"You must Come Through by the Sonship Degree and Recognize the Christ
as the Way to the Father."--- MOTHER DIVINE


  1. JESUS- The Way shower; the sample and the example.
    No Man Cometh To The Father But By Me.
    'No man can come to the Fathership degree of spiritual understanding except you come through by the Sonship degree and recognize the Christ as the way to the Father.
    Message - Given July 14, 1932, 9:20 pm.
  2. The Angelic Dispensation of the Year of Our Lord.
  3. Blessed Are The Pure In Heart. "Christ produced and brought forth to the world, the perfect idea, the perfect picture, the perfect ideal of life and set it forth by recognizing Himself to be one with GOD by first making Himself one with all mankind."
    New Day, Dec. 31, 1955; Page 10. Message - Given July 18, 1932.
  4. Let HIM Have HIS Way and GOD your FATHER will Fix it for You!
    'Jesus, the great love master, was the Way-shower for all of the children of men, to show them the way to get t the victory over sickness, diseases, limitations and over all sin.
    New Day, March 9, 1947; Page 4. Message - Given July 8, 1934; 8:00 p.m.
  5. If You Concentrate On The Life And Teaching Of Christ... HIS Thoughts And HIS Mind Will Be Transmitted To You.
    'Put off the old man with all of his deeds, and put on the new man, the new mind, which is Christ in you. That is the mystery of Jesus being the Christ in reality it was by the Christ rising in Him to fruition, by Him throwing off the mortal versions, His human tendencies, fancies and pleasures..."
    New Day, Sept. 8, 1956; Page 14-16. Message - Given May 18, 1935; 2:30 p.m.
  6. The Meekest Way You Can Express The More Near You Are To The Likeness Of CHRIST, The Lamb Of GOD.
    Redemption through the spirit of meekness.
    'That is the way to get rid of your sins, sickness and disease and all things that do not appease."
    New Day, Aug.6, 1959; Page 14-16 Message - Given Sept. 26, 1937; 12:50 P.M.
  7. Every Time A Person Tells You Something That Is Discouraging Or Creates Dissension, Resentment Or Anger, That Is From The Messenger Of Unrest.
    'As the tempter had tempted Jesus on several occasions invisibly, as it may be termed, then the same tempter came in the bodies of the children of men, bringing to them such messages of unrest and ignorant pride as the tempter would naturally bring."
    New Day, Feb. 2, 1952; Page 6-7 Message - Given Oct. 6, 1938; 1:45 P.M.
  8. The Resurrection Of Life in All Of The Children Of Men.
    'The Son ship degree of expression in the person of Jesus, was but a parable concerning the crucifixion and resurrection of life in the hearts and minds of men collectively."
    New Day, Apr. 13, 1963; P. 1-3 Remarks - by FATHER DIVINE Given Jan. 25, 1934; 12 noon.
  9. By the Flesh Is the Flesh Saved; by the Spirit Is the Spirit Cleansed; by the Mind Is the Mind Redeemed from Vices, Crime and Sin.
    The significance of following GOD the Lamb and taking on the characteristics and the nature of your Savior, the holiness of Jesus and the virginity of Mary.
    'You should live as Jesus lived and you should advance and grow in grace and in knowledge as Jesus did, because your birth should have been as His..."
    New Day, March 15, 1958; Page 3-4. Message - Given Jan. 12, 1941; 3:20 p.m.


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