"It Is No Longer I, but Christ in Me,"

"The Reaction of Such an Assertion, Yea, Such a Declaration Will Be Established Once and Forever
for You Will Express the Christ Characteristics to Humanity, and to the Great Universal Mind Substance.
Your Desires, as Prayers, Will Be Heard and Answered by the Christ Characteristics
You Are Exhibiting." --- FATHER DIVINE



The Christ Characteristics a Prayer

Our FATHER'S Message given at the Banquet Table
468-470 Broad Street, Bridgeport, Conn.
Friday Afternoon, Jan. 28, 1938 A.D.F.D., Time -- 2:00 P.M.





Unity Peace Mission Garage,
Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA.

Unity Peace Mission Garage, Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA.




A glorious and masterful Message indeed was the privilege and blessing given by the LORD to the children of this dispensation, during the partaking of another bounteous Banquet in the lovely Bridgeport Extension of this Universal Peace Mission, founded by the Prince of Peace HIMSELF.

Before arising to speak, FATHER sang one of His original compositions, which, in itself is a Message for those who are seeking the Way of Truth.

In order that all might receive of His Horn of Plenty in its fullness, the words of this inspiring little composition are also herewith recorded in part.

To HIM we ascribe all Honor and Glory!



'It is Love that moved the Almighty GOD, Love, Love, Love. It is Love that moved the Almighty GOD, Love, Love, Love.
'It was Love that brought your Savior here, Love, Love, Love. It was Love that brought your Savior here, Love, Love, Love.
'Love unlocked the Heaven door, Love, Love, Love. Love unlocked the Heaven door, Love, Love, Love.
'The Love of GOD casteth out fear, Love, Love, Love. The Love of GOD casteth out fear, Love, Love, Love.

(FATHER speaks as follows:)




PEACE EVERYONE! Everybody happy? We all should be. That little composition brought to, and conveyed to the children of the Kingdom by the inspiration of the Spirit of the conscious conviction of an individual,

"It takes nothing but Love to keep ME here, it was Love, Love, Love . . ."

Love is the key to your heart if you know it, for Love will control the children of men, even as a little child can control a lion in his den. This is accomplished with Love -- by experience it has been.

For this cause we say, love can and will control all things, although in expression at times, this love which we are stressing may not appear to the children of men -- a good many of them -- as though it is love; for GOD in love must express according to the condition and circumstances that are surrounding certain conditions. Hence, GOD may express apparently in an expression that would not apparently be love to some certain conditions; for the opposition of those undesirable conditions would cause the reaction of GOD'S expression of love to be an expression of opposition to those who are in opposition. Hence, in their consideration and in their expression it may not apparently be love to them.



Love In Expression

But we are privileged to know, as it is with the cosmic forces of nature and the hand of nature, even so with the Spirit of love and mercy in evidence, when it is manifested in humanity. It is a privilege to observe the great work of the Spirit as it unfolds. It may have to apparently "break down the idols", as said one by composition, "and cast out every foe"; it may be as a process -- have to cleanse the children of men by the cleaning process, to make them mentally and spiritually white as snow.

Nevertheless, it is love in evidence, it is love in expression bringing about a betterment for all things that are in harmony with the great Creator, the Author and the Finisher of all things. For this cause you find the cleansing process going on, the renovating process going on, and when you find it is construction work going on in a certain condition, it looks as though it is destruction. First, it is the uprooting, the picking up of the earth and the cement, and rooting up trees and stumps and rocks and other things that may be in the way, to bring about a great renovation of things on the material plane.

This is merely a slight sketch and a reflection of the mystery of GOD'S Workings among His people -- rooting up things that are not planted according to the plan and purpose of GOD in a certain particular vicinity. Rooting up things that are not according to the plan and purpose of GOD in and along a certain line, that the construction work might go on. But it calls for a destructive expression, no doubt, in the beginning, for the making ready for the constructive work; therefore, it looks, at times, more destructive than constructive.



Renovation Requires Tearing Down

For this cause men may somewhat fear at times, when they look over an expression and see the uprooting of trees and other things that may be in the way, but the Spirit of GOD'S Presence moves on, Conquering and to Conquer. To Renovate and to Build Up, something must be torn down.

Tear down the old buildings and the old dilapidated shacks and bridges, and every other constructive expression that has been constructively built years ago, but is not to the standard of living in this dispensation and at this time. It must be rooted up that it might be built upon a foundation that cannot be shaken.

For this cause the shaking of the Heaven is not out of the ordinary, for GOD has not only promised to shake the earth, but also the Heaven. Hence, things that are in connection with us at times may be shaken and GOD through His Condescension, with Love and Mercy, may apparently be the Shaker to shake everything that can be shaken and remove everything that can be removed that the foundation might be built upon a foundation that cannot be shaken and upon a standard that cannot be moved.

For this cause we are rejoicing to see the great construction work going on - - moving out everything that is not according to the plan and the purpose of GOD; yet it takes nothing but Love to produce such a zeal and courage to do so -- for it would apparently be detrimental at times.

At times you have to go in opposition to your own personal feelings -- in opposition to your own personal desires, for the establishment of that which is just and right in your endeavors, to do the constructive work. Aren't you glad?. . . laying aside your personal feelings, your personal fancies, your personal tendencies and your personal pleasures, that you might continue to build constructively by removing those things by which you have been connected, if they are to be removed, for the constructive work to go on unaffected.




It Takes Nothing But Love

Oh, it is a privilege to observe the mystery of GOD'S Actual Presence. Then, "It takes nothing but love . . ." to keep one persistent in this ambition in building himself up as an individual, for the opposition of your personal feelings and your personal tendencies will be persistent; at times you must be super-persistent in your endeavors to overcome such senses of personalities -- such a sense of your individuality.

At times you may consider what you have been and what you should have been, and look upon the work of your present mission and your calling as something that would be insignificant, as an expression of lowliness and meekness -- such as you have desired not to consider, such as you have desired to transcend . . . such a meek expression or degree of unfoldment. But as you observe the mystery, you are working cancellation on yourself as an individual and as individuals; you are destroying yourself, you are eliminating yourself and cancellating yourself to the lowest terms, until you shall have cancellated yourself completely; then GOD will have an opportunity, for there is your extremity.

But it is working destructively to yourself as a person apparently, to that of which you may desire to be; for you are not to be reckoned in the great mystery. When CHRIST has been enthroned by selection and by election, CHRIST should reign Supremely; and if you are in consideration yourself, or any other with whom you have been connected, such an individual or expression would tend to dethrone the CHRIST from the throne of your mind even if He had been selected and elected; hence, "it takes nothing but love to keep Him here."



Self Is An Undermining Serpent

How marvelous it is then to dwell in the Actual Presence of GOD. We speak often of self-denial. We Must do that apparently until you get it distinctly, for self is an undermining serpent. If you are not watchful he will get you. He will come in a chicanery way of expression, so deceiving . . ! As a treason betrayer, and deceivingly betray you, as honoring you many times. That is why the serpent was mentioned in the Garden of Eden, and one that could and would, yea, did beguile the woman. Coming through deception, coming through chicaneriness, coming through a pretentious love and obedience to GOD.

The very spirit of selfishness may tell you, as "Money-love"did, when you as individuals in the mystery were in the Pilgrim Traveler, Christian. It was a parable concerning all who start from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City. You will meet with many difficulties, you will meet with many oppositions, you will meet with many conflicts; but if you are determinated in your resolve you can and will overcome them all.



What Is the Difference?

When this Christian Traveler saw, as it was, one who had come in, at least, came over the wall -- tumbling over the wall he got in the way, he said . . . "Well, I am in the way, what is the difference?" Another came and said, "Why, if we get so much money by marrying a person", in the parable, "who had lots of money, we can use that money for a good purpose." Do you see how that old selfish mind will disguise itself at times and try to get you to believe it means good for you and for the cause?

But if you be watchful and bring self to its destination completely, it will no longer have an existence within you; and yet, GOD through you and through others can accomplish and will accomplish much more than any of those who are coming in expression -- according to the interpretation, the different selfish tendencies and versions could tell you or do for you. GOD can and will do an hundredfold more than what they can even so much as tell you, and do for you. Therefore, bringing self to its destination is the great essential, that GOD might Rule and Reign within you, and that you might be completely eliminated as an individual and as individuals . . . that you might no longer be considered in the slightest consideration of yourself, nor of the people.

When this is done GOD Alone shall reign and GOD Alone shall be seen. There and then "It takes love to keep HIM" -- without and within, to unfold HIMSELF within you to the children of men. But this can and will be accomplished universally, for the Mouth of GOD has spoken it. The Mouth of GOD declared:

'GOD alone shall reign,'

and as GOD rules and reigns on the throne of the mind of an individual, even so will it be universal; for if one man is conquered and brought into subjection, the Universe of humanity can be also conquered and brought into subjection when GOD shall have brought HIMSELF fully into expression in the conscious consideration of all of them.



The Least Shall Be Great

As I said in that Message that was read; how marvelous it is to live in that place of consciousness where you can and will eliminate yourself completely and will allow GOD to speak and act, by the cancellation of self. It is not humiliating in the least, if you know the Truth concerning the mystery, for,

'Those who are least among you, the same shall be great . . .'

and the Mind that was in Jesus, according to the Gospel, or Epistle, whichever, was that He made Himself of no reputation and took upon Himself the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of men. And, even in the servantship degree of unfoldment, as was declared, having no reputation, He became obedient unto death, under such an expression, without being reputable as a servant.

Such a servantship degree of expression was crucified. Such a servantship degree of expression died, that even the servantship degree of expression might not be exalted and have glory, honor or praise. By this, the servantship degree of expression, being completely referenceless, having no reputation, yet had come to His destination in the servantship degree of expression that GOD might be lifted in Him and reckoned instead of a person.

When this was done, there and then GOD raised Him up and gave Him a Name above every other name, as a sample and an example for all humanity -- how you can and will be lifted above mortality when you shall have come to your destination, and GOD in you shall have been reckoned and resurrected and made observable in your words, your deeds and your actions.



Be Willing To Do As Your Savior Did

How marvelous it is then! Then it takes nothing but love to keep such an expression in evidence. Those of you who are true and faithful, you will be and you are willing to do as your Savior -- willing to present your bodies as living sacrifices, that you might live no longer unto self but that you might be an expression wherein CHRIST Himself can be expressed.

When GOD alone reigns on the throne of your mind, when CHRIST alone is in evidence, when CHRIST alone is reckoned without and within -- which is to say in your concept, in your consideration -- then and there GOD will come forth into expression when CHRIST alone is reckoned. And when GOD is in evidence, from whatsoever angle of expression you may function, you will express perfectly and also bring to the surface the desirable, and all mankind will desire you in whatsoever expression you may express.

You will carry with you that desirableness, if in profession, labor or trade, if in gifts, callings or talents. All of these can be put forth into expression scientifically and accurately with the desirableness that GOD Himself carries. That is the Mystery! And when this is expressed in your daily actions, wheresoever you be and wheresoever you stay, you will express the desirableness of the desirable and will be desired by all with whom you come in contact. Your very presence in expression will be desirable and will be enjoyable because it is desirable, and when this is in evidence, why, none will desire to have you absent from their presence. You will be a center of attraction for all of them. Therefore, if you are an expresser of whatsoever your vocation may be, your mission, profession or your activities may be, you will be expressing the Perfection of ME and all will enjoy it even as ye do concerning this great mission in which I AM expressing.



The Desirableness of The Desirable

But it takes nothing but love to hold such an unfoldment and such a degree in evidence and in consideration; nothing but love to be considered or reckoned in the unfoldment of such an expression, that your love in evidence must be that it must hold that which I AM stressing as ME -- the Desirableness of the Desirable and the Satisfier, as the Source and as the Supply, for GOD is each and all of these. And as you bring yourself into subjection and live thus accordingly, with the right concept and recognition of GOD'S Actual Presence, by holding GOD in consciousness according to same, with love sufficient to hold HIM, then and only then can you express ME.

How marvelous it will be when all of the inhabitants of the earth will be able to see "eye to eye and face to face", and express from that angle of expression. When this is accomplished universally it will be as was said concerning Paul himself, as an individual: "It is no more I, but CHRIST Who dwells in me."

The universalization of such an expression and the universality of the establishment of it will be a Living Reality among us. How marvelous it will be when every person will be able to say: "It is no more I, but CHRIST who dwells in me," and each and every other individual will be able to verify that which they say; for when you express accurately the Perfect Picture, unselfishly and unadulteratedly, the very sense of conviction of such an expression will be to those who observe it, and they will be obliged to see just as you see: There is a Reality in what you have declared concerning the mystery.



No Longer You

Hence, it will no longer you to them, as well as it is no longer you to yourself; as well as it is no longer you in words as far as you are concerned. When you use the quotation as a reiteration and as a re-declaration concerning yourself, as was declared and iterated by one who predicted such an affirmation as a declaration concerning himself, Paul, it will be no longer you in reality but it will be the CHRIST, and others will observe it.

When you shall have come to your destination completely and express the Perfect Picture accurately, from every angle expressible, all will eventually see and know when this is done -- as well as what you say; they will know definitely it is a reality and the Truth has been told concerning the mystery, when you declare such a thing as being real in your experience.

"It is no longer I, but CHRIST in me," for the reaction of such an assertion, yea, such a declaration will be established once and forever; for you will express the CHRIST characteristics to humanity, and to the great Universal Mind Substance your desires, as prayers, will be heard and answered by the CHRIST characteristics you are exhibiting.



The CHRIST Characteristics A Prayer

The CHRIST characteristics by nature will be the prayer, when they are seen in evidence, with a sincere desire of the heart. That desire from the CHRIST nature, CHRIST characteristics, CHRIST disposition, the CHRIST Mind in expression, will be discerned as being the CHRIST making the petition or requesting GOD, wheresoever HE is in the Heavenly State of expression, for such things as you are requesting. These things will come forth into expression, for GOD always hears and answers the prayers of His Own Son. That is the Mystery!

"Oh, in Jesus' Name", or "for Jesus' Sake", or "for CHRIST'S Sake, do this, that or the other." When you say, "For CHRIST'S Sake", present the CHRIST in evidence, produce the CHRIST in actions, in deeds and in disposition, in characteristics, that I might see them and observe them to be His and His Alone. When this is endorsed in you, by the characteristics of the CHRIST it is the same as when a man who has a-plenty of money and everybody knows it, endorses a note for you.

The CHRIST characteristics and nature and disposition, with the CHRIST Mind within you, should endorse all of your requests and petitions. When this is endorsed by the characteristics of Jesus, His nature, His mind and His spirit, your requests, you prayers, are heard and answered, for it is no longer you but it is the CHRIST Who dwells in you. That is the mystery!



"How Do They Always Get An Answer?"

Now they marvel -- I mean those who are in mortal consciousness: "How can they always get an answer, or get everything they want? Where do they get so much money from?" The supply has been a problem that could not be answered by the metaphysicians. The metaphysicians have been answerers to problems that pertain to physical infirmities, especially if they are the results of mental deficiency, in a great measure; but the supply question could not be answered by the metaphysicians, for they failed to physically produce the characteristics of Jesus.

They quoted the characteristics, the nature -- they quoted the mind, as a message to the children of men, that they might rid themselves of certain undesirable conditions; but they failed to produce the characteristics of Jesus, that they might actually bring into their own individual experiences the identical nature and life and mind of the Almighty. Therefore, their prayers could not be heard and answered on the supply question, and on the Redemption of the Body question.

It was a problem unsolved by the metaphysicians because they had not presented their bodies as living sacrifices; therefore, they had not produced the nature and the characteristics of Jesus from that angle of expression He expressed them in His Person. Hence, they could not gain victory over materialism and mortality completely; therefore, the supply question and the redemption of the body were not expressions that could be accomplished by the metaphysicians, for they denied the reality of the Personification of the Infinite One.



Observe the Characteristics of CHRIST

How marvelous it is then to inculcate a conviction and such a consideration; to observe the characteristics of CHRIST in evidence; to reckon especially such an expression as the nature of GOD in evidence; to produce it in all of the evidence of your desire; to present it before the throne of GRACE, that your prayers might be heard and answered scientifically and accurately, from a scientific point of view, by the characteristics and the nature and the mind of CHRIST in you.

By living and expressing such, and by producing also the unselfish and the undefiled love of GOD; to present them, every desire which is prayer, will be heard and answered speedily. Aren't you glad? Then the supply is in expression, it comes forth speedily, and every other desirable expression, for you have reckoned CHRIST as the Redeemer and the Savior of every particle part of you -- your soul, your spirit and your body all are reckoned as a sacrifice to the Almighty; but men consider, in metaphysics, that CHRIST is not considering the body. They ignore the mystery and the great essential for the redemption of the people.

Therefore I say, it takes nothing but love to keep such a recognition in evidence. When you reckon CHRIST in you daily, and in your every experience, CHRIST will be the One in evidence and you will no longer be reckoned. The characteristics of CHRIST in expression only, manifested, whensoever you make any requests, your prayers are heard and answered by the simplest request for such will come through the nature and characteristics of CHRIST, and, it is no longer "I", as said the Apostle. You might say, "It is the CHRIST Who dwells in me."



GOD Can See the CHRIST In You

Hence, GOD can no longer see you, but GOD can see the CHRIST in you, as CHRIST in you is produced. Aren't you glad? That is the Mystery! But you cannot produce the CHRIST in you until you sacrifice all of yourself and all selfish tendencies completely, and rely on the Fundamental by taking on the characteristics of Jesus and by letting this Mind be in you that was also in CHRIST JESUS, Who, being in the form of GOD thought it not robbery to be equal with GOD, but made Himself of no reputation.

So long as you are attempting to make yourself of a reputation; so long as you are bringing yourself into consideration by self-justification, it is a matter of impossibility for you to produce the real CHRIST characteristics, or either the CHRIST consciousness within you. But when you make yourself of no reputation and refuse to try to bring yourself into consideration by self-justification, then and there you are tearing down yourself, as doing destructive work, to build up and do constructive work in the most Holy Faith.

Therefore, building yourselves up in the most Holy Faith, you should keep yourself spotless from the mortal concept of things, as being termed the world, by My interpretation. When this is established in you, others will see it and know it, regardless to where you go and matters not what you do; for it will no longer be you, as said the Apostle, but "it will be CHRIST Who dwells in you", and GOD will no longer see you as a person but GOD will be obliged to answer your simplest request, for it is the CHRIST characteristics requesting such blessings as you are desiring.



"Your Life Is Hid With CHRIST"

Hence, your prayers are heard and answered. The Scripture, yea, the Epistle, is fulfilled then: "You are dead and your life is hid with CHRIST in GOD." They have spoken these words -- all of the different religions of Christianity have spoken these words as quoting Paul, the Apostle; and others, they speak many words concerning CHRIST and the Kingdom, but to put them into actual service by being convinced concerning the things of which they are speaking, the average person fails to make a complete surrender. Hence, when the request was to declare, <"It is no longer I, but CHRIST in me," for the reaction of such an assertion, yea, such a declaration will be established once and forever; for you will express the CHRIST characteristics to humanity, and to the great Universal Mind Substance your desires, as prayers, will be heard and answered by the CHRIST characteristics you are exhibiting.

'It is no longer I, but CHRIST in me,'

for the reaction of such an assertion, yea, such a declaration will be established once and forever; for you will express the CHRIST characteristics to humanity, and to the great Universal Mind Substance your desires, as prayers, will be heard and answered by the CHRIST characteristics you are exhibiting. "It is no longer I, but CHRIST in me," for the reaction of such an assertion, yea, such a declaration will be established once and forever; for you will express the CHRIST characteristics to humanity, and to the great Universal Mind Substance your desires, as prayers, will be heard and answered by the CHRIST characteristics you are exhibiting. "It is the CHRIST in me, . . . and ye are dead and your life is hid with CHRIST in GOD," such a quotation may be iterated and reiterated over and over again, but the conscious conviction of each and every individual is not a living reality established in them. But when this is established in an individual, it is that your life is hid with CHRIST in GOD and you are dead completely. Then and there and then only, are you a living Epistle -- in the place where GOD can express through accurately and effectively.

So long as you live and you are discerned, you will find yourselves in lacks and wants and limitations, you will find yourselves having trials and tribulations, you will find yourselves in adverse and undesirable conditions as superstition is bringing.

Then I say, if you die dead indeed unto sin, by reckoning yourself to be dead indeed unto sin, as said the Apostle on another occasion, reckon yourself to be "dead indeed unto sin and alive unto GOD through JESUS CHRIST our LORD!" -- there and then, "ye are dead and your life is hid with CHRIST in GOD." Hence, CHRIST Alone is the One to be seen and heard, and CHRIST Alone is the One through Whom your blessings come; for whatsoever is done then, it is not done to nor for you as a person, but it is done to and for HIM Who liveth forever and forever. I thank you.







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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

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