Accounts of the Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary of

Virtue and Holiness in Review


The Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE was celebrated in Philadelphia in this Jubilee Year, from April 21 to April 30. A full account of these happenings was contained in an expanded issue of the June Issue of Enlightenment.


Rosebuds at the Holy Communion Table,
The Mount of the House of the Lord.

Rosebuds at the Holy Communion Table, The Mount of the House of the Lord.


The First Review came on May 5. A Holy Communion Banquet was served at Woodmont, The Mount Of The House Of The LORD in Gladwyne, the private residence of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE. The celebrants at the Banquet Table testified of the Great Example that FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE have provided for the world. The guests thanked Them for the impersonality of Their Virtue as it settles upon the whole world. A sister, who had just arrived from Panama, exclaimed that only Virtue could produce this loving Family that she had now joined in person.






Celebrating the American Christmas at
The Mount of the House of the Lord.

Celebrating the American Christmas at The Mount of the House of the Lord.

Presentations by Rosebuds and Crusaders

A presentation was made by members of the Rosebud Choir as a token of their great and loving esteem for FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE. It is a golden pendant about three inches high and five inches wide with a chain, so that it can be worn around the neck. Engraved into the pendant is the female figure of the Constitution as it is portrayed on the Portal Of Life Eternal of the Shrine To Life at Woodmont. With the Law as enunciated by the Constitution cradled in her right arm, the Torch of Liberty in her left hand, and the American Flag waving behind her, "Lady Constitution" magnifies the Law of the Spirit of Life as the Law of the Land.

Crusaders also were expressive at this Review of the Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary. One Crusader presented flowers to FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE in behalf of Crusaders all around the world, and spoke of the Crusaders being dedicated to the Works of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE during the past fifty years. He went on to say that being absorbed in this manner is beneficial to our bodies because we draw our strength directly from FATHER and MOTHER.

Another Crusader read a poem in free verse which disclosed the feelings of Crusader hearts and minds relative to the significance of the Fiftieth Anniversary.

Then the Crusaders sang several songs to conclude the Service, the first of which included thoughts of mentally and spiritually touching FATHER'S Hand when we praise HIM, and living our lives through, with His Love in our hearts. In the last number, the Crusaders "Let The Praises Roar" in honor of the Golden Jubilee Year.

Review in Sayville, Long Island, New York

Visiting The Great South Bay, Sayville, L. I., N. Y.

Visiting The Great South Bay, Sayville, L.I., N.Y.

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb was served in Sayville, Long Island, New York on May 12. Many people made the trip for this Celebration, including the followers from Switzerland, who changed their plans just to be there.

Spiritual Era In The Year 2000

MOTHER DIVINE spoke of the Fiftieth Jubilee Year being special because it signals a new beginning, a new phase of life. We are at the point where the Spirit has to take over and dominate, or it will be woe to the world. SHE went on:

'So the year 2000 represents the beginning of a spiritual era, and it was spoken of as being from that point on, the Thousand Year Reign of CHRIST; so that means that the spiritual values will take hold and dominate. We look forward to experiencing this phenomenon in our own personal lives.'

Then MOTHER DIVINE returned to the subject of our venerable, beloved Sayville. SHE said to FATHER:

'We thank YOU for all that has gone forth from this very Sacred Place where we are sitting and standing right now! I think it is fitting that we have a Review of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb here, because although FATHER'S Personal Ministry to the people did not begin here, it was from here that we all became aware of GOD having returned in the Fathership Degree demonstrating His love for humanity. . . .
"It was awakened in the consciousness of mankind that the Scripture was fulfilled and that the Marriage Supper of the Lamb was taking place. We thank YOU, that is, because you are the Lamb, FATHER Dear, the one that was slain from the Foundation of the world, the Lamb that taketh away the sins of the world."

Several songs appropriate for the moment were sung by the congregation. MOTHER DIVINE remarked that it is wonderful to have these "new" songs that only the redeemed are able to sing.

Live On In These Bodies To The Glory Of GOD

Long life for HER children is always at the top of MOTHER DIVINE'S mind. SHE desires that the death syndrome be eradicated from their consciousness. She prayed to FATHER:

'We thank YOU, FATHER Dear, to be worthy of Your coming, to be worthy of Your Sacrifice, by really being married to YOU so that YOU can give us wholly of Your Spirit and of Your Mind, and so that we can live to Your Honor and Glory not just to live for the pleasure to live on in these bodies. I mean we really want GOD'S Will to be done, and however HE can use our bodies to His Honor and Glory, that's what we want. Because FATHER said that it is His Will for man to live on in these bodies, and that Heaven is not beyond the sun, moon and stars. Heaven is to be established here on earth, and we are to be with GOD here, enjoying all the fullness of GOD's Blessings'

More songs came forth, and Miss Elizabeth Kingdom made a presentation to FATHER and MOTHER from the children at the Westminster Evangelical Home. Miss Kingdom concluded her remarks with:

'We do thank YOU, FATHER and MOTHER, for the privilege of standing in this hallowed place where YOU have stood, and where Your Plan and Purpose is this of which we are blessed to be a small part of on this Anniversary day.'

It is remarkable that from Sayville, which was only a small fishing village sixty six years ago, the news of GOD being on earth flew around the globe. Miss Roma Graveur spoke about what the inspiration of Sayville has meant to many people.

'I especially want to thank YOU, FATHER Dear, for the way Your Message went forth from this very place to the other hemisphere and to so many who loved FATHER without seeing HIM, being drawn to this beautiful Teaching, and being inspired and tutored.

Plan For The Next Fifty Years

At this point, MOTHER DIVINE spoke again about living in these bodies. SHE began by saying:

'In FATHER, there is no age or limit. In speaking of fifty years and the New Dispensation, there is no time in the consideration. FATHER has taken us out of time. You have the ambition and the vision to go on. . . . We really are out of the mortal version. You don't consider all the hours and all the things you have done, but you think of being with FATHER all these years, and all that HE has done. And you think about what you will do tomorrow and look forward to what you will do in the next fifty years. You don't have to think about years. You can get years out of your consciousness. The Bible says that at a hundred, you will be as a child. Isaiah 65:20 That means you will have the vitality of a teenager just out of school, because in reality, we have been going to school for these fifty years. And now that you have learned a lot of lessons, the next fifty years will be a little easier!'

With this last thought lingering in the minds of those present, this Review of the Fiftieth Anniversary concluded.

Review Of The Wedding Anniversary In West Philadelphia

Celebrating at the Unity Mission Church, Chicago, Ill.

Celebrating at the Unity Mission Church, Chicago, Ill.

The Fiftieth Anniversary of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE'S Wedding on April 29, 1946, brought forth gathering after gathering of the followers and friends of the Peace Mission Movement. A Review of the Anniversary was held at the Unity Mission Church at Forty First Street and Westminster Avenue on June 2, 1996, where a happy crowd was treated to an inspiring Holy Communion Banquet Service.

MOTHER DIVINE greeted all who had answered the call to be present on this occasion. After the reading of the Scripture, SHE spoke at length on marriage being a full time job. This Sermon will be found on page eight of the June Enlightenment.

Many speakers testified of their association with FATHER DIVINE and the Peace Mission Movement. Judge Charles Cuffeld was one of the first. He believes that FATHER DIVINE anointed him to pursue his mission in life, which is to fight for Righteous Government, which FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE are still fighting for.

Another speaker was Mr. Carney, a percussionist and vocalist who is one of the guiding lights of the professional musicians "Clef Club" on South Broad Street near the Circle Mission Church. He was having a great time being here with FATHER and MOTHER at the Fiftieth Anniversary, which happens to coincide with his and Trudy's thirty eighth wedding anniversary.

Feeling Of Genuine Sincerity And Love

Trudy Pitts is an accomplished pianist, and the couple has toured much of the globe, singing and playing together. She said:

'It's a blessing to be here. There are but a few places where we get this feeling of genuine sincerity and love, and we do not take that for granted.'

Mr. Aaron Anaharo told of FATHER DIVINE, in 1945, warning Japan that an unconditional surrender would be the only means of saving the nation. Buddha appeared in Japan several hundred years ago, teaching that life and Heaven are everywhere. FATHER has said that all true religions are synonymous, including Buddhism. But Buddha warned the people that because of their strife and disunity, a force from more than ten thousand miles away would at some future time devastate and defeat Japan. Accordingly, shortly after FATHER DIVINE had warned Premier Hirohito in 1945, two Atomic bombs, dropped by the United States from more than ten thousand miles away, brought Japan to unconditional surrender to end World War II.

The Planet Is Bright - FATHER And MOTHER DIVINE Are Here

Mr. Anaharo went on to say that if mankind does not unify with GOD'S Words, it would face a similar fate. But he was trusting FATHER DIVINE to save His Royal Family because of the virtuous ones that are here. So in reality, the Peace Mission, centered around FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE, is mankind's last defense. He concluded by saying:

'I know the walls are happy, the room is happy, the building is happy, and the whole planet is so bright because FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE are here. It's a great Blessing to witness the spirit of Unity at this Review of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Lamb and the Bride, when things are moving toward the time when FATHER DIVINE will lead mankind to happiness and victory.'

Several other guests made their appreciation known of FATHER DIVINE'S Teaching. Dr. Simona Hill spoke of MOTHER saying that if you live in Virtue, you don't have to be subject to the Adamic consciousness. She said also that this Holy Communion Banquet Service was not only a Review of the Fiftieth Anniversary, but it was also a Preview of the next fifty years. And with the song, "This Is A Beautiful World" on their lips and in their hearts, the congregation dispersed.








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