"If You Have Faith You Can Establish the Kingdom of God Manifestedly in Your World
and Naught Can Prohibit It." --- FATHER DIVINE

Various Aspects of HIS Teachings on Faith



  1. Go On To Perfection, Leaving The Principles Of The Doctrine Of Christ Behind.
    'But it is a privilege to come to this place in consciousness where you will transcend the mere borders of faith. You will go on to perfection, into a place where you can relax your conscious mentality completely and rely on the fundamental, by seeing and knowing your GOD! You have faith until the knowledge of the truth shall have come."
    Message - Given June 15, 1938; 12:50 p.m.
  2. Faith Is The Victory.
    'If you have faith you can establish the kingdom of GOD manifestedly in your world and naught can prohibit it. Therefore, you need not falter nor fear, for you are one with your Creator, for GOD, your Creator, is your Father!"
    New Day, June 16, 1951; Page 4-5 Message - Given in November 1931 at Sayville, L.I., N.Y.
  3. "There Are Thousands of People Who Have Been Actually Healed Physically, Mentally and Spiritually and Blessed from Every Angle Expressible by Faith, Without Knowing. Faith Makes Whole, Not Knowledge."
    New Day, Aug. 15, 1953; Page 3-9 Message - Given July 25, 1941; 2:45 a.m.
  4. Understanding And Faith. "...It Is Better Not to Know or Understand; Then You Can Live by Faith."
    New Day, June 8, 1957; Page 11, 13 Breakfast Talk - Given Aug. 22, 1932.
  5. Substantiated Faith.
    'Remember, you are not binding yourselves nor confining yourselves to the visibilization of GOD Himself, but this principle that has been, will be and always will remain, with or without the Personal Presence of anything."
    'Anything I do, I do it well. I establish this truth, and I establish it well, and nothing can root it up, nothing can prohibit it."
    New Day, March 22, 1966; Page 19-20 Sermon - Given March 16, 1934; 11:00 a.m.
  6. Your Faith Must Be Tested, Tried, Purified, Made White And Tested Again To Prove To The World That You Believe In Your GOD.
    'As it was with Jesus as a person in expression, you must produce that faith to come in opposition to everything that can come or can stand in opposition to you."
    New Day, Feb. 23, 1957; Page 14-15 Message - Given May 3, 1938; 1:20 p.m.
  7. Faith.
    'It is GOD in the name of faith that overcame for you. Dial in on the principle as being termed faith. When you find it out aright and learn and know the truth, you will see, faith is GOD and GOD is truth."
    New Day, Feb. 9, 1957; Page 3-5 Message - Given April 14, 1934; 11:30 p.m.
  8. "Your Faith...must surmount the mountain of doubts and fears, and every other worldly version that can be created and brought into expression. Y our faith must surmount them and climb the height of perfection in confidence and substantiated faith that cannot be shaken."
    New Day, May 30, 1959; Page 8-10 Message - Given May 4, 1936; 1:55 p.m.
  9. It Is a Privilege To Realize What Your Faith Can Do!
  10. "He That Puts His Trust in ME", said HE, "Shall Never Be Confounded!" The Sermon on the Mount . . . Can Solve Your Every Problem
  11. "How Good it Is for Brethren to Dwell Together in Unity!" "The Sermon on the Mount can Solve Every Problem."
  12. If You Will but Trust Him, God Will Supernaturally Help You.
  13. Your Faith In ME Has Brought You Eternal Emancipation


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