Guests from Singapore Inspired by Their Visit to the Peace Mission



MOTHER DIVINE at The Mount of the House of the Lord.

MOTHER DIVINE at The Mount of the House of the Lord.




Our readers may be interested in knowing that the Divine Tracy Hotel had visitors from Singapore in September, 2000. The Country of Singapore is in southeast Asia, south of Malaya, which is south of Thailand and China. It has a population of over a million people, which is about the same as Philadelphia's one million, four hundred thousand people.

Mr. and Mrs. Tan have three children, two sons and a daughter. One son is in Singapore, the other in England. The daughter, Deanna, is a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, which is the Divine Tracy's next door neighbor. Mr. and Mrs. Tan and Deanna attended a Holy Communion Banquet at the Divine Tracy on September 17. During the Banquet, Mr. Sen Min Tan spoke as follows:

"It is a Privilege to have met MOTHER DIVINE at Woodmont, and to speak to HER about what FATHER DIVINE has been trying to promote in the world. My wife told me that I would have to come and see Woodmont for myself because no words or pictures can adequately describe the beauty of the Mansion. This is my first visit to Philadelphia, and I assure you that I will be back again next year."

Mrs. Agnes Tan has come to Philadelphia several times in the past three years to assist Deanna enroll at the University. She expressed herself thuswise:

"Peace, Dear FATHER and Dear MOTHER, and Peace to all of my friends here at Divine Tracy. I am so glad to be here with you all. When I am in Singapore, I think of you all very often, and I look forward to being here with you again. Of course, my visit this time is very special, as it is the first time my husband is with me. I persuaded him to come and see the people and feel the atmosphere, which is charged with Peace, Love and Kindness."

Deanna followed with these thoughts:

"Peace Everybody! I am taking a course in International Relations at the University of Pennsylvania. I feel that no amount of studying or scholarship can achieve International Unity and Peace, unless we all have it in our hearts. So you can go to school and just be a normal person, and still achieve Universal Happiness and Peace!"

Mr. Tan is a representative of the Singapore Government, and Deanna will also work in the Singapore Government after her graduation. Mr. Tan is attached to a regional fishery the Marine Fisheries Research Department, whose objective is to assist in the development of the fisheries of the South Asian Countries.

In Indonesia, there are many poor fishermen whose livelihood is fishing, and they depend on the fishery, but the commercial fisheries are destroying the resources. Mr. Tan's Department is endeavoring to protect the resources from over exploitation, and it is teaching the people how to better handle the fish so that it is safe, and so that its quality is preserved for exports as well as for domestic use.

All three will be together again in May, 2001, when Mr. and Mrs. Tan come to Philadelphia to celebrate Deanna's graduation from the University.








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