Woodmont's Manor House Toured

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Guests from all walks of life were enthralled on Sunday afternoon, September 12th, as they took the opportunity to leisurely walk through the three floors of the thirty two room Manor House that epitomizes and embodies the history of Woodmont and the reasons the Woodmont Estate is now an Historic Landmark.

Palace Mission Road And Freedom Drive

At 1 p.m. on this brilliant autumn day, all was in readiness to receive the guests that would drive in through the double, massive, wrought iron gates off Woodmont Road and wind their way along Palace Mission Road, passing Beaumont Garden, glimpsing views of this French Chateau Masterpiece of architectural design the Manor House across the sweeping, verdant, grassy lawn.

Then they would arrive at a lookout on the eastern tip of the property where a spectacular view of the countryside for about 15 miles around causes them to exclaim in wonderment, before being led down Freedom Drive, then up and around to the spacious parking lot named "Liberty Plaza."

After debarking, they would look up to their left and see the former dairy barn and the barn where sleighs and carriages were once stored. The larger of these buildings Hilltop House has been completely renovated to provide living quarters for the Woodmont brothers, who are skilled in different trades, and who maintain the Property. This building houses maintenance shops also.

A newly built equipment shed, and garages for automobiles, and Hilltop House, form three sides of a large Service Court. Below is the orchard, the vegetable and cut flower gardens.

Fellowship Walk And Chapel Drive

As the guests move along Fellowship Walk, they pass the former stable and carriage house Harmony House on their right, to Chapel Drive, and pause to take advantage of the commanding view of Conshohocken in the distance, which lets them know they are on a rocky promontory overlooking the Schuylkill River and the town of Conshohocken, at an elevation of 475 feet. It is here they note that all the primary buildings are on the same axis along the rock ledge.

NE view of the Manor House of
The Mount of the House of the Lord.

The Great Hall of the Mount of the house of the Lord.

NE view of the Manor House The Great Hall of the house of the Lord.

As they approach the Manor House, a Rosebud guide greets the visitors, and often they meet MOTHER DIVINE at the front door, Who welcomes them to go inside and enjoy a relaxed, guided tour of the House. Rosebuds and other hostesses are on hand throughout the House to assist them.

Each guest passes through the front door and stands in the Great Hall, and after carefully noting each detail of this great space with its very high ceiling, they enter the Music Room, FATHER DIVINE'S Office, the Library, and then walk around the formal Banquet Table in the ornate Chapel Dining Room.

The guide directs them to look out of the large picture window in the Dining Room and view the spot where the Alan Wood Steel Mill stood. From this point, the red glow in the dark night sky could be seen years ago when the furnaces were being stoked.

Second Floor


The Great Hall of the house of the Lord.

Returning to the Great Hall, the guests mount the Grand Staircase to the second floor where they enter MOTHER DIVINE'S beautifully appointed Office. A guide leads them into the adjoining bathroom with its exceptional craftsmanship done in charming Rookwood Tile.

From the window of the next bedroom, the tile roof of the Solarium appears below, and there is a wonderful, far view of Conshohocken across the river. This room is furnished with a canopy bed and dresser set of hand carved oak of the Victorian Period.

The Master Bedroom that each visitor is privileged to step into is magnificent with oak paneled walls, Jacobean ceiling, white limestone fireplace and oriental rugs of predominantly red design.

A walk out onto the sundeck over the Porte Cochere is indeed a treat. Here the guests are able to have a closeup view of the main roof with its Spanish tiles, the limestone trim around the windows, and the picturesque figurines and pleasant faced gargoyles. Enjoying the view of the grounds from this vantage point makes everyone want to linger and drink in the beauty and loveliness of the scene.

Third Floor

The Great Hall of the house of the Lord.



The tour then proceeds to the third floor where every window in all the five bedrooms affords a special view of the surrounding countryside, and a close look at the roof from various angles. All the rooms are lovely in their different shapes due to where they are located in respect to the roof.

The Queen's Boudoir

Coming to the far end of the house, a winding staircase enables everyone to descend to the second floor hall, just outside the rooms that form the wing of the House that is on the other side of the Great Hall opposite the Master Bedroom. Here the guests find another chamber, and as they step inside, they behold a beautiful pastel, rose appointed bedroom with windows facing the rolling front lawn truly a Boudoir fit for the Queen.

The Shrine To Life

The Great Hall of the house of the Lord.



The tour ends as the guests descend the back stairs to the kitchen and exit through the rear door. They are guided on the path around to the west end of the House. There, beyond the Rose Of Sharon Circle, is the terraced West Garden, on the lowest level of which they see the lovely, dignified Shrine To Life, the door of which is The Portal Of Life Eternal. This circular structure is 26 feet in diameter, built of white Sierra granite. Inside is the Ark Of The Covenant, built of radiant red granite, where the Body of FATHER DIVINE is enshrined.

The guests gathered here at 3 p.m. for the Ceremony during which a Bronze Plaque designating The Mount Of The House Of The Lord as a National Historic Landmark was presented to Woodmont by the National Park Service.


As a postscript to the tour, the guests enter the Solarium. Here an eloquent array of tea sandwiches, cheese dips, fruit, cookies, cakes and raspberry punch was spread for all to partake of and be refreshed, as they enjoy each other's company and exchange thoughts about this wonderful Historic Event they are privileged to experience.









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