The A.I.A and The Victorian Society, Holding Their National Conventions in Philadelphia,
Tour Peace Mission Properties




MOTHER DIVINE accompanied them from many different parts of the Country as they experienced the Beauty
and Sacred Atmosphere of the Mount Of The House Of The LORD, International House of Palace Mission
and The Unity Mission Bible Institute.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA), convening in Philadelphia, May fourth through May eighth, included The Mount Of The House Of The LORD, Woodmont, in their Tour of the Main Line.



The Mount of the House of the Lord.

The Mount of the House of the Lord.

The Bible Institute of Unity Mission Church.

The Bible Institute of Unity Mission Church.



On Saturday, May sixth, twenty five people from different parts of the United States enjoyed William Price's architecture of 1891-92, as they were guided through the main floor of the Manor House by Jim Garrison, MOTHER DIVINE, and the Rosebud Guides. They visited the Shrine To Life also and they enjoyed the expansive lawns and abundantly blooming trees, shrubs and spring flowers of the Estate, on a picture perfect Day.

During their Convention, they visited the Fisher Fine Arts Library on the University of Pennsylvania Campus, where a special exhibit on William Price and his works had been assembled in the Arthur Ross Gallery by Dr. George Thomas. Woodmont, as an outstanding residential work of William Price, was included in the exhibit. Dr. Thomas' newly published book on William Price was made available to the architects, and is now on sale in bookstores.

Philadelphia, The Victorian Society

International House Dining Room.

International House Dining Room

International House Bed Room

International House Bed Room

The Victorian Society of America also held its Convention in Philadelphia from May tenth through the fourteenth. One of the highlights was a tour of Victorian buildings in Philadelphia, among which were the International House of Palace Mission, 1430 North Broad Street, and the Unity Mission Bible Institute at 1530 North Sixteenth Street.

Three floors of this Mansion, built in 1876, were enjoyed by the guests as Mr. Michael Lewis and MOTHER DIVINE gave of their expertise and knowledge of the history of the building and the many outstanding, historic arts and crafts that can be found in each room.

Mr. Hyman Meyers, along with Robert Skaler, made the Ellis Mansion now the International House come alive as they led the people on a tour of two of the three floors of the Mansion, and in doing so, the guests were transported back in time to how the life of the wealthy displayed their wealth, and how they enjoyed the best that money could buy in that day.

The Main Line

The House of the Lord

The House of the Lord

The Shrine to Life

The Shrine to Life

A Main Line Tour also was conducted for the Victorian Society, which included, among the outstanding Victorian Properties, the Church of the Redeemer, Bryn Mawr College, and Woodmont.

Mrs. Maria Thompson and Mr. Jeff Cohen led the Tour, and they were pleased to have MOTHER DIVINE accompany them. Nearly sixty people from many different parts of the Country experienced the Beauty and Sacred Atmosphere of the Mount Of The House Of The LORD.

They learned of FATHER DIVINE and the Peace Mission, as the Portal Of Life Eternal and the Shrine To Life was described to them. Many were eager to accept the literature offered, and expressed the desire to return again. We praise and thank FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE for giving people Hope and Assurance of a better world to come through these avenues of expression!








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