This Marriage Gloriously Illumined the Reality of the Union of God and Man, and
the Fusion of Heaven and Earth.

Glorious Celebration Of The Fiftieth Golden Jubilee Anniversary Of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE'S Wedding,
April 29, 1946


FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE have been married for Fifty Years! And now, after months of living in rapt anticipation of this Banner Year, They and Their Followers worldwide are celebrating. They are celebrating the Fiftieth Golden Jubilee Wedding Anniversary of the Lamb and the Bride.

And celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary is extremely appropriate. It is the order of the day, because during the fifty years that GOD has been married to His Spotless, Virgin Bride, all the world has been touched by this Sweet Union of GOD and man by this powerful Fusion of Heaven and earth. The world may not be aware of it, and they may not notice the change at present, but people will be gradually altering their life styles, and they will be living in the Marriage of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE by thinking, speaking, and acting more and more like Angels, shaping their lives in the mold of the Virginity of Mary and the Holiness of Jesus.

FATHER DIVINE declared that His Marriage was a spiritual Marriage the Marriage of the Lamb and the Bride and that CHRIST had now married His Church a Fundamental Concept. The significance of the miraculous Marriage of FATHER DIVINE and SWEET ANGEL cannot be over estimated. This Marriage gloriously illumined the reality of the Union of GOD and man, and the Fusion of Heaven and earth. This Marriage loosed a flood of Virtue and Holiness such as the world has never seen. The Virtue and Holiness of this Marriage will save the world.

The Great Day April 29

The Great Day of the Anniversary Celebration was April 29, 1996. What joy! What jubilation! What excitement over the Fifty Years that FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE have been married! What rapture! What ecstasy! The Great Day had come with all the force of fifty years of Virtue and Holiness.



The true and the faithful gathered at the Unity Mission Bible Institute at ten o'clock to await the arrival of the Holy Pair. They felt honored to be called to this Great Day. Rosebuds with their red, long stemmed roses, stood on opposite sides of the steps that led to the front door, and with their roses held high and touching the opposite rose, formed an archway under which FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE mounted the steps.

It was a thrilling sight to witness this Grand Arrival of the King and Queen of the Universe on this beautiful, sun drenched April morning when the air was fragrant with spring blossoms. Once inside, FATHER and MOTHER walked down the long hallway as the great crowd of happy, joyful followers gave Them hearty acclaim, acclaim which continued while They ascended the staircase that took Them to the second floor.

The princely, resplendent, Holy Communion Hall, newly refurbished, was in readiness. The coworkers and immediate followers from near and far were the celebrants who expectantly took seats at the richly appointed Banquet Table, with joy in their hearts, praises and Thanksgiving on their lips.

Holy Communion

FATHER and MOTHER rang the silver dinner bell at the beginning of the Holy Communion Banquet, and the first course of fruit and breakfast fare was served. As eleven o'clock drew near, the Constitution-ettes, in red and white striped jackets and tall, Uncle Sam hats, burst in on the scene, singing and dramatizing their special salute to the Lamb and the Bride.

Oh, it's so exhilarating, for we are celebrating
The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Marriage this year,
And we're all participating, in every way cooperating
As the Triumphant Church of GOD; in this we all must share,
By putting the full measure of the Life of CHRIST Into our daily affairs.
With this Spiritual Presentation No material gift compares.
This is the way we all prepare To welcome guests from far and near
To our FATHER and MOTHER'S Golden Anniversary this year!

The Trumpet Call

At eleven o'clock the hour at which FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE were married fifty years ago the trumpet fanfare announced the hour, and the gladsome bells resounded throughout the building. As the bells pealed over and over their message of Hope to the world, everyone stood still, mentally, spiritually and physically, in solemn reverence, with thoughts centered on the Holiness and significance of the wondrous Marriage, the purpose of which is to save the world. Concentrating on the Marriage drove all other thoughts out of the mind as the congregation stood in meditative silence.

Time ceased to be. Mortality was banished. It was a glorious instant a moment of unspeakable Love a Love that mortal man has never tasted, the moment of a lifetime. As the sound of the bells faded away, the sacredness of the moment was broken by the sonorous tones of the organ sounding the notes of the song. "I Know YOU Are GOD," the Faith and the Rock of Conviction to which FATHER DIVINE is married.

Scripture was read from Ephesians and Revelation that spoke about CHRIST marrying His Church, His Wife being ready, clothed in Righteousness, to attend the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. A new Heaven and earth appeared, and GOD HIMSELF is with men, wiping away all tears, sorrow and death. Whoever is athirst for Salvation may come and drink freely of the water of Life.

The Rosebud Choir lifted their voices in glad hosannas in the glorious realization of CHRIST'S Marriage to His Church. In one of their songs are the words: "Those who have eyes, let them behold the Marriage Feast has come." In another appealing song, these words appear: "I live, I live again. I live forever in the hearts of men. Virtue is my Name." Another thought: "Blessed are we, the Pure in Heart, for we have seen our GOD," was expressed also in song.

World Must Become Spiritual

Our SWEET ANGEL, MOTHER DIVINE, looking regal and radiant on this Sacred Anniversary Day, arose and gave expression during the Banquet. SHE opened Her remarks with these words:

'Peace, FATHER DIVINE, our All Glorious Bridegroom, Fulfiller of the Scripture from "A" to "Z", the One we have waited for and the One that we are so satisfied with!'

SHE went on to say:

'Because in this recognition of our Maker and Creator coming in the likeness of man in a bodily form, it has brought to the earth plane all of the spirituality, all of the Blessings of GOD into the material world.'

It is extremely important, and it is imperative, that spirituality becomes a force in this materialistic society. MOTHER continued by observing that we are open, receptive and ready to receive the benefits of the Fathership Degree being on earth among us. SHE also said:

'It is necessary to have that recognition and to live it and believe it be obedient to it, for us to get the victory over the curse that was imposed on man through the disobedience of Adam and Eve. Truly it is written, In Adam all die; so shall in JESUS CHRIST all be made alive.''

SHE made the point that the value systems of the world are falling apart, causing a great disturbance among the institutions of man because a Great Birth is taking place. New values will evolve, based on the Law of the Spirit of Life that was in CHRIST JESUS.

Guests from the Society Of Shakers.

On this special occasion which was ordained to magnify and glorify the Life of CHRIST, it was spiritually significant that a group of Shakers from Sabbathday Lake in Maine came to help commemorate the Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary. At the Banquet, Sister Frances Carr, who is the Eldress of the Shaker Community, extended her greetings to FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE in part, as follows:

'As a representative of the Shaker Church, I want to wish you the happiest, the Holiest ever, Happy Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary. May all of Your good work, Your Abundance, and especially Your Love continue to bless the world forever!'

MOTHER DIVINE said of the Shakers that they were taught by Founder Mother Ann Lee that mankind must

'Live a life of perfection here on earth to the Glory and Honor of GOD, and that they had to cleanse themselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, and live in Holiness unto GOD.'

Presentation From the Coworkers

A group of eight church members came to the head of the Banquet Table, representing all the loyal, steadfast coworkers of the Peace Mission. A beautiful floral arrangement was presented by Miss Meekness Faith, who spoke in part as follows:

'FATHER and MOTHER Dear, we Your coworkers and volunteer coworkers who have committed ourselves to be of use in Your Sacred Service, thank YOU for this glorious privilege to serve YOU. When we serve YOU, we are serving mankind. Because of Your unselfishness, Your dedication; Your consecration, we are willing to give that same sacrificed, devoted service to all mankind.'

Miss Sonja Love, on this Golden Anniversary, presented FATHER-MOTHER with a gold plated coffee and tea service tray, which was exquisitely adorned with delicately engraved designs. The dedication plate on the tray was inscribed as follows:

on Their Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary
from Their devoted Coworkers.'

As she presented this golden tray, she said to FATHER and MOTHER:

'I know words can never express our love for YOU and gold can never shine brilliantly enough for YOU, because YOU are Pure Gold and purer than gold!'

Evening Holy Communion Banquet

FATHER and MOTHER had sent out personal invitations to a number of people who have had pleasurable contact with Them and with the Peace Mission Movement through the years. They began arriving at 6 p.m. to be present at the Holy Communion Banquet to be served at 6:30 at the Unity Mission Church Bible Institute.

Scripture was read as at the earlier Banquet. The Rosebud Choir on the rostrum splendidly rendered a group of songs including. "Blessed Are We, The Pure In Heart for we have seen our GOD." "Those Who Have Eyes, Let Them Behold," and other equally meaningful, inspirational songs which accentuate the meaning of this sacred and important occasion.

MOTHER DIVINE welcomed all who had answered the call of the Spirit to come and partake of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. SHE continued by saying:

'Through the years, the followers of FATHER DIVINE from all walks of life in this country and in foreign countries have been bound together by their Conviction of FATHER DIVINE being the Personification of GOD here in the Fathership Degree, and by their willingness to live His Teaching of Holiness and Virginity. And FATHER promised that if we obey HIM and live this Life, that we would enjoy an abundant Life. And we have enjoyed an abundance of the fullness of all good things not just material Blessings, but mental and spiritual Blessings. And here it is, fifty years later, and we are still enjoying the fulfillment of these promises, and looking forward with great anticipation to the next fifty years!

As the Banquet progressed, the diners were served a sumptuous Banquet of delectable dishes, such as avocado mold, mustard ring with crab, sweet potato in orange cups, green beans almandine, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, filet mignion with mushroom caps, crown of lamb, and tofu loaf topped with shittake mushrooms. Desserts included mocha charlotte, anniversary cake, peach cheese cake and a Keyflower Special a completely natural hazelnut log.


Partakers Of MOTHER'S Blessings

FATHER DIVINE spoke to the gathering in His own Personal Voice via the tape recorder in a Message HE gave in 1951, explaining what this Holy Marriage means

'...this Marriage of GOD to His Spotless Virgin Bride the Marriage of CHRIST to His Church is to propagate Virtue, Holiness, Honesty and Truth, without human affection, lust and passion or any such indulgence. . . . to universalize this Virtue, this Holiness, this Honesty and this Truth, that the Righteousness of GOD might be fulfilled in us who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit! . . . I believe the majority of you under the sound of My Voice realize you are married to ME. Aren't you glad! This Marriage, as a Marriage of an individual, but bespeaks the Universality of the Marriage of CHRIST to His Church, that you might be heirs and joint heirs together with all others and be partakers of the Blessings with MOTHER.'

New Day, September 15, 1951, pp. 5-6, given Krum Elbow, NY. September 3, 1951


The Guests Speak

The many guests seemed eager to express themselves. Among those who spoke was an English lady who met and married an American of the opposite complexion. After stating that her marriage took place 49 years ago, Mrs. Eve Thompson went on to say:

'FATHER DIVINE touched our lives 50 years ago, and we have tried to live by FATHER'S Words. . . . I hope those of you who haven't had the privilege of coming here so often will realize the honor that has been bestowed on you by FATHER and MOTHER to have been asked here tonight.'

The Honorable Augusta Clark is a member of the Philadelphia City Council. She endorsed FATHER DIVINE'S Work by stating:

'As a member of government, I am required to draw parallels between your system which works so well, and public welfare which works so poorly. If only we could take the dignity that you have shown, and your collectivism, it would make our system work better, because it would free people, rather than bind them in dependency. Thank you for the Peace that you show by the way you live.'

Message Of The Peace Mission And The Shakers

Mr. Gerard Wertkin is Director of the American Museum of Folk Art, which is located in New York City. He was eminently instrumental in bringing the Society of Shakers and the Peace Mission Movement together being an ardent champion of both groups, although he is not of either Faith. He stated that

'Mother Ann Lee, founder of the Shakers, brought that same faith to America that the Peace Mission shared today.'

During his extended speech, he said,

'The mere fact that so many people from the world are joining together today in this Holy Communion Banquet demonstrates that the Message of FATHER DIVINE, the Message of MOTHER DIVINE, still resonates, and still has a real purpose in this world.'

He concluded by quoting the words of a Shaker hymn published more than a hundred years ago.

'The Holy City, the New Jerusalem, has come down to the children of men. The mystery of GOD is finished, is done, and the Saints with one voice say Amen. Tune your golden harps, oh ye angelic choir, for the Marriage of the Lamb has come. The Bride is arrayed in linen, white as glaze. And the guests are invited in. Alleluia! Hallelujah! God will sing loud with Alleluias unto Zion's King and Queen.'

Expression From Other Lands

Everyone knows that over the years, the Anniversary of FATHER'S and MOTHER'S Marriage has been celebrated annually in many different countries. At this Fiftieth Anniversary, several foreign countries, such as Austria and Switzerland sent representatives. Panama, and Barbados in the West Indies were also represented as were England, France and Canada.

It was most appropriate for the followers from these foreign Churches jointly to present a beautiful arrangement of roses and orchids. Mrs. Rose Kunz of Switzerland spoke thusly, as she placed the arrangement before FATHER and MOTHER:

'Everybody here knows that FATHER has an International Family, and for this International Family, here we stand to present FATHER these flowers all of our love and devotion for FATHER and MOTHER. We are so Blessed to be here.".

As an expression of the International Peace and Love that the Marriage has propagated, the Foreign Churches made a most impressive gesture by presenting FATHER-MOTHER with a handsome piece of art by Boehm known as "Global Peace." It is twenty four inches in diameter and made of porcelain. It has seven miniature white doves in winged flight, representing the seven continents which are embossed in gold on the blue globe. It is a fitting configuration to be offered up to FATHER-MOTHER on this illustrious day.

At each place setting, stood a place favor. Inside, the words on the first page were "Peace Comes Through The Life Of CHRIST." Attached to the cover was a striking lapel pin in the shape of a gold rimmed, blue globe with the word "PEACE" in gold letters attached. Each of the guests gratefully carried his or her favor with them as they left the Table. FATHER and MOTHER brought a delightful conclusion to a beautiful evening by personally receiving their expression of appreciation and gratitude from each guest at the door as they departed.








GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

Use the material freely but respect FATHER DIVINE'S intent, which was and is, to provide us all with the keys to eternal health and happiness without cost or price. HE truly came as a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind.

It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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