"We Are One Nation Indivisible! Not Only One Nation, Indivisible, but We Are One Race, Indivisible!
...Not Only One Race but We Are One Family, Indivisible!

"And as long as there is the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence
I shall contend for it until every man has his right to life, liberty,
and the reality of happiness!" ---FATHER DIVINE .






  1. Racism Shall Be Wiped Out "...But I AM here to say, the airplanes will not stay in the air, trains will not stay on the track; the ships will not stay on the ocean where prejudice, selfishness, racism and barbarism exist! I shall bring an abolition to such, from shore to shore and from land to land! Every nation, every language, every tongue and every people shall be emancipated..."
    Message - Given Dec. 24, 1951; 3:00 a.m.
  2. Every Day Is Brotherhood Day --- FATHER DIVINE
  3. GOD Is In The Churches Now! "The Churches Are United Since GOD Has Entered In, Even Though The Door Was Shut!" "GOD cannot get in a Church HIS Spirit cannot get in a Church where there is segregation! If there is segregation in your Church because of race, creed or color...it is a matter of impossibility for GOD to be with you!"
    New Day, Apr. 9, 1966; P. 5-7 Message - Given Apr. 8, 1953; 1:05 a.m.
  4. Segregated Terms Have Been Used Through The Ages, But Men Have Not Realized The Detrimental Effect They Had On The People
    New Day, June 11, 1960; P. 6-9 Message - Given Apr. 29, 1942; 6:00 p.m.
  5. Subjection to the Law of God
  6. Go in peace and sin no more.
  7. Perfect Honesty in All Things
  8. Honesty Is The Keynote To Salvation And It Is The Hope Of Your Redemption.
  9. Americanism Going Into All The World.
    'What is Americanism...It is the amalgamation of all nations, languages, tongues and people!...And we recognize the amalgamation to be the summation of humanity as a sample an as an example."
    'The unification of all nations or allied nations is the only hope of salvation of any nation." (Peace Stamp) Interview to A. A. Ado-Moses of Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa and Mr. C. W. Maxwell of the Wm. Penn Business Institute, Philadelphia, PA.
    New Day, Oct. 20, 1951; P. 5-8 Interview - Oct. 10, 1951; 4:15 p.m.
  10. Bring An End To Segregation And The Rights Of States That Are Unconstitutional. 'The time is out for crime in government."
  11. Let GOD'S Children Travel Free From Country To country "...I do thank YOU, FATHER, for putting YOUR Spirit in we Americans that we now have the courage to disregard national origins and have an immigration policy that now is based on the worth of an individual, what a person is qualified to do and what benefit they can be to this country."
    New Day, Oct. 30, 1965; P. 3 Remarks of MOTHER DIVINE - Given Oct 5, 1965; 4:55 p.m.
  12. When The Immigration System Shall Have Been Brought To An Abolition All Nations, Languages, Tongues And People Will Have The Same Right To Life And Liberty.
    New Day, Oct. 30, 1965; P. 1-3 Message - Given Nov. 18, 1945; 8:30 p.m.
  13. Remarks By Att'y J. Austin Norris, followed by remarks of MOTHER DIVINE during the 20th anniversary celebration of the Marriage Feast of the Lamb and the Bride.
    Re: FATHER DIVINE'S general work and mission.
    '...A world without trouble! A world without poverty. A world of brotherhood! That is the vision that HE brought to this world!"
    New Day, May 21, 1966; P. 24-25 - Given Apr. 30, 1966; 4:05 p.m.
  14. Abolish Tariffs And Immigration Barriers.
    'Unify the sovereignties of the universe even as the States of the Union are unified.
    Also refer to the New Day, Nov.13, 1956; P. 2-3, re: the Article, "Signing of the Immigration Bill."
    New Day, Nov. 20, 1965; P. 12-13 Message - Given Apr. 19, 1945; 2:43 a.m.
  15. The Interraciallity Of GOD'S Mission Has Been Established - FATHER DIVINE.
    'But I mean to make that pledge a reality! We are one nation indivisible! not only one nation, indivisible, but we are one race, indivisible!...Not only one race but we are one family, indivisible! I will put this through if it costs a million dollars a day!"
    New Day, Feb. 12, 1966; P. 1-2 Message - Given July 28, 1946; 10:30 P.M.
  16. Your Only Hope Of Salvation Is To Love One Another Without Restraint...Even If You Do Not Feel Like It
    'I cannot stress this thought too vividly, for it is showing you the way to success and prosperity...the way to solve all of your problems...to master the economic situation...to master your domestic affairs and your domestic relations...to master all of your controversial and conflicting conditions that may be existing in your world in which you are living!"
    New Day, Mar. 27, 1965; P. 3-5 Message - Given Aug. 1, 1950; 2:06 A.M.
  17. Re: an offer to purchase property for recreational purposes in behalf of, and to be used by a group of the same complexion.
    'I AM the inspiration of the Federal Civil Rights Law!...I AM working to bring about a closer union with all people and to bring an end to all divisibility, so that there will no longer be a prospect of warfare and bloodshed and division and strife and uprisings, in the name of race riots and the like. I came to amalgamate all nations, all languages, all tongues an all people!"
    New Day, Dec. 24, 1949; P. 20-21 Interview - Dec. 18, 1949; 2:00 P.M.
  18. "I AM not thinking about telling anyone to go to Africa at Bilbo's wishes or command, and I AM not thinking of trying to get the Jewish people to go to Palestine to there be massacred!" "And as long as there is the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence I shall contend for it until every man has his right to life, liberty, and the reality of happiness!"
    New Day, Nov. 17, 1956; P. 3-4 Message - Given Feb. 19, 1947; 12:45 a.m.
  19. The 1950's story of the Forest Hills, Newark, New Jersey home and Re. Boyer and his family
  20. "HE Shall Exalt The Valleys And Bring The Mountains And Hills Low" Re: supremacy. "Now tell them every one of them who do not wish to see the spirit of supremacy expressed in a darker complexion I AM declared to be the Supreme, and I AM transmitting and re-incarnating MY characteristics, MY nature and MY disposition in the children of men; therefore, they shall express the spirit of supremacy...and they will move on as a moving mass of supremacy expressed in the hearts and lives of all humanity."
    New Day, Jan. 31, 1959; P. 3-4 Message - Given Apr. 29, 1942; 2:20 a.m.
  21. Just Think of Hitlerism and Barbarism Enacted among some of the Subjects of This Country by sowing the Seeds of Intolerance, Division and Strife!
  22. If I were A College Professor
    'If I were a college professor I should revise the whole educational structure, and not only eliminate all racial and class distinctions, but I would instruct man in the principles of righteousness, justice and truth."
    New Day, Mar. 3, 1962; p. 30-31 Letter - July 25 1939
  23. I Will Unite Them Together Without An Anti-lynching Bill! — FATHER DIVINE
  24. Article - This is reproduced here with the August 5, 1953 Message above as evidence of the results of FATHER DIVINE'S Will and the Power of HIS Thoughts.
  25. "Trials and Tribulations and Oppression Have Caused the Nations to Seek the Unity I Have Been Teaching, Stressing, Emphasizing and Advocating — FATHER DIVINE
  26. Ultimatum - June 27, 1952 by FATHER DIVINE on segregation and discrimination.
    Also FATHER DIVINE'S significant letter to Dr. Edward Wagner, President, I.C.A.O. reveals causes of airplane and other disasters.
    New Day, Feb. 9 1957; P. 38-39
  27. We Have Two Races On Earth Now; We Shall Bring The Human Race Into the Angelic Until All Are Evangelized
    'I shall cause the nations of the earth to love one another even as they love themselves, and when this is accomplished, there shall be no more division ...strife ...sickness ...sorrow ...pain...death."
    New Day, Feb. 20, 1960; P. 3-4 Message - Given Feb. 2 1938; 1:00 p.m.
  28. "The Time Has Truly Come, Humanity Is Now at the Place They Must See and Know DefinitelyWhat I Have Been Telling You Is the Only Hope of Salvation" — FATHER DIVINE.
  29. Those Who Will Live in Prejudice, Bigotry and Division Shall Go Down in Defeat But GOD Shall Stand Forever and Express Real Christianity —Real Americanism!
  31. I Came To Lift The Underprivileged And Those Who Have been Downtrodden That The Meek Of The Earth Might Be Exalted.
    'In MY teaching men are known by their character, by their disposition, and according to the scripture ...'A man is known by the company he keeps', and not by his personal appearance." "Mob violence does not belong to a special complexion. It is all transmittable for it is all impersonal."
    New Day, Feb. 24, 1938; P. 3-8 Message - Given Feb. 16, 1938; 1:50 p.m.
  32. We Endeavor To Ignore Words That Tend To Sow Seeds Of Discrimination, Separation And Prejudice Among The Nations." New Day 3-27-65 p. 11-13. Given November 14, 1938 1:00 A.M.
  33. "Then I say, consider the mystery and refrain if you please from teaching and using vulgar names among the people, for such is the cause of race riots, wars and strife of every kind..."
    New Day, Oct. 10, 1959; P. 6-9 Message - Given Nov. 14, 1938; 1:40 a.m.
  34. We Endeavor to Ignore Words That Tend to Sow Seeds of Discrimination, Separation and Prejudice Among the Nations — FATHER DIVINE
  35. Christ's Commission Was To Bring All Nations Together In One.
  36. Things Are Just As Movable and Just As “Obeyable” To You As They Were with CHRISTIf You Know the Truth Concerning This Life
  37. When mankind gets up out of the ruts of segregation, races, creeds and colors then and there the earth will be Heaven







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