHER:

'I could never leave this edifice without telling YOU how wonderful it is to be here with Your family and friends. MOTHER is the most beautiful Lady. The picture of HER the first day I met HER I shall always remember. SHE makes you feel so comfortable. I was at Woodmont, and we sat on the porch and talked, and then SHE autographed a book for me. I could have fainted. I treasure that book, and I read about the Peace Movement. It is the most wonderful thing to be among these people. There is nothing like them. They are the most gorgeous people I have ever seen in my life.'

The essence of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE is the Love and Benevolence that flow from Them, and this worshipful testimony dramatically illustrates how the essence of FATHER and MOTHER has seeped into They are followers to such an extent that they also exude Love and Benevolence to those who come among them.

Mr. William Luers is the video photographer who worked with Dr. Leonard Primiano of Cabrini College to record the events of the Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary. He said:

'I am very honored to be back here at the Bible Institute to share with everyone another spectacular meal. I was here in April at the Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration. It's very nice to come back here and feel the familiar Peace of returning to a sanctuary a place where anyone can speak out, or sing, or sit quietly with the Spirit. I thank FATHER and MOTHER for giving the world a rare sanctuary.'

Dr. Jenny Michael is another friend of Dr. Primiano. She said:

'I'm also honored and privileged to be here this evening. I am a Folklorist, and as a Folklorist, I believe in the importance and the power and the strength of community, and this is something I see expressed here with great fervor and sincerity and commitment tonight. Also I am a singer, and to me, singing together is a very special thing. Singing holy words makes them familiar and puts them in our hearts more meaningfully than if we just hear them. Singing makes the words part of us. And singing together brings us closer and manifests a sense of commitment. I just want to acknowledge the faith and the spirit that I see alive here, and thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.'


Get Younger Every Day

At the end of the Service, MOTHER DIVINE spoke about FATHER'S Words.

'We aspire to make the Truth in the Words that FATHER taught us a living reality. I really believe that GOD means for us to live on in our bodies, in perfect health, and expressing the fullness of physical strength and youth and vitality. I do not believe that degenerating and sickening and dying is of GOD. I do believe that was the curse that came upon mankind when Adam and Eve separated themselves from GOD. However that happened we are experiencing the results of it.
" I do believe that Jesus made the way back to the FATHER. HE atoned for what Adam and Eve did, and because HE made the way back to the FATHER, we have the opportunity also to get back into that wonderful state of atonement with GOD.

"So we all should be getting younger every day, and we all should be feeling more enthusiastic, and we should get more strength and inspiration no deterioration. That is why we don't think about years and we don't think about a whole lot of things.

"I thank YOU, FATHER, for Your beautiful Mind the way YOU think. If we could just think like FATHER that's a lot of Power. And it helps us to get rid of ourselves. We think too much about ourselves and that is what makes us sick and decrepit! Thank YOU, FATHER Dear!"







GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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