"American" the Noblest Title

"Following Father's Teaching of Unity, We Have the Abundance of The Fullness of All Good Things".

The Mount Of The House Of The LORD was established at Woodmont in the year 1953 when FATHER DIVINE dedicated it. Since that year, all nations have been coming to it, enjoying fellowship and learning of the American Way the Way we must learn if we are going to have Peace and Prosperity. It has been a great experience for many people of all social, intellectual and financial standing.

These are the thoughts that MOTHER DIVINE expressed during a most wonderful Holy Communion Banquet that was served at Woodmont on September 8, 1996, to a group of distinguished guests as well as the usual crowd of followers. But these words were only introductory words to Her Sermon. SHE continued:



"I really thank YOU, FATHER DIVINE, for Your Love for all mankind and for the wonderful consciousness that YOU have of the Brotherhood of Man and that we have been privileged to live in this wonderful consciousness where we really don't differentiate between people because of the color of their skin or any other division that mankind has created. It is a foretaste of how it will be. We know it will eventually be this way universally.

"We want to thank YOU, FATHER, for this Unity, because this Unity has blessed us. By following FATHER'S Teaching of Unity, we have the abundance of the fullness of all good things. We don't know just how these things work or what the process is, but we do know we are blessed. It is just because we have tapped into the Source of Infinite Supply and we want everybody to enjoy what we enjoy. We don't want these Blessings selfishly.


The Chapel Dining Room.

The Chapel Dining Room, The Mount of the House of the Lord.





The ambience of Woodmont is a demonstration of how this Love can bring the abundance and how we all can share it and we don't have to tolerate anything less. FATHER has taught us this Way, and we live this Way, because this is the world that we want to live in, and we invite all of you who are somewhat as strangers, or those who are not considered followers, to look in on us, because we want what Woodmont is to be universalized. We don't mean the Peace Mission as an organization specifically to be universalized, but we mean these Principles to be universalized, so that we can have a world of Peace and Plenty."


The American Culture

After the Rosebud Choir had sung several of their patriotic songs such as "It Is Good To Be American," MOTHER DIVINE elaborated on the subject.

"After hearing FATHER speak on the tape recording of breaking down segregation and hearing the Rosebud Choir sing their many inspirational Patriotic songs, you can't help but catch the thought that we believe in being Americans period! We believe in the American Culture. But when we think of what is happening in America today, you might wonder how it is ever going to be the way FATHER has stressed that it can be and will be. "My answer to that is that our schools must teach basic Americanism the Americanism that has the spirit of our Founding Fathers the spirit that our Country had after the Civil War when the North and the South and people of all complexions were so glad to be at Peace that they forgot all of their differences. That was such a wonderful spirit after the Civil War. The war preserved the Union and did away with slavery.

"And when we think of the immigrants coming over from Europe they were so glad to come to a Country where they could be out from under the oppressions they suffered there. They were glad to be Americans and they weren't thinking of being hyphenated Americans either, such as Irish American or Spanish American etcetera. And they were anxious to learn the English language.

"This means that we must forget our roots in Europe or wherever our roots were. We must be just One Nation under GOD. Believe ME, it is only as we are under GOD that we can transcend all of these divisions that man has made. That is why the followers have been so successful because we believe in the reality of GOD, and that GOD is our FATHER which makes us all brothers and sisters and we know that we are all equal in the sight of GOD.


The Noblest Title

"I love the statement in the song that says, The Noblest Title Man Can Give' referring to how proud we are to be called American nothing more and nothing less. It is the noblest title, because when you are an American, of American heart and mind, and really believe in the Oneness of mankind, all divisions have been overcome. That is why the greatest title you can have is to be called American.' Just to be a real American, of American heart and mind, means that you have overcome all of these detestable characteristics that have caused war and poverty. That is what we should all work toward.

"With respect to Affirmative Action, I want to bring to mind FATHER'S thoughts along that line. FATHER encouraged people to go to school and qualify themselves, so that when the doors open, they would be able to step in and take advantage of the opportunity because they would be qualified. FATHER endorsed the Righteous Government Platform Plank which says that the doors to higher education should be open to all. It says nothing about a quota system or any such scheme of division.

"In order for people not to be discriminated against, everyone has to realize they are Americans. They must realize that Americans are an amalgamation of every race, creed and color. Americans who do not know this, need to be taught this, so they will become color blind.

"The experience of people who become followers of FATHER DIVINE was that they knew they were first class citizens, and had the same rights as anybody else, regardless to what people classed them as. When they sought employment, they were treated as Americans; they were not regarded as anything else. Because they did not carry racism in their consciousness, they were not discriminated against. If others had it in their consciousness, they were able to transcend it, knowing GOD was their Employer.

"GOD had a job for them. GOD would open the door. When you know you are right and put your trust in GOD, you can transcend prejudice. And isn't that the motto of America 'In GOD We Trust?' Only GOD can overcome these divisions. In GOD there are no divisions.


Know Who You Are

"It's a wonderful thing to lift up your mind to that place where you know who you are. It is wonderful! I really can testify that when you know who you are, you do not feel segregated against or disadvantaged in any way. I love it where FATHER speaks of this feeling of dignity and well being. With it, you are really independent; it is your real independence. You are declaring independence from all these mortal versions all these minds and ideas that bring division and strife.

"I want to stress once more how important it is that we forget our roots. It hurts ME when I hear of people living in this Country with their minds in another country, and sending money to another country especially now.

"We need to work together to dissolve all of our differences. We need to make ourselves what we should be. At the end of World War II, FATHER said that there is another Victory to be won and that is the Victory over segregation and discrimination. It is Brotherhood! And it does not pertain only to Afro Americans. It pertains to all minorities. We cannot overcome these differences by calling attention to them. Instead, we have to call attention to our Common Humanity.


Technology Has Contributed To Togetherness

"It is so wonderful to be living in this day when technology has brought us so close together through the various means of communication. From outer space, we can look at ourselves as Planet Earth and realize that we are just Humanity. We don't look at our differences. We see us as just Humanity.' Since World War II, so much has happened to bring us together. There is such a great exchange between nations in such a fantastic way. It is thrilling to ME! "In European history, we learn of all the divisions and distinctions that for centuries caused all of the wars in continental Europe. What makes ME sad is that we are creating those same conditions here today. We went through the Civil War to preserve the Union, so that we would not break up into little countries as Europe did. That is what would have happened if the Union had not been held together.

"We might as well face reality and talk about these things. These are issues that need to be talked about in the schools so people can get the consciousness that FATHER taught to His followers. It is not easy. Prejudice is inbred. I believe everybody is inbred with some sort of prejudice which they have to look in the face and go contrary to, in order to fast it out. Children need to be taught this in school. When we dissolve these differences and present a unified force, GOD has mercy on us.


Cosmic Forces Bring Retribution

"When we see the Cosmic Forces of nature acting up in hurricanes, floods, mud slides and tornados, we should read what FATHER said about why things like that happen. There is a Cosmic Law that we cannot touch. GOD HIMSELF does not touch it. What you sow, you reap. FATHER talked a lot about the Law of Retributive Justice. HE talked about how these perverse minds get in the atmosphere. All of this hatred and all of these negative minds get into the atmosphere, and they cause the weather to act like it does. I wish that man would learn this, because these tornados and all of these cosmic disasters are getting to be too much! Lives are lost and much property damage is suffered. The best thing is to change the minds of the people so that the Cosmic Forces of nature will work harmoniously.

"These things are real, because FATHER said that the Cosmic Forces of nature will work harmonious to you when you are in harmony with GOD and with GOD'S Plan and Purpose! Thank YOU, FATHER Dear!"








GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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