Not Married for Human Affection, Lust and Passion or Self- indulgence but to Propagate Virtue, Honesty, Brotherhood and Democracy.



at The Unity Mission Annex.

FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE at The Unity Mission Annex.

  1. I Was Not Married for Human Affection, Lust and Passion or Self- indulgence but to Propagate Virtue, Honesty, Brotherhood and Democracy."
    New Day, Apr. 10, 1965; page 15-16. Message - Given Aug. 21, 1946; 8:45 p.m., White Rock Baptist Church
  2. I can fulfill the law and also the Scripture.
  3. The marriage of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE has given license to the union of GOD and man in perfection, as through their sacrifices, it is exemplified before the world.
    New Day, April 10, 1965; page 20-22. Feature Article - Perfection.
  4. All The World Rejoices In The Marriage Feast Of The Lamb And The Bride.
    Letters from Churches abroad and all over this continent giving accounts of their anniversary celebrations and great rejoicing. New Day, July 3, 1965; page 20-28.
  5. "Release" - for publication by MOTHER DIVINE: MY Marriage to FATHER DIVINE - Its Meaning to the World!
    New Day, Apr. 18, 1964; page 5-6.
  6. Feature Article. A historical picture. Title: Anniversary Prelude.
    MOTHER DIVINE said, "Because I know YOU Are GOD."
    New Day, Apr. 4, 1964; page 3-4
  7. Christ and the Church.
    'I did not build the church upon what the people said; upon their version; because it would not have been the Church of GOD! ...for what said I to peter? When I said, upon this rock I shall build my church...' I also said, flesh and blood did not reveal this unto thee, but your FATHER which is in heaven!.'"
    Message - Given en route from Philadelphia to Newark, N.J., May 25, 1946; 11:50 A.M.
    New Day, May 2, 1959; page 28-29
  8. Observe Nothing but Purity
  9. That Is What FATHER DIVINE and I Actually Produced: Honesty, Competence and Truth, Love and Devotion.
    New Day, Apr. 23, 1966; page 9-10 Sermon - Given Aug. 7, 1946; 5:00 p.m.
  10. "...I AM materializing spiritual things and spiritualizing material things! I AM materializing the Bride! In the reproducing of the Bride, I brought the Bride into tangibilization and personified! As with the Lamb so with the Bride!"
    New Day, Apr. 25, 1959; page 12-14. Sermon - Given Aug. 5, 1946; 4:57 a.m.
  11. Father Took to Himself a Spotless Virgin Rosebud Bride to Propagate Virtue in the Land.
    The standard of a true follower
    'The disappearance of one as the wife, in the summation is the universality of the virginity and the virtue of Her, and the Spirit and the Nature of Her imbibed by all others; Therefore, this is Christ and the Church!"
    New Day, Apr. 18, 1959; page 4-6. Sermon - Given Nov. 29, 1946; 11:45 a.m.
  12. None Shall Hinder, None Shall Offend Me; Because If They Do I Will Shake Creation!
    'We came to give this whole nation a new birth of freedom under GOD... and when this new birth of freedom shall have been universalized, this government will be death-proof...
    'Our marriage is not bound to nationalism, or America... It is international! ...The internationality of humanity shall be established universally... and the Interraciallity of humanity shall be eventually established universally..."
    New Day, Apr. 18, 1959; page 11,14-15. Sermon - Given Aug. 11, 1946; 2:45 p.m.
  13. "Therefore, we do rejoice and we are glad to say, truly, Christ is now married to His Church! And this does not necessarily mean sectarianism, it does not mean an ism at all, but all of the church. That is in all of the organizations and in all of the united bodies of the Church universally! Those of the Holy Catholic Church and those of the Protestant Church and all real Christians under Christendom."
    New Day, April 30, 1966; page 5-6. Sermon - Given May 6, 1947; 2:00 a.m.
  14. The Significance of FATHER DIVINE'S Marriage. May l3, l95l A.D.F.D.. Time: 1:05 P.M.
  15. A Rosebud's Devotion.
    Asking GOD for a sample to copy after. Their prayer was answered April 29, 1946, A.D.F.D. when GOD, FATHER DIVINE, took unto HIMSELF a Spotless Virgin Bride.
    New Day, July 21, 1962; page 31 Inspirational Prayer. Given in October, 1945.
  16. Marriage Anniversary Review Celebration, Kingston, N. Y., August 31, 1952. Abundant Blessings.
  17. I know you appreciate MOTHER, that is why I have given HER to you.
  18. Inspiration - The Bride Of The Lamb. Lovingly ascribed to the Holy LAMB by the Virgin Rosebud Bride.
    New Day, May 5, 1951; page 2.
  19. Tribute to MOTHER DIVINE for the "fine example" SHE set for womanhood.
    Remarks of attorney J. Austin Norris, Member of the Board of Revision of Taxes and Newspaper editor. Day, May 5, 1951; page 20.
  20. "Giving glory and honor and praise and Thanksgiving to the ONE and only one to whom all glory belongs!
    New Day, May 5, 1951; page 21. Remarks. - of MOTHER DIVINE - Given April 29, 1951.
  21. "The World Has An Invitation To come." "It is greater, bigger and better than that of a literary invitation, for a literary invitation is limited, but MY Spiritual Invitation is infinite!"
    New Day, May 5, 1951; page 19-20. Sermon - Given April 30, 1951; 1:40 p.m.
  22. This Marriage of God and His Spotless Church Is the Out picturing of the Growth and Development of Religion and Humanity.
    Re: GOD making Himself flesh, condemning sin in the flesh, and the Consciousness of GOD'S Presence causing mankind to turn from committing vice and crime, and sin of every kind.
    New Day, Apr. 13, 1963; page 7-8. Sermon - Given May 16, 1948; 2:15 p.m.
  23. Feature Article.- the Marriage That Crusades Against Everything but Godliness. FATHER DIVINE started many wheels a turning for good in HIS marriage to MOTHER DIVINE.
    The space age; fifty countries have achieved their independence; social equality in schools; efforts of Pope John and Pope Paul to unify with the rest of the Christian world; abolishing graft and corruption in politics; etc.
    New Day, May 2, 1964; page 1-3
  24. I make this proclamation the 29th day of April it shall from henceforth be called a holiday.
    'I AM unifying the children of men all over this wide extended plane. Mankind is coming to know in the deep south, that a man is a man and not a color, creed or race!" Racial terms are used to low-rate; the birth of the united Church.
    New Day, April 25,1964; page 1-3. Sermon - Given April 29, 1948; 2;10 P.M.
  25. The Marriage of Father Divine and Mother Divine What it Means to Followers after Seventeen Years
    A Compilation of Testimonies from a Cross Section of Followers of FATHER DIVINE
    New Day, May 4, 1963; page 24-26.
  26. This Holy Marriage of the Lamb and Bride Shall Stand Throughout Eternity.
    Stresses the Holy Catholic Sisters as living the virginity of Mary and the Holiness of Jesus.
    New Day, April 30, 1966; page 2, 4-5. Sermon - Given May 18, 1947
    ; 3:15 p.m.
  27. Behold the Beauty and the Virginity Materialized and Personified!
    New Day, May 2, 1964; page 6. Sermon - Given April 29, 1951; 1:35 p.m.
  28. For Your Goodness to All YOU Are Worthy to Be Praised!
  29. The Bride Is But An Illustrated Parable In The Dramatization of The Fulfillment of The Scripture   — FATHER DIVINE
  30. Mortality's Righteousness In Selfishness and Self-Indulgence Is As Filthy Rags — Father Divine
  31. The Significance of Being Married to GOD. Getting Somewhere.
  32. GOD Condescended To The Earth Plane and Wed HIS Creation, That We Might Be Lifted Above The Curse — Mother Divine
  33. All Glory and Honor to FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE - April 29th 1976
  35. Presentations to Father and Mother Divine on Their 30th Wedding Anniversary
  36. Some of the Many Telegrams, Cards and Congratulations to Father and Mother Divine
  39. Bicentennial Weddinq Anniversary of Father and Mother Divine
  40. Testimonies of Praise, etc.
  41. Remarks of Visiting Guests and Friends During Anniversary Celebration of the Holy Marriage of Father Divine to His Spotless Virgin Bride.
  42. International Celebrations of the Anniversary of the Marriage of Father and Mother Divine. (This article includes a few of the first accounts to come in to FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE from overseas.)







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