"The Difficulties and Oppositions Do Not Set as Barriers As Though They Are a Prohibition
but as Expressions to Create Energy and an Ambition to Overcome Them."






Education - Schools.







  1. If I Were a College Professor.
    New Day, May 29, 1965; P. 20-21 Letter - dated July 18, 1939; A.D.F.D.
  2. FATHER DIVINE'S Address at Commencement Exercises.
    'Education Is Something That Will Help You When Nothing Else Can Help You from an Economic Point of View, from a Social Point of View and from a Business Point of View!"
    Message - Given June 24,1950; 12;50 a.m.
  3. I Shall Curb Adult Delinquency, By So Doing I Am Curbing Child Delinquency. FATHER DIVINE
    Sermon Given During The Righteous Government Meeting Held in The Auditorium of The Unity Mission Church, Home and Training School, Inc.
  4. Graduation Exercises
  5. The event of the graduation of the Cabinet Bible Class
  6. Education in a practical way.
  7. "The human intelligence as taught in your schools of learning is for the purpose of advancing civilization and giving humanity one common light of understanding..."
    New Day, July 26, 1952; P. 22 Message - Given June 12, 1939
  8. "Our present civilization forbids you to prohibit your child from having an education...GOD desires them to have an education."
    New Day, Dec. 17, 1955; P. 7, 9 Message - Given July 27, 1933; 4:30 p.m.
  9. "Don't stop at getting 100%; go on to 200%. You need not think you must be so many years advancing to a certain degree; if you recognize GOD'S Actual Presence, you should be super-intelligent."
    New Day, May 5, 1938; P. 35, 37 Message - Given Apr.27, 1938; 12:25 p.m.
  10. It Has Been the Experience of Thousands of School Students That They Have Been Deprived of Graduation Because of Some Minor School Violation.
    'Physical deficiency would not prohibit his professional ability if the child is ambitions and determined to perfect himself mentally and spiritually."
    New Day, Apr. 10, 1938; P. 29-30 Message - Given Apr.7, 1941; 6:15 p.m.
  11. The Difficulties and Oppositions Do Not Set as Barriers as Though They Are a Prohibition but as Expressions to Create Energy and an Ambition to Overcome Them.
    'Continue to fill your respective positions and do not retard your advance s in business or in trade because of going to school as pupils or as teachers.
    New Day, Oct. 11, 1952; P. 10-11 Message - Given Oct. 4 1942; 5:45 p.m.
  12. You Will Never Know the Reality of the Universal Brotherhood of Man until You Have Brought an Abolition to Your Detrimental Education.
    'How marvelous it would be, if our educators of today, could but learn how to unlearn that which they have learned especially those things that tend to spell segregation, dissension and separation among the nations of the earth."
    New Day, Nov. 22, 1958; P. 3-5 Message - Given Jan 15, 1939; 9:35 p.m.
  13. FATHER DIVINE'S statement Re: the Supreme Court's unanimous decision outlawing segregation in the public schools as a violation of the U. S. Constitution.
    New Day, Oct. 6, 1962; P. 3 Statement made May 17, 1954, A.D.F.D.
  14. The Greatest Course In Practical Psychology.
    The Divine school of instruction is not to be compared with any school of mortality.
    'Just think of this great school in which we are now living, this great school of which we are now attending the true seminary of salvation. The only hope of mankind's redemption is through and by living according to MY teaching in this great school of salvation."
    New Day, Apr. 27, 1957; P. 11, 14-15 Message - Given Feb. 8, 1934; 11:30 AM
  15. You can get more Truth and scientific theory from a technilogical point of view from one copy of The New Day than you can get out of books that cost from 10 to 15 dollars each.
  16. FATHER'S Work In Lifting The Youth Of Today. New Day, July 27, 1957; P. 17, 20 Remarks - Given July 17, 1957; 7:30 p.m.








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