Righteousness in Government.

Various Aspects of FATHER DIVINE'S Teachings.




  1. The Right and Responsibility to Vote.
    If You Did Not Think They Were Worthy and Qualified, You Would Not Vote for Them If it Would Be Your Own Brother, If it Is Your Own Mother.
    The Holy Communion Table, 20 West 115th Street, New York City
    November 5, 1935
  2. Instituting Righteousness in the law of the land. As GOD in the Sonship degree spoke to the lawyers, doctors and leaders, so GOD in the Fathership degree "is here today and HE is talking with the lawyers and the doctors, the leaders and rulers of the people, to bring them into the recognition and the realization of HIS Spirit; to institute ...righteousness in the law of the land, the law of man!"
    New Day, Aug. 18, 1956; P. 14-15 Message - Given Jan. 18, 1943; 11:35 p.m.
  3. Safe-guard and Protect the Constitution in Words but More So in Deeds and Actions
  4. We Shall Have A Righteous Government From Shore to Shore and From Land to Land.
  5. Let There Be the United Countries of America.
  6. "Since GOD Is Now Reigning This Is GOD'S Administration"
    '...I AM changing the tides of governmental affairs! and matters not who may be elected as President of the United States GOD shall reign!"
    New Day, Aug. 7, 1948; P. 4-5 Message - Given Aug. 3, 1948; 2:31 a.m.
  7. The Politicians Did Not Make ME and They Cannot Break ME! They Did Not Select ME and Elect Me and They Cannot Dethrone ME!
    'Men legalize crime breeders and expressions of immorality but do not consider the legalization of righteousness, justice and truth should be established."
    New Day, Nov. 17, 1938; P. 41-45 Message - Given Nov. 8, 1938; 8:55 p.m.
  8. A Country Saved By Righteousness. New Day, May 5, 1951; P. 4-5 Message - Given Apr.29, 1951; 8:22 p.m.
  9. I Desire to Be a Blessing for Men of Business, Labor and Trade"
    "Righteousness shall overcome unrighteousness."
    'Express democracy by living it."
    New Day, Feb. 19, 1955; P. Message - Given June 23, 1950; 11:50 p.m.
  10. Practical Democracy and Treatment of Conscientious Objectors.
  11. Crusading for American Equality and an experience of one Conscientious Objector.
  12. "If you have fight in you for your own defense, you would have a right to use the same method for national defense." Re: Conscientious Objectors.
  13. I AM speaking to all civilization and all of this materialistic, mechanical, political world of insanity!
  14. "From this Place (U.S.A.) " Shall Go Forth the Law to All Nations, Languages, Tongues and People This Is GOD'S Administration"
    'We the people, have produced and brought to fruition the spirit of brotherhood, Christianity, democracy, Americanism and Judaism as synonymous."
    'We shall have it just as it is right here all over this wide extended plane!"
    New Day, Apr. 3, 1948; P. 3 Message - Given Mar. 31, 1948; 1:50 A. M.
  15. The Righteous Government Platform of FATHER DIVINE'S Peace Mission Movement As adopted by the International Righteous Government Convention held in New York City, Jan. 10th, 11th, and 12th, 1936 A.D.F.D.
    New Day, Dec. 4, 1965; P. 29-33
  16. "With a righteous mind you will have a righteous judgment, and with a righteous judgment you will have the foundation of a righteous government."
    'The Righteous Government Platform which we are stressing from time to time, was drafted from the righteous minds of the children of men; minds that had been converted to righteousness, to truth, and to justice."
    New Day, May 26, 1938; P. 46-51 Message - Given May 12, 1938; 11:30 p.m.
  17. I Have Given Birth to Young America, the Future Government ...A Real Christian Government Where GOD Will Be at the Head."
    'I have made millions truly thankful who have become to be the personification of thanksgiving and speak it automatically and unthoughtfully." The meaning of brotherly love.
    New Day, Sept. 11, 1941; P. 61-65 Message - Given Sept. 9, 1941; 2:57 a.m.
  18. We Should Be as True to Our Political and Diplomatic Convictions as to Our Religious Convictions.
  19. I Have Made Philadelphia the Country Seat of the World.
  20. GOD'S Administration.
    'But I AM changing the tides of governmental affairs! I have started on MY career of giving this whole generation, even this present civilization, a new birth of freedom!"
    New Day, Nov. 20, 1948; P. 5 Mobile Office Talk - Given Nov. 13, 1948; 4:20 p.m. A.D.F.D. Time: Noon
  21. "I Came to Show Them How to Have One Family Indivisible...For I AM Going to Have MY Way." "I AM making a righteous people in the land, and I spared not only this city but I spared the whole United States of America with MY righteousness I had reincarnated, transmitted and reproduced and re-personified!"
    New Day, May 5, 1951; P. 5-7 Message - Given May 5, 1946; 10:20 p.m.
  22. "A Righteous Nation Under FATHER DIVINE Is Rising Electrifying The Atmosphere." "It is immaterial to ME whether humanity in general is susceptive or not, this great contagion, I have contagionized it so with the virtue of brotherhood, honesty and of peace until it will affect those who are not susceptive and those who are rebellious and reject it!"
    New Day, Nov. 26, 1949; P. 5 Message - Given Nov. 16, 1949; 4:25 p.m.
  23. It Is a Crime Against Democracy for the Government Representatives and Senators to Permit Filibustering.
    '...As you have heard us sing, this is democracy in action, and all who recognize democracy, they realize it is a place where you have the freedom of speech, it is true, but you will not let your liberty become to be a stumbling block!"
    'We shall bring about cloture..."
    New Day, Jan. 17, 1953; P. 4-5 Message - Given Jan. 3, 1953; 9:35 p.m.
  24. We Do Not Seem to Know What Indivisible Means. We Are Not Races, Creeds or Colors we Are Americans!
    'I came to curb Hitlerism and all Fascism and all Nazism by curbing division, vice and crime and sin and debauchery of every kind!"
    'I came to represent the amalgamation of all nations, languages, tongues and peoples that we might be one nation, indivisible!"
    New Day, Feb. 9, 1946; P. 5-6 Patriotic Address - Given Feb. 1, 1946; 9:40 p.m.
  25. Thoughts of the National Freedom Day Celebration.
    The majority of the leaders do not know that indivisibility means undivided and one. The world like a merry-go round is getting no place, just riding around. And like a seesaw, trying to put one up and the other down, thinking they can put themselves up by putting someone down.
    This new birth of freedom is President Lincoln's prayer answered.
    New Day, Feb. 9, 1946; P. 22-23 Tea Room Talk - Given Feb. 5, 1946; 6:10 p.m.
  26. We Demand a Freedom That Will Give Equality to Each and All of the Nations.
    If we have our independence and do not give it to others, by our own independence we are bound.
    'I came to give all civilization their real emancipation."
    'I came to give it through the Declaration of Independence and through the Constitution and its Amendments by the spirit and the meaning of our two great religious documents, the New and the Old Testaments!"
    New Day, Dec. 18, 1965; P. 3-5 Message - Given Aug. 10, 1942; 6:05 p.m.
  27. We believe that when we express our righteousness according to the meaning of the Constitution and its Amendments we are the reproducers of the spirit of our country.
    New Day, June 22, 1939; P. 40-43 Message - Given June 10, 1939; 9:45 p.m.
  28. Re: The Supreme Courts unanimous decision outlawing segregation in the public schools as a violation of the U.S. Constitution.
    New Day, June 22, 1963; P. 13 FATHER DIVINE'S Statement - May 12, 1954
  29. FATHER DIVINE Explains Why HIS Followers do not Accept Tips and Gifts.
    New Day, June 22, 1963; P. 19 Letter - Dec. 20, 1945
  30. If I Were A College Professor
    '...I should eliminate all reference to races, creeds and colors from MY classes, and all consideration of the same: thus nipping in the bud, wars and race riots, vices and crimes, segregation and discrimination, incipient in our educational system of today..."
    New Day, June 22, 1963; P. 14-15 Letter - July 25, 1939
  31. The Triumphant March of Righteousness is on. Re: The condescension of GOD; HIS great work and the accomplishment of HIS mission.
    'But what we thank YOU for so much, FATHER, is YOUR condescension to Personally be the Wayshower for this nation!"
    New Day, June 22, 1963; P. 6-7 Remarks of MOTHER DIVINE - June 8, 1963; 4:00 p.m.
  32. "We Are One Family, Indivisible, and I Shall Establish it If it Cost Ten Million Dollars a Day.">
    ',,,I have brought an abolition to localization!...broken that alien yoke of bondage and I have set all citizens free...from racism...sectarianism...from nationalism and all of the isms that spell division..."
    New Day, Feb. 9, 1946; P. 13 Message - Given Feb. 5, 1946; 12:00 midnight.
  33. Parable of the Chief Corner Stone.  'GOD is in the midst of this people and shall not be discouraged and shall not be disturbed until all nations from shore to shore and from land to land realize GOD is right here in the midst of them and has all power in HIS hands!'
    'Russia nor any of its nations brought into subjection to them can succeed and prosper against this nation so long as we lift up the standard of Christ and fulfil our sovereign rights!"
    New Day, Sept. 11, 1965; P. 9-12 Message - Given July 4, 1950; 8:00 p.m.
  34. This Country is the Country Seat of the Universe, the Cradle of Democracy and the Amalgamation of all Nations, of all Languages, of all tongues and all people!
  35. "Let all the Postmasters of Our Government Know They Must Recognize the Prince of Peace
    and the Government Stamp Must Carry "PEACE". — FATHER DIVINE
  36. Bring an End to Segregation and the Rights of States That Are Unconstitutional.
    'I have raised up a righteous nation! This is the nucleus of the righteous nation that I shall have from shore to shore and from land to land that shall be governed and controlled by the Constitution of United States and by the Declaration of Independence!"
    New Day, June 22, 1963; P. 2-4 Message - Given June 11, 1947; 4:28 p.m.
  37. Our Patriotic Songs Are Inspirations Given Through Our Patriotic Minds According to the Constitution and its Amendments and the Declaration of Independence.
    New Day, Aug. 29, 1940; P.49-51 Message - Given Aug. 24, 1940; 2:07 a.m.
  38. Re: The English Language '...That is the most appropriate language for all civilization and the most perfect language of expression that has developed the Christ and brought the Christ to fruition, that is the language that shall be reckoned through all ...people, because this nation under GOD was predestined to have a new birth of freedom..."
    New Day, Mar. 11, 1943; P. 21-22 Message - Given Mar. 8, 1943;11:45 p.m.
  39. '...For all nations, languages, tongues and peoples shall unite here together and shall find that something the Pilgrim Fathers saw when they came to this country seeking religious liberty and seeking freedom otherwise."
    New Day, Nov. 25, 1961; P.8-9 Message - Given Apr.30, 1952; 11:15 p.m.
  40. The Righteousness of GOD is Marching Through the World
  41. Selected excerpts of FATHER DIVINE'S words and praise and thanksgiving in tribute for the righteous stand FATHER DIVINE has taken in defense of all humanity.
    New Day, Sept 26, 1964; P.20-23 Article - Journey To The Heart Of Righteousness.
  42. All must Recognize the Spirit of Religion, and Religion Alone Shall Have All Dominion Socially, Morally and Even Politically. "...the unjust officials who have been selected and elected in opposition to MY plan and MY purpose, I AM working cancellation on their reputations, and their influence, and when this shall have been accomplished they will fall from the lofty state wherein they have been exalted..."
    New Day, Jan. 23, 1965; P. 1-3 Message - Given July 25, 1938; 2:15 p.m.
  43. President of Nazareth Mission Church of Australia Acclaims Supreme Teaching of GOD FATHER DIVINE
  44. Since God Has Come In A Bodily Form You Need Not Worry Any More So Relax and Still Yourselves



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