The Holy Bible.
King James version.



  1. FATHER DIVINE: I quote scripture practically all the time, and then I live it and put it forth into manifestation in MY daily deeds and actions....We accept as our guide the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as recorded in the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and especially the Sermon on the Mount!
    Interview - granted a group of ministers, Dec. 2, 1949.
  2. My Spirit and My Ever and Omnipresence Is the Teacher.
  3. Partakers of the Divine Nature. Re: II Peter 1:4-8. Be Virtuous and Holy.
    Office Talk - Given Dec. 21, 1948
  4. FATHER DIVINE'S Interpretation of the Bible. Re: Resurrection; Souls; Under the Altar; Ask of God; Fulfilling All Things; Righteousness First.
    Interview - Given Dec. 13, 1948
  5. The wrath of man shall praise THEE!.- FATHER DIVINE.
    It Is a Privilege to Be the Fulfillers of All of the Predictions Made by the Prophets, the Sages and the Seers.
    Sermon - Given July 10, 1939 A.D.F.D.
  6. In all our Churches and Connections we do have bible studies...... Learn the Bible; but not necessarily someone else's version."
    Sermon - Given Dec. 11, 1949
  7. Behold! The Bible is now an open book.
    New Day, Nov. 10 1962; Page, 24-25. Feature Article - by Staff Writer.
  8. FATHER DIVINE'S Interpretation of The Sermon on the Mount
  9. Bibles and Hymn Books and all of those things had been the inspiration of mankind and are for the advancement of this civilization. All of the inspirations and all of the compositions throughout the ages are now being brought into this great "melting pot".
    New Day, May 31`, 1958; Page, 8-9. Message - Given Feb. 14, 1940; 3:44 a.m.
  10. The Scripture is authentic - not merely a fairy tale.
    New Day, Dec. 16, 1961; Page, 1-3. Message - Given June 9, 1941; 6:38 p.m.
  11. Humanity must fulfill the scripture - the wicked as well as the righteous.
    New Day, Dec. 29, 1938; Page, 69-70. Message - Given Dec. 23, 1938; 2:45 p.m. (In Part)
  12. The Holy Bible from Genesis to Revelation - as taught in Peace Mission Churches.
    New Day, Sept. 6, 1958; Page, 24, 27, col. 1. Feature Article - by Staff Correspondent
  13. Enlightening Explanation of the Statement of Luke,"Except You Hate All You Have, You Cannot be My Disciple".




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