"The Glorious Realization Of Heaven At Hand."

"It Is Your Privilege to Produce and Bring to Fruition Within, The Very Living Christ,
the God of Your Salvation."

The Foundation and Principles of the Peace Mission Movement.



  1. "GOD'S Great Love Transmitted." "The love of GOD that surpasses all human understanding, it is being increased and multiplied by being transmitted from you, through you to another, and from one to all, and back from all to GOD." Given Feb. 4, 1950, 3 pm.
  2. See The Truth Concerning ME.
  3. The Glorious Realization Of Heaven At Hand Brought To The Consciousness Of Man.
    'GOD is a law breaker ...especially of the detestable and hateful, selfish laws that the religions have set up by their imaginations, to keep GOD in that imaginary heaven, the prison of conventionality, the prison of theology, the prison of the theories and doctrines of the versions of men, which have striven to keep GOD and CHRIST there, bound within..."
    New Day, Oct. 23, 1965, P. 4-5 Message - Given Oct. 15, 1965; 11:10 p.m.
  4. The Redeemed Life.
    'The same kind of life that Mary lived to bring forth the personal Christ we must live to bring forth the spiritual Christ in our lives!
    'We must, in MY mind, live that same kind of life to produce that same principle and those same characteristics in our lives...and then when it is finished we will see a glorious church, without spot or wrinkle...We are seeing the hundred and forty and four thousand redeemed!"
    New Day, Jan. 16, 1965; P. 13-14 Message - Given in 1931 in Brooklyn, N. Y.
  5. You must allow the word of GOD to live harmoniously in you.
  6. The Life Of Christ Must Be Lived.
    'I stress that, and you are contracted to that and that is your contract (to live) exactly according to the Life and Teachings of Christ as recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John...That is a very close walk!"
    New Day, Jan. 16, 1965; P. 8-9 Message - Given in 1931, in Sayville, L. I., N. Y.
  7. MY Followers Believe I AM The Highest Order Of Being Because Of Their Religious Conviction And The Results They Are Getting.
    New Day, Jan 23, 1965; P.3-6 Message - Given Dec. 22, 1937; 11:10 p.m.
  8. Those Who Try To Ignore ME Are Trying To Ignore A Standard Lifted As Perfection.
    'I AM the chariot! I AM the chariot, I say! I AM this state of consciousness that has lowered itself to carry you to a place of rest above misery, above sorrow and above limitations.
    "It Is Your Privilege to Produce and Bring to Fruition Within, The Very Living Christ, the God of Your Salvation.
    I AM not here to represent a race! Through MY condescension I will represent the Constitution and its Amendments and the Declaration of Independence."
    New Day, Jan. 16, 1965; P. 10-13 Message - Given Aug. 12, 1939; 3:15 p.m.
  9. Rules And Regulations Of The Peace Mission Are Designed To Enable The Christ To Be Brought Forth To Fruition.
    New Day, Jan 23, 1965; P.19. Remarks of MOTHER DIVINE - Jan 7, 1965.
  10. Title: The Significance Of Saying, "I Thank YOU, FATHER."
    New Day, Jan 23, 1965; P. 18. Remarks of MOTHER DIVINE - Jan. 5, 1965; 9:55 p.m.
  11. The way down is the way up. Your Blessings Will Be Increased and Multiplied
  12. What It Means To Behold The Lamb Of GOD, To Gain The Victory Over Self.
    'Then the meeker you are, and the more obedient you are, the more lowly in Heart you are, the greater you are in the sight of the Almighty GOD! "
    Message - Given Jan. 1, 1939; 1:10 a.m.
  13. "To be qualified for the kingdom of GOD you must be willing to serve GOD and serve GOD hard.
  14. Feature Article -The Servantship Degree Part 1. A person that is not willing to serve physically as well as mentally and spiritually, that person is not ready for the physical redemption of the body."
    Also, re: unselfish service. "Do not serve just to gain, but serve for the good of serving, and the way to show you really love GOD is by being practical and profitable." (Continued in part 2)
    New Day, Jan. 23, 1965; Page 20-21, 23
  15. "Many refuse to suffer mentally and spiritually by expressing the servantship degree, so they must suffer physically through disease and the like."Feature Article - The Servantship Degree Part 2.
    'If you are serving GOD you are not thinking about self, you do not want anything for self, you want to give service to GOD." The degree of unfoldment of a disciple until he reaches the full degree of the Son's inheritance.
    Keep smiling. The overcoming power of love in service.
    Real happiness comes by giving service to others.
    New Day, Jan. 30, 1965; Page 20-23.
  16. "...the Peace Mission Movement and MY doctrine consist of the spirits of just men since the world began ...I came to make perfect the spirits of just men in this and in these assemblies! "...MY religion and MY doctrine envelopes the spirit of Judaism, of Christianity, of Buddhism and many other religions before those, even older religions began!"
    New Day, Dec. 3, 1949; P. 9-10 Sermon - Given Nov. 25, 1949; 5:07 p.m.
  17. "...Take cognizance of what I have said...and look about yourselves and see "the significance of the unity of spirit, of mind, of aim and of purpose and realize, when you all are of one language and of one speech and when all of the peoples of the earth shall have united effectively, not anything will be restrained from them to do whatsoever they have imagined to do in the very first book of Genesis!"
    New Day, Dec. 26, 1964; P. 5-8 Sermon - Given Dec. 30, 1949; 4:35 p.m.
  18. "I say take up the fragments so that nothing be wasted.
    'But while you take up the fragments so that nothing be wasted, you know what to do with it!...You put it into circulation and into good use for the good of humanity generally and not for a selfish purpose."
    New Day, Dec. 3, 1949; P. 10 Sermon - Given Nov. 24, 1949; 6:50 p.m.
  19. That Birth Of Christ Of 1900 Years Ago Was The Birth Of The Consciousness Of GOD In The Land.
    "I say, in Adam all will die, but in Christ, the Christ Consciousness, all will be made alive... Live soberly, righteously, and godly and worship GOD each and every day of your life!... Christ is being born every day, born in the hearts and lives of men as they recognize and accept of Him! They are being born in the recognition of GOD'S Presence as Christ is resurrected in them!"
    New Day, Dec. 26, 1964; P. 4-5 Sermon - Given Dec. 26, 1949; 5:45 p.m.
  20. All The Nations Of The Earth Eventually Will Realize It Is Better To Be Under The Government Of FATHER DIVINE Than Under That Of Any Dictator Or Leader Of The Divers Religions.
    New Day, July 26, 1958; P.3-5 Message - Given July 29, 1940; 2:55 p.m.
  21. MY Religious Conviction Is The Law Of The Spirit Of Life As Depicted In The Sermon On The Mount
    'The institution of law and order in keeping with the Sermon on the Mount must be instituted in all government from shore to shore and from land to land, for I have declared, I AM going into government wheresoever man is found,'"
    New Day, Sept. 14, 1963; P. 11-12 Message - Given May 27, 1953; 12:30 a.m.
  22. Lay Down The World And Take Up Your Cross And Follow ME." "Why is it that we have so many blessings? Because no man has forsaken all he has, lest he gains an hundredfold more in this present time and in the world to come life everlasting!"
    New Day, May 12, 1951; P.12-13 Sermon - Given May 26, 1949; 8:45 p.m.
  23. "I AM not a race nor a creed, nor a color; but as supernatural power, as infinite spirit, as universal mind substance I came!
    'If the people are in bodies, they need a Savior who is in a body.
    New Day, Apr. 15, 1961; P.1-2 Message - Given Aug. 13, 1939; 4:20 a.m.
  24. Unless Men Accept Righteousness....Vice, Crime And Sin Of Every Kind Will Be Multiplied. "...What a glorious privilege to see that imaginary heaven from you fondest imagination and the imagination of all of the superstitious religions, coming down from that imaginary GOD out of that imaginary heaven... to be made real...tangible...practical, to be made an expression of righteousness exemplified among us, to establish a righteous government in itself!" New Day, May 14,1966; P. 10-12 Message - Given Sept. 17, 1938; 9:30 p.m.
  25. I Have Brought The Kingdom Of Heaven Down. Here It Is On Earth Among Men.
    'There are some under the sound of MY voice who would be old if they were not young, but they look new and they look young because of MY actual Presence among them..."
    New Day, June 2, 1962; Page 6-8 Message - Given Oct. 26, 1941; 11:25 p.m.
  26. GOD Is The Same Today, Yesterday And Throughout Eternity.
    ' ...we shall continue to lift up the standard by uniting all nations of the earth together and by bringing and end to all divisibility and by causing all of our united allied sovereignties to unite consolidatedly and bring an end to all divisibility wheresoever they may be and recognize democracy, brotherhood and Christianity and Americanism and Judaism as synonymous."
    New Day, May 7, 1960; Page 7-9 Sermon - Given Sept. 1, 1952; 4:28 p.m.
  27. By One Spirit, GOD Created All Of The Creeds Of Religion And All Spiritual Unfoldments Of Righteousness; That Is Why HE Can Reach Every Person
    New Day, June 16, 1966; Page 1-3 Message - Given April 18, 1942; 5:10 p.m.
  28. The Realness Of GOD On Earth
    '...I Am instituting in government the government of the Kingdom of GOD for which you all have prayed!.. and we are recognizing the omnipresence of GOD and HIS Kingdom as among you all to be instituted in all government universally!"
    New Day, May 11, 1963; Page 3-9 Sermon - Given Dec. 13, 1952; 7:15 p.m.
  29. "Christ Was Tempted in All Points like unto Us," One of the Writers Said, "Yet Without Sin." "Be Watchful That You Enter Not Into Temptation
    FATHER DIVINE Our FATHER'S Sermon at the Holy Communion Table
    Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School
    764-772 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA.,
    Monday July 3, 1950 A.D.F.D., Time -- 11:04 P.M.
  30. The following scriptures, basic to the teaching of FATHER DIVINE, are very important to followers endeavoring to live HIS Teaching.
  31. The Seed Idea And Germ of Life - The Churches Have Grown Cold
  32. Bibles and Hymn Books have been the Inspiration of Mankind.
  33. "Those who are going to live will live as I live! Those who are not willing to live according to MY version, they will not live, for there is no other living version in which you can live! GOD'S version is a state of consciousness in which men must live that is, if they live! Out of this version they die!"
    New Day, Sept. 30, 1950; P. 20-21 Message - Given Sept. 25, 1950; 3:30 p.m.
  34. “The Life that is Exemplified in the Sermon on the Mount . . . can solve your every problem” —FATHER DIVINE
  35. "Jesus Prayed in the Seventeenth Chapter of Saint John: '. . . That They May Be One Even as We Are One,'" "United States, Australia and New Zealand, United We Stand, Divided We Fall!" --- FATHER DIVINE
  36. The True Independence of FATHER'S Followers. - FATHER DIVINE'S Sermon Followed by the Remarks of MOTHER DIVINE During the Celebration of the Fifth Anniversary of the Holy Marriage of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE. New Day, April 30, 1960; Page 8-9 - Given May 27, 1951; 2:50 A.M.
  37. Things Are Just As Movable and Just As “Obeyable” To You As They Were with CHRIST If You Know the Truth Concerning This Life.


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