"The American Brotherhood.

"We Live by That Faith." --- MOTHER DIVINE







In August, MOTHER DIVINE sent special invitations to certain members of the National Park Service, the Historical Preservation Organizations, and Local Government, not only to attend the Ceremony at the Shrine To Life at 3 p.m. on September 12, but also to partake of a Holy Communion Banquet at 5 p.m. in the Manor House

It was here that Miss Marie Rusk of the National Park Service made the statement Woodmont is the crowning jewel of the North-East section of the National Park Service' Historical Marker Division.

After the very profound and meaningful Ceremony at the Shrine To Life on September 12, the specially invited guests gathered at the Manor House at 5 o'clock and were seated at the Holy Communion Banquet Table. MOTHER DIVINE welcomed all of them to Woodmont, and went on to explain the manner in which the Banquet is served at FATHER DIVINE'S Table.

SHE commented that His Table does so much to unify those who dine with HIM as they recognize the Brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of GOD, and realize that they are all brothers and sisters in the Family of GOD with everyone sitting at the same Table.

During the Banquet Service, the guests heard FATHER DIVINE speak in His Personal Voice as recorded on tape. HE spoke at the Unity Mission Church in west Philadelphia at the Dedication of Woodmont in 1953. In His Sermon, HE related an incident involving Peace Mission Crusaders at the Boulevard Pool on Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia.

A group of integrated Crusaders went there for a swim. Those of light complexion were admitted without question, but those of dark complexion were refused admittance. A photographer took pictures of what happened, and the Crusaders took the case to Court. With the pictures on hand to display the obvious discrimination, the Crusaders had a strong case against the owner of the Boulevard Pool.

The Work Of The Peace Mission

Judge Edwin O. Lewis, for whom the "Judge Lewis Quadrangle" on Market Street was named, heard the case, and ruled in favor of the Crusaders thereby ending discrimination at swimming pools in Philadelphia. A great part of the Work of the Peace Mission has been to break down segregation as this incident in 1952 demonstrates.

Likewise, the integrated followers battled prejudice by cooperatively purchasing many choice properties, such as the Tarrytown Mansion in West Chester County in New York a very tight, exclusive area. They owned many properties in New York, including several miles of frontage on the Hudson River at Krum Elbow. They bought property in Yonkers, New Rochelle, Greenkill Park and Kingston in Ulster County. The children who moved from Harlem to Ulster County integrated the segregated schools there in 1938.

The same thing happened when the followers purchased the Brigantine Hotel near the Atlantic City Boardwalk in New Jersey in 1942, which gave underprivileged people the delight of relaxing on Brigantine's fine beach for the first time a blessing formerly denied them. The followers do not class themselves necessarily as being of light or dark complexion. They are just Americans and behave as American brothers and sisters should behave.



The American Brotherhood


'I know that we are appreciated here in Gladwyne, Montgomery County, because we are Americans. We are Americans and that's the way it's going to be, and that's the way FATHER wants it to be. That's what this Country was founded for so that people could come to America and look and act like people. . . . It's so important that we all keep this Vision, and all work to this end, to bring about a wonderful world of Peace and Plenty. We live by that Faith.'

Later in the Service, MOTHER DIVINE said:

' I AM very pleased to be here today, and with FATHER, be a Host to all of you wonderful people who are contributing so much to what FATHER is talking about to make this world what GOD intended it to be.

MOTHER DIVINE then said that SHE would like to hear from any and all present if they wished to speak.


Dr. Joseph Conforti is Professor of Sociology, State University of New York, The College at Old Westbury. Dr. Conforti remarked that he was invited to contribute to a series of articles on the "Concept of Community" which the Long Island tabloid, Newsday, is publishing. After being privileged to attend a Holy Communion Banquet at FATHER DIVINE'S Home in Sayville on Long Island, he was moved to write about the Peace Mission Movement. His article was published on September 27. He concluded his remarks by

'I want to thank you all for making it possible for me to write this article about the Peace Mission Movement and I hope it is not the last thing that I will write about the Movement. Thank you all!'


Mr. Robert Skaler is an architect who is a long time friend of the Peace Mission. He was stimulated by the vision of the young architect, William Price, who memorialized the Manor House in 1892 by designing it as he did. When FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE saw it in 1953, it was in woeful disrepair, and Mr. Skaler recalled that he was told that the wrecking ball was about to demolish the House. He continued:


FATHER DIVINE'S Vision For Woodmont

'But FATHER'S Visualization of the House is what we see today. HE had the Vision to see what this beautiful Property is today, and how much it means to everyone in the Peace Mission, as well as to the people in Philadelphia.'

Mr. Skaler introduced his friend from Washington, Mr. C. Dudley Brown, who is an expert on the manufacture and installation of tile. He and Mr. Skaler spent considerable time, during their tour of the Manor House, admiring the Rookwood Tile in various bathrooms, where Mr. Brown explained to Mr. Skaler things about tile that he did not know.


Next to speak was Mr. Alan Wood, the Fourth, a direct descendant of the man who built Woodmont. Mr. Wood is not seen at Woodmont very often, so his attendance at this Banquet was of particular interest to him. When someone advised him of what was to transpire on this day, he phoned MOTHER DIVINE, and was promptly invited to attend. At the conclusion of his remarks, he said:

'Thank you so much and thank you for taking the steps that allowed this House to exist today. I was thinking that there is no way that this Place would be here if you had not stepped in and taken over!'


Following Alan Wood IV, Dr. Martin Philips, member of the Lower Merion Planning Commission, arose to say:

'I always have a very warm feeling when I come to Woodmont, and to a Banquet here, so I was delighted when MOTHER DIVINE invited me to come to this wonderful Celebration. I have to tell you that I feel especially good today. I am Jewish, and our High Holiday of the New Year came yesterday and today. So I started thinking what a wonderful way to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the beginning of the New Year, spending it with MOTHER DIVINE and FATHER DIVINE at Woodmont!


Woodmont, The Treasure of Lower Merion

"Woodmont is a wonderful Property that we now know. We hear about all the urban development going on and being involved with the Lower Merion Planning Commission, I see the destruction of many beautiful estates and homes. But we know that this Estate will be preserved. It will remain the Treasure of Lower Merion Township, as it has always been, and as it will always be."


As the next speaker arose, MOTHER DIVINE introduced him as Mr. Alan Willoughby. He is Treasurer of the Gladwyne Civic Association. He is one of Woodmont's close neighbors. He said:

'We live in the Gatehouse on Spring Mill Road at the end of Ginkgo Lane. The worst thing that could ever happen to this neighborhood would be to have this beautiful area filled with ticky tacky houses. I'm so delighted that you folks have made it impossible for that to happen.'

Mr. Willoughby recalled his high school days by saying that some of his buddies went to a camp, such as the Friends Weekend Work Camp, to help poor people repair their houses. At the end of the Camp, the group was privileged to attend a Banquet at FATHER DIVINE'S Mission as a part of the Work Camp program. Mr. Willoughby continued.

'My friends came back speaking in glowing terms about FATHER DIVINE and the marvelous time they had and the Fellowship that they felt. I never had the pleasure of meeting FATHER DIVINE, but I do know you, and I am very happy for the Fellowship that we have with you that is so evident tonight. Thank you very much!'


A lady representing the Lower Merion Township Conservancy, Jean Wolf, arose to speak as follows:

'I want to say 'Peace!' This is the second FATHER DIVINE Banquet that I have attended. The first one was in Harlem when I was in my teens. This Banquet is more special than the first, but I have never forgotten the first, so you can see how important these Banquets are.

Historic Preservation And Open Space

'I want to say, on behalf of the Lower Merion Conservancy which supports historic preservation, clean streams and open space we thank you from our hearts for making all this possible, so that such a fabulous property could become part of the National Historic Landmark System. It is a Jewel, not only in the Crown for the Government, but also for Lower Merion Township. Maintaining this Property is something we need to put forward to let people see what can be done in protecting historic structures and open space in the Township. We thank you from our hearts!'


Mrs. Susan Stitt, Past President of the Philadelphia Historical Society, expressed her pleasure at attending the Celebration of the Day. MOTHER DIVINE remarked that Mrs. Stitt had taken part in another Peace Mission event in 1994, when FATHER DIVINE was honored by a State Historical Marker that extolled FATHER for establishing the Divine Lorraine Hotel as the first respectable Hotel in Philadelphia to accept dark complexioned people. The Marker was erected in front of the Hotel. MOTHER was happy that Mrs. Stitt was able to be present.

Bob Thomas Speaking

Bob Thomas



The next speaker was architect and preservationist, Bob Thomas, partner in the Campbell-Thomas Company. He commented on the wonderful building that the Manor House is, and went on to state that buildings do not take care of themselves. They are constantly in need of attention if they are to be maintained in good condition. He said however, that Landmark Status does draw attention to what makes this Structure special.

Something Extra About Woodmont

It is not merely an assemblage of beautiful stone, wood and tile, but there is

'something extra" built into the fabric of the building which is what everyone is experiencing on this day. That "something extra" is what makes Woodmont special.'

Mr. Thomas did not say it, but that "something extra" is the Consciousness of the Actual Presence of GOD pervading the atmosphere of Woodmont.



After Mr. Thomas' remarks, MOTHER DIVINE said:

'We are very happy that Mr. Bob Thomas is the Treasurer of the "Friends" of the International Peace Mission Movement. The "Friends" is an independent organization, and it's really wonderful how the Friends are doing their part to keep alive the legacy of FATHER DIVINE.'

In the Park Hill section of Yonkers, New York, is a large house that belongs to the Peace Mission. Mrs. Barbara Glasser is a neighbor. She spoke of the honor and privilege she is experiencing of being at Woodmont to participate in this very significant occasion.


MOTHER DIVINE introduced Mr. Thomas Wood, who is a member of the Lower Merion Historical Society. He was absorbed in taking a video record of what was going on. He paused to say:

'Thank you and I'm honored to be allowed to take video pictures of this fabulous occasion. It has really been an eye opener, and I've enjoyed it tremendously.'

Fine Relationships


MOTHER DIVINE went on to introduce Attorney Leon Tucker and his wife, Judge Petrese Tucker, who said:

'MOTHER, I would like to thank YOU for inviting us. My husband and I share our pleasure at being here. This is my first time here and it is absolutely beautiful. I would like to thank everyone, and we have had a marvelous time. I want to thank YOU again, MOTHER DIVINE!'

Mr. Tucker added his thoughts.

'It's always a pleasure, MOTHER, to be here and fellowship with YOU. I have enjoyed our relationship, and I consider it as something very special, along with the relationships that I share with members of the Peace Movement. I treasure these relationships. They have given me something and I wonder sometimes if I am worthy of them. But I appreciate them and thank YOU again for having me.'


The final speaker was Miss Roma Graveur, a long standing follower of FATHER DIVINE. She was drawn from Australia by His Magnetic Spirit to Philadelphia in 1953 for the dedication of Woodmont. She said in part:

Care Of Our Bodies

'The Celebration of The Mount Of The House Of The LORD has gone on all the time. I think that what it represents is so wonderful. We admire and appreciate the resolve to care for and maintain this physical House and FATHER has been teaching us all these years to take that same kind of care of our own physical buildings our own physical bodies to keep them in order by living the Life of CHRIST.
'It's so wonderful to know that Woodmont is the Standard of Perfection, the Standard of Virginity, Honesty and all of those Christly Attributes. The whole world is called to that Perfection. I thank FATHER and MOTHER for Woodmont being lifted all over the world in all the different Places and in all the different minds so that people can live the Life of CHRIST in the Perfect Way!'

Then Miss Roma reminded us that FATHER has talked about the Three Mountains. The first Mountain came into consideration when Moses went upon the Mountain to receive the Original Law from GOD the Ten Commandments on the Stone Tablets. Then Jesus went up to the Mount and gave the Moral Law in His Sermon On The Mount.

FATHER DIVINE'S International Modest Code

Lastly, FATHER DIVINE went upon the Mountain to dispense the Modest Code down to the people our Standard to live by wherever we are, a Standard which, if it is observed diligently, will solve all of the Social Problems of the world

No Smoking, No Drinking,
No Obscenity, No Vulgarity,
No Profanity,
No Undue Mixing Of Sexes,
No Receiving Of Gifts,
Presents, Tips or Bribes.


At the Place Setting of each diner stood a positively exquisite Place Memento. On its face was a resplendent, panoramic picture in full color of all the buildings along Chapel Drive at Woodmont. Inside was printed the wording of the Bronze Plaque. MOTHER DIVINE instructed the guests to take this Memento with them when they depart. SHE concluded the Banquet Service with this Benediction:

'May the Spirit of FATHER DIVINE'S Presence go with you one and all as you go down from this Place!








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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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