"...Other Democracies or Countries Shall Merge into this One, and Shall Lose Themselves
in the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind, of A.M.And of Purpose, Until There Will Not Be
Any Division among Us Nationally, Neither ...Internationally!" ---FATHER DIVINE

Various Political Aspects of FATHER DIVINE'S Teachings.



  1. International Utopia
    "We shall have a righteous government! But it shall not be bound to this democracy as it stands today, alone, but other democracies or countries shall merge into this one, and shall lose themselves in the unity of the spirit, of mind, of A.M.and of purpose, until there will not be any division among us nationally, neither ...internationally!"
    New Day, Apr. 17, 1965; P. 3-4 Message - Given Dec.5, 1939; 1:25 A.M.
  2. FATHER DIVINE Peace Stamps.
    They contain many of the proposals sent to heads of governments and states, and are sent out on all of FATHER'S letters of correspondence to officials, diplomats and representatives of government, and individuals, and on personal and private correspondence.
    New Day, July 1, 1961; P. 30-39
  3. An explanation of The Peace Stamps.
    Interview granted to A.M.nister and his wife.- Sept. 7, 1951
    New Day, Sept. 15, 1951; P. 14-17
  4. Inspirational composition based on the scripture Genesis 11:6, "Behold The People Is One."
    "The people were predestined to be one"
    New Day, Sept. 2, 1950; P.21 Message - Given Aug.27, 1950; 11:00 P.M.
  5. "God Said 'Let Dry Land Appear' 4004 years B. J. And Now I Say To the Chief Executives of this Democracy 'Let There Be the United Countries of America.'"  '...I came to unite the republics of America together under the Constitution and its Amendments that they be protected by our North American independence ...I came to America that I might be called an American!" 
    New Day, May 24, 1958; P. 3-6 Message - Given Dec. 17, 1939; 10:10 P.M.
  6. Subject: "We are now re-founding the world of all creation on a foundation that can only stand by unification."
    '...The proposals I have made, and suggestions I have made for the unification of the nations and then the sovereignties of the world, they would not take cognizance of it until by inspiration I brought out that invention to shake creation..."
    'The different sovereignties of the universe are now beginning to believe in the unification of all nations."
    New Day, Aug. 27, 1960; P. 3-5 Office Talk - Given Dec. 18, 1945; 10:10 P.M.
  7. In 1938 the first Peace Stamp was published. These stamps were placed on the envelopes of all correspondence from FATHER DIVINE'S office and of many of the followers.
    This is a list of some of these Peace Stamps.
  8. United States, Australia and New Zealand - - - United We Stand, Divided We Fall
  9. We Are One Race Indivisible, the Human Race.
    Where all have the same rights; The Sample and Example; All humanity shall be conscious of the Ever-Presence of GOD.
    New Day, Apr. 17, 1965; P. 1, 3 Message - Given Dec. 10, 1946; 3:50 P.M. New Day, Jan. 21, 1950; P. 6-8 Message - Given Jan 10, 1950; 10:08 P.M.
  10. "If this people will stand together in unity, there is nothing that can prevent the establishment of a Universal Utopian Democracy."
    Telegram - by FATHER DIVINE to President Johnson, congratulating him on his significant civil rights speech to Congress and the Nation, March 17, 1965.
    New Day, Mar 27, 1965; P. 1
  11. "I Will Unite Them Together Without an Anti-lynching Bill!" 'GOD is in the midst of you and bringing about equilibrium to be established on every hand."
    New Day, Mar 27, 1965; P. 2 Message - Given Aug. 5, 1953; 1:50 A.M.
  12. We Endeavor to Ignore Words That Tend to Sow Seeds of Discrimination, Separation and Prejudice Among the Nations.
    New Day, Mar 27, 1965; P. 11-13 Message - Given Nov 14, 1938; 1:40 A.M.
  13. Article. - As The Pendulum of Equilibrium Swings.
    FATHER DIVINE is the governing force behind the great pendulum that swings out and back in equity for every ,man.
    New Day, Mar 27, 1965; P. 20-22 Message - Given Nov 14, 1938; 1:40 A.M.
  14. "I Have Proposed the United States to Accept of New Zealand and Australia as States of the Union and Let Us Have One Bill of Rights and One Constitution."
    'Russia, nor its satellites, will attempt to rise against us when we, the people are united together universally as I have proposed for you!"
    New Day, July 15, 1950; P.3-4 Message - Given July 4, 1950; 8:00 P.M.
  15. The purpose of the H- Bomb, the allness of GOD, ,and the insignificance of matter.
    New Day, Mar. 4, 19 50; P. 3-5 Office Talk - Given Feb. 25, 1950; 5:00 P.M.
  16. "Trials and Tribulations and Oppression Have Caused the Nations to Seek the Unity I Have Been Teaching, Stressing, Emphasizing and Advocating — FATHER DIVINE
  17. FATHER'S Work in Advancing Integration. - Remarks of Miss M. J.
  18. "You Cannot Live Safely Together Unless You Are Unified Together."
    'Because of the Consciousness of GOD'S Presence I AM causing the nations of the earth now to get together to bring about that one nation, that one language, one speech and one tongue, so that they, the people, universally, might have access for expression and have power and dominion to accomplish whatsoever they may imagine!"
    Dedication of the Unity Mission Church, Home and Training School, Inc., of Upway, Australia
  19. "Your Only Hope of Salvation Is to Love One Another Without Restraint...Even If You Do Not Feel like It."
    'For if you are one in reality, automatically you have the key to the secret of the ages and to all underground treasures and to even high heaven! ..
    New Day, Mar 27, 1965; P. 3-5 Message - Given Aug. 1,1950; 2:06 A.M.


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