"...At the Time I Went South ...About The Time the Jim crow Law Came out in the South...
(Late 1860s) I Said, I Am Going to Break down That Wall of Partition
and Bring an Abolition to the Division of Races and Colors
and I Am Going to Preach The Word and Prove to the World
the Gospel Can Be Preached Without Money and Without Price." ---FATHER DIVINE







General Work And Mission

  1. For the Benefit of All Mankind I Came" --- FATHER DIVINE" I came to America that I might be called an American, ...to set the people "Message - Given Oct. 26, 1952;
  2. By Learning More of Each Other We Learn to Love Each Other Better.
  3. If Men Were Real Expressers Of The Children Of GOD They Would Not Be Afraid Of Another's Invading The Country.
    'Then I say, this movement is actually stirring up the nations universally; but socially,. economically and otherwise, I have lifted up a standard to show mankind, under the Constitution of our great country, we are endeavoring to bring to fruition that political government transmitted from the fondest imagination of the devout...of all religions that government of heaven..."
    New Day, Apr. 16, 1966; P. 7-10 Message - Given Sept. 10 ,1938; 10:05 p.m.
  4. From An Economic Point Of View The Truth Of This Teaching And The Teaching Of This Truth Is Well Worth Considering.
    'I know I have done for you what the Constitution and the government itself could not do."
    Re: They could not do it socially, morally, religiously, modestly, scientifically, industriously, intellectually or politically.
    'Then from every angle of expression I mean to produce perfection ...I lift it up as a standard, as a sample and as an example..."
    New Day, Sept. 20 1958; P. 3-5 Message - Given May 16, ; 2:30 p.m.
  5. Men of Business and Trade: Bring about Equity and Justice For All.
  6. Subject; Stepping Out On Faith.
    No taking up collections, no remunerations, no soliciting, etc. "...At the time I went South ...about the time the Jim crow Law came out in the South ...I said, I AM going to break down that wall of partition and bring an abolition to the division of races and colors and I AM going to preach to the world and prove to the world the Gospel can be preached without money and without price."
    New Day, Oct. 20, 1951; P. 16-17 Interview - Given Oct. 11, 1951; 12:40 a.m. to a Doctor of Metaphysics.
  7. FATHER DIVINE Reviews HIS Proposal For Peace And Brotherhood On The Peace Stamps
    'In taking a retrospective look into the international strife and upheaval on this globe...it all could have been avoided if the various leaders ...would have taken cognizance of the different proposals I have made from tine to time in a effort to evade the oncoming tides of inhuman and barbaric warfare!"
    'I have not confined MY righteous desires to the welfare of this nation alone, but for the deliverance of humanity generally I make MY proposals."
    New Day, Sept. 16, 1950; P. 33-35 Letter - Sept.10, 1950 A.D.F.D.
  8. "FATHER DIVINE'S Peace Stamps, sent out by The Wayshower, as messages and ambassadors to the world at large, in times of extreme emergency, to bring an end to inhuman warfare, panics and famines, and to bring about righteousness, justice, peace and unity for all mankind."
    New Day, Aug. 6, 1960; P. 27-36 Divine Peace Stamps
  9. Re: Civil rights. 'I have been introduced in government in the name of civil rights and I shall be introduced in government in the name of righteousness, equity and justice for all."
    New Day, Aug. 23, 1952; P. 7-8 Message - Given - Aug. 11 1952; 4:00 p.m.
  10. FATHER DIVINE'S Victorious Work In Civil Rights
    New Day, Aug. 10, 1957; P. 21-22 Remarks By Att'y J. Austin Norris, Member of the Board of Revision Of Taxes, Philadelphia, PA - July 30, 1957; 7:35 p.m.
  11. "The Spirit Of GOD'S Presence Will Make You Law-Abiding Citizens And Fulfillers Of The Spirit And Meaning Of The Constitution. Followers do not recognize races."
    Re: the plank in the Righteous Government Platform on compulsory medical care: the physicians or State should guarantee a cure.
    'If the employee must have a physical examination, the employers must also have a physical examination the law must work both ways.
    New Day, Feb. 24, 1938; P. 9-14 Message - Given Feb. 19, 1938; 12:20 a.m.
  12. Results Of FATHER DIVINE'S Teachings And The Secret Of HIS Success.
    Also re: the number of adherents; millions of dollars given to the U.S. Treasury; millions converted to righteousness; care for the consecrated; no collections in our Churches; ridicule by the press and retribution; immigration and high tariff barriers; surrender of the Axis predicted; savagery in the South; prejudice and the means to overcome it, etc.
    'We believe in law and order...to hold the people in check and prohibit them from doing that which is wrong to their fellowman and from destroying the lives of men and their property, and the like!"
    To certain gentlemen from the London Daily Mirror, London, England. New Day, Dec. 31, 1949; P. 13-16 Conference - Dec. 14, 1949; 9:15 p.m.
  13. "It Is Essential To Harmonize With GOD That You Might Be In This Great Union Of Spirit, Mind, Aim And Purpose."
    Re: The dominion and authority of GOD.
    'GOD speaks as HE will tornado-ly, volcano-ly, earthquake-ly, comet-ly." "The blizzards and the floods and the flames and other destructive forces of expression will be inharmonious to you, if you are inharmonious to your Creator continually."
    New Day, May 28, 1966; P. 7-9 Message - Given Feb. 1, 1939; 3:00 a.m.
  14. ADDRESS by MOTHER DIVINE To The Sociology Students From The University of Pennsylvania
  15. "I Bear Not Record of Myself; There Is One Who Is Greater than I Bears Record of Me." Interview Granted by Father Divine to a Bishop and His Wife. Subjects: Father's Divinity; Marriage; and Eternal Life
  16. GOD is no Respecter of Persons and Demands Unified Justice For All Mankind.








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