The Golden Wedding Anniversary

1946 - 1996



Holy communion Hall, Bible Institute.

Holy communion Hall, Bible Institute, 1996.





The arrival of spring is announced by flowers in bloom, the budding of trees and the singing of birds. All the earth arouses from the dormancy of winter into a new life and a new beginning. The thoughts of countless numbers are also aroused at this time of year, on April 29 to the remembrance of the Marriage of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE. This year is the Special Jubilee Year of the Marriage which fills all our hearts with gladness. Anticipation had built up the entire year beforehand into a climax of joy which could not be contained.

So that the reader may gain a more complete picture of the Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary, perhaps he or she would like to know some of the details of the decorations at each of the locations described in the other articles in this issue of Enlightenment. Flowers were everywhere and MOTHER DIVINE'S anniversary gowns added much to the splendor of the picture.

The "Festival of Song" held at the Unity Mission Church Annex on Sunday, April 21, was a Preview in song of the coming Golden Event. Large gold and white bells hung on the rostrum with lush green plants in golden containers grouped around the rostrum and auditorium. The Rosebud Choir was in full dress surrounding FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE. MOTHER DIVINE wore Her beaded Twenty Fifth Anniversary gown of beaded white lace, and SHE carried three lavender catalea orchids.

Saturday, April 27

in the Holy communion Hall, Divine Tracy Hotel.

MOTHER DIVINE Speaking in the Holy communion Hall, Divine Tracy Hotel.

Another Preview was held at the Divine Tracy Hotel on Saturday, April 27. With flowers so numerous in colors and varieties, and with ideas and inspirations flowing so freely, there was no limitation to the decorations. Stepping off the elevator onto the sixth floor, where FATHER DIVINE'S and MOTHER DIVINE'S Suites are located, to the left was an almost life size picture of FATHER and MOTHER on an easel, and then down the entire hallway were intricately displayed flowering and green plants in fancy woven baskets and special containers, complete with ornamental birds that sang when touched. This really gave the floor an air of spring. The lobby was also decorated in flowering and green plants set among white and yellow calla lilies, sprays of golden yellow cimbidium orchids and African violets.

When SHE arrived at the Divine Tracy Hotel on this day, MOTHER DIVINE was resplendent in a dress ensemble a light gold jacket with flowered skirt of yellow roses. SHE wore patent leather shoes and a light gold leghorn straw hat with matching rose and tulling. A pearl necklace and drop pearl earrings completed the attire.

The Holy Communion Banquet Table was laden with floral bouquets of golden fantasy roses enhanced with lavender and yellow freesia and different shades of lavender and purple statice. All were artistically arranged in brass containers of various sizes. The head table was decorated with stephanotis and sprigs of variegated ivy with golden yellow cimbidium orchids interspersed with golden lemon leaves. Over the banquet table hung two rainbows made of sparkling crystalline organza, and over the center of the table hung a "Pot Of Gold" which held the fulfillment of the Promise of the New Testament a picture of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE. The clouds and the rain appeared but then disappeared as the sun shown through. All this was created by the inspiration of the spirit.

The place favors at each setting, to which were attached custom made pins, carried the same theme, with a picture of FATHER and MOTHER at the end of the rainbow on the card. The kitchen stirred with chefs and waitresses busy with the forthcoming Service of the Holy Communion Banquet that was prepared with love, seasoned with grace, and served with elegance.

All was now in readiness for the Preview Banquet of the Marriage Feast of the Lamb and the Bride. The Holy Lamb wore a blue suit, and His Spotless Virgin Bride wore a gown of pale pink Alencon bejeweled lace, a skirt of matching pink satin with an overskirt and train of white organza. On the shoulder line were rosebuds with pink lace beaded leaves. A diamond necklace and Twenty Fifth Wedding Anniversary Diamond earrings completed this lovely attire.

Events Of Sunday, April 28

MOTHER DIVINE at the Bible Institute, Philadelphia

MOTHER DIVINE at the Bible Institute, Philadelphia




On Sunday afternoon, April 28, the Unity Mission Church Bible Institute and the Palace Mission's International House held open house from two to four for "The Friends of FATHER DIVINE'S International Peace Mission Movement." MOTHER DIVINE wore a print jacket with a beige background highlighted with yellow roses and dark green leaves, over a finely pleated mustard colored skirt. A large brim straw hat matched Her skirt. Her shoes and handbag blended beautifully. A pearl necklace and earrings completed this radiant outfit.

After a tour of the building, a slide show was given in the auditorium by Mr. Robert Skaler. The slides were of buildings erected in the late 1800s which showed how North Broad Street looked during that period. Mr Skaler stressed how important it is to be concerned about historical preservation in this city. Included in the show were slides of several buildings in the area owned by the Peace Mission. As could be seen, to the credit of the followers, these properties were well preserved and cared for.


The Circle Mission Church was the scene of another Preview Banquet in the evening. To welcome FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE, the red carpet was laid from Their limousine to the church steps. FATHER wore a black suit and a Homburg hat. MOTHER wore a white full length gown consisting of a short sleeved ribbon blouse with a white peaudesoie skirt. SHE wore gold shoes, a white fox fur, and Her chosen jewelry was a gold choker, a large gold bracelet, cascading gold earrings tipped with rhinestones, and long white kid gloves. The Holy Pair were breathtakingly beautiful as They alighted from Their car for the festivities.


Holy communion, Unity Mission Church, Germany.

Holy communion, Unity Mission Church, Germany.



The Great Day, April 29


Divine Tracy Hotel


The morning of this Blessed Day, Monday, April 29, found the celebrants in mental and spiritual readiness. All else was in readiness as well. The first bell for the Holy Communion Banquet rang about ten o'clock, and all the guests were seated. Shortly after, FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE entered the Holy Communion Hall and rang the second bell, calling all to the Marriage Feast.

FATHER wore a black tuxedo with a small, red rose in the lapel and a dress shirt with diamond cuff links and studs. Black leather shoes completed His attire. MOTHER wore a light cream colored silk chiffon gown with floral design of gold beads, sequins and pearls, a boat neckline, wrist length sleeves with a fitted front.

Around the room and on the table were floral arrangements in brass containers of cardinal red roses, delicate peach roses, shades of yellow freesia and white bristol fainy with sprigs of various dried flowers to give it a Victorian accent, to match the Victorian Decor of the beautiful, refurbished Holy Communion Banquet Hall. A close look revealed gardenias and golden cimbidium orchids with a touch of sparkling gold branches.

In the center of the Ebony room was a five tiered wedding cake decorated with butter cream icing depicting flags of sixteen nations. It was an outstanding display. Large decorated gold and white Wedding Bells hung in the ceiling near the front door and at the foot of the staircase. The atmosphere was sacred, yet joyously buoyant, and at the eleven o'clock hour, the bells rang throughout the building, with all standing in solemn reverence in observance of the historical event that took place on April 29, 1946.

The evening Service, for specially invited guests, was quite festive, yet Spiritual. MOTHER wore a gold beaded gown of pastel colored lace, designed as a sheath, with long sleeves, scoop neckline and a train from the waist, of plain gold chiffon. On Her head was a gold tiara. A gold choker, with earrings and bracelet to match, completed this elegant jubilee attire.

For the overflow that could not be seated at the Banquet Table, an exquisite, delicious and abundant silver service Buffet Supper was served in the Disston Room, just a step from the Banquet Hall. During this special Day, there was no lack in anything, whether material or Spiritual. All seemed to have been lifted by responding in person to the invitation. We thank You, FATHER and MOTHER, for this Complete Day, long to be remembered never to be forgotten.








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From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

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